Bag ban misses the point

A few days ago, the governor signed SB 1219 by Lois Wolk, which extends the plastic bag recycling program at our local grocery stores. This is the first logical step in dealing with the bigger issue of plastic bags in general. In Davis, local grocery stores provide the only point of recycling for plastic bags. […]

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The city that kicked the hornets’ nest

Our family’s routine was dramatically derailed Wednesday when my husband walked into a nest of yellow jackets on his way to his bus stop. The unfortunate encounter took place on Loyola Drive, right where my children and dozens of Korematsu Elementary children regularly cross to get to and from school. A little investigation also revealed […]

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Target development changes go against city policy and the will of the people

By Jennifer Anderson, Maria Ogyrdziak and Alzada Knickerbocker The Davis Planning Commission has been asked to vote Oct. 10 on a request by developer of the Target shopping center to change the original terms of the agreement. The city staff has asked that the commission approve the developer’s request. The developer has indicated the changes […]

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He’s a great team member

By Judith MacBrine There he was, Lucas Macdonald, standing in the middle of the street. There I was, on my bicycle stopped at the traffic light, tears streaming down my face. It was a little after 8:15 a.m. at the corner of Anderson Road and Rutgers Drive in Davis. I was on my morning bike […]

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Making the Connection: Food Systems and Healthy Communities

Known for its beautiful landscape and agriculture, Yolo County is home to approximately 200,000 residents. Featuring wildlife, farms, and vineyards, the region is rich in commodities. Generations of families have farmed land and continue to produce leading commodities including tomatoes, rice, grapes, walnuts and more. Despite the abundant food system, food insecurity continues to be […]

Trouble getting over it

Dear Annie: My boyfriend of seven months recently ended things suddenly. “Ethan” is Mormon, and I’m Lutheran. We were planning a future together. Ethan claims he wants to go on a mission and cannot prepare to do God’s work while having a girlfriend. He said we could still be friends. But here’s the thing. He […]

What do you think: Will you vote for Proposition 30?

Lily Sterling massage therapist, Winters: “I’ll probably be voting yes on it, because we have some of the crappiest schools in the nation and we need to turn them around.” Zenna Mohr retired nurse, Davis: “Yes, because it’s the only way it will save the university and school system in Davis.” Rodney Beede attorney, Davis: […]

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Where’s the peace and quiet?

I have made Davis my home for more than four years now. I love the greenbelt, the residents’ commitment to their children’s education and the local arts. But one thing that I am floored by is how little respect people have for the rights of others when it comes to noise. My biggest pet peeve […]

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Be aware of redistricting

Attention, Davis/Woodland voters! If you have been happy to be represented by the Honorable Mike Thompson in the House of Representatives, be forewarned that, due to redistricting, we are no longer assigned to District 1. Instead, we have been assigned to a newly created District 3 that “leans Republican.” We are fortunate to have Democrat […]

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A great choice for Hall of Fame

We just read the article about Marc Hicks and want to congratulate him for his induction into the Davis Hall School of Fame. What a remarkable man! There are people in the world who are able to make everyone feel important. Marc Hicks not only makes everyone feel important, but treats everyone as his favorite. […]

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Peterson is courageous, fair

Intelligent, articulate, courageous and fair are but a few words that would describe Nancy Peterson. While teaching at Montgomery Elementary, I had the privilege of working with Nancy on the School Site Council for many years. She displayed all of these characteristics and more, in initially helping shape a vision for the new school, and […]

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Stay warm in a power outage

Thank you for Sunday’s “Are you prepared for a disaster?” Forum piece by Rick Martinez, Yolo County’s emergency service manager. The one thing I noticed that was missing from Rick’s emergency preparedness list is an alternative source of heat that will work when there is an extended 1oss of power, gas service or both in […]

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The rich can get richer …

We needn’t feel sorry for Mitt Romney if he loses the election. He can then amend his 2011 federal tax return and get back the overpayment of his federal taxes. Clyde Bowman Davis

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Big bucks make 37 unpredictable

There will be plenty of ballot proposition battles in California this fall that look like food fights, with figurative rotten tomatoes slung via all manner of media over issues from the death penalty to taxes and car insurance, but only one initiative fight revolves around actual food. That’s Proposition 37, which pits most of America’s […]

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