A few simple rules for safety

There has been much talk about bike and pedestrian safety recently. Some simple rules: * Motorists, when you approach a cyclist or pedestrian from behind, their safety is your absolute responsibility. Don’t take chances with other people’s safety. There ought to be law. * Cyclists, when you come up behind a pedestrian, their safety is your absolute […]

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Require riders to pass a test

Davis bike riders seem to be a hot topic lately, and rightly so. Vehicle vs. bike problems have been increasing over the years, and it is time for the city of Davis to step up and take action to merge these two road users together. The Enterprise recently published a story about a survey of bicyclists […]

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Election results create an energy dilemma

By Marvin Goldman The U.S. election last week has created a Republican Congress with a Democratic executive, and that’s not a very promising prospect for major legislative progress for the near term. The executive has been pushing for more energy alternatives to reduce our contributions to global climate change. However, Congress is pushing for more energy independence, i.e., […]

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How Bruce Mace shaped the growth of Davis

When DeWitt Rice and his partners in the California Pacific Rail Road laid out Davisville in 1869, they drew up a small grid, where downtown is today. As the community grew, Davis mostly expanded on its immediate edges. New subdivisions were built next to those that had come before. But one neighborhood, still unincorporated, was […]

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Not invited to the Fountain of Youth

Dear Annie: I am 74, slim and in perfect health. For the past six years, I have been living part time with “Fabio,” my 81-year-old Italian boyfriend. I have supported him through lung cancer and other medical problems. Now he has decided he needs someone 60 or younger to entertain him. A year ago, Fabio […]

District soon will roll out logo

The Davis Joint Unified School District will soon celebrate the launch of a new look and logo. With the endorsement of the Board of Education, the new logo was unveiled officially last week, thanks to the coverage by The Davis Enterprise. The administration would like to thank Mike Wyman from Wyman Design as well as the student, […]

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Exceptional ‘Into the Woods’

The Davis High School production of “Into the Woods” is exceptional theater. It is exceptional for its stage, for the mature and subtle performances of its actors and for its music. If the only goal of Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine was to make a musical that made performers work really hard, they succeeded. But […]

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Goals available at Arroyo Park

On Aug. 14, 2013, you kindly published our letter and photo of the soccer goals locked at Arroyo Park. That picture helped so much that then-Mayor Joe Krovoza and the City Council members voted to bring new first-class goals to the park this April. We are all grateful to you. Thank you, Davis Enterprise. Chris […]

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Students should criticize state, not UC, regarding proposed tuition hike

The University of California may raise tuition once again after three years of managing to keep it flat while facing lower state funding. But students shouldn’t get mad at the UC: We need the money, and it’s the state that’s to blame. Under a proposal that UC President Janet Napolitano unveiled Wednesday, if the state […]

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Big bucks too much for populist measures

So much for populism. At least when it comes to fighting the interests of big-money corporations. In every vote last week where the interests of ordinary Californians were pitted against those of large companies, the corporate interests won big. Big bucks essentially convinced millions to vote against their own best interests. It was an unfettered triumph […]

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They were a package deal

Dear Annie: I was in a long-distance relationship with “Jerry” for six years. He frequently spoke about commitment, but when he still wasn’t ready to do anything after all that time, I broke things off. That was a month ago. Although our breakup wasn’t particularly acrimonious, it has been difficult emotionally. I used to spend […]