Putah Creek cleanup satisfying

We are very grateful that it is harder to find huge piles of trash along Putah Creek, thanks to 27 years of volunteer cleanup efforts. However, energetic volunteers still managed to remove more than 5,100 pounds of trash and recyclables from Putah Creek on Saturday, Sept. 19. Putah Creek Council would like to thank all the […]

Bicyclists, follow the law!

Davis is noted for being very bicycle-friendly, but something needs to be done about the blatant disregard that many of the bicycle users exhibit toward traffic laws. Many are not stopping at stop signs or signaling their intentions when turning. A more serious problem is that many are not using lights or reflective markers on […]

Bike parking is shameful

As a bike rider and advocate, I am dismayed at dismal bike parking provided to residents at most apartment complexes in Davis. Many of these racks must have been installed in the 1960-’70s before anyone thought of locking up their bikes. Times have changed, and for every forgotten bike rack that leaves bikes vulnerable to […]

Landmark street tree’s loss is sickening

This picture, taken Sept. 24, is a sickening example of what happens when we don’t water our trees during the drought. It breaks our hearts to lose this big, beautiful landmark street tree (on B Street across from Civic Center Field). Yes, let’s conserve water, but as Rob Cain, Davis’ urban forest manager, points out […]

Cheers and Jeers: Kids teach us all lessons in courage

We offer our cheers (no jeers — we’re feeling happy that we had rain this week!) as we look back on local newsmakers of the past week: CHEERS to two Davis children who are valiantly battling brain-stem cancer, to their courageous families and to the caring people who are rallying around them. We are honored to […]

Family visits are a chore

Dear Annie: My mother-in-law lives an hour away from us. My husband’s sister, “Dot,” and her husband, “Jeff,” and their married children, periodically come to our house for overnight stays in order to visit Mom. My husband often invites Dot and her family to come for several days at Christmas. We now are lucky enough […]

Embrace change for a more vibrant downtown

By Chuck Roe The highest goal of downtown redevelopment is to provide housing in the core. You will find this without fail in any set of downtown redevelopment goals. The obvious reason for building downtown housing is to support local businesses and add vitality. The less obvious is creating a group of residents who speak […]

Arnold helped pave the way for Donald

Parallels between current presidential candidate Donald Trump and former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger are myriad and obvious to anyone who cares to look. Both are celebrities with no need to spend money on getting-to-know-you TV commercials like ordinary candidates for high office. Both went after political offices after pursuing lucrative careers not even slightly related to […]

Safeguards against abuse are key

As a society, many of us draw lines in health care in what I consider conflicting ways. We have the right to choose to stop cancer treatments if we believe they no longer benefit us even if this choice hastens our death. Yet when given six months to live, we cannot choose to terminate painful […]

Libraries are books, and a lot more

By Greg Lucas National Banned Books Week is Sept. 27 through Oct. 3. Its goal is to help people remember that libraries are bastions of our freedom to read whatever we want. But while libraries are pillars of this country’s truly unique democratic principles, libraries are also much, much more. When the State Library was […]

The U.S. Constitution: Ben Carson does not understand it

Recently on “Meet the Press,” in response to a question about whether he would support a Muslim for president, Republican hopeful Ben Carson said, “I would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation. I absolutely would not agree with that.” After he received widespread criticism from observers who noted that […]