Why I support Measure I

By Brett Lee When I campaigned for Davis City Council, my platform on the water issue was for a more affordable project that was appropriately sized and, most importantly, voter-approved. The project that is now being proposed in Measure I is about $30 million less expensive, and has shrunk in size from about 18 million […]

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If at first you don’t succeed …

The issue: Both Presidents Obama and George W. Bush tried and failed to pass immigration reform plans, but this third try has a chance Maybe the Republicans’ recent dismal showing among Hispanics, a constituency of growing political muscle, brought congressional Republicans to their senses. In November, Latino voters went for President Barack Obama over the […]

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Looking for troubling signs

Dear Annie: With the recent events that have occurred across the country involving mass killings, this has prompted me to ask a question. What do you do if you know someone you think could end up in the news involved in a mass killing? What do you do with those gut feelings? I know someone […]

Measure I: Going for broke?

By John Munn Measure I is on the ballot, but the main question in the March 5 election is whether Davis needs or can afford to triple its water rates. If you have a city services bill, you can determine how much you are paying for water. Then multiply by 3 to see the minimum […]

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U.S. can’t ignore North Africa’s troubles

The issue: Obama certainly doesn’t want another war, but there may be no way of avoiding this one The Islamic radicals who have conquered large tracts of Mali were not long in expressing their ultimate aims. They plan on “globalizing the conflict,” according to one of their commanders, now that they have a secure base […]

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They’re carelessly spending our money

“Very few people spend other people’s money as carefully as they spend their own.” — Milton Friedman, 1975 Seven years after professor Milton Friedman spoke of “other people’s money” on “The Open Mind” television show, the Nobel Prize-winning economist came into my life. It was 1982. I was a freshman at UC Santa Barbara. The […]

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Money issues threaten relationship

Dear Annie: I’ve been with a wonderful guy for five years. After two abusive marriages, I am finally being treated right. “Bud” and I have only two issues: money and kids. We have broken up a few times over our problems, but honestly, I can’t live without him. Bud is 44 years old and owns […]

Local climbing gym rocks

Thank you so much, Rocknasium, for helping me raise money for Team Praveen. Team Praveen is a part of Sahaya International, which is trying to raise money for a young man in India named Praveen. Praveen has wanted to be a doctor ever since he was young and the money raised is sent to him […]

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They played and played and played

Thank you to the Davis community for their continued support of our schools and, in particular, our Davis High School band program. All through the night of Jan. 18 and into the morning of Jan. 19, the Davis High band students played music, enjoyed snacks and games and raised funds for their trip to Disneyland […]

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Guns: for military purposes only

Greg Stovall, in his Jan. 24 commentary, challenges us to show him “in the U.S. Constitution where owning an automobile is a right and protected.” That’s easy. The 14th Amendment provides that ownership of all kinds of property is protected, and that no state can deprive a citizen of that right without due process of […]

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Heed the old country song

The following is an open letter to the Davis City Council: It is a given that you have a fiduciary duty to represent your constituents in a truthful and unbiased manner. That means no cheating. It also means no wiggling around with words, phrases or statements. In short, it simply means, being completely honest. That is […]

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Where’s the conservation discussion?

As the debate rages, the duty to conserve water is ignored. The brief history of the topic might account for the role of water in our nation, state, region and city. Nationally, we are degrading our water at an alarming rate and the consequences are dire. California’s population is projected to surpass well over 50 […]

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