No place for fear-mongering

The type of fear-mongering found in the Sunday column by Jonathan London is repugnant and should have been removed by the editor. The columnist says, “You remember the last time you did not reach your toddler in time and she gulped down mouthfuls of water that you have learned is laced with arsenic, nitrates and […]

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I trust our community

Like you, I am not a water scientist. All this talk about maximum contamination levels, consumption-based fixed rates, and design-build-operate engineering have me baffled as well. I am not even sure I have those terms right. But I know one thing: I trust our civic leaders and fellow community members to study these issues and […]

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Will Davis’ trees die? No

In a recent op-ed pice, William Kopper, Michael Bartolic and Mark Siegler make the following statement: “Our community will go brown and our street canopy will die.” There is no truth to this statement. As water rates rise, some homeowners and tenants may choose to reduce their lawn watering or plant lower-water turf species. Others […]

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Many reasons to reject W. Sac

As chair of the Davis Water Advisory Committee, I need to correct the glaring omissions that are being presented by the “No on Measure I” campaign. The original offer from West Sacramento was for 20 years only. Because Davis clearly deemed this unacceptable as too short a time frame, West Sacramento came back with a […]

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Delivering water, or carrying it?

By Frank Loge and Matt Williams In December 2011, the Davis City Council called on us to serve on the Water Advisory Committee to give the best advice we could on what to do about the water issues facing Davis. We stepped up. One of us, Frank Loge, is a civil engineer specializing in water. […]

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Senate timidly tinkers with filibuster rule

The issue: Minor reforms to the chamber’s inefficiency get a test The Senate decided last month to reform the filibuster process, which has increasingly been used by the minority to gum up the legislative process, bring work to a near halt and bolster the chamber’s reputation as a body that talks a lot and does […]

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Given, and taken aback

Dear Annie: After two months, I am still upset with my father-in-law. My two daughters recently married, and the weddings were six weeks apart. My in-laws gave us a nice sum of money to help us with the weddings. We were very grateful and told them so. Right before the first wedding, my husband lost […]

Petition seeks a GATE evaluation

The Davis school district has expressed an interest in making a thorough evaluation of the current GATE/high-achieving model. But the directive to make that evaluation and present any modifications must come from the school board. Some members of the school board have said they don’t believe the Davis community is interested in having an evaluation […]

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Reduce class size in primary grades

My daughter is a kindergartner at Patwin Elementary. She has a fabulous teacher, and Patwin is a great neighborhood school. But she has 31 classmates. There are just two kindergarten classes now. When my son was in kindergarten at Patwin four years ago, he had 18 classmates and there were three classes. As my daughter […]

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From Parkview Place, with gratitude

You may have noticed new construction activity at Fourth and D streets in downtown Davis. It will be our new home, Parkview Place, and we are excited to be bringing a green, LEED building here that we hope can be a model for future infill projects. An old African proverb says, “It takes a village […]

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Unsustainable, unethical use of millions

By Fraser Shilling Water sustainability is likely to be one of the most important issues of the 21st century, affecting everyone, regardless of race and income. Realizing this makes people start to feel nervous and insecure, scrambling for their share, making sure they’ve “got theirs.” Ironically, this response is not very adaptive in a complex and […]

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Egypt spirals back to where it was two years ago

The issue: Faced with violent demonstrations, Mohammed Morsi may be out of options Egypt is undergoing an eerie replay of events two years ago. For almost a week, rioting youths in central Cairo were pelting riot police with rocks and bottles, and the police responded with volleys of tear gas. Like the mass demonstrations that […]

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