Congratulations, and moving on

I sent the following message Wednesday evening to City Councilwoman Rochelle Swanson: “Most of the remaining votes from last week’s City Council election were counted today, and your lead has increased. It is time for me to formally concede that you have won the second council seat in this election. You have my best wishes for […]

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Is college worth it? Clearly, new data say

By David Leonhardt Some newly minted college graduates struggle to find work. Others accept jobs for which they feel overqualified. Student debt, meanwhile, has topped $1 trillion. It’s enough to create a wave of questions about whether a college education is still worth it. A new set of income statistics answers those questions quite clearly: […]

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How much is the friendship worth?

Dear Annie: I’ve known “Ted” all my life. About 10 years ago, I loaned him $1,000. He never repaid it, and I could really use that money now. Ted lives in a different city, and when I phone him, he refuses to discuss it. In the past, I had given Ted money outright, but this […]

Kids showed their pedal power

Thank you to the friends of the schools in Davis, our city officials and all who helped and participated in National Bike to School Day. May is Bike Month and May 7 was the National Bike to School Day. We had a successful day at many schools in Davis. Thanks to Penny Pyle for coordinating for school […]

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High-fives from Team Davis

Thanks to the Aggie football players and UC Davis Campus Recreation and Unions! Team Davis — our local, all-volunteer, nonprofit organization that provides athletic, social and other activities to about 150 individuals with developmental disabilities — is brimming with appreciation for our friends on the UC Davis campus. We just had our fourth annual football clinic, hosted […]

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A yummy taste of Davis

The Davis Odd Fellows Lodge was pleased, once again, to organize and host the 2014 version of A Taste of Davis at our Lodge Hall on April 24. This annual event has become quite the social scene for our community! More than 300 members of the public crowded into both floors of the Odd Fellows Lodge […]

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Disappointed with election results

The result of last Tuesday’s election in Davis was disappointing. Unfortunately, local voters may have passed up an opportunity (depending on the outcome of the final canvass of the votes cast in this close race) to elect John Munn to the City Council. He would have been the best advocate for local utility rate and […]

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Good grief, a new tax?

Front-page headline in Sunday’s edition of The Enterprise: “City eyes another tax measure.” Good grief. The result of the recent plebiscite on Measure O is not even yet certified and a new money grab is underway. Prince Hamlet, sir, you have seen a hasty marriage between your mother and your uncle following your father’s death. Any comment […]

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Farewell, Father Bosque

A great priest served the St. James Parish community for the past two years. He is going to San Diego — their gain, our loss. He inspired us, charmed us and strived to make us better. His homilies and writings were outstanding. We wanted to know more. He presented a new way of looking at […]

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A game-changer in the climate debate

By Mark Aulman Recent well-publicized reports from the United Nations, the U.S National Climate Assessment and Pentagon consultants all point to the growing risks of climate change around the globe. The overwhelming scientific consensus is clear: Effective reductions in greenhouse gas emissions must happen soon if we are to maintain a livable planet for our […]

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Davis Airporter driver was safest on the road

By George Moore Northbound Highway 101 at Hospital Curve in San Francisco at 10:30 a.m. on Sunday, May 25. Tourist traffic heavier than normal due to the Memorial Day holiday weekend. I slotted in behind a Davis Airporter passenger van coming out of the San Francisco International Airport. If there was someone who knew the […]

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Cats taking over family home

Dear Annie: After my parents died, my sister, “Estelle,” moved into our old family home. Three siblings own the house, but Estelle and her husband have lived there for the past six years, rent-free. There were always a lot of cats in our neighborhood, and my mother used to put out food for them. Estelle […]

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No distractions on global warming

The author of the letter “Data sets show little warming” apparently totally missed the meaning of the Science magazine article that he quotes in order to show the failure of the recent Earth’s surface temperature data to demonstrate global warming. The Science article, titled “Climate Outsider Finds Missing Global Warming,” shows that the rates of […]

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