The searing hypocrisy of the West

* Editor’s note: “In the past week, there has been a huge escalation of violence as Israel attacks Gaza,” writes Mikos Fabersunne of Davis, representing the Davis Committee for Palestinian Rights. As usual, Hamas is accused as the culprit. The following article, written by Palestinian Susan Abulhawa, condensed by the Davis Committee for Palestinian Rights […]

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Misplaced generosity? Trust your conscience

The issue: It’s impossible to leave emotion out of the decision to help the needy Even in a society as affluent as ours, and even in an especially well-off suburban garden like Davis, the problem of homelessness defies a permanent solution. LIVING ON the margins of our idyllic little city, supported by an unusually extensive network of charitable […]

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Fact or fiction on the Net?

Chelle Cordero It’s been said that sometimes a little knowledge is dangerous. It is easy to look up health care information online, but is self-diagnosis using the information you find the healthy thing to do? Internet sites that offer “a healthy dose of FREE medical info” also can cause a lot of anxiety and “cyberchondria” […]

Deep down, is he still a dog?

Dear Annie: I am having a hard time forgetting my boyfriend’s past. Before we met, he subscribed to girlie magazines, went to strip clubs, bought lap dances, etc. I have always felt those things are degrading and disrespectful to women. He also has said he fantasizes about other women. Whenever I see him staring at […]

Cheers and Jeers: A team effort helped save Winters from flames

We offer our cheers and jeers for local newsmakers as we look back over the previous week: CHEERS to CalFire crews and the thousands of reinforcements sent from local fire agencies who protected Winters and its environs from the Monticello Fire. The thick, brittle brush, incredibly dry conditions, high heat and gusty winds could have […]

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Survey is not an excuse for more bloat

By Laura Finley In April 2014, the White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault issued a series of recommendations for college and university campuses related to responding to and preventing sexual assault. Given that one in five college-aged women endure a sexual assault, the White House is to be applauded for prioritizing […]

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Just not all that interested

Dear Annie: I am a 42-year-old single man who has never been married or even been in a relationship. I’m perfectly content with this, but apparently, the people in my life are not. The truth is, I am not nor have I ever been attracted to either sex. I don’t know whether there is something […]

Fantastic support for a fun 4th

The city of Davis wishes to thank all of the businesses and organizations that contributed to the success of the annual communitywide Fourth of July celebration. Whether it be in the form of financial sponsorship or in-kind volunteer contributions, their support provided the opportunity for thousands of people to enjoy an evening of live entertainment, […]

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Treasures helped raise $1,000

I wanted to express our sincere appreciation for the great coverage The Enterprise provided that helped make the St. James Antique Evaluation on June 14 a success. We raised more than $1,000, which will go toward the Memorial Center Building Fund. We are also grateful to the experts who volunteered their precise time toward this endeavor, including […]

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DHS hosts ‘Race to End Hunger’

On behalf of the Davis High School Freedom from Hunger Club, we thank all the businesses that sponsored the “Race to End Hunger” track and field event where all proceeds help developing nations around the world. This year’s donors include Allstate agent Greg Phister, Yolo Federal Credit Union, Davis Ace Hardware, Dr. Matthew Molitor, B&L […]

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Will power companies start robbing the ‘hood?

For decades, Californians who use the most electricity have paid extra for that privilege, on the theory that high prices might provide an incentive for them to use less. This system is designed to allow all ratepayers enough power for basic needs at very low prices, with the extra energy needed to run things like […]

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Ushering in a new era of conservation

By Tom Vilsack and Paul Buttner The U.S. Department of Agriculture recently launched the Regional Conservation Partnership Program, a new effort that takes conservation off the farm and out of the forest and moves it into the board room. The concept behind the program is simple: To feed a growing global population in the face […]

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