Save lives, and the planet

The highly volatile and flammable crude oil that is under consideration for the Benicia Valero refinery won’t magically appear at the refinery. It matters not that the refinery is surrounded by an industrial park, this dirty and deadly oil must still be transported thousands of miles from the Bakken fracking fields or from tar sands. […]

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Educate yourself about oil trains

A seriously scary happening is coming down our tracks. Oil and coal trains are coming down our tracks now. If oil companies get their way ― and they usually do ― in the next two years we could have two 100-car trains per day. We can have a say in whether they are approved for […]

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Library’s charges are exorbitant

For the second time in a decade, the Stephens Branch Library has announced plans to raise copy machine charges to 20 cents per copy. No other copy service in Davis, public or private, requires charges anywhere near that price! Both Fed Ex and Office Max currently charge 11 cents per copy, including tax. Shield Library at […]

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Don’t miss DMTC’s ‘Les Mis’

I hope Davis residents are aware and appreciate the jewel you have in the Davis Musical Theatre Company, getting ready to begin its 30th year of musicals in Davis. I have seen the Broadway series production of “Les Miserables” in Sacramento, and the recent DMTC production surpassed the professional one. “Les Mis” will be performed […]

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Thanks to the angels

During the course of these last few days, my husband and I and our neighbors witnessed firefighters from across jurisdictions mobilize to battle the treacherous Monticello wildfire that raged so close. Many of us also personally witnessed the professionalism and collaboration of Cal Fire, Yolo County Sheriff’s Office, California Highway Patrol, American Red Cross and […]

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Farewell, Little Prague

Riggity Jig has been fortunate to have Little Prague as our home venue for the last 14 years. Who would have thought partnering Celtic music with Czech food would have been so much fun. We are truly blessed that Vaclav and Eva opened their restaurant, bar and hearts to us; their kindness and generosity will not […]

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Gossip in the doctor’s office

Dear Annie: I’ve been friends with “Louise” for 35 years. She sees the same doctor I do. Apparently, at her last appointment, Louise talked about my grown children and how much they weigh and insinuated that my grown son is too ugly for her daughter. She told this to the entire office staff with the […]

Kvetching about Davis traffic

Being the descendant of Eastern European Jews, I have always known a number of Yiddish words and phrases, but, like my parents, I never learned to speak that language. What inspires this column is one of my favorite Yiddish words: kvetch. Although it has an equivalent verb in English, complain, kvetch has the great benefit […]

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Watch out for falling trees

I am writing with concern for the citizens of Davis. In the past few years, several of the city of Davis’ locust trees on our cul-de-sac and in nearby neighborhoods have fallen. There have been near-misses of branches hitting people and several vehicles have been damaged. Each time a neighbor has called the city, it sends an […]

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Israel left out of UCD deal

Something is missing in UC Davis’ just-announced research and training agreement with Dubai to promote sustainable development. The deal involves collaboration with several Middle Eastern universities in Cairo, Beirut, Lebanon and the West Bank. Missing in this deal is the participation of institutions and researchers in the nation that leads the Middle East in sustainability […]

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Where’s Wimbledon coverage?

As far as I can tell, there has been no coverage of the British Open tennis tournament at Wimbledon in The Enterprise. This certainly qualifies for the “Jeers” portion of the “Cheers & Jeers” column you publish weekly. If you make note of the finals in Tuesday’s newspaper you will be guilty of publishing really […]

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Eliminating war to eradicate polio — Rotary International’s next challenge?

By Robert Dodge, M.D. Polio, once a global scourge, was on the verge of eradication in 2012. Since that time, it has re-emerged as a global public health emergency, according to the World Health Organization. Why has it now spread from its final strongholds in Nigeria, Afghanistan and Pakistan to at least 10 countries spanning […]

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Elias wins L.A. Press Club award

Thomas Elias and his “California Focus” syndicated column has won a first-place award for commentary in the 56th annual journalism awards competition sponsored by the Los Angeles Press Club. The prize marked the third consecutive year and sixth in the past seven that the Elias column has been honored with a top prize in the […]

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