‘The conversation went further’

Dear Annie: I am a 26-year-old married woman. I love my husband and would do anything for him, and I know he would do the same for me. The problem is, I contacted an old friend after learning his uncle had died. This guy was my first love. I only reached out to him to […]

Neither one wants to let go

Dear Annie: I am 74, and “Jane” is 56. We met online, where I said early on that I was not interested in dating because of the age disparity. I simply told her that I liked the expression on her face in the posted photos. She is beautiful. But within a few months, we fell […]

A cure for Davis’ problems

Tim Bruening suggested that the city of Davis sell the MRAP on eBay. He’s a brilliant guy. If we were to permanently dismantle its firing capabilities, we could sell it to someone and still feel good about unleashing it on the world. We could then use the money to pay for either a substantial portion […]

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A good use for the MRAP

I applaud the City Council’s decision to direct the Davis police to dispose of that dread-inspiring military vehicle. But just getting rid of it is not enough. We don’t want it to be picked up and used by authorities somewhere else. More important, we want this principled and timely decision to live on. Let’s turn […]

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Have the facts before you judge

By Rob Olson A little bit ago, I was washing my car on the front lawn when a neighbor I don’t know very well approached. I immediately had a feeling that my day was about to get worse. Turns out I was correct. After a minimal effort at a greeting, he pointed out that our […]

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Tesla has state walking a tightrope

And so California government now walks a tightrope, put in that position by one of the latest in the large corps of successful high-tech startups this state has spawned over the past few decades. Make a misstep in one direction and the state stands to lose a huge battery plant and 6,500 jobs. Stumble the […]

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Marriage vs. male instinct

Dear Annie: I have been married for 40 years to a man who had a few affairs in the past that I recently found out about. We are both seeing counselors, privately and together. At this point in time, I am tired of dealing with this, and our marriage could well end in divorce. But […]

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Health problems mean he’s checked out

Dear Annie: I’ve been with my boyfriend for five years. We have a handsome 6-year-old boy. A year after I had my son, my boyfriend was diagnosed with kidney failure. At first, he was doing well, but then he had a rough patch and lost hope. During that time, we split up briefly. He seemed […]

Marriage doesn’t mean we agree on everything

* Editor’s note: Marion is taking the day off. This column first ran in 2008. I don’t know how this happened, but my husband won’t watch “my” movies anymore. When we were dating, we went to the movies together. When we had young children, we escaped to the movies. Even now, we see new flicks […]

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Already made herself at home

Dear Annie: I am one of four adult children. Our father died a couple of years ago. Three of us have our own homes. One sister, “Diane,” has been married twice and has lived with numerous men and was kicked out when each relationship ended. She has no place that she owns. Our mother has […]

This epidemic should scare us

By Richard Fleming, M.D. A major disease epidemic is sweeping the country, but it is not getting much media attention. This disease has rapidly increased year by year. Almost 2,000,000 people each year are coming down with this illness, twice as many as ten years ago. The disease is responsible for much suffering. It shortens […]

Travel buddy is getting too fat

Dear Annie: My second cousin “Susan” and I are in our 60s and have been friends since childhood. I was widowed six years ago. Susan never married. Four years ago, Susan and I started traveling together. It’s much cheaper to travel as part of a couple than solo, and we get along well. Now, however, […]

Speak out

President Hon. Barack Obama, The White House, Washington, D.C., 20500; 202-456-1111; fax: 202-456-2461; email: [email protected] U.S. Senate Sen. Barbara Boxer, 112 Hart Senate Office Building, Washington, D.C., 20510; 202-224-3553; email: visit http://boxer.senate.gov/contact/policycomments.cfm Sen. Dianne Feinstein, 331 Hart Senate Office Building, Washington, D.C., 20510; 202-224-3841; fax: 202-228-3954; email: visit http://feinstein.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/e-mail-me House of Representatives Rep. John Garamendi (3rd District), 2438 Rayburn […]

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