Compassion Tour is good to go

With an abundance of thanks and gratitude, we would like to acknowledge the kind contributions and donations that made the recent “Dinner for Compassion Tour” a success. Mary Philip and her volunteer crew cooked up yet another wonderful Indian meal for a good community cause. We thank Robb Davis for emceeing a lively program. Blues […]

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Stonewalling fair water rates?

By John Munn I had hoped to fade back into the woodwork after the City Council election, but I first sent my thoughts about water rate structures to council members and to the Utility Rates Advisory Committee so they might be considered in upcoming water rates discussions after voter approval of Measure P. This would […]

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Gone, and not getting it back

Dear Annie: My husband calls me the “Throwaway Queen.” I have gotten into hot water for not asking before I trashed something. Now I think I’ve made a huge mistake. My husband is now far into dementia. We are thinking of moving, so I started cleaning out storage bins. I threw away two items of […]

Farewell, League of Women Voters

The League of Women Voters has provided a community service to Davis for decades. The group has offered information, discussion groups and opportunities for various positions to be heard. We have been supporters as they have advanced free information for the voters. As times change, so do groups, so it was with sadness that we […]

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Rotary raffle raised $70,900

Another year proves to be another success for the annual Davis Rotary youth group raffle. Total monies raised came to $70,900 and the youth groups that participate get 100 percent of what they raised. A total of 30 local groups participated. There were six prizes and winners as follows: * Grand prize: A seven-night, eight-day […]

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Don’t fear chromium-6

Currently, the city of Davis is concerned about trace amounts of hexavalent chromium naturally found here in our drinking well water. Although high levels of inhaled hexavalent chromium in the foundry and smelting industries can lead to lung cancer, in the naturally slightly acidic human stomach, hexavalent chromium is instantly converted to trivalent chromium, a […]

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Mandatory isn’t necessary

If U.S. military service is voluntary, then the Affordable Care Act must be, too. If my decision to participate in the physical defense of the nation is voluntary, then the decision to participate in any personal health care plan must be mine as well. People know a good thing when they see it. If it […]

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Wake up to climate change!

CO2 levels have increased 30 percent and methane levels 150 percent in the past 100 years. About 20 years ago I saw an episode of “Nova” on TV wherein they spoke about how scientists were predicting a global rise in average temperatures, and how this could affect the ocean currents, and how the repercussions from […]

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Social workers need support, too

By Joan Sublett I’m sure you’ve read about children being murdered by their foster parents or even by their own parent or a mother’s boyfriend. But do you know much about the social workers who are responsible for these dependent and neglected children? These social workers are employed by Yolo County Child Protective Services. They […]

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Support a teen entrepreneur

My name is Benjamin Hoffner-Brodsky. I am a local 14-year-old with a passion for business. This summer I will be attending Camp BizSmart, a two-week business academy held over the summer at Stanford that offers a place for young entrepreneurs like myself to learn the tools of the trade to be successful in the business […]

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Our city’s taxing mistakes

According to those who never met a tax increase they did not support, we need yet another new parcel tax to fund our road maintenance. They say we need it and that the money will not be used for increasing any city employee pay and benefits. But this is a disingenuous claim since the tax increase […]

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Still pining for a way out

Dear Annie: I have been married for four years. In that time, we have split up twice, and it wasn’t pretty either time. We have kids together. I pushed getting married when I became pregnant at 19. Then he claimed to fall out of love with me, stopped coming home after work and began treating […]

The strain becomes too much

Dear Annie: I have been with “Robert” for three years, and we have been through a lot. We’ve always had financial issues, but six months ago, we had to give up our baby girl for adoption because we couldn’t care for her properly. Emotionally, this has destroyed both of us, but thankfully, I began going […]