Be forewarned about homeowners associations

By Elaine Roberts Musser How many of you live in a homeowners association? It is estimated that in the year 2010, HOAs governed nearly 25 million American homes. What is an HOA? In California, it is a nonprofit public benefit corporation run by a board, composed of homeowners like you and me. An HOA governs […]

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Let’s develop a smart road instead

The ongoing debate regarding the California High-Speed Rail Authority’s proposed fixed rail system, a 19th-century idea, by design, will burden all California taxpayers in perpetuity. The governor’s office has already guaranteed operational subsides that will cost the California taxpayer dearly. The now questionable federal support, the always litigious acquisition of rights of way, combined with […]

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Why are we back in Iraq?

Please, remind me of why we invaded Iraq in the first place. Was it to protect the oil or the people or what? Now why are we considering more involvement again; because of the oil? And please explain to me why the U.S. sells our oil to other countries while we buy oil from other […]

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Good guys can finish first

Not since the “Showtime” iteration of the Los Angeles Lakers team involving Magic Johnson, Kareem Jabbar, James Worthy, A.C. Green, Michael Cooper, Norm Nixon, “Silk” et. al., and the Houston Rockets with Hakeem “The Dream” Olajuwon and Clyde “The Glide” Drexler, have we seen such an amazing display of team basketball as that which we […]

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Peregrine’s fiesta a big success

Peregrine School would like to give a shout-out to all the individuals, families and businesses who made our annual Fiesta Fundraiser a success once again. The event is a community celebration that supports our innovative child-centered educational programs. As a nonprofit preschool and elementary school that relies mainly on tuition to fund our programs, fundraisers […]

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A graduate’s love letter to Da Vinci

By Malerie Beck Dear Da Vinci, It’s been three years since we first met. Three years, filled to the brim with laughter, hardships and important advice. My days with you started out long, but grew shorter and shorter as time went on, until one day I blinked, and realized that our high school years were […]

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It took a village to create Davis’ Grad Night

By Solveig Monson As we wrap up the final details and pack away the decorations and activity boxes for another year, I want to take a minute to express my sincere gratitude to all those who made Grad Night 2014, the 30th annual Davis Grad Night, an enormously successful event for our graduating seniors. More […]

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An expensive proposition

Dear Annie: I am a 61-year-old woman. I am retired, and I live off of my investments, which generate enough income for me to live comfortably. I have paid off my mortgage on the home in which I’ve lived for 30 years. I’ve known “Joseph” for 25 years, but we have only begun dating in […]

Don’t parboil the future

Wednesday’s article on oil spills and accidents totally misses the point that the oil will be burned as fuel to give off CO2 and trapped energy to worsen climate change/global warming, with the result of parboiling our descendants off Earth. In 1931, Thomas Edison outlined the way to totally clean energy. He said, “I would put all my […]

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Troops denigrated by media

I am not a hawk, and never have been. I hated to see us involved in two wars, one of which was totally unnecessary. I am an advocate of diplomacy and never even considered joining the military. However, as much as I despise war, I feel a great deal of respect and gratitude toward those […]

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Campus delays, will block XP

Now that Microsoft has stopped supporting its Windows XP operating system with security updates, UC Davis is taking steps to block computers that still employ XP from connecting to the university’s network or from using secure UCD resources. I encourage people to stop using XP — it is no longer safe enough to use online […]

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We need a record of URAC

After attending a recent Utility Rate Advisory Committee meeting and having a follow-up conversation with URAC members, we were alarmed to learn that no official recording was being made of each URAC meeting. Such recordings must be made by city staff and immediately made available to URAC members, the City Council and the public for […]

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Can you host an Italian teen?

An outgoing, energetic, 16-year-old high school student from Italy is taking a bold step to attend a four-week English language program offered at UC Davis from July 7 to Aug. 7. He has been to the United States to visit relatives, gone to a Scout camp and attended a friend of the family’s marriage. Although […]

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