Let the flag fly at UC Davis

Recently, a few misguided students at UC Irvine tried to have the American flag removed from a campus facility. The only thing they succeeded in doing was embarrassing their university in front of the rest of the nation. Contrast that with UC Davis. Walking up to Mrak Hall last week, I noticed that the large […]

Please honor our armed forces

The first Armed Forces Day was May 20, 1950, and it is celebrated on the third Saturday of May every year. President Truman proclaimed this day to acknowledge all active-duty service members from all the branches of the armed forces. Our service members took an oath to protect and defend all of us at moment’s notice, no […]

Redeveloped district office provides revenue, usable space

By Debbie Nichols Poulos The Davis school district office site — bounded by Fifth, Sixth, B and C streets — is both a historic and financial asset. The district office occupies a central location and serves as a convenient site for employees at schools to get to for training or meetings. This is true, too, for district personnel going out […]

It must be a great apartment

Dear Annie: I have been with “Joe” since his wife died nine years ago. The problem is, we have different styles of communication. At first, it wasn’t too bad. I have tried to analyze our fights to see what I could do differently or what we could do together to make it better. But I […]

Teachers deserve this new money

It should be simple to understand the Davis school district’s budget and how much of it should go to teachers’ salaries. Teachers’ salaries make up about 80 percent of the district’s budget. So when the district gets new, unrestricted money from the state, teachers’ salaries should get 80 percent of it. When the district uses […]

Can’t the water be shared?

We are in a drought situation here in California, right? Yet we have man-made lakes here in Davis full of water — Stonegate Lake and Lake Alhambra. There is water, water to share. When I was a medical volunteer when Hurricanes Katrina and Rita hit, displacing thousands from their homes in Louisiana, we were all grateful and thankful to […]

Is UC anti-Semitism linked to more foreign students?

There is no doubt that dependence on the higher tuition paid by out-of-state and foreign students has become established policy at the University of California. Now, some believe this may be leading to the unintended consequence of an upsurge of anti-Semitism on campuses like Davis, Berkeley, UCLA and Riverside. The university says no. “I don’t […]

Showing up empty-handed

Dear Annie: My daughter recently married for the first time. Her attendants were her three best friends. Their friendship goes back 20 years, and they still regularly get together for a girls’ night out. My daughter attended all of their weddings. For each, she hosted a bridal luncheon. At her rehearsal dinner, my daughter presented […]

Wants to do it on her own

Dear Annie: I’d like to start a small business, but I’m afraid to mingle my finances with my husband’s. We have a house, which is paid off and in both of our names. I have money in my retirement account and about $10,000 in savings. When I spoke to a banker about using home equity […]

The message in these bottles: Don’t buy them

America, we have a drinking problem. And I don’t mean the kind that lands you in 12 Step meetings. It’s water. Specifically bottled water. If you don’t have the time or patience to get through this whole column, here’s the short version: Bottled water — don’t buy it. Beyond the insanity of pumping millions of gallons […]

Help Camp Kesem make the magic

Our community has been impacted greatly by diagnoses of cancer and cancer deaths in our neighborhoods, schools, churches, fitness centers and workplaces. When it’s a parent who has been diagnosed and is going through treatment, their children are affected immensely; they don’t understand all of the doctor appointments and the side-effects of the treatments. The joys […]