More observations on Fifth Street

So it has been a few weeks since my last observations as a bicyclist on the reconfiguration of Fifth Street. Here are my updated observations: * Westbound: Only one speed limit sign seen and it is at the corner of Fifth and L streets. It is still nearly impossible to make a left turn onto C […]

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Replacing Boxer could be first race of new era

This year’s election is over, and the main Tuesday result in California was not the least bit surprising: Four more years of Gov. Jerry Brown working with a Democratic-dominated Legislature. But the next election season began the moment this year’s ended, and every indication is that the long logjam that has frustrated ambitious Democrats for […]

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Waldorf School lets parents decide on vaccines

By Tina Rheault In response to an article that you published on Sept. 9, “Immunization Rates Lag in Some Schools…,” the Davis Waldorf School wishes to state its position on immunizations. Waldorf schools around the world have focused on educating the whole child for nearly 100 years. With more than 1,000 schools across 93 countries, we […]

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It doesn’t always work out

Dear Annie: When I was a teenager I gave up a child for adoption. Eighteen years later, “Doris” came looking for me, and we formed a very cordial relationship. By then, I was married and had three other children. Doris was also married, with children, and she and I visited often. I attended funerals, weddings, […]

Adams, Archer and Sunder for fiscal stability

Prior to this election cycle, I did not personally know most of the school board candidates. Last month, I spent about 45 minutes with all of the candidates, excepting the gentleman who has pursued multiple lawsuits against our city and school district. My main concerns in this election are fiscal. I believe that we should elect […]

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Kids get support on Bike/Walk to School Day

By Sanne Fettinger In an effort to increase awareness of how easy and healthy it is to bike and walk to school, many local schools participated in the National Bike/Walk to School Day on Wednesday, Oct. 8. Many thanks to all the students participating, parents, teachers, city officials, school board members and superintendent. Helping to […]

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Labor market should be free

Sunday’s article on using Davis as a springboard for increases in minimum wage misses the mark. In the United States, the labor market is composed of millions of individuals who decide where, when and how they want to participate. The article points out the apparent poverty rate in Davis. Do we really think of Davis […]

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The long and the short of it

Dear Annie: I am a 14-year-old high school freshman who is depressed about my future. As a result of my premature birth, I have a heart defect and lung problems and am very small for my age. Recently, my family went to a local park. It was humid, and I was so worn out that […]

Mom still playing favorites

Dear Annie: I am the middle sister of three. My mother has always favored my younger sister, “Louise,” despite periods of seriously bad behavior. Mom has bailed Louise out of numerous poor financial decisions. She also takes her and her son on cruises and buys them expensive presents. I recently found out that Mom is […]

A Neighbors’ Night to remember

Davis Neighbors’ Night Out, held Oct. 12, brought Davis residents out to meet new neighbors and to reconnect with old neighbors by way of 143 neighborhood potlucks. An event of this size could not have happened without devoted neighborhood party hosts who are committed to keeping their neighborhood connected. The city thanks all 143 of […]

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Thank you for supporting CASA

On Sept. 28, Yolo County Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) hosted a sold-out, wildly successful “I Am for the Child” dinner and auction at the Inn at Park Winters. Proceeds will boost the organization’s 2020 goal of providing an advocate for every foster youth in Yolo County. Our thanks to everyone who made the evening […]

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City helped ensure festival’s success

On Saturday, Oct. 11, the fifth annual Cool Davis Festival took place. It was a huge success and with 100 percent volunteers! There were upwards of 3,000 attendees, giggling children, smiling adults, fabulous performers and speakers, 44 exhibitors and more than 200 families signing up to be a Cool Home. Davis would not be such […]

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