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Debt limit? Take another look

From page A8 | October 17, 2013 |

I noted a letter in The Enterprise on Oct. 11, “Debt Limit? Read the Constitution.”

I referred to the Constitution of the United States to make sure that I remembered what it says and that what I am reading in a letter or article is a correct representation. I am not sure that the term “debt limit” is actually in the Constitution, but in Section 8, it states that Congress does have the power “to borrow money on the credit of the United States,” but it does not state that it has to. I have not found any reference in the Constitution that requires Congress to present a “clean bill” to increase the debt limit.

I would like to go back in history to when, then-Sen. Barack Obama voted against raising the debt limit. His reasoning was that having to raise the limit showed President Bush was not managing the country well and spending money that we did not have. At that time, the national debt was approximately $10 trillion and the annual budget (we actually had one at that time) had a much lower level of spending and deficit.

The USA has a major spending problem, and many representatives, senators and the president do not want to cut any spending. They also authorize spending money on programs that are not granted to the federal government by the Constitution.

Members of the House of Representatives are trying to reduce spending so the government can live within its means and this is why the House is trying to attach spending cuts to a bill that would allow an increase in the debt limit.

President Obama tries to tell us that increasing the debt limit will not increase the national debt … but what has happened to the national debt during his administration?

It is time for citizens to know the Constitution and realize that politicians work for us; that excessive government is the problem and piling on more debt will only exacerbate an already untenable situation.

Travie J. Westlund

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  • Paul BradyOctober 16, 2013 - 8:40 pm

    It is absolutely true that we keep having to raise the debt limit because Obama will not relent on his addiction to spending. He believes that prosperity and economic growth come from the public sector - how crazy is that. "If you have a business you did not build that" -- or similar, he said and believes! It is the private sector that has to thrive if the public sector is to do so, or is able to. We have a hard socialist Pres trying to turn our great country away from free-enterprise prosperity to the poverty and dreary equality of socialism and socialistic communism!

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  • alfOctober 17, 2013 - 1:53 am

    You sound like one of the few people that fell for the GOP's "didn't build that" distortion. It failed miserably for Romney but good for you keeping the flame alive. President Obama's "addiction to spending"? He's not doing any spending that Congress hasn't authorized. What is all the spending he and Congress are doing that you want to see cut? Defense, Social Security, and Medicare, those are the big ones. Since you stand against "socialistic communism" you must really hate Medicare. Let's get rid of that first for anyone over 65 who is personally opposed to socialism.

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  • Greg JohnsonOctober 17, 2013 - 9:15 am

    Defense should be cut significantly. Social Security and Medicare are great concepts (like Obamacare) but are currently on a path to failure (like Obamacare soon will be). They were put in place without proper planning (like Obamacare) which should have adjusted for lifespan and demographics. Now people have paid into them for years and rightfully come to expect the benefits. The only practical and moral thing to do at this point is to reform them so that they don't crash and burn. They are 2 nooses around the neck of the economy, and we will be dealing in the future with a 3rd noose (Obamacare!!).

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  • Paul BradyOctober 17, 2013 - 9:56 pm

    No distortion: The exact quote is "If you are successful you did not get there on your own." ..... "If you've got a business you didn't build that. Somebody else made that happen." How silly and insulting is that! Obama dismissing hard work, talent, etc. of individual efforts. He is trying to imply that you had a teacher; you had roads, etc. But we all have those! And our schools are 17th in the developed world and our roads are crumbling! Obama had the House and Senate so he could push through and maintain those huge ~Trillion dollar stimulus packages for his union buddies and donors - eg, Solyndra, and other failures in battery technology, and green projects costing $350,000 of taxpayer money per job! On the other hand he did all he could to halt, delay and kill jobs in the oil and gas energy business, which cost taxpayers nothing, but increased permanent employment and taxes, and prosperity in many states. And now with the possibility that global warming has been debunked, or certainly net harmful effects delayed for 50-70 years when fossil fuels will likely have been largely replaced, it is silly to try to kill or cripple that industry or burden our economy with carbon taxes at this time. And think, if all the money we and our employers put into SS and Medicare had not been spent [beginning with, was it, LBJ and fellow Dems?], but invested in stocks and bonds, our pensions would be triple. [ I am ex-Canuck so US history is my bad. I also spent 4 years overseas in the oil business so missed some action here and things I should know better.] Cheers, Paul Brady

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  • alfOctober 18, 2013 - 5:19 am

    Your first sentence “exact quote” is wrong. The second sentence is correct but conveniently you neglected to provide the context: “Somebody invested in roads and bridges. If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that.” So “that” refers to “bridges and roads.” Stupidly, the GOP wasted a lot of campaign dollars distorting what to most people was a common sense statement that our market economy is supported by public investment. Of course the GOP of today finds that controversial and would likely never support public investment in a road project like the Interstate Highway System now if we didn’t already have it. Keep banging the drums on that one. That and forcing retirees into the boom and bust of the stock market, the myth of global warming, and how great it is to be addicted to oil, gas, and coal. What about my proposal? For those such as yourself who will have to live (or if you’re 65+ are already doing so) with what they believe is the shame of being dependent on heavily subsidized, socialized health insurance aka Medicare, why not relieve your mental anguish and the strain on our budget by removing yourself from that government handout program?

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  • Rich RifkinOctober 17, 2013 - 4:35 pm

    "Sen. Barack Obama voted against raising the debt limit. His reasoning was that having to raise the limit showed President Bush was not managing the country well and spending money that we did not have." ........ In fact, that was not the reason behind Obama's vote to not increase the debt limit, no matter what he said at the time. It had to do with the Iraq War. Liberal and lefty groups, which opposed that war, pressured every liberal and lefty Democrat to vote against increasing the debt limit as a symbolic statement against American foreign policy. (It was symbolic, because they were a minority in the Senate.) In a sense, that outside pressure on Democrats was similar to how conservative groups pressured Republicans to vote against raising the debt limit this time in order to stop Obamacare. The major difference was that these House Republicans are in the majority, and thus their actions were not simply symbolic. ........ One thing to keep in mind about Senator Obama's unwillingness to vote opposite what the liberal and lefty pressure groups wanted: He was about to launch his campaign for president; and he knew he had to win the votes and money of those groups in order to win the Democratic nomination. It was, in the end, his outspoken opposition to the Iraq War--which, afterall, failed to serve America's best interests--that helped Obama defeat Mrs. Clinton in the Democratic presidential primaries. Had Obama "acted responsibly," he would not be president today.

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