Two cats too many

Dear Annie: My daughter is getting a divorce and moving into an apartment that allows her to have two cats. The problem is, she has four cats. She asked whether I would take two of them. I live in another state. It would be difficult to get the cats here, and I don’t think I […]

A terrific Welcome edition

I just had to write and tell you how much I enjoyed reading this year’s Welcome Edition “Only in Davis” section. I loved the opening welcome paragraph and your choice to tell the story of farm to fork, local foods, farm to school and the Farmers Market. You did a great job connecting it all […]

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Yolo water is sent to China

On County Road 97 at Road 24, west of Woodland, another well is being drilled. Another multi-crop field is going to a single crop — almonds. Almonds require a large amount of water — 4 acre-feet per acre of almonds per year. Farmers prefer groundwater over ditch water or river water. The market for Yolo […]

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Dixon has a great neighbor

I read and enjoyed Caitlin O’Halloran’s list of the best things about Dixon. I was surprised, however, that she failed to list the very best thing about Dixon: It is only 8 miles from Davis. Tom Compton Davis

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Advice from a former commissioner

While I’m writing this, I am thinking about the Paso Fino application for housing in Wildhorse and the possibilities of what will emerge from the meeting on Wednesday night. The developer is asking the city to add to the property they purchased by selling most of the greenbelt area that is adjacent to their lot […]

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A plan that would work

This Wednesday, the Davis Planning Commission will vote on the latest iteration of the Paso Fino development using public greenbelt in the Wildhorse division. The developers, Taormino & Associates, have assumed from the beginning of the Paso Fino project that the public greenbelt would be theirs for the asking. They want to join the 0.75 […]

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Go back to approved plan

According to David Harrington, there is a fine deal, another compromise, for Paso Fino near Wildhorse. Why is there a need for another compromise? A prior letter from Chris and John Coil pointed out that in 2009 a plan was both proposed and approved by the City Council. The grove was placed on public land, the […]

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Pines need city protection

Taormino & Associates’ latest plan for the Paso Fino site in Wildhorse must be rejected. This plan fails to bring the grove of heritage Canary Island pines into public ownership where they can be protected. The developers’ new plan would put these 60-year-old, 60-foot-high trees in private back yards where they would be at risk […]

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Let’s welcome eight new families to Davis

“The lady doth protest too much, methinks.” — The Queen of Denmark in “Hamlet” by William Shakespeare By Jason Taormino A couple of people who live next door to my proposed eight-home neighborhood, Paso Fino, would have you believe the Davis way of life is in jeopardy and our children are at risk of losing […]

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No luck with the ladies

Dear Annie: I’m a 50-year-old male, not particularly tall, with a stocky (not fat) build and blond hair. I’m still a virgin. I have dated several women over the years, but nothing intimate ever came of it. I have a good job and am well heeled. I’m not super-handsome, but I’m not unattractive, either. My […]

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What happens when it’s your turn?

Dear Annie: My 84-year-old mother had a stroke several months ago. Her insurance covers hospitalization, doctor visits, prescriptions and therapists, but I have to cover the co-pays. Mom now resides in a group home, and I am also paying the difference between the cost of the home and what Mom’s pension covers. Mom can barely […]

Thanks from Applegate

Applegate Dance Company would like to extend a generous thank-you to the sponsors of the Applegate Dance Company 2014 Collage performance performed this past June. With your generous donations and commitment, our production was a success for both our dancers and the community. Business sponsors donated graciously: Twin Oaks Ranch, Rotteveel Orchards, Dr Benton J. Runquist, […]

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Archer, Adams, Sunder for school board

The issue: Trio will lead district in the right direction The Nov. 4 election for the Davis Board of Education presents voters with an unusual opportunity: the chance to elect a new board majority to lead our schools through the latter part of this decade. Among a field of seven talented, dedicated candidates, we recommend […]

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