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Why is the cost of a cup of coffee not falling?

If you are at all like I am, coffee is an important daily pleasure. I’m quite simple in my tastes. I don’t like cream or sugar or any bizarre chemical flavorings added. I want a cup of fresh, hot, black coffee. I prefer it strong — the way Peet’s makes it. I’m more than happy […]

The fantasy is too attractive

Dear Annie: My wife and I have been married for seven years. She has a son from a previous marriage who got into drugs as a teen. Four years ago, my wife put her son in rehab, but he had a relapse and briefly ended up in prison. The effect it had on my wife […]

Vergara time bomb still hangs over public schools

Like a time bomb, the court decision in Vergara v. California has been mostly dormant since the last election season ended in November 2014. But its explosive potential remains as large as ever. Vergara, to refresh memories, is the ruling by a previously obscure Los Angeles County Superior Court judge that essentially would throw out […]

Don’t go to law school

Seriously. Don’t go to law school unless you actually want to be a lawyer. Sure, “thinking like a lawyer” — that is, analytically — is useful, but probably not as useful as spending three years actually doing or studying what you are interested in, not to mention the $200,000 in debt you’ll probably owe, more or less […]

When helping doesn’t help

Dear Annie: Your answer to “Torn Son” was good, but not complete. He said he tries to help his father, who lost his job, but Dad spends money on alcohol and drugs. By suggesting that “Son” pay Dad’s rent and utilities directly, he is still indirectly giving Dad money. Any money supplied for Dad’s care […]

Not exactly the Brady Bunch

Dear Annie: My sister, “Helen,” and her first husband never had children. He died eight years ago. Helen has since remarried a wonderful man, a widower with two sons, a daughter and several grandchildren. He wants my sister to be a real grandmother to them. Helen is an extremely buttoned-up person. The daughter recently phoned […]

Cecil the Lion’s slaughter represents the dregs of humanity

Everything we need to know about what’s wrong with humanity can be found in the killing of Cecil the Lion by American dentist Walter Palmer, an avid trophy hunter/poacher who gets his jollies by shooting wild animals, just for the sheer joy of watching them die. Cecil, a 13-year old majestic lion with a distinctive […]

Marion Franck: Teen’s diary tells the story of a broken heart

* Editor’s note: Marion is on vacation. This column first ran in October 2006. I sit in bed way past my normal getting-up time because I am reading something so gripping that I am ready to let the entire morning slide by. A bell goes off in my head saying, “you need to get started […]

Sanctuary cities make us all safer

By Raul A. Reyes Before the July 4 weekend, a tragedy occurred in San Francisco. Kate Steinle, 32, was walking with her father on a busy pier when she was shot and killed, allegedly by Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, an undocumented immigrant from Mexico with a long rap sheet. The randomness of this crime shocked the […]

Sanctuary policies mainly protect the predators

By Jessica Vaughan The senseless murder of Kate Steinle by an illegal immigrant with seven prior felony convictions and five deportations has focused public attention on the problems created when local sanctuary policies prioritize protecting illegal immigrant residents over the public interest. Immigration laws are not obsolete relics that are unworthy of enforcement; they are crucial […]

Just Us in Davis: AIM: Using diversity as an excuse for inequity

Further reading * “Goodness Personified: The Emergence of Gifted Children” by Leslie Margolin * “Playing Favorites: Giftedness and the Disruption of Community” by Mara Sapon-Shevin * “The Big Test: The Secret History Of American Meritocracy” by Nicolas Lemann By Jann Murray-García I have been writing on the GATE issue for well over a decade. Please […]

The devil is in the details for innovation parks

By Brett Lee People have recently asked me about my thoughts on the innovation park proposals — what they are, why would we want them, am I in favor of them? Currently, there are two innovation park proposals: one to the east of Mace Boulevard that is moving forward in the application process and a second […]

Mothers butt heads over wedding

Dear Annie: Our daughter recently became engaged and we couldn’t be happier. She is our only child and is marrying a great guy. While we are excited about all of the planning for the big event, it appears that the groom’s mother, “Dolores,” is trying to take control. For nearly every detail that my daughter […]

Open-space protection should not be tied to habitat destruction

By Fraser Shilling In a recent article in Nature, an international science journal, well-known conservation scientists argued that governments should not meet biodiversity conservation targets using mitigation funds from development (Maron et al., 2015; Nature 22 July, 2015). Their case was basically that meeting nature protection targets already should be occurring because most governments have committed to […]

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