Davis Airporter driver was safest on the road

By George Moore Northbound Highway 101 at Hospital Curve in San Francisco at 10:30 a.m. on Sunday, May 25. Tourist traffic heavier than normal due to the Memorial Day holiday weekend. I slotted in behind a Davis Airporter passenger van coming out of the San Francisco International Airport. If there was someone who knew the […]

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Cats taking over family home

Dear Annie: After my parents died, my sister, “Estelle,” moved into our old family home. Three siblings own the house, but Estelle and her husband have lived there for the past six years, rent-free. There were always a lot of cats in our neighborhood, and my mother used to put out food for them. Estelle […]

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No distractions on global warming

The author of the letter “Data sets show little warming” apparently totally missed the meaning of the Science magazine article that he quotes in order to show the failure of the recent Earth’s surface temperature data to demonstrate global warming. The Science article, titled “Climate Outsider Finds Missing Global Warming,” shows that the rates of […]

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Small-town help at its finest

To my horror, my newish car got several gobs of mystery goop on the back end. The local dealer had not a clue as to how to remove it and waved me off to the detailer across the street. When the detailer was of no help, I went to Cable Car Wash in downtown Davis, […]

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Yes, it CAN happen here

Could the tragedy at UC Santa Barbara happen here? On Jan. 23, 2011, Davis: (paraphrased from a report by Suzanne Phan, [email protected]): “A 25-year-old UC Davis student was arrested after a family member told police he was armed with a rifle and was planning to hurt himself and others. Police found the suspect after an […]

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Charge everyone the same rate

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines “fair” as: * Agreeing with what is thought to be right or acceptable; * Treating people in a way that does not favor some over others; * Not too harsh or critical, and sufficient but not ample. The city’s Utility Rate Water Advisory Committee asked what is fair. What is fair in […]

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Dark skies and sidewalks

Re: “Bring back our night sky” and “Davis neglects its sidewalks” letters last week. I like the new street lights. The brightness they cast to street and sidewalk better illuminates the cracks in the sidewalks and potholes in the street that I hope to avoid on my evening perambulations around the neighborhood. I also love […]

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Crossing guard is a hero

As school winds down for the year, I would like to thank a hero in our community — Denise the Crossing Guard. Armed with little more than a stop sign and an attitude, Denise keeps our children safe at the crosswalk in front of North Davis Elementary School, twice a day, five days per week. I […]

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Gasoline fuels our politics

Thanks for publishing Lynne Nittler’s op-ed piece Sunday about the crude oil trains. Lynne is a colleague and I share many of her views. But she missed the problem that underlies the whole issue of oil. We citizens want to buy it, primarily for our cars. We have said no war for oil, we have […]

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Bag ban is actually a tax

Dear City Council: Your new bag ordinance is effectively an unvoted-on tax on the city of Davis. I realize that the current trend in government is to call taxes “fees” to avoid dreaded votes and then actually having to follow the will of the people, but this reprehensible money grab cloaked as environmentalism is a […]

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Brighter future for hydrogen cars

In response to Friday’s article, “Hydrogen-Fueled Cars Face Uncertain Market in California”: Zero-emission vehicles hold great promise for California. This is true for both battery electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles; the latter offer drivers amenities similar to today’s gasoline cars: good performance, large vehicle size, refueling in three to five minutes, and a 300- to […]

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