Three old ideas going, going, gone

Times are changing, mostly thanks to technology, and some things are aging out of our culture. If they remain, they’ve lost their meaning or their power. One robust information source, for example, used to be the telephone area code. The numbers were carefully planned. When area codes were first implemented in the 1950s and 60s, […]

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Super Bowl Sunday: The best day to do anything except watch the Super Bowl

I am a bad American. While the entire country is fixated on the Super Bowl, I’ll be gloriously out of step. What will I be doing instead that’s more fun? Oh, I don’t know… laundry? What is the appeal. And not just football. Baseball, basketball … all professional sports. I could maybe — maybe! — grasp the […]

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They’re experienced and honest

Years ago, I used to do all my own automotive repair work. That was back in the day when looking under the hood was not as mysterious as it is now. Today, if you are anything like me, auto repair has become nearly impossible for the backyard mechanic. Fortunately, in Davis we have Center City […]

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Toy drive was a big success

We would like to send a big thank you to all those amazing families who donated to the fourth annual UC Davis Children’s Hospital Toy Drive during the holidays. With your generous support ,we were able to donate more than 130 new toys to the UCD Children’s Hospital Child Life Program for distribution to kids who […]

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One-way street solves dilemma

I have a solution for the B Street dilemma. Bicyclists want their path clear of cars and trash. Homeowners want room for parking visitor cars and delivery vehicles, and trash cans, recycle bins and garden waste piles that need to be set out. This can all be done by making the narrow part of B Street one-way north. There […]

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How much drinking is too much?

By Jim Cotter, MD, MPH On the first Monday of each month, my local newspaper publishes a list of local DUI convictions for the previous month (which of course, I scan carefully for people I may know). Along with the list is a guideline for avoiding a DUI: “if you weigh 150-169 pounds, three drinks […]

Ensure that you’re protected against measles

By Constance Caldwell, M.D. There has been a lot in the news about a recent outbreak of measles linked to a Disney amusement park in Orange County, with more than 70 cases now confirmed in California and several in other states as well. What is measles and who is at risk? Who exactly needs to be vaccinated? Measles […]

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Wi-Fi in our schools could result in health impacts

By Chuck Rairdan I can certainly be counted among those who support the application of technology to improve learning conditions in our schools. With the rapid advance of new technologies and other innovations, however, there also can be unintended consequences or, in this case, health effects that are not always recognized or understood at the onset […]

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Time for bed … with Grandma

Dear Annie: Over the holidays, I stayed at my cousin’s home. My cousin has two children, a daughter and a son. The son is 14 years old. I noticed that the boy’s grandmother slept with him in the same bed. I think she has a weird obsession with the boy. She is constantly touching him […]

Life goes on in Rutilio Grande, despite country’s gang violence

By Cynthia Kellogg On Jan. 2, the day after I returned from El Salvador on a visit to the Davis sister city of Rutilio Grande, I read these headlines in the New York Times: “Homicides soar 57 percent in El Salvador.” The accompanying article reported that the country saw an average of 13 killings a day in […]

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Act would let patients control their own fates

The issue: Put terminally ill in control The End of Life Option Act, introduced to the state Legislature by state Sens. Lois Wolk, D-Davis, and Bill Monning, D-Carmel, marks an important step in our evolving concepts of patients’ rights. WHERE medicine once was limited to the yes-or-no question of “will the patient live?,” improving technology is increasingly […]

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We’re grateful for bingo proceeds

Thank you, Davis Odd Fellows Lodge! Boy, did we find out how fun professional bingo is! Every month, the Davis Odd Fellows Lodge selects a different charity to support through its monthly bingo event. In January, the lodge selected Team Davis — our local all-volunteer organization that provides children and adults that have intellectual and physical […]

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Council, follow your own policies

The following is a copy of a letter to the Davis City Council: It’s time to rip that Band-Aid off of B Street. No more delays or community meetings. The problem is not between “bike advocates” and those wanting to preserve parking. The problem is you. From the few residents of B Street who attended the […]

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Protect root zone to save trees

The following are excerpts from a letter to the Davis City Council: This letter is regarding the proposal for Paso Fino and the protection measures necessary for the Canary Island pines on the site. My understanding from the proceedings of the Planning Commission (Oct. 8, 2014) was that the pines are to be protected on […]

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