Not much of a housekeeper

Dear Annie: My wife and I have been married for 35 years. We were in our late 20s when we wed. I was living on my own, and she was living with her parents and brother in a filthy house. My wife promised that our house would always be clean. But after 15 years, it […]

Things to know about respiratory bug plaguing kids

NEW YORK (AP) — A wave of severe respiratory illnesses has swept the country in the last two months, propelled by what was long considered an uncommon germ. The enterovirus 68 has caused serious breathing problems in many children, and now is being eyed as possible factor in at least four deaths, and muscle weakness […]

What you can do for California

By Jim Mayer In the good times, it is important to remember the bad times. One of California’s most serious governance challenges is the volatility of general fund tax revenue. No other state has a revenue system that produces higher booms and bigger busts. As a result, everything from schools to services for the elderly […]

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Improperly placed green waste is a safety hazard for bicyclists

By Steve Tracy No one would place garbage in travel lanes used by motorists, for obvious reasons. This would lead to erratic driving behavior, including possible crashes into the garbage, and would pose a safety hazard to motorists and other travelers. Green waste blockage placed in bicycle lanes similarly can be a serious safety hazard for […]

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Just Us in Davis: Equity, Adams, Archer and 47

“We must raise the expectations for our students, for our schools and for ourselves — this must be a national priority. We must ensure that every student graduates from high school well prepared for college and a career.” — President Barack Obama, “Blueprint for Reform,” 2010 By Jann Murray-García Let me cut to the chase: […]

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Hanging on to a one-way relationship

Dear Annie: I have been the stepmom to grown stepchildren for 20 years. Their father died a few years ago. We live in the same town, and their mother, his ex, is also here. I am ready to give up on any relationship with them. I invite them to do things, communicate often and support […]

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A fine deal for Paso Fino

I want to thank Mike Webb and his staff in City Hall for breaking through the Paso Fino logjam to propose an ideal compromise, Alternate Plan D, for the Haussler property and the city’s neighborhood greenbelt parcel between East Covell and Moore boulevards. Taormino & Associates, the developers, have submitted four plans to city staff […]

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Plenty of science behind advice

I read the letter to the editor by George Warner (Sept. 30) regarding the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendation about adolescent sleep and school start times. Warner would like to see “science” behind the guidelines. If he wants “science,” all he has to do is go on any publicly available website for more information. The […]

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Outcome is still a tragedy

It saddened me to see Wednesday’s front page picture of four people arm in arm and holding hands, smiling with joy, with a caption that reads “family and friends of victims Oliver Northup and Claudia Maupin celebrate as they leave the courthouse after the sentencing of Daniel Marsh.” Although the sentencing may be appropriate, it is […]

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Why celebrate that?

The tragedy continues as a mentally ill boy is sentenced to 52 years to life in state prison. I can sympathize with the family and friends being relieved that he is being held responsible. But the picture in the paper emphasizing the celebration of his fate seems inappropriate. Rhonda David Davis

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Treasures on every page

By Mary Sprifke My thoughts upon reading the Thursday, Sept. 25, edition of The Davis Enterprise: From drugs, guns and murder on Page A1 to a stunning sunset on Page A16, this edition evoked many emotions. Such sadness, for evil and greed; delight for a school board candidate who desires that students participate in community service; […]

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‘Gone Girl': A thriller for the ages

“Gone Girl” Five stars Starring: Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike, Kim Dickens, Patrick Fugit, Carrie Coon, Neil Patrick Harris, Tyler Perry, Missi Pyle, David Clennon, Lisa Banes Rating: R, for strong violence, profanity, sexual content and nudity Page-turning novel makes a sensational leap to the big screen By Derrick Bang Enterprise film critic Director David Fincher’s masterful […]

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