We’re grateful for broad support

On April 25, the Yolo Interfaith Immigration Network (YIIN) held its fourth annual fundraising dinner. It was a sold-out event, and we raised more than $15,000. The success of the YIIN dinner depended on the work and support of many different groups and individuals. YIIN would like to thank Davis Community Church for allowing us […]

Where are the savings for city?

In a recent letter, Otto Raabe asks how our city’s monthly load of yard waste (8,000 tons) could be picked up in one week. The city could respond that pickups would occur in one-quarter of the city per week, not the whole city in one week. But even then, the writer has an excellent point: Exactly how will […]

Help Natalie get the van she needs

Our dear friend and longtime Davis resident, Natalie Wormeli, needs our help to buy a wheelchair-accessible van. Even though she has had multiple sclerosis (MS) since the age of 9, is blind and in a wheelchair, she works tirelessly for others. Natalie serves on the board of directors for ACLU Northern California, writing, producing and […]

We need specifics on the TPP

In general, trade is good for all parties. It’s the specifics of the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) that trouble me. It has been very tough to get information on those specifics. We do know that more than 80 percent of the negotiators represent multinational corporations. Thanks to Wikileaks, we know a bit about certain areas of the […]

Boost our economy, but do it the Davis way

By James Zanetto and Judy Corbett In order to address the growing fiscal imbalance facing the city budget, former Davis City Manager John Meyer stated that he believed the city should “double-down” on its investment in economic development activities. This sentiment was shared by commercial broker Jim Gray in a recent Davis Enterprise opinion piece. […]

Workplace getting toxic

Dear Annie: I work in an office with 35 women, and it seems as though someone is always hating someone else. Right now, I am the target of two women. One of these women used to be my friend, and I have no idea why she isn’t any longer. I once asked her about it, […]

At the Pond: Enjoy a staycation at Wildlife Area

I took a 75-minute stacation last week — door to door. I drove out to the Yolo Basin Wildlife Area. (http://yolobasin.org/directions). There is not much water out there now and it’s kind of the end of spring migration, but it was delightful. There were fewer birds but those foraging seemed very un-skittish. I drove the auto loop and […]

And now, for some answers

My last column ended with a conversation I had with an elderly teacher and my puzzlement about what she said. This drew responses from readers that I want to pass on. My topic was jobs I’d never want, like ice cream truck driver and toll collector. I ended with an example that embarrasses me because […]

Sometimes the deepest wounds are the ones you can’t see

On Memorial Day, we (hopefully) pause to honor those who’ve served our country, in particular, those whose lives were cut short in a visible way. Like returning home in a body bag. Or not at all. Thankfully, most returned home in relatively better shape, scarred or missing limbs, and we honor them, too. But what […]

Thanks for Willett Fun Run support

The annual Willett Family Fun Run took place this year on May 3, with a focus on healthy activity, well-being and community engagement. We had more than 400 people take part in the quarter-mile, 1-mile and 5K runs, and many others who came to cheer the runners along and stay for the Fun Fair. We […]

Consider the car bullies, too

I’m tired of being called a bike bully. The term has become quite fashionable in Davis Enterprise letters and online comments of late, being used by automobile enthusiasts to refer to Davis citizens who advocate for bike safety or simply use their bikes around town for transportation or recreation. Since I do all three, I […]

Why tourism matters in Yolo County

By Alan Humason It will shock no one that California is one of the most attractive travel destinations in the world. According to the “California Travel Impacts” report just released by Visit California, tourism spending in our state totaled a whopping $117 billion in 2014. Here at the Yolo County Visitors Bureau, we are working […]