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Obamacare may take us down

From page C2 | November 22, 2013 | 4 Comments

Looking at the voting demographic data from the 2012 presidential election, it is clear that Barack Obama easily won the vote of the under-30 group. Indeed, the young were pivotal in his election victory.

Now, the financial soundness of the Obamacare design relies on getting enough young, healthy people to enroll in the exchanges to subsidize the older and indigent populations. This, to me, seems like an unfair burden to place on the youth of our nation, who are already struggling in these times.

Unemployment is currently significantly higher for young people. It has been estimated that the average college graduate has nearly $30,000 of debt from student loans. At the same time, it has been reported that college graduates are making 15 percent less in their first job (inflation-adjusted) than they were in the year 2000.

A recent report stated that 48 percent of graduates are getting jobs that don’t require degrees. There are also daunting statistics about the percentage getting jobs related to their field of study.

I have seen estimates that up to 40 percent plus of new graduates are moving back in with their parents following graduation. I am reminded of the Paul Ryan line about graduates coming home to their childhood bedrooms and staring up at their faded Obama posters.

My obvious question is: Is it right to push more financial burden onto those of us who are least able to handle it? Also, consider that when a graduate of today reaches middle age, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office estimates that the debt per taxpayer will amount to more than half million dollars.

John McCain was the first person I heard use the expression “mortgaging our children’s future.” I have never since heard a better description of what’s happening in this country.

Preliminary data suggests that the young will adopt a slogan of their own: “Just say no to subsidizing Obamacare.” This disastrous program, the product of egomania and ideology, may take us all down.

Greg Johnson

Letters to the Editor


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  • Chris LambertNovember 22, 2013 - 5:20 am

    It is not "the product of egomania and ideology" at all, but the product of a giant give-away to the insurance industry! Now we have encoded into law the most inefficient healthcare system on the planet. Republicans can point to it gleefully and (rightly) declare it a disaster. "Ideology" alone would have given us single-payer.

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  • greg johnsonNovember 22, 2013 - 9:57 am

    Not sure I understand your point Chris. Are you saying the "egomaniacs" decided it was better to do it the wrong way than not at all? I don't think the republicans are "gleeful" about the disaster. After all, they did not want it to ever be enacted. The big question is: Is it better to do something just to do it, even if it creates more problems than it fixes? Polls for the past several years show the vast majority of Americans think we're on the wrong track. Is there a good reason to keep pushing down that wrong track? Maybe obstructionism isn't always a bad thing.

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  • Chris LambertNovember 22, 2013 - 4:26 pm

    Maybe we aren't disagreeing. The vast majority of Americans do want single-payer, but this is opposed by powerful vested interests (big pharma and the insurance vampires), so we don't get it. The only solution is to get money out of politics.

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  • ML1999November 23, 2013 - 11:44 am

    Chris, who on earth told you that most Americans want "single payer"? The same folks who pushed the disasterous ACA on us? Haven't you learned that Big Government fails most of the time? This will just be an ongoing train wreck when doctors stop taking new Medicare and Medicaid patients, when ObamaCare cuts doctors fees, young people don't sign up, etc., as we go into the "death spiral". Estimates are that up to 100 Million people will lose their current health care pprograms! There are so many individual categories where there will be new train wrecks, but the Democrats will have new folks beholden to them for their health care, right? Here is just one example. I've read that Visa has a .04 percent fraud rate. Meanwhile, the Medicare fraud rate is estimated at 20-30 percent!! OK, don't take my word for it. Look up "Project Veritas", the same people who uncovered waste, fraud, and lies with ACORN. They now have hours and hours of video tape of ACA "Navigators" telling Americans to lie on their applications. Capitalism may not be perfect, but nothing else the world has tried has come close.

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