Adopt a 4-legged valentine

Feb. 14 is fast approaching and here is your chance to be a valentine. There are several cats at the Yolo County Animal Shelter who want to be your one and only! They are sweet, loving cats who love, love, love their humans but can’t stand other cats. First is Sassy, a soft, chubby 5- to 7-year-old gray-and-white […]

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A tale of two systems

When a rural property owner installs a well system down gradient or too close to a residential septic system, he or she can increase the potential for the well pump to draw septic leachate into water ultimately stored and used within a residence. This unfortunate situation can be expensive to remedy and can have adverse […]

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Cost/benefit scale finally tips

Re: “How did we get here? A brief water history” in Wednesday’s Enterprise, the article provides an excellent and concise review of how Davis leaders have wrestled with the thorny issue of how to improve our water supply. In the past, the benefits (sustainable, softer, better-tasting water) were deemed not to outweigh the signficant costs. […]

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U.S. ranks low on health measures

The issue: Dollars and lives are at stake If you live to be 75, you’re likely to outlast the Swiss and elders of most other wealthy nations. AT THAT GOLDEN age, if achieved, Americans can finally look forward to outliving people in Switzerland, Japan and Australia, according to a report issued this month by the Institute […]

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What do you think? What should be President Obama’s No. 1 priority?

Merdad Odabaei oil production manager, Berkeley: “Since we’re Iranian … Iran’s nuclear program.” Soo Shin student teacher, Sacramento: “Honestly, I think probably working on social issues like social justice. …  I’m working on becoming a teacher, so education.” Sunny Shine Tibetan Buddhism teacher, Davis: “Global warming. … It incorporates all the social justice issues.” Liz […]

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We do have options; there are better alternatives

By Stan Forbes, Les Portello, Paul Brady and Michael J. Harrington Initially, Davis was involved in planning a joint surface water project that included the city of Davis, UC Davis and West Sacramento, with a pipeline running alongside Interstate 80 from the West Sacramento intake on the Sacramento River to Davis. Sometime around 2002, Davis […]

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What I tell my neighbors about Measure I

By Alf W. Brandt After decades of work on improving Davis drinking water quality, the Woodland-Davis water supply project — and Measure I — deserve your support. I join my colleagues in the water community — many living in Davis — in urging you to join with us to create a clean and sustainable water […]

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Addressing our inequality problem

One of the features of the Obama years is that we get to witness an enormous race, which you might call the race between meritocracy and government. On the one side, there is the meritocracy, which widens inequality. On the other side, there is President Obama’s team of progressives, who are trying to mitigate inequality. […]

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Commit and admit

By Jennifer Miramontes Now that the time of resolutions has passed, and many of us have broken them, let’s start thinking about life changes for 2013. I’ve never really been big on resolutions, and there is a good reason for that. Did you know that only 12 percent are successful? I have a theory on […]

When friends can’t handle the new you

Dear Annie: I am in the process of converting to Judaism. Among other things, this involves eating only kosher food. Initially, it was difficult, but I know that doing this brings me closer to understanding more of my new religion. My problem is that most of my friends, including some Jewish friends, have an issue […]

We’re armed and …?

My name is Joe-Sixpack. They call me that because I am always packing a six-shooter, although technically, mine shoots 100 bullets! They say “No one needs assault weapons!” Well that’s bull! There’s lotsa reasons! Firstly, we may have to overthrow the federal government if Obama gets too tyrannical on us, like they didn’t do to […]

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Winter supplies still needed

Thank you for your Enterprise MANNA appeal at holiday time. Because of that appeal, we received more than 50 large black bags of needed household items, cold weather clothing and grooming supplies for the clients served by Yolo County’s nonprofit agencies. There were many brand-new donations, including hand made, very warm, cozy hats. We would […]

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