Lines blur further between citizens, non-citizens

Almost no one seemed to notice earlier this summer, when California’s new budget took effect, that yet another distinction between citizens and non-citizens was breached. Voting now is about the only area left with a clear line between legal immigrants and citizens. Even for the undocumented, there are few privileges or rights they can’t now […]

Froma Harrop: Sticking up for Coke, sort of

Champions of righteous eating have been saying terrible things of late about Coke. They’re now focusing their wrath on a corporate campaign to place Coca-Cola in the context of a healthy diet. A New York Times editorial accuses Coke and other beverage-makers of forming “innocent-sounding front groups to spread the message that sugary sodas have […]

Unless we can learn to communicate, our biracial marriage is doomed

I must always remember that when I say “A,” some people will hear “B.” Such was the case last week, when I asserted that white Americans yearn to have a conversation about racial tension with black Americans, but the recent explosion of pain, anger and frustration from the Black Lives Matter movement intimidates little old […]

Just us in Davis: The Cannery — eat your heart out, Davis

The imagery is literally mouth-watering. Ripe tomatoes of many colors spill off the page and are reflected in the colors and names of the neighborhood (Heirloom, Persimmon, Sage…) “Good Living Grows Naturally Here,” reads the motto for The Cannery, “California’s first farm to table home community in the heart of Davis.” The Cannery clearly exemplifies […]

Plants want to live, too

I am amused by those who speak out about those who eat meat, fish and poultry. Some take the position that preparing an animal for food is cruel. I wonder if they think the pulling of a carrot from it’s resting place in the warm comfort of the soil in which it has grown, or […]

Lamb criticism misses the mark

By Todd Donaldson I read the article about the expansion and more humane upgrades to the lamb processing plant in Dixon. I also read the two letters to the editor on Sunday, one by Lindsay Rubin, and one by Avital van Leeuwen, and I disagree with their statements. Meat production, and in particular the lamb […]

This Navy veteran backs Iran deal

By Andrea Marr On two of my three Navy deployments to the Persian Gulf, I stood watch on the bridge of USS Princeton. I was the officer of the deck, charged with maintaining the safety and navigation of the ship. Everyone on the bridge, from the lowliest seaman to the senior officers, was trained to […]

What it’s like as a ‘girl’ in the lab

By Sarah Clatterbuck Soper It’s 7 p.m. on a Friday night, and I’m still in the lab. Earlier in the day, as I was looking through old data, I unexpectedly found the answer to a question that I’d been trying to address for a year. It was one of those rare “eureka” moments in science. […]

Deal has too many loose ends

Rich Rifkin’s column (“Iran Deal Does Not Promote Peace”) critical of the Iran nuclear deal is absolutely convincing. There are just too many loose ends in the proposed arrangement — the failure to thoroughly dismantle Iran’s centrifuges, a snap-back arrangement that ignores previously signed commercial contracts, a cumbersome and delayed inspection regime for certain sites, […]

This is a big change

Thank you for your recent coverage of the Mace Innovation Park that is proposed for development on 200 acres adjacent to the Mace Curve. It was a real surprise to your readers and the many Davis residents that have attended the developer sponsored meetings around Davis that a housing element is now part of the […]