City needs a policy about greenbelts

By Claudia Morain Davis Planning Commission members Cheryl Essex and Marilee Hanson are my new heroes. The city of Davis, perhaps for the first time, is considering selling a greenbelt to a private developer. Essex and Hanson have my respect for their principled opposition to the concept. They voiced their objections at a May 29 […]

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Trying to brighten her disposition

Dear Annie: My wife of nearly 55 years has had a negative attitude for a long time, but it has gotten worse in the past few years. She has become very critical. For instance, she doesn’t care for a local hospital, and in social settings, she proceeds to warn everyone about a long list of […]

My predictions in the Davis City Council race

Most years, when I’ve paid close attention to City Council races, I’ve had a sense of which candidates would win and which had no chance. Sometimes I have perfectly predicted the order of finish; in others, like 2012, I was right on two winners (Dan Wolk and Lucas Frerichs) but underestimated the third (Brett Lee). […]

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Grandma is ready to fix this

Dear Annie: Thirteen years ago, my son met “Nadia.” She became pregnant and brought my first beautiful grandchild into the world. After they married, I did many things for her and enjoyed her company. They now have another child, a son who is 8. Nadia was fired from her job after breaking some rules — I […]

She won’t leave them alone

Dear Annie: I have been with my husband for six years. “Todd” has a son from a prior relationship, and I have two daughters from my first marriage. We also have a daughter together. Todd’s ex constantly calls and texts him, and it’s never about their son, who lives with his grandparents. I say Todd […]

The real cost of carbon

The Davis City Council deserves praise for its resolution to oppose new Bay Area oil refinery projects that would sharply increase the number of oil trains running through downtown Davis. Davis does not want to be the next Lac-Megantic, Quebec, where a $1 billion oil train derailment last year killed 47 people. Adjacent to the […]

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An oil transportation choice

Unexpected consequences happen when we least expect them. The Obama administration decision (so far) not to build the Keystone pipeline appeared not to have any direct effect on Davis. But then, we learn the oil industry is now shipping crude oil from North Dakota via rail cars and already there have been derailments, with one […]

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Snuff out these floodlights

“Great flashes from Zeus!” (or something like that), I said. But I was right outside my house, late at night, so I kept my voice down. I was curious to see why the moon still shone so brightly when it supposedly was on the wane. Then, as I rounded the front corner of my house, […]

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Support local retailers

The city of Davis is giving us a chance to win a $ 100 gift card from for signing up with That is nice, but this reward should be a gift card for a local downtown business, like a bookstore, not a large corporation that is driving small local stores out of business. […]

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Aggie track got short shrift

I’d like to thank The Enterprise for the great articles on the DHS track and field teams. However, I’m still perplexed why I didn’t see similar articles when UC Davis hosted the Big West track and field championships. A number of outstanding performances were posted by UCD athletes as well as by athletes representing the […]

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Get rid of blacked-out windows

Amid all the calls for tightened gun control, better mental health care, etc., in the wake of yet another mass murder, I would like to take this opportunity to address one of my pet peeves: blacked-out car windows. The perpetrator of the Santa Barbara killings fired from within his black BMW, equipped with dark black […]

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Bring back our night sky

I’m not wanting the change of our streets lights to fade away. Every night I step out my front door, I’m reminded of this huge difference in our night environment. I want these lights to go away. I loved our neighborhood’s warm glow, and now I have cold blue intense security lights. This is not […]

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Four lanes for Olive Drive?

I attended one of the Nishi Gateway project planning presentations put on by the city and noticed that on each of the three map plans under consideration, Olive Drive is extended and connected to the main (seems to be a four-lane) road running through the heart of the project area. Given the size of the […]

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