Frank Bruni: Hillary, barbed and bellicose

The other night, a prominent Democrat I know made the craziest statement. “I don’t think Hillary’s going to run,” he proclaimed, silencing the room. He might as well have said that he’d just spotted Bigfoot pilfering rhubarb from the White House vegetable garden or that Arnold Schwarzenegger was in line to play King Lear on […]

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My mother, the ‘unaccompanied minor’

By O. Ricardo Pimentel My mother was an unaccompanied minor. She came to this country at 14, from a small village in Zacatecas, Mexico, without documents — and without parents. As the story about Central American children coming here has unfolded — complete with the usual histrionics about them “corrupting our way of life” — I’ve thought of […]

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Friend needs help and support

Dear Annie: How do you get help for a friend who appears to be drifting into dementia? ”Marjorie” and I have known each other for more than 20 years, and we have lunch every two weeks. When we first met, Marjorie was bright, energetic and involved in many activities. She is now in her mid-60s. […]

It’s all about justice

Again today I read about DNA evidence exonerating a man convicted of a serious crime, only after years of efforts by the “innocence project” or efforts by the prisoner. Surely it behooves us, no matter what the expense, to examine every case where there is DNA evidence that could exonerate convicted prisoners, without making them […]

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A taste of the sweet life

On Friday, Aug. 8, Tuleyome Home Place Adventures took two youth groups from Yolo County to Henry’s Bullfrog Bees & PURE Honey farm. Henry’s Bullfrog Bees is a family-owned and -operated farm in Winters. Head beekeeper Henry Harlan is a dedicated, fifth-generation farmer from Woodland. As we learned during the tour, one-third of all our […]

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It’s really out of our pockets

I am quite concerned about a portion of a letter that I recently received from state Sen. Lois Wolk concerning Proposition 13. She wants to significantly raise commercial property taxes in violation of Proposition 13. That would be a serious mistake and hurt California businesses, many of which are struggling and considering leaving the state because […]

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Cheers and Jeers to Enterprise

Since we’re doing Cheers and jeers, here are my personal Enterprise-specific observations: CHEERS for two weeks in a row of having the Friday TV grid on the comics page, same as Monday through Thursday, resulting in Saturday’s grids being on the same page! JEERS for jumping a story from A section to a separate section […]

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I question the sanity …

I have personal knowledge of war. From 1967 to 1969 when I was in my 20s, I lived in a small town in Vietnam while working as a volunteer for a nongovernmental development organization. Also, by the way, I once visited Israel to attend an academic conference. So I was interested in David Siegel’s commentary […]

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Campus needs ecological help

I took a stroll through the Arboretum on Monday. Wow! What a sight. I had seen this coming for months: Hundreds of dead fish floating belly-up in the septic Mrak pond. That this would happen at a so-called world-class university is appalling. I had wondered during my spring and summer walks around the perimeter of the pond what the […]

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Nicholas Kristof: Is a hard life inherited?

YAMHILL, Ore. — One delusion common among America’s successful people is that they triumphed just because of hard work and intelligence. In fact, their big break came when they were conceived in middle-class American families who loved them, read them stories, and nurtured them with Little League sports, library cards and music lessons. They were […]

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What we don’t know about the drought? Plenty

We know a fair amount about the drought that has now afflicted California for about three years: It has been the driest period since record-keeping began in the 19th century. If their wells are deep enough, farmers can still pretty much pump all the ground water they like, while homeowners can be fined up to […]

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Portraits of the Past: Why Davisville dropped the ‘ville’

* Editor’s note: This article first appeared in The Davis Enterprise on May 13, 1971, as one of a series of 164 articles by distinguished Davis historian Joann Leach Larkey. Reproductions of the full set of articles can be seen at the Hattie Weber Museum of Davis, 445 C St., and the Stephens Branch Library, […]

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