Dedicated to demonizing Israel

Again, the Israel bashers are heaping their hatred on the only truly democratic and pluralistic nation in the Middle East. Again, they deny this small state the right — indeed, the obligation — to defend its citizens from terrorist attacks across unfriendly borders. Again, they ignore the clear pattern of deadly provocation prior to Israeli […]

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Youth Connection offers thanks

The Yolo Chapter of the California Youth Connection would like to thank Yolo County for its support of our recent fall fundraiser on Oct. 21 at the Odd Fellows Hall in downtown Davis. This event wouldn’t have happened without the Rebekah Lodge, who contributed the location, food and support. Special acknowledgement must go to Barb […]

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Use parking lots, rooftops for solar

I have strong objections to Yolo County giving a large sole-source contract to SunPower to install large solar installations. A better approach would be to install a larger number of smaller installations closer to where the power is needed. This would create the ability to let many more contracts that could be performed by local […]

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How to make us count again

Back in 1948, when most Americans woke up the day after the presidential election and learned to their surprise that Harry Truman had defeated Thomas Dewey, California counted. It was only because of this state’s late-reporting vote that Truman won out. But there was no suspense about California’s vote this month: the television networks called […]

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Egyptians protest Morsi’s decree

The issue: The people suspect they may have exchanged one dictatorship for another Cairo’s Tahrir Square, the epicenter of the protests that ousted Egypt’s longtime dictator Hosni Mubarak, is again filled with angry demonstrators fearful that their first democratically elected leader, Mohammed Morsi, is himself intent on becoming a dictator. MORSI FEELS, with some justification, that […]

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Trying to regain trust

Dear Annie: A few months ago, I discovered that my wife was having an affair with her boss. She works for a small company that requires long hours and some traveling. When I confronted her, she didn’t deny it. When I asked her why, she said it was all the long hours, traveling and a […]

Special gifts from Discoveries

Every aspect of my life has been affected by big change over the years — my family, my home, my health — which is why I enjoy reminiscing about the parts of my past that seemed so constant, like shopping with my mom at Discoveries. Discoveries was a home store on E Street between Second […]

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Save America’s middle class

The following is an open letter to our president, senators and representative: You would think the defeat of the wealth-insulated 47 percent Mitt Romney would send a clear message to Congress that we reject a government for and by the wealthy. But the battle continues. This letter asks our elected representatives to take the momentum […]

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We must be honest about finances

I really enjoy Rich Rifkin’s column. Interesting and informative was his recent article, “Do we need the fiscal cliff?” Rifkin’s data and analysis seem substantially correct and I found that his drawing on the opinions of local economics professors also useful. Particularly helpful were professor Kevin Salyer’s statements: “The long-term problem facing the U.S. fiscal […]

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Faint signs of optimism on fiscal cliff

The issue: The principals are in place; the issues are known; talk of compromise is in the air; and the fact is that this is an issue Congress has to resolve This may be overly optimistic — maybe even Charlie Brown-kicking-the-football optimistic — but there are encouraging signs that this post-election Congress is serious about […]

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Clean living in a dirty world

Dear Annie: I am a woman who follows a strict diet. It has nothing to do with weight or any medical condition. I don’t care about calories. It’s about eating organic, and there are a lot of things I do not tolerate, such as corn syrup, food coloring, table sugar, unfiltered water, etc. If I […]

Lonely, orphan planets looking for company

The issue: An orphan Earth clone may be a backup if we screw up really badly with the planet we already have Someday they may find an orphan Earth clone, and then with capabilities we don’t yet have and technologies we don’t yet possess, bring it back to our own solar system as a backup […]

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