Bill restores sanity to local government

The issue: Brown signs measure giving some teeth to the state’s open meetings law Gov. Jerry Brown and the state Legislature have sent a strong message to local government: Don’t cheat the system, and if you do, prepare to be held accountable. At issue was enforcement of the state’s open meetings law, the Ralph M. […]

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Prop. 32: a chance to clean up the rot

“Money is the mother’s milk of politics.” — Jesse Unruh, speaker of the California Assembly, 1966 If you don’t think Speaker Unruh knew what he was talking about, ask the Davis firefighters how it came to be that we pay for their union hour bank. At the local, county and state level, government is going […]

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Taking control of depression

Dear Annie: I want to share my story of depression — and hope — so that it might help others. I’m nearly 50 now, but only recently did I recognize the depression that has plagued my life. I had the symptoms for decades: bursts of anger, loss of appetite, lack of interest in work and […]

Please accept diversity

Lawn signs in our neighborhood supporting President Obama were taken two days ago. We are disappointed and intend to replace them. We believe competing opinions are essential to democracy and hope that many of your readers value diversity also. Marcus and Margot Clark Davis

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Vote for Measure E, Prop. 30

Thirty-one is a lot more than 20 when you’re talking about children. Each week as I volunteer in my grandson’s kindergarten class, I am awestruck by the teacher’s ability to quietly, patiently and professionally maneuver 31 kindergartners around the crowded room to a variety of learning areas, giving every child an appropriate and meaningful high-quality […]

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Thanks for free dance intro

I took advantage of the Artober celebration early this month by taking two of the several free classes at the Pamela Trokanski Dance Workshop. I love participating in the Second Wind class Pamela teaches and thought I’d use this opportunity to try a couple of other classes she offers. I completely enjoyed the beginning ballet […]

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Misconceptions cleared up

I am president of the Davis High School PTA and am writing to correct several factual misstatements in the letter to the editor from Imelda Granda regarding the school board candidates forum, co-sponsored by Davis High PTA and NewStar Chinese School on Friday, Sept. 28. Just before the candidates began speaking, a woman volunteering to […]

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Teachers respond to ‘new normal’

By Frank C. Thomsen Our children and our community have a lot at stake in the November election. The outcomes of Proposition 30 and Measure E will determine whether we even maintain the current precarious fiscal situation we now have or whether we will face a future of immediate and ongoing school cuts that is […]

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He had to be the man of the house

Dear Annie: My son married a young widow with two small boys. They have been married 15 years and are currently expecting their first child together. Throughout this marriage, my daughter-in-law would never let my son have any kind of fatherly relationship with her older boy, although he was the sole father of the younger […]

Another tech decision becomes very difficult

How can I consider giving up something that has had romantic connections for almost 40 years? And yet, why keep a device that brings me disappointment every single day? My home telephone used to be the source of my favorite phone calls: a long chat with a girlfriend, a catch-up call with my son or […]

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Look at what I found stuffed in the back of my lingerie drawer

It was just an average, random morning on Facebook, sharing funny but grammatically challenged cartoons and videos of dogs on trampolines, and whipping up pointless arguments with people I neither know nor care about, and something amazing happened. Yes, amazing. Truly. A psychological paradigm shift, sparked by a post from my friend, author Amy Ferris, […]

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It’s no party for some people

Dear Annie: My extended family has always been big on celebrating family birthdays for the adults. Celebrations used to include a meal at a restaurant, but as the families expanded, we began celebrating at relatives’ homes with appetizers followed by cake and ice cream. The problem is, these parties always take place at the homes […]

Vandals destroy wildlife habitat

The vandals not only crushed our hearts, they damage our certified wildlife habitat! On Thursday, Sept. 27, between the hours of 7 p.m. and 6 a.m., our habitat was destroyed. We arrived at school on Friday to find our bird bath broken in half on the other side of the pool fence, the hummingbird feeder […]

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