Moved in, but still a guest

Dear Annie: I recently married “Kevin,” who has been divorced for four years. We decided to live in his house. I knew we’d have adjustment issues, but even so, things don’t seem to be working out. The house is in his name only, although I pay toward utilities, upkeep, etc. But everything has to be […]

Dance videos step up to fight breast cancer

The issue: If laughter is indeed the best medicine, then dancing must be the cure — even temporarily — for feeling alone or confused or worried as you fight for life We would be among the first to decry the mindless videos and photos that make up the bulk of what is available on the […]

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Yes on Peterson, and E

We’re voting for Nancy Peterson, who will make an excellent addition to the Davis school board. And we are voting yes on Measure E to avoid a school budget collapse. In the current fiscal situation, we trust Nancy’s commitment to maintain core program quality if cuts must be made. We have confidence in Nancy’s intellect […]

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Protect our great schools

Measure E will protect our investment in Davis schools and to ensure that Davis students get the same opportunities to pursue excellence that our son and daughter have enjoyed. If Measure E passes, our daughter will have completed Davis High School as our family begins paying a parcel tax that replaces revenues raised by the […]

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Teachers support Peterson

Nancy Peterson understands the changes that are happening in our schools, and has demonstrated her commitment to finding ways for all of us to meet the challenges these changes present. Nancy served on our School Site Council at Marguerite Montgomery from 2001 to 2006. As teachers who worked with her, we know first-hand how well […]

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He’ll be a strong advocate

I am writing to endorse the candidacy of Alan Fernandes for Davis school board. As a parent with young children in Davis schools, he has the motivation to ensure that Davis schools provide a world-class education to his children and all of the children of the community. But Alan not only has the motivation to […]

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Trust Fernandes for school board

In a matter of days, we’ll be asked to trust our collective judgment to make the right choices for the future of our country, our state, our county and our fair city. In the important race for Davis school board, Alan Fernandes is absolutely the right choice for the future of our kids, grandkids and […]

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Homeowners will be outvoted

Can you feel it? That slight chill in the morning air. Yep, autumn is fast approaching, bringing with it rain, winds and the November elections. Within the confines of these elections as a registered voter. I am challenged with decisions. This time around, most importantly, who should be the leader of “the free world” for the next […]

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A strong, new voice for us all

It is my pleasure to endorse Nancy Peterson for Davis school board. Nancy has lived and breathed her experience in Davis schools as a parent, school leader and as an advocate for children. She is committed to providing an excellent education for all students. Her approach is thoughtful. She listens and then she digs deeper. […]

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Peterson knows how to listen

Nancy Peterson is logical, smart, kind and knows how to listen. She concerns herself with students who aren’t advantaged or struggle for other reasons, as well as those who find it difficult to stand out in a community where so much emphasis is placed on success. Nancy also respects how our local economy, city government, […]

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Fernandes has the right stuff

Alan Fernandes has my support for Davis school board. As a parent in my first-grade classroom, he consistently showed respect for the teaching profession. Enthusiasm, patience, thoughtfulness, caring, inquisitiveness, kindness and attention to detail are the traits he demonstrated as a classroom volunteer and during parent meetings. Having young children in elementary school, his perspective […]

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Fernandes needs our votes

Please vote for Alan Fernandes for Davis school board. He stands out the most for having the value, understanding and support (Measure E, Proposition 30) for keeping a strong world language program. Alan would join those on the current board in maintaining the program. This is important, as the board voted in May to diminish […]

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Leadership needed on woodsmoke

The city of Davis leads as one of the most environmentally conscious cities on the planet. Yet each winter, residents and visitors inhale a fine-particulate cocktail of toxic gases, including volatile organic compounds, formaldehyde, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, complete with carcinogens with mutagenic properties. This eye-burning smoke enters our bloodstreams from an unnecessary source: residential fireplaces. […]

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Study supports burn compromise

We now have reasonable options before the City Council that essentially mimic the Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District voluntary burn/no-burn day protocols. This compromise is supported by my recently completed study for the air district on wood burning and aerosols in Del Paso Heights, the worst wood smoke-impacted site in the entire area (study […]

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