Egypt spirals back to where it was two years ago

The issue: Faced with violent demonstrations, Mohammed Morsi may be out of options Egypt is undergoing an eerie replay of events two years ago. For almost a week, rioting youths in central Cairo were pelting riot police with rocks and bottles, and the police responded with volleys of tear gas. Like the mass demonstrations that […]

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Oh dear, John’s not getting the message

Dear Annie: I have been with “John” for more than 10 years. We have children together. I have reached the point in my life that I wish to be married. I never wanted to be a girlfriend forever, and he knew this from the beginning. John says stupid things like, “If you did such-and-such, then […]

Family pushing father to move

Dear Annie: My family wants to move to another state. The only reason we haven’t is because of my dad’s job. He has worked for the same company for 18 years and doesn’t want to lose his retirement benefits. I understand how important the job is, but the company could easily allow a transfer to […]

Pentagon OKs women in combat

The issue: The opportunity to train under tough conditions to place oneself in danger to defend one’s country should be open to all who can qualify As one of his last acts as secretary of defense, Leon Panetta lifted the ban on women serving in combat roles. Considering that the hue and cry over that […]

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Grandma takes a punch to the stomach

I recently read an interview that I might have put aside as “extreme” except that it got me in the grandmother gut. The person interviewed in the December 2012 Sun magazine was Kathleen Dean Moore, a philosophy professor, writer and activist in global environmentalism. Keenly aware of climate change, she thinks the good times of […]

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Since when did a holocaust become light entertainment?

“Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters.” Most folks will shrug, and say, “Cool! A scary movie!” I am not among them. I am horrified. What if the title was “Hansel & Gretel: Jew Hunters.” Not so cool anymore, right? Maybe because misogyny is a hot button issue for me, and also because of recent attempts by […]

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Marriage isn’t for three

Dear Annie: I am married to an absolute angel. Unfortunately, her mother has been living with us for the past two years. Mom doesn’t work, doesn’t do much of anything around the house, doesn’t cook or clean, and sleeps until nearly noon. We have to ask her to do things, just as we would a […]

What do you think? Who is going to win the Super Bowl?

Eric Fernandez lawyer, Davis: “The 49ers, because they have Colin Kaepernick. (They’ll win) by a field goal.” Marian Hughes nurse, Davis: “I don’t even know who’s in the Super Bowl, but I’ll go with the 49ers, because I know they’re one of the teams. But I don’t know who the other team is.” Davis Morse […]

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Measure I protects our environment

By Andrew Fulks, Chad Roberts, Alan Pryor and Bob Schneider Davis residents value nature, our natural lands and our farmlands. From the scenic geology and diverse biology of the Inner Coast Range, to the fertile farmlands around us, to the beautiful and productive wetlands to our east, we live in a unique place. Recognizing the […]

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There are responsible, cost-effective alternatives

By William Kopper, Michael Bartolic and Mark Siegler There are reasons why California state law recognizes that economic considerations must be taken into account when finding solutions for water and wastewater. It recognizes that we have a responsibility to individuals and families below the median income to support affordable solutions for these essential services. State […]

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Food Bank thanks the community

By Shawn Kramer Dear Davis, It was a remarkable holiday season for us this past year and thanks to your generosity we were able to increase our combined holiday distributions by 23 percent in 2012. More than 13,000 people were served by the Food Bank of Yolo County during this time, with 130 volunteers logging […]

Too much holiday heartache

Dear Annie: Two years ago, my son’s fiancée recommended we rotate who hosts Christmas dinner. That year, she and my son went to her mom’s house, and last year they were supposed to come to mine. Instead, they went to her mom’s again and were upset that I didn’t want to tag along. Annie, at […]

Just Us in Davis: Clean, accessible water is a human right

By Jonathan London Imagine a typical morning: You wake up, stumble into the bathroom to wash your face and brush your teeth. Out of habit, you reach down to turn on the tap. Just in time you remember, and pull your hand away, turning instead to the container of bottled water perched on the shelf. […]

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