Possible growth is worrisome

Last week I learned something in a Dave Ryan article that really disturbed me. He stated that the number of jobs associated with the proposed tech parks would be 18,000. It’s shocking that I didn’t learn that number until so far into the process. But there may have been a reason I had not learned […]

Cheers and Jeers: Some good news at the school district

We offer our cheers and jeers for local newsmakers as we look back over the previous week: CHEERS to the Davis school district, which agreed with the Davis Teachers Association on raises through 2017. The teachers will get one-time payments this year and next, and 2-percent raises in the next two years. This town prides itself on […]

Teach your children to love nature

By Mark Rollins Debra DeAngelo asked a pointed and cardinal question in her column of March 22: “How do we protect our one and only planet when we’re raising a generation that seems not merely unappreciative of Earth, but unaware of it?” One science writer said that “Biology is the greatest mystery story ever written.” If […]

Tom Elias: This ‘tax’ may be about to rise

If a committee of legislators or U.S. senators whose most influential members were under criminal investigation ever considered raising taxes on Californians by significant amounts, protests would be non-stop and cacophonous. But with the seriously sullied state Public Utilities Commission about to raise electric rates for the bulk of this state’s residents, the silence from […]

Top-notch customer service

What a joy and a privilege to deal with a business in Davis that understands what customer service means. Whenever I take my car in for service at Hoffmann Automotive, I am treated respectfully, courteously and fairly by all staff. However, last week that customer service exceeded all expectations and I commend Rick Hoffmann for […]

Guard against chickens’ salmonella

It was great seeing a front-page article Sunday on backyard chickens in The Enterprise. The article supplied great information regarding how to start your own backyard flock and all the benefits of owning backyard chickens. From reading the article, you can tell the author is passionate about her chickens. The only criticisms I have are […]

Why you should care about fashion ads

By Marysia S. Okreglak Do you consider yourself empathetic and caring? If an issue does not directly impact you, your family or your finances, why care? “It’s not my problem,” you might think, nestled in beautiful, cozy, peaceful Davis, among the tomato fields and organic produce and building bans. But no matter how distant or […]

Letting him down easy

Dear Annie: I am 17 years old and still in high school. I recently became “Jake’s” girlfriend. We’ve been dating for about a week. I’ve known Jake as a friend for a year, and we hang out with the same group. I never had feelings for him until I learned that he liked me, and […]

Teens are sleep-deprived, but they’re keeping their grades up

By Ryan Nishikawa, Luis Zarate-Sanchez, Julia Yah and Nicholas Hanna Every year in the Racial & Social Justice class at Davis High School, the students are instructed to research a racial or social problem within our community. In general, these students gather information through surveys and attempt to produce a solution to their problem. This […]

Park belongs on commercial corridor

Many Davis residents are breathing a great sigh of relief at the news that the SKK/Hines proposal to build out 200 acres into a business park adjacent to Sutter Davis Hospital is on hold. This gives the City Council and the mayor time to think about salient issues regarding developing commercial properties in Davis. So far, […]

Tennis courts or sport park?

In June 2014, I suffered injuries after a fall caused by one of the large cracks on the Walnut Park tennis courts. As a result, I have been unable to participate in national and international tennis tournaments since. Davis Tennis Club members and nonmembers have been requesting that Davis courts be repaired, and in answer […]

Let the flag fly at UC Davis

Recently, a few misguided students at UC Irvine tried to have the American flag removed from a campus facility. The only thing they succeeded in doing was embarrassing their university in front of the rest of the nation. Contrast that with UC Davis. Walking up to Mrak Hall last week, I noticed that the large […]