Done that, haven’t been there

Dear Annie: My beloved mother-in-law passed away two years ago. We had a church funeral and a celebration of her life. My father-in-law had the body cremated. He intends to have the ashes buried in the family plot in New York, 1,200 miles away, although he hasn’t done so yet. On more than one occasion, […]

Loving the better visibility

Deciding on the spur of the moment to walk to Nugget Market after dark last night, I was half way there before realizing I had forgotten to bring my flashlight, but was having no trouble navigating the sidewalk full of cracks, dips and root-heaved pavement. Figuring it was the supermoon, I looked up into the […]

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Let’s whack those weeds

Would it be possible for the city and PG&E to cooperate in cleaning up the walkway on the south side of Fifth Street between Pole Line Road and L Street? Among the debris and weeds is a robust crop of winter and spring wheat, sadly beyond harvest. Not only is the walkway an eyesore, but […]

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Our roads surely will suffer

Based on a recent Enterprise article, it looks like The Cannery project isn’t starting out all that “green.” With all the sweetness-and-light discussions on energy efficiency and zero carbon emissions from both the developer and city, I don’t recall mention of the need for the upcoming 200 million pounds of dirt, road-warrior onslaught. Based on the […]

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Let’s not lose sight of the gifts of hospice

By Amy Tucci A media microscope recently zoomed in on hospice, providing evidence that this rapidly growing sector of health care needs greater oversight. But amid the criticism, it is imperative to understand the nature of hospice; it is seldom a place to go to but a philosophy of specialized care that most often treats […]

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Nicholas Kristof: Nigerian girls are still missing

It has been almost three months since Islamic militants in northern Nigeria attacked a school that was giving exams and kidnapped more than 250 girls — some of the brightest and most ambitious teenagers in the region. Their captors have called them slaves and threatened to “sell them in the market.” The girls were last […]

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Daughter shows signs of OCD

Dear Annie: My wife and I are a little concerned about our 30-year-old daughter, “Amber.” Every day, she spends an hour brushing her teeth and five full minutes washing her hands and then rechecks the same things about five times. Amber says she can’t control it and it’s hard to stop. This has been going […]

Enjoy great local theater

Until Aug. 3, all of you folks who have wanted great local theater have a chance to see “She Loves Me” at the Veterans’ Memorial Theater right here in Davis. No trek to Sacramento and no threat of traffic jams. “She Loves Me” is a delightful revival musical. The whole cast can sing beautifully. We understood […]

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Movie credits: a tax break that actually works

Businesses are moving out of California — or at least building new plants in other states — in droves because this is such a high-tax state. That’s the frequent claim of Republican politicians who have tried to bludgeon Democrats for years with the issue. The idea has been repeated so often it is widely accepted as truth, […]

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And a fun time is had by ALL!

By Andy Jones On July 10, I attended the commemoration and launch of a new universally accessible play area at the north end of Central Park. The event was hosted by City Councilwoman Rochelle Swanson, and supported by other city dignitaries such as Davis Board of Education member Gina Daleiden and Will Arnold, a field representative for […]

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Not feeling the holiday spirit

Dear Annie: Every year, my grandmother and I go to my cousins’ house for Christmas. This year is different for me. I have had the miracle of God helping me overcome some major addictions in my life. I’ve expressed to my uncle that I do not feel like I know who my cousins are now […]

Grandma has no time for them

Dear Annie: My husband and I have three children, two of whom recently graduated college. We knew the dates of the graduations five months in advance, and we told my mother, the only grandparent they have. We told her how much we wanted her to attend and celebrate the accomplishments of her two oldest grandchildren. […]