First 5 Yolo looks for future funding collaborations

By Don Saylor and Donita Stromgren A couple of significant events are in the works for First 5 Yolo. First, we are preparing for our next comprehensive strategic planning process, which will result in new funding priorities in 2015. Second, the annual funds available for investing in Yolo County children from birth through age 5 […]

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Crude-oil trains through Davis: It’s time for action

Learn more What: Workshop on how to respond to a draft EIR, featuring a PowerPoint presentation by Davis city staffer Mike Webb, sponsored by Yolano Climate Action When: 7-9 p.m. Wednesday, June 18 Where: Davis Community Church Fellowship Hall, 421 D St. Info: and I’m proud of our city. The Davis City Council […]

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What do you think? What advice would you give a high school graduate?

Nicholas Depsky environmental consultant, Davis: “Go to college, but don’t spend too much money.” Sydney Maguire student, Davis: “Get involved in something you’re passionate about.” Lorenzo Hertz student, Davis: “Don’t die.” Wesley Sagewalker student, Murphys: “Try to stay true to your priorities, but don’t hesitate to let them change.” Lizzy Rueda student, Davis: “Don’t party […]

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Tightening our greenbelts

The issue: “Infill” tends to lose its appeal when the shovel hits the ground It’s the sort of idea that’s guaranteed to stir controversy in Davis: Knock down a larger “ranchette” property and turn it and the surrounding green space into multiple parcels for home construction. Paso Fino, a project approved years ago for four homes, […]

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Study: Colon cancer screening helps some over 75

WASHINGTON (AP) — How old is too old for a colonoscopy? A surprising number of people older than 75 haven’t ever been screened for colon cancer — and researchers reported Monday that it’s not too late for them to get caught up. Some may even consider screening into their 80s. Colon cancer screening is powerful, […]

Stepdaughter wasting her life away

Dear Annie: My adult stepdaughter doesn’t want to work. Her main goal in life is to drink, smoke pot and pass out naked on the beach. She inherited two family homes and essentially threw them away by not paying the mortgages and having parties with the money she collected as rent. This woman falls off […]

Cheers and Jeers: Congrats to all the candidates

We offer our cheers and jeers for local newsmakers as we look back over the previous week: CHEERS to our friends and neighbors who took the ultimate leap into public service — running for office. We know the campaign trail is grueling — getting your message out there, meeting innumerable voters, raising money, answering hundreds […]

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Don’t give up on pond aeration

In reviewing Andy Bale’s article on Northstar pond aeration (“Managing Northstar Pond: City aerators are unnecessary,” April 27), I was surprised to see him giving up so easily on the strategy of aeration. As I understand it (though admittedly I’m not an expert in pond aeration), shallow ponds are more difficult to aerate and control […]

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Davis neglects its sidewalks

As a resident of Davis, I find it disturbing, to say the least, that the city is more concerned about bicycle lanes than the flow of automobile traffic, vehicle parking and sidewalk safety. The bicycle lobby has become the most powerful entity in our city. Davis is not “green” nor will it ever be; it […]

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Profoundly grateful for support

As the results came in on Tuesday night (and Wednesday morning) and I reflected on the process, I found myself deeply thankful for the great group of people across the community who walked with me along the campaign trail. I offer my thanks. First to my wife Nancy for providing a constant non-anxious and supportive […]

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Our historical literacy is waning

By Daniel Burnett A quarter of Americans don’t know that D-Day occurred during World War II. That punch in the gut is just one of the findings from a newly released survey about historical amnesia. On the 70th anniversary of one of the most important days in American history, it’s imperative that we as a […]

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