Yes on Prop. 47: reasonable changes to curb recidivism, save money

By Tracie Olson For decades, California has relied on the mass incarceration of its offenders as the answer to crime control, no matter the crime. By 2011, state prisons were so overcrowded that the U.S. Supreme Court found that the problem amounted to cruel and unusual punishment, violating the Eighth Amendment. The problem of prison […]

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A bionic hand with feeling

WASHINGTON (AP) — Scientists are moving closer to an artificial hand that can feel: Implanted electrodes allowed some amputees to tell by touch how gently to grasp, letting them pluck fruit without crushing it. The two men told researchers at Case Western Reserve University that wiring some of their remaining nerves to a robotic arm […]

Bad blood in the face of tragedy

Dear Annie: I am a 66-year-old male. Six months ago, I lost my life partner, my love of 33 years. I was at “Michael’s” hospice bedside 24 hours a day. I always thought I had a good relationship with my partner’s family, especially his sister, “Josephine.” But a few days before his death, Josephine told […]

No on Prop. 47: an end to safe neighborhoods, and more victims

By Landy Black The city of Davis has not taken an official position on Proposition 47, but it would seem many in Davis might like to know what their police chief thinks about a proposed law that would have such a significant and direct impact on crime and our ability to fight it. In short, […]

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Let’s take Davis’ energy future seriously

By Gerry Braun and Richard McCann Last year, the Davis City Council funded work to evaluate the city’s long-term electricity service options. The matter was tabled as the June election drew near. Then this summer, the city commissioned a resident satisfaction survey that, among other questions, asked if the city should form a municipal utility […]

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Vote no on Prop. 1, because it’s no solution

By Elizabeth Lasensky No one can argue that we are in a historic drought. There are numerous environmental, tribal and sport fishing groups, as well as family farmers, who think Proposition 1, the water bond on the Nov. 4 ballot, is not the solution nor is it the answer to California’s long-term water needs. Save the […]

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Cheers and Jeers: A terrific choice for city manager

We offer our cheers and jeers for local newsmakers as we look back over the previous week: CHEERS to the City Council’s selection of Davis resident Dirk Brazil as our next city manager. Brazil has a long résumé of local government/political experience, including eight years as Yolo County’s assistant county administrator, plus work as a staff member for […]

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Nolan supports all students

I am supporting Mike Nolan for the Davis Board of Education. Mike will not and does not support any special-interest group. I see in Mike a person who supports the students of Davis as a whole. A public education must be equitable and intended for all students. The two most important ingredients of public education […]

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Leadership we need, now

This Board of Education election may well be a turning point for Davis, in that budgets are being restored, a local accountability plan is in place, and decisions about values will need to be made. Due to the creation of a community-driven strategic action plan, for the first time in a long time the district has […]

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Strong support for Sunder

We are pleased to provide our strong and unqualified endorsement of our neighbor and friend, Madhavi Sunder, for the position of Davis school board member. Madhavi’s education, her prominence as a UC Davis faculty member and her experience as a parent of two wonderful children render her the ideal candidate who appreciates the importance of […]

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She’ll be a first-rate trustee

I was delighted to hear that Madhavi Sunder is a school board candidate. When I worked at the UC Davis law school, Madhavi treated me, a social worker and staff member, as an equal. I also saw that she was one of the attorneys who emphasized to the students not just the letter of the law, […]

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We choose Archer, Adams

Barbara Archer and Tom Adams have our whole-hearted support for Davis school board. As a retired public school teacher, counselor and desegregation coordinator of 33 years and a past director of a UC Santa Cruz program designed to engage under-represented students in the sciences, we pay attention to details when assessing school board candidates. We […]

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Many reasons to pick Archer

Please join me in supporting Barbara Archer for school board. Here is a partial list of my reasons for supporting Barbara: * She is someone we can rely on to be a champion of all our children. * She has been volunteering in our schools for more than a decade. The breadth and depth of her volunteer service is […]

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I’m voting for Adams, Sunder

I am very pleased to support school board candidates Tom Adams and Madhavi Sunder. I have known Tom Adams for eight years as a friend and colleague at the California Department of Education. His keen sense of analysis and decision-making are much-needed in our Davis school system. Tom understands the challenges that Davis teachers and staff face […]

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