The Buzz created too much noise

It is 9:30 p.m. on a Friday night and my kids can’t sleep, and we can’t read or watch TV: The noise from a UC Davis campus event (“The Buzz”) is too loud, even with our windows closed. We live a half-mile away from campus. I can’t imagine what the organizers of this event were […]

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No cuts right now, please

Why is the Davis school district demanding concessions from its teachers and support personnel? Currently, there is enough in the budget to pay these educators. If Proposition 30 were to fail, then it would make sense to sit down with school employees to see where to go from there. But please, no concessions before the […]

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Don’t shy from word ‘lobbyist’

In an otherwise well-written article Sunday, school board candidate Alan Fernandes’ current occupation is described as working in Sacramento, “representing the county of Los Angeles in matters pertaining to state government.” It strikes me that the phrasing is a carefully crafted way of avoiding the word “lobbyist” and all the connotations that the word carries […]

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Peterson is analytical, energetic

Having taught at Marguerite Montgomery Elementary School for the past 11 years, I was thrilled to learn that Nancy Peterson is a candidate for the Davis school board. I got to know Nancy when her daughter was in my first-grade class. At that time, MME had just opened. Nancy worked tirelessly with the entire school […]

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Lovenburg: experience, integrity

Susan Lovenburg is exactly the kind of person we need on the Davis school board heading into continued challenging times for our school district. Susan does her homework and is one of the most thorough people I know when it comes to doing research on an issue. Susan has a detailed understanding of the complicated […]

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Silencing the opposition?

On Friday, the Davis High School PTA and NewStar Chinese School hosted a forum for candidates for Davis school board.┬áSeveral of the candidates, including Susan Lovenburg, Alan Fernandes and Jose Granda, placed their campaign materials on a table the organizers had set up. As soon as Granda turned around and went to find the order […]

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Thank you, Watermelon Music

I want to give a big thank you to Jeff Simons and Watermelon Music for helping us out of a jam. A couple of Fridays ago, the band I sing for (Hardwater) had a gig at the E Street Plaza. We were almost done setting up when we realized we had no monitors. It was […]

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Thoughts on coach Yudin

“Alyssa! That was a 50-50 ball! You should own those!” Coach Ashley Yudin yelled out to our daughter Alyssa in one of the many soccer games that she played under his sometimes-stern supervision. Ashley had a voice as warm and fuzzy as a mile of rusty barbed wire, which you probably could find on the […]

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Calling Mars home, sweet home

The issue: Rover Curiosity pinpoints ancient stream bed as a potential site for a future base If there were such an entity as a Martian real estate agent, the cap would be off the smiling agent’s pen and the sales contract slid confidently in front of John Grotzinger for an immediate closing. Grotzinger is the […]

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First responders at the movies

Some time ago at the Varsity Theatre, an off-screen drama preceded the featured film. Having dropped off a couple of friends while I parked, I returned to find one of them had lost her footing and fallen, resulting in a deep gash in her leg. In no time, several moviegoers were administering first aid by […]

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Where there’s a will, there’s revenge

Dear Annie: I am an 88-year-old father with three grown daughters. I have a substantial amount listed in my will, which originally was to be equally divided. A year ago, my youngest daughter and I had a falling out. I said something that irritated her, and she said I am not allowed to bring up […]

Fernandes works collaboratively

We highly recommend Alan Fernandes, a candidate for the Davis Joint Unified School District Board of Education. Regardless of the results of the November elections, the district will be facing significant fiscal and operational challenges. Alan’s family, education, career path, understanding of the relationships between local and state entities, volunteerism and devotion to wide-ranging community […]

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Cheap shots at California are inaccurate

Back in years like 1936 and 1972, when California was in the midst of serious recessions, no Republican presidential candidate or surrogate would have dared bash California the way Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin, Peggy Noonan and others lately have. Back then, this state was pretty safely Republican in presidential voting and no GOP bigwig would […]

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