We’re grateful for Biberstein grant

The children and staff of the Knights Landing Children’s Center, located in Knights Landing, wish to express our sincere gratitude to the Biberstein family and the Congregation Bet Haverim for awarding us a $2,000 grant in December. As a nonprofit co-op in a small town, our center is focused on providing an exceptional preschool program and […]

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Onward, Christian soldiers!

“Onward, Christian Soldiers marching as to war With the Cross of Jesus, going on before” — Christian hymn By implication, Hamza El-Nakhal, one of our community’s leaders who works tirelessly and ecumenically to enable members of our community to transcend parochial religious and sectarian divides, has been charged with inadequate repudiation of the murders of […]

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We must unite to defeat terrorism

In my letter to the editor on Jan. 8, I pointed out that those who committed the attack on Charlie Hebdo could not be considered Muslims and swift justice should be brought to them. They are terrorists who call themselves Muslim. From the negative responses received, it is clear that many in the community feel Muslims […]

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Speak out

U.S. Senate Sen. Barbara Boxer, 112 Hart Senate Office Building, Washington, D.C., 20510; 202-224-3553; email: visit http://boxer.senate.gov/contact/policycomments.cfm Sen. Dianne Feinstein, 331 Hart Senate Office Building, Washington, D.C., 20510; 202-224-3841; fax: 202-228-3954; email: visit http://feinstein.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/e-mail-me House of Representatives Rep. John Garamendi (3rd District), 2438 Rayburn House Office Building, Washington, D.C., 20515; 202-225-1880. District office: 412 G St., Davis, CA 95616; 530-753-5301; […]

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I owe it all to community college

By Tom Hanks In 1974, I graduated from Skyline High School in Oakland, an underachieving student with lousy SAT scores. Allowed to send my results to three colleges, I chose MIT and Villanova, knowing such fine schools would never accept a student like me but hoping they’d toss some car stickers my way for taking […]

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Let’s stop Muslim-bashing

By Steve Hampton The Davis Enterprise recently published a letter from George Rooks and gave it the headline: “Moderate Muslims must address this.” The letter quotes from the Qur’an extensively, arguing that various passages provide motivation for terrorists. The letter also demands that moderate Muslims, such as Hamza El-Nakhal, explain these passages. El-Nakhal had previously […]

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This is California’s watershed moment

By Rep. John Garamendi With the beginning of the 114th Congress, we have a chance to figure out the best way forward on California water policy. The year ahead offers a fork in the legislative river. One fork is a repeat of the past several years: divisive plans that pit one part of the state […]

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Innovation centers: a vision for the ‘guiding principles’

By James Zanetto and Stephen Wheeler As presented in recent Enterprise articles, the city of Davis is moving forward with three proposals for “innovation centers” — business parks oriented toward innovative, high-tech companies — in an attempt to leverage commercial spinoffs from the university’s varied research programs to bring in much-needed tax dollars. The three […]

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Environment trumps genetics in shaping immune system

WASHINGTON (AP) — How your immune system does its job seems to depend more on your environment and the germs you encounter than on your genes, says new research that put twins to the test to find out. After all, the immune system adapts throughout life to fight disease, said Stanford University immunologist Mark Davis, […]

Don’t blame the flirt here

Dear Annie: Please comment again about emotional affairs. My husband says this is a bunch of malarkey. He has been hanging out quite a bit at a local establishment, which is owned by a woman who is rather flirtatious. She can get the men who come there to do little favors for her, and this […]

A circle of light in dark times

Check it out What: King Arthur’s Round Table will come alive at an evening using an oral tradition, with Hari Meyers, Laura Sandage and Maya and Barry Spector When: 7:30-9:30 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 24 Where: Unitarian Universalist Church of Davis, 27074 Patwin Road Donation: $20 per person, but no one will be turned away for lack […]

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Cheers and Jeers: Aggies keep the wins coming

We offer our cheers and jeers for local newsmakers as we look back over the previous week: CHEERS — literally — have been going to the UC Davis men’s basketball team all season. And now, as the Big West Conference campaign is in full swing, the noise is getting louder. Playing before more than 5,000 fans at The […]

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