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Climate crisis looks unlikely

By Paul Brady Despite the gloom and doom in Paris, there is some very good climate news. If only people would look at the data, rather than listening to the vested, climate-crisis interests! New global temperature trends indicate that any global-warming climate crisis will be pushed well into the next century, if it occurs at […]

Will Trump have GOP wishing for a national top-two?

Critics call California’s top-two primary election system a “jungle primary” because it tosses candidates of all stripes into the same pot, forcing them to speak to all voters since only the two leading vote-getters can make it into November runoff elections. But by this time next year, the national Republican Party might be wishing this […]

Get to know your local stripper

Dear Annie: My husband and I have been married for 15 years. During our first year of marriage, he cheated on me with an old girlfriend. I was pregnant at the time. He promised never to do it again. Several months ago, I noticed that my husband seemed distant, irritable and less interested in sex. […]

Laboring away with the jerk

Dear Annie: My co-worker, “Carl,” has been at his job for 8 years. I’ve been here for 10. We’ve never been friends, but that hasn’t really mattered until now. Recently, Carl and I were put together on a team. It turns out, he is one of the most uncaring, egotistical, self-centered, small-minded individuals with whom […]

Hang up & return to sender

Dear Annie: After 21 years of marriage, my husband was enticed by a divorced woman and engaged in an affair. She made it very easy for him and was constantly emailing, texting and calling. This woman knew me and my family, and that we were happy, but it didn’t stop the homewrecker from pursuing my […]

Are we there yet? Constant contact might not be helicoptering

Recently my husband, S, told me about a study he’d read that gave a pretty high percentage of college students who say they are in daily contact with their parents. The study presented a negative perspective, as in, “Look how horrible it is that parents won’t let their kids develop into adults without trying to […]

There are ‘Better Days’ ahead, starting next weekend

Here’s something to be thankful for: You don’t have ALS. Every day that you can wake up and say that, consider yourself fortunate. There are many — too many — who can’t. About 30,000 in the U.S. alone. One of them is local songstress and ALS awareness advocate Cathy Speck, and although ALS saps more of her […]

Prostate-cancer screening down after new guidance

CHICAGO (AP) — Far fewer U.S. men are being diagnosed with early-stage prostate cancer and getting blood tests to detect the disease since an influential government-appointed panel recommended against routine screening of all men, an American Cancer Society study found. A big question remains: Did that shift have any effect on death rates from prostate […]

Spread thin over the holidays

By Amy Tucci From finding the perfect gifts to assembling bikes at midnight, the holiday season can be particularly stressful for parents with children of all ages. For parents caring for both children and their aging parents, the holidays can be downright overwhelming. So many people today face this added responsibility that they have been […]

Mayor’s Corner: Think of the neediest this holiday season

Happy holidays! Although some enterprises have been in holiday mode for a while, the holiday season officially arrives in our community this week with two annual traditions: * The Children’s Candlelight Parade and Tree-Lighting: Whether you want to walk with Santa and Mrs. Claus in the parade, which begins at 6 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 3, […]

Pray for Mother Earth, and global leaders’ wisdom

Join us What: Interfaith prayer vigil in advance of Paris climate talks When: 5 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 29 Where: Lutheran Church of the Incarnation, 1701 Russell Blvd. On Nov. 29, the eve of the Paris climate talks, our prayers will join those of other citizens of the world in support of the actions of our […]

Family needs help with this

Dear Annie: My 12-year-old daughter confessed to me this evening that she believes she is bisexual. She was quite upset about a comment made by another girl today. I immediately comforted her and explained that I love her, no holds barred. She will always be my baby. I know your column has recommended some websites […]

Don’t put ‘fairness’ over family

Dear Readers: Happy Thanksgiving to one and all! We hope you are fortunate enough to be spending the holiday with family and friends, and that you will remember those who are alone and would love to be included with your family. Our special thanks to those readers who are spending the day volunteering at shelters […]

Unstable biofuels policy threatens scientific, economic progress

By Debbie Yaver On Monday, Nov. 30, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is due to issue the final rule on the amount of renewable biofuels that will be blended into the nation’s fuel supply. The initial proposal — issued back in May — was a step backwards for the environment, for the economy and for science. Biofuels blending […]

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