Is the U.S. a ‘paper tiger’?

During the Vietnam War, Chairman Mao Tse Tung used to call the United States a “paper tiger.” The loss of that war to the Viet Cong left a lasting and humiliating impression on the United States’ high command. It was this sense of humiliation and loss of power and prestige (the identical motivation that we […]

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Don’t let PG and E institute charge

The following is a copy of a letter to the California Public Utilities Commission: We have been residential customers of PG&E in California for three decades, and usually have been satisfied with the company’s service. However, recent news that, for the first time in the company’s history, PG&E is asking the PUC for permission to […]

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Impact on rail system ignored

I happened to be in Seattle on July 27, the day the Seattle Times ran a front-page story on the oil trains through Washington. Currently, two or three loaded oil trains per day travel through the state, similar to the two loaded trains that are planned to run through Davis. The previous Thursday, an oil train […]

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Market cleared before spraying

Thanks to everyone at Picnic in the Park on Wednesday night for their cooperation when we closed Davis Farmers Market early at 8 p.m. We appreciate your help, allowing our shoppers and sellers to leave Central Park before the Yolo County Mosquito & Vector Control District began aerial spraying over Davis for West Nile virus at […]

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Want peace? Start at home

The Enterprise Forum commentary of July 24 (“We Must Identify the Real Problem”) dealt with the search for world peace by means of conflict management as a key to overcoming violence. Institutions’ studies and research were mentioned as ongoing attempts to curb violence and achieve peace. This is large-scale and impersonal, and so far hasn’t […]

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Bicyclist safety is B Street issue

In his informative article Thursday,  “B Street bikeway issue will be revisited,” Dave Ryan omitted some significant facts. B Street is the narrowest heavily used city arterial. Between Seventh and 14th streets, it’s only 38 feet wide (Fifth Street is 50 feet wide) but carries well above 1,000 cyclists daily. Allowing parking here creates unsafe […]

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They were gone, now they’re back

Dear Annie: My daughter was recently ordered by the court to have her 5-year-old son visit his biological father and grandparents every other weekend. They live 200 miles away. The boy has always lived with his mother, because the biological father felt he was not ready to be a dad and deserted them. He and […]

Cheers and Jeers: Dead, dying dogs pull at our heartstrings

We offer our cheers and jeers for local newsmakers as we look back over the previous week: JEERS to the grim discovery of three dead, decomposing dogs and 11 starving and dehydrated canines found last week in the kennels at Second Chance Rottweiler Rescue in rural West Davis. The property owner, Elaine Greenberg, is under investigation and […]

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Stamp Club is canceling out

The Davis Stamp Club is closing after a fun-filled 42 years. We’ve had a good run! The Davis Stamp Club was started in 1972. Now the people who started it are among a small handful of survivors 42 years later and we’ve decided that it’s time to close. Edward and Gladys Cosens proposed the formation of a […]

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Fair entertainment is great

Starting last year, the Yolo County Fair in Woodland has upped the standard of musical entertainment tremendously. The new booking agent has a far bigger budget than previously, and the line-up at both stages is really excellent, featuring name acts like Lydia Pense with Cold Blood and The Nickel Slots (who have a huge following […]

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Hamas balks at cease-fires

In her recent letter, Judy Reynolds requested supporters of Israel to “ask the Israeli government to cease their conduct.” I respect and share Reynolds’ concern over civilian casualties. But she should be asking Hamas, not Israel, to change its ways. Hamas has repeatedly rejected cease-fires or violated those to which it has agreed. * July […]

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Tom Elias: The political guard is changing

For a state that has long been a symbol of youth, there’s been a lot of age among California’s pre-eminent politicians of the past decade. But that began to change in 2012, and the shift accelerated this summer as many of the old guard chose not to brave the “top two” primary system that threatened […]

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Fund supports native students

Thanks for publishing the story by Krysta Fauria of The Associated Press about new efforts by colleges and universities to “woo native (American) students” (July 24). American Indian youths need lots of encouragement and support, whether they’re on or off reservation. (Some whose parents left a reservation with great hope find themselves in “unhelpful” inner-city environments.) It […]

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In reality, Yolo said no to water

Gabe Lewins’ history (July 29) does not go back far enough to justify saying that “they” are water robbers; his “they” refers to Solano Irrigation District, and if he researched the deeper history of Putah Creek water flows, Lake Berryessa and the construction of Monticello Dam, he would find out that “we” — actually our […]

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