Civilians are innocent victims

The latest bombing by Israel of a United Nations-run elementary school on Thursday that resulted in more killings of Palestinian civilians adds to the lopsided consequences of the present war between Hamas and Israel. Yes, Hamas should be condemned for firing rockets into Israel whether or not they take a large number of Israeli lives. […]

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Let’s gas up for TAPS

The UC Davis Transportation and Parking Services recently encouraged everyone to consider alternative transportation. People should walk and bike. People should ride-share. As a result, people’s health will improve, traffic congestion will decrease, fossil fuel use will decline, air quality will improve and global warming slows slightly. UC Davis could potentially set aside less land for […]

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Violence as entertainment

I was appalled to read “All Aboard The Zombie Train” on the front page of Sunday’s Enterprise. Here is free advertising that promotes violence as entertainment for adults and children, including those younger than 12, using the same laser guns the Army uses for simulation. This is just one way we are choosing as a […]

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Shocked at vampires story

My God! And we wonder why kids shoot other kids at schools throughout the United States? Is this what we’ve come to? That it’s an entertaining family outing to ride the train and “shoot zombies”? Oh sure, I know it’s all “make-believe.” And you don’t believe that “make-believe” has any relationship to acting out? I am […]

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Paul Krugman: Corporate artful dodgers

In recent decisions, the conservative majority on the Supreme Court has made clear its view that corporations are people, with all the attendant rights. They are entitled to free speech, which in their case means spending lots of money to bend the political process to their ends. They are entitled to religious beliefs, including those […]

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Nicholas Kristof: The world’s coolest places

Travel season is here, when so many Americans decamp to Cape Cod or the Jersey Shore. All of which is wonderful, and someday I plan to do a 10-part series on the world’s best beaches. But travel also can be an education, a step toward empathy and international understanding. So for those with an adventurous streak […]

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It hurts, but not as much as the truth

Dear Annie: I am a 68-year-old woman who has been divorced for more than 30 years. I haven’t been in an intimate relationship for the past 10. Last year, I discovered that I have genital herpes. The doctor said I may have had it for years before experiencing symptoms. I was devastated. When I have […]

Accusations tear family down

Dear Annie: When my daughter was 14, she falsely accused me of physical abuse. She is now 33 and brings up these false charges whenever she is having difficult issues in her own life. She blames me for all of her problems. Even worse, my sister enables and promotes her negative view of me. I […]

Refrain from generalization

The Gaza war is really painful for many of us in United States and around the world. The loss of life, especially the innocent children, has its toll on many people, regardless of their culture, ethnic background or religion. I saw several letters to the editor and articles to justify the position of Israel or […]

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Gravel mining affects us all

Another off-channel mining excavation is being proposed to start in three to five years. More than 300 acres of prime productive agricultural land will be turned into a 280-acre gravel pit between County Roads 98 and 95. This could force the Moore Canal, a major irrigation canal, to be realigned and then reconnected past the mining area […]

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It’s all the ecologists’ fault

Many conservatives, Republicans and Fox News watchers do not believe in global warming, or if they do, they deny that it is man-made. Many liberals, Democrats and tree-huggers think this is terrible. I will now convince the Fox News watchers that global warming is real and man-made: In the 1960s, the greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide, was […]

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Tom Elias: Ranchers coming around on global warming

The chorus of global warming deniers has not shrunk. Outcries claiming the entire issue is fraudulent are not going away. But realism is also slowly setting in among some California groups that long tried to wish away the issue by claiming any warming that’s happening is strictly a cyclical natural phenomenon. California ranchers are now […]

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