A walk down memory lane, to Monticello

By Richard Green On taking a trip to visit my Aunt Alma’s family in Napa, we drive around Lake Berryessa, the outskirts of what was Berryessa Valley, now simply a ghost of what was once there. As we drive through the canyon, I can’t help but think that some of the happiest memories of my […]

Now is the time for national service

By Karen M. Whitney Now is the time for all citizens to participate in national service as a coming of age and a coming of responsibility from adolescence to adulthood. Over the 30 years I have been privileged to work in higher education, currently as president of Clarion University in Pennsylvania, I have contributed to […]

Should we compel volunteerism?

By Arthur Milikh Volunteering our time and donating money to moral causes is part of America’s DNA. The history of volunteering in America is very old, well-established and more developed than in almost any other country. Americans volunteered 7.7 billion hours in 2013 and donated $358 billion to charity in 2014. Why, then, would we […]

Study: Gut bacteria may affect babies’ risk of asthma

By Lauran Neergaard, AP medical writer WASHINGTON (AP) — Gut checks suggest that not having enough of certain “good” intestinal germs early in life may increase babies’ risk of developing asthma, according to a new study of more than 300 children. Wait: What could gut bacteria have to do with a lung disease? We share our […]

Dude, maintain: Time for a break downtown

The issue: Deadly stabbing shows the need to get a handle on midnight bar scene The latest “it could never happen here” incident happened here in the wee hours of Sept. 19, when Peter Gonzales, visiting Davis for his sister’s wedding, was fatally stabbed during an altercation at KetMoRee downtown. AS MORE night spots join the once-quiet […]

The prodigal parents?

Dear Annie: My husband and I are in our late 50s and have been married for 26 years. I have had the privilege of not needing to hold an outside job since I married, allowing me to be a stay-at-home mom and raise our kids, who are now grown and out of the house. My […]

Zipcar-space ticket a shock

Today in Davis I received a ticket stating over time in a meter zone called “Zipcar,” which has leaves covering any sign with a parking lot nearly empty. This is a obvious revenue grab and will only keep shoppers out! I was in that spot with what looked like 50 spots to pick from. It […]

Cheers to new downtown cleaning crew

Have you noticed that downtown has a new shine to it? Thanks to a new city of Davis work program coordinated by J.B. and a group of early-rising, hard-working Parks & Community Service employees, our downtown streets, sidewalks, plazas and trash cans are cleaner than any time in my memory. A hearty cheers to these […]

STEAC offers sincere gratitude

The generous Davis community has stepped up again to support those in need. The High Holy Days food drive at Congregation Bet Haverim brought in close to 1,400 pounds of food for the Short-Term Emergency Aid Committee’s food closet. And Nugget Markets generously donated shopping carts that are used when volunteers assemble food packs for […]

Putah Creek cleanup satisfying

We are very grateful that it is harder to find huge piles of trash along Putah Creek, thanks to 27 years of volunteer cleanup efforts. However, energetic volunteers still managed to remove more than 5,100 pounds of trash and recyclables from Putah Creek on Saturday, Sept. 19. Putah Creek Council would like to thank all the […]

Bicyclists, follow the law!

Davis is noted for being very bicycle-friendly, but something needs to be done about the blatant disregard that many of the bicycle users exhibit toward traffic laws. Many are not stopping at stop signs or signaling their intentions when turning. A more serious problem is that many are not using lights or reflective markers on […]

Bike parking is shameful

As a bike rider and advocate, I am dismayed at dismal bike parking provided to residents at most apartment complexes in Davis. Many of these racks must have been installed in the 1960-’70s before anyone thought of locking up their bikes. Times have changed, and for every forgotten bike rack that leaves bikes vulnerable to […]

Landmark street tree’s loss is sickening

This picture, taken Sept. 24, is a sickening example of what happens when we don’t water our trees during the drought. It breaks our hearts to lose this big, beautiful landmark street tree (on B Street across from Civic Center Field). Yes, let’s conserve water, but as Rob Cain, Davis’ urban forest manager, points out […]

Cheers and Jeers: Kids teach us all lessons in courage

We offer our cheers (no jeers — we’re feeling happy that we had rain this week!) as we look back on local newsmakers of the past week: CHEERS to two Davis children who are valiantly battling brain-stem cancer, to their courageous families and to the caring people who are rallying around them. We are honored to […]