Why are American schools slowing down so many bright children?

By Jay Mathews Vicki Schulkin, a northern Virginia parent, knew her son Matt was bright but did not think this was a problem until some of his teachers began to bristle at the erratic working habits that sometimes accompany intellectual gifts. “In fourth grade, his English teacher told me early in the semester that he […]

Lawn replacement is a mixed bag

Listen to water officials — from Gov. Jerry Brown down to local officials — and you’d think replacing lawns with drought-resistant plants or artificial turf is a pure good, no negatives involved. They know lawn replacement, often called “xeriscaping” because it can use cactuses and other desert plants, generally leads to at least a 30 […]

Brothers won’t speak to each other

Dear Annie: I have two sons, both married with children, living in two different states. For several years, my older son “John” has refused to talk to his brother, “Teddy.” I don’t know why, except that John’s wife initiated it. My husband and my sons and their families were at a wedding a few years […]

Don’t blame Dirk Brazil

Once again, Rich Rifkin ignores facts to chastise his “victim du jour.” Last Wednesday’s edition focused on Davis City Manager Dirk Brazil, and Rifkin blames Brazil for continuing two decades of “crushing fiscal crisis.” First, I’m surprised that Rifkin isn’t aware that the city manager is not the final voice, in fact he/she doesn’t have […]

School board did the right thing

I applaud the school board’s recent decision on ending private testing for the AIM program. As a retired math teacher (Holmes Junior High and Davis High School), I had so many students identified as GATE who had difficulty when they were placed in accelerated math. They may have been specially talented in language arts or art, […]

Kudos to our firefighters

I would like to express my sincerest thanks to our South Davis firefighters and paramedics. Far too many times in the past year, they made visits to my parents’ house in El Macero to do wellness checks on my father or to provide a ride to the emergency room. These firefighters and paramedics were incredible […]

Let’s stop drawing lines between children

By Jill Van Zanten I would like to applaud the Davis school board’s recent decision to eliminate private-pay testing as an avenue into our district’s AIM/GATE (gifted) program and to shift resources toward ensuring rigor and differentiation in all classrooms across the district. Some writers to this paper have implied that our neighborhood school teachers […]

UC Davis-China connection grows

UC Davis has a number of vital collaborations with university and industry partners in China, and the recent U.S.-China University Presidents Roundtable in Houston provided opportunities to pursue more mutually beneficial alliances. The one-day event, bringing together 50 university leaders from the United States and China, was co-sponsored by Rice University and the China Scholarship […]

Had enough of his addiction

Dear Annie: Not long ago, I discovered that my husband of 25 years was living a completely secret life. This life included pornography, voyeurism, physical affairs, emotional affairs and flirtations with hundreds of women he met through his sales job. Many of the women thought he was going to divorce me, even though he was […]

Caught up in the family drama

Dear Annie: My sisters and I have always been close, but some changes have occurred this year that threaten our relationship. My youngest sister, “Carrie,” separated from her husband of 13 years and it has been a tumultuous four months for all of us. She began dating again a month ago, and one relationship has […]

The math seems fishy here

As I write this on Father’s Day, I remain perplexed by a common thread that runs from Ellen Cohen’s June 11 guest opinion column to Beverly Lozano’s June 17 letter. Referring to a recent study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, both stated that black fathers are more than twice as likely as white […]

Why this flag should not fly

Defenders of the Confederate flag argue that it is about “our heritage.” But so are nooses, cross burnings, lynchings, white robes and hoods. They also advance that the flag commemorates those who gave their lives defending the Confederacy. In actual fact, the Confederacy was the aggressor and posed a greater threat to the United States than […]

Provenza steps up, again and again

On Wednesday June 10, an article in The Enterprise covered the funding challenges facing social welfare programs in Yolo County. These critically necessary services often fall through the cracks in traditional federal and state government budgets. This time it was about the Yolo County Children’s Alliance and resource centers it operates in West Sacramento and […]

Yolo Crisis Nursery needs our help

Since it opened its doors in 2001, the Yolo Crisis Nursery has offered emergency respite care to more than 3,000 children and their families. When the nursery lost its funding last spring and was threatened with closure, the Davis community responded. The “One Child — One Day” campaign raised more than $200,000 in local support. Because […]