Treating Hot Flashes

By Michael Goodman, M.D. Hot flashes are the most common bothersome symptom of menopause. Your hot flashes may occur during the day or at night (also known as night sweats). They may be mild and tolerable, moderate and troublesome, or severe and debilitating. Hot flashes get better with time. While most women have hot flashes […]

Why we must vote yes on Prop. 30

By Walter Leal California’s educational system is on the verge of collapse. If it’s not rescued by the passage of Prop. 30 on Tuesday, it may never recover. Ironically, it does not cost much to save it! It’s a very modest amount. It is difficult to believe that one of the greatest states in the […]

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No on new political appointees

Measure H will replace a democratically elected auditor with a political appointee by creating yet another highly paid county position. Do we really want to hand over the finances of the county to a manager appointed by the county supervisors? There simply isn’t enough information on Measure H to convince me that creating a new […]

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Romney = Bush 3.0; spare us

A Romney presidency would clearly (despite Romney’s inconsistencies) be Bush’s third term, only worse. Foreign policy: Romney’s statements are ignorant and insulting; his advisors include 17 bellicose, incompetent Bush retreads. President Obama ended one war, started none and got Osama bin Laden. Domestic policy: The Romney-Ryan platform proposes massive tax cuts for the richest 1 […]

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He’s got job credentials

Imagine you are an employer and a man comes in and asks you for a job, his name is Congressman John Garamendi. His job skills are as follows: * Elected to state Legislatures in 1974; * 40 experience crafting public policy; * Chaired the Senate Health Committee where he passed the Rural Health Act serving millions […]

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Vote yes on Prop. 37

If we really wish to see genetically engineered foods labeled, we must pass Proposition 37 now. There is no chance a GMO labeling law could survive the legislative process with the influence of GMO money on our legislators. By the time another California initiative can reach the ballot, or a national movement can achieve political […]

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Younger voters vote, or 30 fails

During a rained-out Halloween and with a fistful of AirHeads, I applied myself to explain how we ravaged our California’s public education system and why we need to vote yes on Proposition 30 in 300 words or less. First tragedy — education in California was the envy of the nation 40 years ago. This success […]

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He’ll make the right choices

I am thrilled to be supporting Alan Fernandes for school board. As a teacher, I had the privilege of serving with Alan on the Superintendent’s Advisory Committee on Special Education, as well as on the Birch Lane School Site Council. As a parent, I’ve shared my concerns about class size increase, the achievement gap, and […]

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Nancy Peterson for school board

I met Nancy Peterson this year when a friend recommended her as someone I might consider for school board. The more I talked to and learned about Nancy, the more impressed I became with her passionate commitment to our community and our children, her intelligence, integrity and honesty, and her vision for the future of […]

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We have insufficient funds

For all of the bleating and hand-wringing by our local elected officials, they have no one to blame but themselves. Being wholly owned subsidiaries of the Democratic Party, the City Council and school board members have consistently voted for state and federal representatives who got us into the economic mess this state and nation are […]

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Vote rationally on Measure E

All Davis voters should vote on Measure E rationally, and not emotionally swayed by the many parents and teachers painting very desperate scenarios. As several writers pointed out, in these tough times, parents must come forward to share the burden, as is the case of parents of most college students. Moreover, we still do not […]

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My choices on education issues

I have been a Davis resident for 26 years, and a teacher for 20-plus years. I have been asked about how I am voting on the educational issues facing Davis voters. At the state level, there are two important issues, Prop. 30 and Prop. 32. Please vote yes on the governor’s initiative, Prop. 30: It […]

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Measure H? Hell no!

Although I respect some of the advocates of Measure H, I cannot in good conscience vote in favor of this measure, which would steal your right to elect Yolo County’s auditor-controller. In 1986 and 1998, Yolo County’s citizenry weighed in on this issue; both times we said, “no!” One has to wonder why Yolo’s supervisors […]

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