Local climbing gym rocks

Thank you so much, Rocknasium, for helping me raise money for Team Praveen. Team Praveen is a part of Sahaya International, which is trying to raise money for a young man in India named Praveen. Praveen has wanted to be a doctor ever since he was young and the money raised is sent to him […]

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They played and played and played

Thank you to the Davis community for their continued support of our schools and, in particular, our Davis High School band program. All through the night of Jan. 18 and into the morning of Jan. 19, the Davis High band students played music, enjoyed snacks and games and raised funds for their trip to Disneyland […]

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Guns: for military purposes only

Greg Stovall, in his Jan. 24 commentary, challenges us to show him “in the U.S. Constitution where owning an automobile is a right and protected.” That’s easy. The 14th Amendment provides that ownership of all kinds of property is protected, and that no state can deprive a citizen of that right without due process of […]

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Heed the old country song

The following is an open letter to the Davis City Council: It is a given that you have a fiduciary duty to represent your constituents in a truthful and unbiased manner. That means no cheating. It also means no wiggling around with words, phrases or statements. In short, it simply means, being completely honest. That is […]

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Where’s the conservation discussion?

As the debate rages, the duty to conserve water is ignored. The brief history of the topic might account for the role of water in our nation, state, region and city. Nationally, we are degrading our water at an alarming rate and the consequences are dire. California’s population is projected to surpass well over 50 […]

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Please support students’ project

On Thursday, Jan. 10, students from Willett, North Davis and Pioneer elementary schools and Emerson/Da Vinci Junior High School stopped by the Davis Board of Education meeting to present their community project “Chapters Change Children.” This project, a partnership with the Sunset Rotary Club of Davis and the Rotary Club of Kisumu, Kenya, aims to […]

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The soup’s on for a great cause

I invite you to join us at my ninth annual Soup’s On fundraiser Thursday, from 6 to 8:30 p.m. at St. James Church, 1275 B St. in Davis. This year we are donating 100 percent of all contributions to the Food Bank of Yolo County to support its Kids Farmers Market program. You can register online and […]

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Chronic lateness on budget is costly

The issue: Forget about 2014 spending plan; Congress still hasn’t approved 2013’s yet The White House has informed Congress that its fiscal 2014 budget, due to be submitted to Congress next month, will be late. No surprise there. The law requires the president to send his projected annual budget to Congress by the first Monday […]

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Trying not to sound greedy

Dear Annie: I am an associate in a law firm with two offices. Each office has three associate attorneys and is managed by a partner. During my first year, I was the only associate in my office, and I received a Christmas bonus. The second year, we hired two additional associates. I was devastated when […]

GATE alternatives are not the answer

Currently, there is an organized effort to change the existing Davis GATE model for meeting the needs of intellectually gifted students. One proposal being put forward is to change to a differentiated instruction model in which students with a broad spectrum of academic abilities are grouped together with the hope that all students’ academic needs […]

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Tantamount to separate but equal

The Enterprise article published Friday quoted from a petition being circulated by a group of GATE parents wanting to maintain the status quo. They said that “expecting teachers to offer differential education tailored to each student’s needs will prove nearly impossible.” Their conclusion? Differentiation should be mandated only for GATE students, by putting them in […]

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Gifted kids need appropriate instruction

By Anupam Chander and Madhavi Sunder All across the country, we have seen successful programs in music, sports and arts dismantled due to lack of funds. In Davis today, we are considering dismantling the highly successful GATE program for high-achieving and high-potential children, even though it costs almost nothing extra. While critics have denounced the […]

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A student’s perspective on GATE

By Claire Finn I’ve been keeping an eye on the Davis GATE issue these past months and have been very interested in what the community has had to say. However, I have noticed that while many parents and other adult community members have voiced their perspectives, a voice that the conversation ultimately revolves around has […]

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