Obama finances equal madness

In a recent letter I asked, concerning the national debt and budget deficits, the rhetorical question “Are we mad?” To my surprise, there appeared in the paper, alongside my letter, an answer written by Mary Zhu. Her answer seemed to be, “yes.” This requires some critical analysis. Zhu is an unofficial spokeswoman for the Democratic […]

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Kudos to Da Vinci High

I recently had the pleasure of observing several Da Vinci High School students film interviews with out-of-town World War II and Korean conflict veterans. The students were respectful and professional. The veterans immediately felt at ease and graciously shared their personal stories. I would like to thank the students of DaVinci High for representing their […]

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Now is not the time to go wobbly

If breaking a deadline in Davis were taken literally, ours would be a sanguinary city. Fortunately, we live in figurative times. On July 1, the “deadline” for new labor agreements for city employees came and went. Seemingly every time a contract has come due in Davis in the past decade, even when the City Council […]

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Baby steps toward immigration reform

The issue: Eventually, the idea of a path to full citizenship will become acceptable If immigration reform is to be achieved — and it is pretty clear that it must be — the solution likely will not be a sweeping overhaul but a series of smaller, politically digestible steps. BY EXECUTIVE ORDER this year, President […]

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Putting them in the middle

Dear Annie: Two years ago, I walked away from a 28-year marriage. A year after my divorce was final, I began seeing an old family friend. My ex-husband has decided that the only possible reason for why I left him is another man, because in his humble opinion, he was perfect during our marriage. I […]

Holiday Meal needs your support

The Davis Food Co-op is hosting the 27th annual Holiday Meal on Dec. 24 from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. at the Veterans’ Memorial Center multipurpose room at 203 E. 14th St. Last year, the Holiday Meal served a full nutritious dinner, free of charge, to more than 800 people. This free and festive dinner for […]

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Beware of seasonal Grinches

Three special gifts purchased by our daughter for her niece, our granddaughter, were placed on our North Davis front porch about 8:30 a.m. on the Thursday before Thanksgiving. In the less than the 15 minutes it took her to get home and call me to request that I retrieve them, they’d vanished! They were wrapped […]

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Farm bill benefits our community

The farm bill noted in Congressman John Garamendi’s comments on his upcoming role on the Agriculture Committee of the House of Representatives is more than a commonly perceived notion that the farm bill is a “handout” to farmers. The farm bill is far more complex and provides for far more than the name implies. The […]

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City offers holiday thanks

A big Davis thank-you to all the people who braved the rainy and windy weather to celebrate at the Holiday Tree-Lighting and Children’s Parade this past Thursday. This event could not happen without the many contributions from individuals and organizations, and we wish to thank each of you: * Davis High School Cheer Team, for decorating […]

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We made our decisions in peace

Tom Elias seems to think that in this age of electronic media, we still need to have candidates physically in the state in the manner of Harry Truman’s whistle stops. He then laments that we were not “pestered nonstop during election season” as Ohio was. OK, so with both sides pandering to the swing states, […]

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Courts are doing more with less

By Steven M. Basha Since becoming responsible for daily oversight of Yolo Superior Court operations earlier this year, I have come to three conclusions. First, we have an extraordinary court administration and staff. Despite crushing budget setbacks from the state, they continue to provide excellent assistance to the public as well to as to the […]

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Maybe sea monster’s not extinct, just resting

The issue: Pliosaur is the largest known species of marine reptile Here’s another reason to worry about the melting of the arctic ice cap. Something might be under it, and by “thing” we don’t mean manganese nodules or junked Russian subs. SCIENTISTS HAVE identified a new species of marine reptile, the largest yet known, called […]

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Where is this going, exactly?

Dear Annie: I’ve been dating “Gary” for 11 years. He is in his early 50s and has never married. Neither of us has children. Gary and I travel together, go camping and attend major sporting events. We make each other laugh and have fun in the bedroom. We truly are best friends. My problem is […]