Sister just can’t help herself

Dear Annie: My twin sister and I are 57. Every time she visits me, she takes things. Often, I don’t realize the things are missing until I need to use them, or when I want to wrap them as gifts, which is what happened last Christmas. When this has happened in the past, I’ve confronted […]

It’s too easy to stay silent

Although the Davis Musical Theatre Company’s recent production of “Anything Goes” was impressive, I left the theater with an unsettling feeling; a feeling that only minorities can experience. It was a mixture of disappointment and shock that drained me of my appreciation for the show and left me feeling hollow. I was surprised that the […]

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Proceed with safe biking plan

What if you held a community forum and nobody from the community came? That was sort of the situation at a recent evening meeting regarding bike access and parking on B Street. While the professionally mediated forum was designed specifically to have everyone’s voice heard, not one of the 30 or so participants stood up […]

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Criminal investigation for utility regulators?

Memo to United States Attorneys in Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego: It’s high time you investigate the former president and some current members and officials of the California Public Utilities Commission for things like conspiracy to commit mail fraud and wire fraud. Evidence against current commissioners and former commission President Michael Peevey has […]

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Uphold dignity, understanding, civility, respect at UC Davis

By Rabbi Jaclyn Cohen The following is a copy of a letter to UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi and the UC Board of Regents: We are Jewish alumni of UC Davis who write to you today outraged and heartbroken by what our beloved alma mater has become: a place where anti-Israel and anti-Semitic sentiment has been allowed […]

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Give your heart some attention

Dear Annie: I have a family history of cardiovascular disease and lost my mom to a heart attack when she was only 32. To be preventive about my own health, I had something called a vascular wellness screening: a check of my arteries for atherosclerosis, the plaque that builds up in our arteries as we […]

Consider a WPA Plaza instead

In Davis, we love our Central Park. Just check out the happy throngs any Saturday morning or Picnic in the Park Wednesday evening. Space is at a premium. The park, particularly the shady space between the Hattie Weber Museum and the children’s playground, is a terrible place for a storage shed. I’m happy that we […]

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Frank Bruni: We must balance personal freedom, public safety

A few years back, an acerbic friend of mine who was a recent transplant to Los Angeles told me that she itched to write a satirical novel with the following narrative: A group of wealthy, educated people in Santa Monica who deliberately didn’t vaccinate their children subsequently take them on a “poor-ism” trip to a […]

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Rich Rifkin: Prosecute parents who fail to vaccinate their kids

A strange mix of paranoia, scientific ignorance, religious nonsense and pathological self-centered thinking has led to the measles outbreak now coursing its way across the United States. It falls on the heels of the whooping cough epidemic that broke out last year. This reckless movement against vaccination is a deadly threat to the children whose […]

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Looking for a way forward

Dear Annie: I’ve lived my entire life feeling as though I was born the wrong gender. Transitioning is not an option. I was born female and look it. I would have a hard time passing as male. Also, I have heard nothing but horror stories regarding the surgery. There appears to be resources galore for […]

ADL denounces anti-Semitic graffiti

The Anti-Defamation League denounces the hate crime committed against the UC Davis Jewish community. It is deeply shocking and thoroughly repugnant any time a swastika is employed against the Jewish community. It is even more offensive that this act of anti-Semitism was committed during the same week the world commemorated International Holocaust Remembrance Day and […]

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Respond to hate by building community

By Rabbi Alan Rabishaw, et. al As members of the Board of Rabbis of Greater Sacramento, we raise our voices to decry the despicable vandalism against the Alpha Epsilon Pi Jewish fraternity in Davis, which runs counter to all the values of respect and decency that we hold dear. We denounce this abhorrent act of […]

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Hate crime misrepresented

With its banner headline, “Middle East Tensions Flare Up at UCD” (Sunday), The Enterprise has fanned the very flames of mistrust that it purports to be chronicling. The report that the UC Davis chancellor is addressing calls for divestment from Israel may belong under that heading, but the fact that someone has painted swastikas on a Jewish […]

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