Caring for the aging mouth

The perception of aging of the whole body has changed dramatically in all aspects of health, function and aesthetics, including those of the mouth. Tooth loss is no longer considered inevitable. Even when tooth loss happens, age does not limit modern science from offering replacement options that mimic natural teeth. As our bodies age, they become […]

Falling into old patterns

Dear Annie: I am a 19-year-old full-time college student and I work part-time at a fast food place. I started my job two years ago, and for the most part, I enjoy it and have made several friends. Eight months ago, “Ally” joined our team. I happened to have attended elementary school with Ally. We […]

Compassionate policy needed

Re: City’s planned review of memorial tree policy We wish to add our voices to those who support the addition of a plaque in Northstar Park to commemorate John Henderson and strongly urge the Davis Parks and Recreation Commission to approve this at its March meeting. We did not know John personally but well remember learning […]

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Cheers and Jeers: Sage advice sure to come from John Meyer

We offer our cheers and jeers for local newsmakers as we look back over the previous week: CHEERS to the best news of the week: Former Davis City Manager John Meyer, now retired from his post as a vice chancellor at UC Davis, is coming back to City Hall. We thank him for his generous gift […]

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Speak out on death with dignity

Bravo to Dr. Michael Amster’s commentary on death-with-dignity laws published Jan. 14. It’s the voice of an expert in the field of pain management unequivocally stating what we don’t want to know, but need to: Modern medicine cannot relieve the agonizing suffering of the terminally ill in the final months of their lives. And further, […]

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Uncompromising opposition

We recently saw Islamist terrorists shout their elation into the streets after they wantonly murdered cartoonists. Level-headed people judge others by their actions. Getting “to know each other better” here in Davis may leave people feeling warm and fuzzy, but will not put a dent in the worldwide threat of jihadist ideology. Islamist terrorists believe […]

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On solar and nuclear power

Columnist John Mott-Smith accurately reported Jan. 15 that “… solar PV accounts for a small fraction of 1 percent (0.23 percent) of electricity production.” However, he inaccurately reported that “The International Energy Agency projects solar will be the world’s biggest source of electricity by 2050.” The article titled “How solar energy could be the largest source […]

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Bill poses hardship to businesses

Californians are accustomed to paying sales taxes for tangible goods — including clothing, appliances and automobiles — but not for services. State Sen. Bob Hertzberg, D-Van Nuys, has introduced a bill that would make services taxable. The bill (SB 8, the “Upward Mobility Act”) would subject accounting (including tax preparation), architecture, legal services, insurance policies, real estate […]

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Buy pottery to help peace

Without asking for anything in return, a generous gifting of time, talent and resources has been taking place over the past few months. A group of nearly 20 potters, and the UC Davis Craft Center, have eagerly created 100 bowls from recycled clay and of various sizes and styles, all with the purpose of giving […]

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Is it time to reach out yet?

Dear Annie: My father died a year ago. Since then, I have ignored my extended family, but I’m close to my children and grandchildren. Christmas passed and I never phoned my sick mother, even though I live 15 minutes away. I want to make it right, but can’t just waltz into their lives and say, “Here […]

Innovation centers need housing

The “guiding principles” for the proposed innovation centers are good as far as they go. There is, however, one glaring omission: housing! Workers will be commuting from far and farther, polluting the air, congesting the already crowded streets, spending their salaries in their home communities. If housing is provided in the innovation centers, many of […]

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Too little parking causes a mess

A few people came forward during a recent City Council meeting to criticize the proposed Nishi development, demanding that we reduce the number of parking spaces so that fewer people will use a car. This got me thinking that we also should not raise the minimum wage too high unless we want more local employees to […]

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Kudos on tree removal

A dangerous street tree was removed on Jan. 14 from a site on L Street north of Union Drive. More than once, a large branch had fallen from that tree, coming close to hitting the resident, and once coming down on the resident’s truck, causing him to have to replace the vehicle’s hood. I want […]

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