He can always go home

Dear Annie: I’m a 54-year-old single woman and a part-time college professor. I have three grown, successful children. At the time I met my boyfriend, “Joe,” I was living in a nice boardinghouse in an affluent area. Joe, 63, was divorced and for five years had been living with two of his sisters in the […]

Please do not feed the coyotes

I wanted to do a shout out and remind people about not feeding the coyotes. Since the killing of the Wildhorse coyotes, we are seeing a greater number of coyotes as they disperse during the fall months. They are closer to the fringe areas looking for food, and yearlings are claiming their new territories. Those […]

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Park’s a perfect venue for fair

Hello! I just wanted to say how very excited I am about the craft fair coming up on Sunday in Central Park under the rain structure, at Third and C streets. I am from Urban Cottage Crafters, and we can’t wait to show the rest of Davis our lovely, hand-made crochet and crafted items. This […]

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Photo was taken after 1914

A historical correction: For those who care about such things: the photograph with the article “Concert Celebrates Christmas Truce,” which allegedly shows British soldiers talking with German soldiers ”during the famous World War I Christmas truce in 1914” was certainly not taken on that occasion. All soldiers are shown wearing steel helmets, which were nonexistent […]

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GATE: First, do no harm

Last Sunday’s piece about the virtues of the GATE program unwittingly pointed out one of the most glaring problems with the GATE program. Six years ago, my GATE-identified child was a student at the then-GATE-less North Davis Elementary. The educators were able to “distribute” the students in classes such that there was always a fair […]

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So much for ‘Total Recall’

Back when movie muscleman Arnold Schwarzenegger ran for governor for the first time in 2003, seeking to oust Gray Davis from the post to which he had freshly been re-elected, he was often accompanied by two types of people: One group was car dealers, eager to see the state vehicle license tax lowered by about […]

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After Sandy, weather forecasters weigh change

The issue: No official hurricane warning was issued, but predictions were spot-on The weather-forecasting industry has been lit up for the better part of a month now debating whether lives were lost because hurricane warnings were not issued in the final days before Superstorm Sandy hit the Northeast. At issue was that the storm was […]

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Worried about the future

Dear Annie: I have been married to “Nancy” for 51 years. The day of our wedding, I was 167 pounds with a full head of hair. Now I am 181 pounds and bald. Nancy was always a Rubens type, which was fine with me. After giving birth to our first child, she lost more than […]

Heed rural community concerns

Thank you, Supervisor Duane Chamberlain, for considering the people of Dunnigan and their concerns regarding the impact of the proposed travel center site on their community. A “shame on you,” Supervisor Jim Provenza, for disregarding the people’s concerns and looking only at the dollars to the county. The Dunnigan community did not reject the entire […]

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My agitation will keep me warm

Today, Dec. 11, is a no-burn day. The city of Davis website says so as does The Davis Enterprise. Walking my dog, I note that it is windy. Looking out the window, I note that it is windy. The NOAA website reports winds out of the southwest at 14 mph. Why is it a no-burn […]

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See you at craft fair Sunday

As a local small business owner and artist, I appreciate the opportunity to participate in the Square Tomatoes Craft Fair this Sunday. From 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., you can enjoy delicious refreshments and music while visiting with local artists and craftspeople selling a variety of handmade crafts. I look forward to seeing you all at […]

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The diary of a collegiate vegan

By Catherine White After being recruited to Duke University for the women’s crew team during my senior year of high school, I felt it was not only my job to take care of my body for my athletic duties, but that this great privilege came with great responsibility. It was after watching a documentary called […]

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