Partnerships won’t work elsewhere

The many thousands who regularly use this state’s large and varied park system were among the most distraught of Californians when legislators and Gov. Jerry Brown last year imposed cuts and closures on the system, with 70 parks scheduled for shuttering early this summer. Some of those closures will come right on schedule, but not […]

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He won’t put her first

Dear Annie: My fiancé, “Clyde,” and I have been together for three years. We have a great relationship. We have lived together for two years, and my 5-year-old considers him “Dad.” Clyde is divorced and has two daughters, 16 and 18. His marriage was destructive and abusive, yet he still goes to his ex-wife’s house […]

Can’t handle her jealousy

Dear Annie: I’m a middle-aged man who has been divorced for four years. I am currently a caregiver for my mother, so I don’t get out much. I’ve taken to many social media sites as a way to meet people with similar interests and have developed several relationships, purely platonic, with women I’ve met online. […]

Athens story touches touches Davis resident

One of my recent columns provoked a reply from a Davis resident whose related story amazed me. She doesn’t want me to use her name, but she’s willing to let me tell her tale. The column she responded to was about my visit to the Acropolis in Athens where I got caught up in the […]

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A simple, easy solution to ending our dependence on fossil fuels

Forget hybrids, forget electric, I know how we can end our dependence on foreign oil and cut air pollution in half as well. And even if you aren’t interested in scrambling for the remaining fossil fuel supplies or breathing air that isn’t opaque, you’re probably interested in paying less at the pump. Now, I’ve got […]

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Hostage to the bridesmaid

Dear Annie: My fiancé and I cut corners for four years so we could have a nice wedding. We didn’t ask either set of parents for money, and they didn’t offer. We’re footing the entire bill, including the formal wear for the attendants. The problem is my 34-year-old socially awkward sister, “Allie.” Allie was hospitalized […]

What the health-care law means

By Lee Bowman The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 emerged from a Supreme Court review constitutionally intact and with most of the law’s tools to expand health coverage to more than 30 million Americans still available. A majority of the justices concluded that while Congress can’t make it a crime for people […]

Where there’s a will …

Dear Annie: My parents divorced acrimoniously when my siblings and I were young. My brother, “Tim,” was a difficult child and was arrested when he was 11. The local law officials offered the option of handing custody to my father as an option to avoid a sentence to juvenile hall. Once my father had custody, […]

Give interns an opportunity

By Ellen Sweeney A large number of smart and capable UC Davis students are looking for hands-on experience in a real work environment as preparation for their future careers. If you are an employer in Davis, this presents an excellent opportunity to get involved with the university’s internship program. Interns bring energy and enthusiasm to […]

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Cost not onerous when divvied up

Your July 12 editorial, “Now, fun begins with Higgs boson particle,” says that discovering the Higgs particle cost $110 billion.  Forbes says it cost $13.25 billion. I have found no source on the Internet supporting your number. This project was an international effort. If the cost was spread over all the world’s high-income, or developed […]

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Ideas for strengthening U.S.-Mexico bonds

The issue: Good policies can make our geographic closeness more of a blessing than a curse This year, for the first time in 12 years, Mexico and the United States have presidential elections during the same year, and the occasion gives both countries a chance to improve a vital relationship. MEXICO HAS NOT been an […]

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Requiem for college life as I knew it

By Bill Maxwell I am fortunate to have had my college experiences during the 1960s and the early 1970s. I am glad I am not attending an American institution of higher education today. I would not do well. Unlike President Thomas Jefferson, who drafted the Declaration of Independence and founded the University of Virginia, I […]

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Walnut grower: Heat safety bill is unworkable

By Nancy Lea Members of Farm Bureaus throughout California need to know that if AB 2346, a heat safety bill, is approved by the California Legislature and signed into law by the governor, it puts a target on the back of every farmer in the state, with the guns and bullets in the hands of […]

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