Looking for a way back

Dear Annie: I’ve been dating “Dayna” for eight months, and we moved in together three months ago. We fell in love from the moment we met. I’m normally a calm guy. However, two months ago I made a mistake. I went out drinking with friends and was dropped off at home so drunk that I […]

Insist on sustainable palm oil

As consumers, we would like to express our concern about the marketing of products that contain palm oil, specifically, non-sustainable palm oil. Palm oil is not only bad for health, but palm oil that is not grown sustainably is also very bad for the environment. Palm oil consumption can lead to heart disease because it […]

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Rochelle Swanson for mayor

Joe Krovoza has been the mayor a year and a half. Aside from muscling Paul Navazio out as city manager and imposing Steve Pinkerton on the city, Krovoza has shown only rhetoric, inaction and lack of confidence in council decision-making. Councilwoman Rochelle Swanson meets with the public, she knows what other members of the council […]

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Pension votes a boost for Brown

If there was one message that went out strongly from the early June votes on local pension changes in San Jose and San Diego, it was this: Private sector workers are tired of seeing six-figure pensions go to some public employees while their own pensions are steadily cut or become increasingly uncertain. Some might call […]

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U.S., Iran raising stakes in Persian Gulf

The issue: American military buildup isn’t just for show The latest and strongest U.S.-backed European Union sanctions on the sale of Iranian oil took effect last week, and just days later, Tehran admitted the sanctions were hurting. The effects were seen immediately in rising prices and dwindling stocks of foreign currency. IRAN’S PRESIDENT, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, […]

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He doesn’t need her along

Dear Annie: My husband, “Kevin,” and I have been together for nine years. Every summer, Kevin used to go to the beach for a week’s vacation with a family he was close to. The entire group numbered about 15 people. Three years ago, Kevin told me he wanted to start taking vacations with them again. […]

For safety, walk on the right

We enjoy the multi-use paths in Davis either as pedestrians or bicyclists on a daily basis and believe the majority of users follow the logical pattern of walking and riding on the right. Perhaps more signage would make this clear to everyone, since there are occasional signs that state “keep right.” In addition, there is […]

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A win for the people

California has just won one for the people. In passing AJR 22, California calls on Congress to draft an amendment to the constitution to overturn the Citizens United ruling by the Supreme Court, allowing corporations to use their immense wealth to favor their chosen candidates. When money determines elections, then elections become shams that engender […]

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Ignoring ‘The Aggie Way’

Congratulations to Terrance Tumey. I wish him luck in his new position as UC Davis athletic director. I followed the process closely as a recently retired UCD staff member who had served on the Athletic Administrative Advisory Committee for six years and the campus for 28 1/2 years. A few things struck me as strange […]

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Thanks for supporting farmers

On June 24, Slow Food Davis/UC Davis collaborated with the Community Alliance for Family Farmers and Monticello Seasonal Cuisine to host “Glide Into Summer” at Glide Ranch. This fundraiser with amazing food and music raised money to send nine local Community Supported Agriculture farmers to the upcoming International CSA Conference, which is a pre-conference to […]

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Why no academic incentives?

Among the “key components” for a successful athletic director listed by the advisory committee was “maintaining academic integrity” and “embracing the Aggie Way.” Chancellor Linda Katehi describes the newly selected director, Terry Tumey, as “the perfect person to take UC Davis athletics forward.” In his previous position, Tumey won conference honors for “highest academic achievement and community […]

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One word — ‘sorry’ — unplugs Pakistani roadblock

The issue: And both sides are promising greater cooperation in counterterrorism If one is to believe the diplomats, all it took was one word from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton — “sorry” — to persuade Pakistan to lift its seven-month blockade of trucks hauling NATO supplies to Afghanistan. HOWEVER, ACCORDING to U.S. officials “sorry” is […]

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