Decisions, decisions

Dear Annie: I am 38 and have been with my husband for 18 years. We have built a wonderful life with great kids, but circumstances led to a separation. I was the one who wanted it. My husband is a good guy, but he just hasn’t been able to give me the love I want. […]

Interested in your city? Step up!

Here’s how What: Apply to serve on an advisory commission When: Applications are due by Monday Where: Pick up applications at the city clerk’s office at City Hall, 23 Russell Blvd., between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Mondays through Fridays, or download them at Info: Call 530-757-5648 or visit By Terry Whittier A […]

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SATs show our kids aren’t ready for college

The issue: Since scores show close correlation to family income, the single most effective reform would be a rising and widely distributed prosperity for all The high school class of 2012 has taken its College Board exams and the results are not good, showing the nation still hasn’t cracked the code of how to deliver a […]

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Anger won’t cover the bills

Dear Annie: My parents divorced years ago. Dad waited patiently while Mom chose between him and another man. In the end, Mom chose the other guy, but it didn’t work out. Neither have any of her other relationships. Meanwhile, my dad married a lovely, classy and extremely wealthy woman. They have found true happiness, while […]

NFL must reach agreement with refs, now

The issue: Our professional football players are the best in the world; the refs need to be the best, too Mired in a contract dispute, the National Football League locked out its regular referees in June. The league thought it could rely on less-experienced officials who normally work small college football games. The results so […]

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Will we be steered to a safer future?

On Aug. 31 about 7:45 a.m. I was riding my bicycle on rural County Road 29, heading east. My round-trip route from Davis and back would have been 15.5 miles. But that Friday morning, a car, also heading east, struck me from behind and knocked me out cold. My ride ended abruptly after only 12 […]

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Mommy meanest

Dear Annie: When I was little, my mother would insist, “I’m not your mother.” I’d be convinced and start to cry. Then she would say, “I’m just kidding.” As a 6-year-old, I was afraid of the vacuum. She unplugged it and told me it was OK to sit on it. When I did, she turned […]

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H.G. Wells’ birthday a time to celebrate sci-fi

The issue: More than any other author, he fueled our fascination in fantasy Few foreign writers have influenced American popular culture as much as Herbert George Wells, who would have celebrated his 146th birthday last week if only he’d actually built a time machine rather than simply written about one. Americans have made uncounted billions […]

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Bombing Iran is unwise

We hope that there is one issue upon which all peace-loving people can agree: It is unwise for Israel to bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities. There are those who believe Iran’s assertions that they have no intentions of building a bomb, but instead are seeking peaceful nuclear power. Iran has been burned before in trying to […]

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Calgene credentials questioned

It is time to set the record straight. Belinda Martineau has made a career out of opposing GMO foods, based largely on her supposed credentials and experience at Calgene. As CEO of Calgene for 12 years and as the person directly responsible for the design and implementation of the Flavr Savr tomato regulatory and commercialization […]

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Lovenburg is a devoted advocate

I’ve known Susan Lovenburg for 10 years, and I’m proud to support her for a second term on the Davis school board. I first met Susan when we had kids in the same first-grade class. Even then, I was impressed by the extent to which she cared about how our schools were doing — not […]

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