A family was torn apart, but we survived

By Holly Jan Pierce The first 11 years of my life were wonderful. I had very attentive parents who were able to express their love, affection and joy for being my parents. When I was 12 years old, my father started having extramarital affairs and that devastated my mother. My father left us and my mother […]

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Locals will join march for climate change

On Saturday, Feb. 7, thousands of people are expected to take part in the March for Real Climate Leadership: Our Water, Our Health, Our California. The march, organized by a broad coalition of environmental groups across California, demands that Gov. Jerry Brown take real action against fracking. Californians Against Fracking, one of the event organizers, […]

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Taking turns as the halfway house

Dear Annie: I have three siblings. The youngest sister, “Jess,” has always had problems. At 13, she started taking drugs and running away from home. She spent five years in prison, and when she got out, my older sister offered to let Jess live with her so she could get a job and go to […]

Family isn’t keen on relationship

Dear Annie: I am a female resident physician. In medical school, I fell in love with “Jay,” a classmate. We have been together for four years. Jay is currently a resident physician in another state. Two years ago, I brought Jay home to meet my father and stepmother. Some of Jay’s favorite topics of discussion are […]

Are we there yet? If there’s no S-O-N in team, I’m not watching

Remember last summer’s World Cup fever? Most members of planet Earth were infected with it, as soccer fans materialized out of nowhere, many having never before exhibited even a tiny interest in sports. Now, all of a sudden they were throwing out terms like “headers,” “PKs” and “slide tackles.” As obnoxious as this seemed at […]

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It’s time for some ‘Better Days’ for ALS patients

That Cathy Speck is a scamp. Aren’t sure if you know her? Then you don’t know her. Once you’ve met her, you’ll never forget her — she’s a one-woman circus on a walker, with all the bells and whistles. Seriously. There are bells and whistles. Also horns and stuffed animals. Carousels are more subtle. Which is […]

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City helped immensely

Thursday afternoon, Jan. 15, Davis Diamonds Gymnastics was granted a temporary permit to occupy our new gymnasium at 2800 Cowell Blvd. from the city of Davis and, shortly afterward, more than 30 girls practiced bars, beam, vault and floor exercise there. The first day of regularly scheduled classes in the new gym was last Monday. The […]

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We have the right to choose

I have been an advocate for disability rights and worked in the independent-living movement for a number of years. I also have Stage 4 inoperable stomach cancer and am facing terminal illness. Ed Roberts, the father of the Independent Living Philosophy, won access for all Americans with disabilities under the powerful notion that we all have […]

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We don’t have to suffer

Hooray for Lois Wolk! How reasonable. Everyone dies, but we don’t have to suffer. I strongly resent it when others interfere with my personal rights. No one is forcing you to commit suicide. My God says suffering is bad when avoidable. The Catholic Church, or others, have no right to force their theology on me. […]

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Big utilities’ nightmare begins to play out

The biggest nightmare of California’s largest utility companies may be about to begin playing out, thanks to a small irrigation district in San Joaquin County and a bunch of disgruntled customers of Pacific Gas & Electric Co. This trend also had help from the state’s voters, who in 2010 rejected a ballot proposition designed and […]

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Mayor’s Corner: Let’s renew Davis together

For this month’s “Mayor’s Corner,” I wanted to share with you what I discussed at my talk to the Davis Chamber of Commerce recently regarding the “state of the city” and my vision for “renewing” Davis. As Frank Sinatra crooned, “it was a very good year” in Davis in 2014. Among many things, the year […]

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When measles spreads from Disneyland, it’s a small world after all

By Rachel Rabkin Peachman The latest measles outbreak, which began at Disneyland in California between Dec. 17 and 20, is spreading. The seven confirmed cases first reported less than two weeks ago have quickly multiplied to 70 confirmed cases as of this writing. This includes two cases in Utah, two in Washington and one in Mexico. […]

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From innovation parks to innovative buildings and planning

By Susan Rainier Last spring, the city of Davis received three responses from developers to its request for expressions of interest for innovation business research parks. The Planning Department wants to fast-track completion of required studies, analysis and discussion — including consideration of alternatives — for a March 2016 Measure R community vote on two of the […]

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