Community health centers: Making the promise of health care reform a reality

Save the date What: CommuniCare Health Centers’ 40th anniversary celebration When: 3-6 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 15 Where: Outside under the tent at Davis Community Clinic, 2051 John Jones Road, Davis Info: Email [email protected] By Robin Affrime and Chris Kelsch Thanks to health care reform, as many as 32 million currently uninsured people nationwide will be […]

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Obama hands Clinton the convention spotlight

The issue: Even if he can be something of a loose cannon, former president still musters a lot of political firepower Nearly 12 years after he left office, Bill Clinton remains one of our most popular and compelling politicians. Many believe, probably correctly, that if the Constitution had allowed he could have won a third […]

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The truth about the death penalty

By Tracie Olson I  am writing as the public defender of Yolo County. Contrary to District Attorney Jeff Reisig’s opinion piece published last Sunday, there are numerous, overwhelming reasons to oppose the death penalty, and none involve dishonoring victims. Innocent people have been sentenced to death and executed. Deputy District Attorney Jeff Reisig laments the “endless […]

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Lone Star tick makes people allergic to red meat

It’s the middle of the dog days, which, oddly enough, can bring a respite from an onslaught of ticks in some parts of the country. Generally, experts say the risk of tick encounters is low from the Ohio Valley and west of the Mississippi, and medium from the Deep South and eastward across the rest […]

Silence makes things worse

Dear Annie: Many years ago, I suspected my ex-husband of sexually abusing our daughter, “Mary.” There was opportunity and some evidence. I didn’t actually see anything. In and out of denial, I didn’t know what to do, and so I didn’t do anything. But it’s tormented me. Several years ago, Mary told me she believed […]

UCD influence report not surprising

So friends and neighbors influence voters’ decisions, as reported by a study conducted by UC Davis psychologists. That’s not surprising. But a lot is missing in the study’s description published in The Enterprise. How do such peer influences, for example, compare with other factors — editorial endorsements, media commercials, campaign phone calls, etc? Are they […]

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Tired of picking up the pieces

Dear Annie: After more than 40 years of devotion to my husband, I have finally realized what a stone-hearted jerk he is. I have done everything in my power to love, respect and encourage him. But I’ve fallen into a pattern of picking up the pieces of my heart and overlooking my own hurt in […]

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Secrets of Jamaica’s sprinting success

Special to The Enterprise Usain Bolt electrified the international athletic arena with his stunning runs in the 100-, 200- and 4×100-meter relay in the Beijing Games four years ago. But in truth, Jamaican sprinters have been dominant in international sprinting competition particularly after the era of the Americans, Carl Lewis and Maurice Green. That dominance […]

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Safeguarding the Fed’s independence

The issue: How far is too far to infringe on the Federal Reserve Perhaps it was a farewell gesture to Ron Paul, who, after serving in Congress three different times and running for president three times, is retiring at age 76. The House finally approved legislation long sought by the libertarian Republican, a bill calling […]

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Op-ed piece lacks support

To the Editor In an op-ed piece in The Enterprise on July 29, “Justice for crime victims, society sometimes demands the death penalty,” District Attorney Jeff Reisig and his coauthor refer to “the only objective study on the issue of costs associated with the death penalty, conducted by the nonpartisan Rand [sic] Corp. in 2008″ and […]

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Sponsors need thanks for Tuleyome outdoor program

To the editor, I have enjoyed coordinating Tuleyome’s youth program over the past two years, working with Esparto RISE, Winters RISE and the Woodland Youth Coalition. The funding we have received from the U.S. Bank, PG&E and the Wynant Foundation has given us the chance to bring high-quality outdoor programs to local youth. Already this […]

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If there’s a delay, a reason is necessary

Michael Harrington, Pam Nieberg and Nancy Price make a very persuasive case for delaying a vote on the water project beyond March 2013. Should the council chose to ignore their recommendation, I believe they have an obligation to publish their reasons for doing so. Joe Schwartz Davis

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Jealousy clouds relationship

Dear Annie: I am 54, and my girlfriend is 40. We’ve dated on and off for seven years. I love her, and I believe she loves me. The problem is, she is incredibly jealous and honestly believes every woman is attracted to me. Even if that were true, I don’t want “every” woman. My girlfriend […]

Delta can’t be restored on a wink and a promise

By Lois Wolk In July, Gov. Jerry Brown and Interior Secretary Ken Salazar committed to the construction of a massive two tunnel project in the Delta, without any certain plan to protect and restore the dying Delta ecosystem. They ask us to “trust” that sometime over the next 15 years, an extraordinarily complex and scientifically […]

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