Thursday, January 29, 2015

Honesty is alive and well

From page A6 | June 03, 2014 |

On Saturday morning while shopping at the Farmers Market, I suddenly discovered that my wallet was missing. It contained all of the usual things including cash, credit and debit cards. I searched the market and the surrounding area and could not find it, but had no reason to think it had been stolen.

The following Monday morning, First Northern Bank telephoned to say that a young man had just handed my wallet to the outside teller. Apparently he had found it lying on the street near the market. Unfortunately, he left the teller’s window so quickly that she could not ask him his name.

I am sorry that I cannot thank him personally for his help. He saved me a great deal of trouble and anxiety. My only hope is that he reads this letter in order to appreciate my gratitude for what he did.

Whatever the media may say, honesty and civility are alive and well in Davis.

Nancy Nesbit Crummey




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