Mental-health treatment lacking

Suppose that when Daniel Marsh was 13 years old he’d been diagnosed with a rare, probably fatal, childhood disease. It’s not hard to imagine the outpouring of sympathy and support he and his family would have received from the community. The Davis Enterprise would have run a story about how brave Daniel was, accompanied by […]

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Braly’s column lightens the heart

What fun to read another of Mark Braly’s swim-filled Masters swimming columns. After being inundated by world misery and family sadness, I open my favorite local newspaper and am instantly cheered when I read Mark’s laugh-out-loud dry (if you’ll pardon the expression) humor sprinkled throughout his reports on DAM, Davis’ own masters swimming club, and […]

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Bicycle bells needed for safety

As very-senior citizens, we have been begging the fiercely progressive and advanced great city of Davis for many years to advocate the installation of bicycle bells. While bells are required in most towns across the world for bicycle and pedestrian safety, thus far our pleas to various Davis authorities have been completely unsuccessful. Could someone […]

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Are we going to wait until someone here dies?

Whenever I tell the story of my bike crash northwest of Davis, most people respond, “You’re lucky to be alive.” On the morning of Aug. 31, 2012, I was riding eastbound on County Road 29. A distracted driver, who says he never saw me, drifted to the right edge of the road and hit me […]

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Firefighters went above, beyond

I wanted to pass along a special thank-you to the crew of Davis Fire Station 31. I work for AMR, the local ambulance company. We responded to an elderly woman’s apartment today and found her sleeping on a metal bed frame and a foam pad. After transporting the patient to the hospital, the firefighters went to purchase the woman […]

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Grocery bags are biohazards

When I went grocery shopping this past weekend, I asked the bagging clerk at the checkout counter if he has found anything gross in the shopping bags that customers carry into the store. “Yes,” the bagging clerk answered as he rolled his eyes. “A cockroach crawled out of one customer’s bag.” He also said that […]

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Can’t we work collaboratively?

I would like to relate to your readers the adventure one of our Third Space volunteers had in downtown Davis last week. In triple-digit heat, our brave volunteer set out around town with a bundle of fliers to post on notice boards and in shop windows. When she returned two hours later, she was flushed […]

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Sounds like a swell party

Dear Annie: My friend asked me to be her maid of honor and then drove me nuts. She had crazy ideas and didn’t consider anyone else’s financial situation. It was all about her. She ordered dresses for us that were hideous and arrived with only a week to spare. The other bridesmaids and I convinced her […]

Maybe not the best rebound guy

Dear Annie: I met the man of my dreams at the workplace. At the time, I was in an abusive marriage and had given up all hope, and then I met “Howard.” Here’s the problem: Howard is 45, still lives in his parents’ basement and works from home. He doesn’t pay rent or utilities, although […]

They don’t want him around

Dear Annie: My girlfriend, “Tammi,” and I have been together for six months. We saw each other only briefly over the summer because she took a job in another state. I feel that our relationship is getting serious. The only problem is her friends. They don’t like me. The reason is that while Tammi flew […]

Unexpected treasures from the summer

This summer was marked by two strokes of public genius. Genius, like humor, is wonderful because it unites us in a common “Wow!” even though each one of us processes events differently. I find that certain kinds of genius reach in and grab my emotions — positive ones — the way music does or a […]

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The sacrificial lamb on the altar of denial

Oh, shock and horror! Until the videotape of Ray Rice coldcocking his girlfriend and dragging her unconscious from an elevator, we had no idea that domestic violence was rampant in the NFL! Put that man in stocks in the public square, that we may ridicule and assault him in order to convince ourselves that this isolated […]

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