Dems should blame selves

“The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in our selves…” Cassius to Brutus, Julius Caesar, by William Shakespeare Democrats and other detractors of California’s “top two” primary system have been whining ever since the June 3 primary election that it would be wrong to have two Republicans vie in the November general […]

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Really worried about husband’s behavior

Dear Annie: I am 40 years old and have been married to “Rick” for 19 years. We have four beautiful daughters. For years, Rick wanted a son. I thought he had accepted that it wasn’t going to happen, so I didn’t protest when he formed a friendship with a 10-year-old fatherless neighbor boy. “Drew” is […]

Ex is still in the picture

Dear Annie: I recently became engaged to my boyfriend of six years. His family and I get along great, he’s my very best friend, and I am so incredibly happy. The bliss, however, is being trumped by one problem. Before “Kevin” and I got together, he was in a relationship with “Sophia” for four years. […]

In Davis, clap your claws

The “claw” was invented in Davis, a beautiful city with trees and gardens. It is a vital tool.  This week I counted 10 piles of cuttings on the block where I live, each measured about 5 feet in diameter and about 4 feet in height. The Davis Waste Removal claw crew quickly and efficiently picked up all those […]

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An update on one of my favorite interviews

When I asked if I could meet with Daisy again, I expected several things. First, I anticipated that she wouldn’t mind being the subject of another column. Second, I imagined that her life had continued on the trajectory I first wrote about in 2007 when she began working part-time for Yolo County. Finally, I knew […]

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Ten things about owning a black car, plus a few more

Have you heard the news? Car sales in America are on the rise! The U.S. is back, baby, and nothin’ says “American” like a new ride. I helped kickstart the automobile industry two years ago, and yes, I bought American made, because yes, I am just that secretly patriotic. Oh, how I wanted a cute […]

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Dreading stepdaughter’s visits

Dear Annie: My wife and I are in our late 60s and have been married for six years. We were both widowed. We have a great deal in common and are happy together. Our one bone of contention is her daughter. “Justine” is in her late 30s, married and living overseas. Yet every time she […]

Designer T-cells fight viruses after transplants

WASHINGTON (AP) — Bone marrow transplants save thousands of lives but patients are vulnerable to severe viral infections in the months afterward, until their new immune system kicks in. Now scientists are developing protection for that risky period — injections of cells specially designed to fend off up to five different viruses at once. “These […]

Now’s the time to sound off on oil trains

The issue: EIR foresees a tiny chance of catastrophe The long awaited environmental impact report on Benicia’s oil-train terminal was finally released last week, and if project opponents were hoping it would present a serious roadblock, they were sorely disappointed. WHILE  the report predicted “significant and unavoidable” air-quality impact, the chance of a “significant” oil spill […]

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Homeless in Davis

The front page headline on Tuesday’s paper reads “No handouts for homeless on the street,” as if it were a command, from a new City group that seems to have representatives from many sectors, yet no actual homeless people on the committee. I have often been asked for money by homeless people in Davis. However, […]

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Don’t limit helping the homeless

An article in The Davis Enterprise on Tuesday, June 24, clearly served its purpose: to make the community aware that The Enterprise is in complete support of the new “stakeholders group” that hopes to make Davis less supportive of on-the-street panhandlers and other “homeless-looking” people on our city streets. I am disappointed in the disingenuous tool to accomplish […]

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Davis water rates

It is really unfortunate that what I essentially begged, on June 17 (or was it the 10th?), for the Council to have done, an analysis for the comparison of all the water rate structures side by side, will most likely never happen. As I said that night, if we had that, and if the URAC had […]

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Remember that help is available

Dear Annie: I was an army medic who served two deployments in Iraq and saw more than two years’ worth of war injuries. Seeing injured soldiers, many of them young, maimed and seriously wounded, while also being concerned for your own life can have an impact on you long after you are out of the […]