Get that vehicle out of my town

As a third-generation Davis resident who also spent a couple of decades in armored and mechanized divisions of the U.S. Army, I believe I have an informed perspective on the Davis Police Department’s Mine-Resistant Ambush-Protected vehicle. DPD, we get that you started the process to acquire an MRAP long before recent events put police use […]

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Quite an introduction to dorm life

Dear Annie: Our daughter will be a college freshman this year. She has been texting her new roommate so they can learn a little about each other. Our daughter recently received a text from her new roomie stating that her parents and boyfriend will be bringing her to the campus. Her parents will be staying […]

Trust our police to use MRAP responsibly

By David Stubbins Recent events in Ferguson, Mo., and concern about militarization of the police came to Davis with the arrival of a Mine-Resistant Ambush-Protected armored vehicle. It was acquired by the Davis Police Department through a program run by the Defense Logistics Agency that transfers military hardware to local law enforcement agencies. One assumes […]

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Don’t create a military mind-set

The City Council should have our Police Department return the MRAP to the military or sell it. Don’t waste any money in training our officers how to drive and use it. The odds of this vehicle ever being of used are so slim that it won’t be worth all the additional costs and training time. […]

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We are in big trouble

How did it happen? We have fought two world wars, suffered the rigors of a Cold War and numerous police actions around the world. I thought the purpose of all that was to prevent police-state governments from taking over and ruling the world. Now, we are the biggest and most powerful one. It’s bad enough […]

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Return the armored vehicle

I think it is totally inappropriate for Davis to own an armored vehicle. Acquiring and maintaining proficiency to operate it will divert police resources that would be better used for more relevant issues. While the City Council may not have been involved in the decision to acquire it, I’m asking the council to make the […]

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Really supporting our police

Too often we slip into the “bad apple theory” of police violence, blaming the individual officer. We ask a lot when we put average humans in the role of police officers and expect them to always act with restraint, even in difficult, dangerous, adrenaline-provoking situations. The likelihood of any individual’s failure by over-exercise of authority would be […]

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Thank you, Davis public schools

We dropped our son off at UC Berkeley on Aug. 23. What an incredible day filled with gorgeous weather, plush landscape, meeting the new roomies and leaving with a big knot in our stomachs. Not to mention hours later an earthquake — is our son OK? (He was.) I want to thank all the teachers, counselors […]

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Not ready to move on yet

Dear Annie: A few years before my father passed away, he and I had a disagreement about the way he treated others in the family. After talking it over with my sister and brother, it was agreed that I would be the best one to stand up to him. I did this on a couple […]

If freshman year ends on a high note, what about Year 2?

Several things changed this year about a young man named Corbin Gomez. Among the most dramatic are his email style and his hair. I first met and interviewed Corbin when he was a high school senior. I interviewed him again after his first year at UC Davis and wrote about his freshman experience. Recently, I […]

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Fishing isn’t merely about catching fish, it’s about catching memories

“Did you really go fishing?” someone asked me recently, barely hiding her incredulity. Yes, I really did. I guess fishing just seems incongruous for a (presumably) stereotypical left-leaning liberal feminist who (allegedly) spends her time absorbing every word on the Huffington Post and snickering about Sarah Palin’s latest gaffe over a glass of white wine. […]

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Empty plates in Yolo County

The issue: The number of locals going hungry shocked everyone 44,400. Fourty-four thousand, four hundred. That’s the number of people who get assistance every year from the Food Bank of Yolo County, according to Hunger in America 2014, a comprehensive study of hunger in the United States. LOCAL ACTIVISTS and agencies have sounded the alarm for years, […]

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He could be a bartending rugby player …

Dear Annie: We need some serious advice about a family member who is driving the entire family insane. When “Billy” was a child, he was considered gifted, and everyone predicted he would accomplish unbelievable things. After six years of college, he has no degree and is only qualified to be a bartender or a rugby […]

Study: Combining vaccines boosts polio immunity

WASHINGTON (AP) — New research suggests a one-two punch could help battle polio in some of the world’s most remote and strife-torn regions: Giving a single vaccine shot to children who’ve already swallowed drops of an oral polio vaccine greatly boosted their immunity. The World Health Organization officials said the combination strategy already is starting […]