Meet your future daughter-in-law

Dear Annie: My son, “Clark,” is 51 years old and never married. Last month, he met a 26-year-old online. This girl’s mother is only four months older than my son. The girl is younger than my grandchildren. Clark has proposed to this girl and put money in an account for her to use for their […]

Well, that’s one solution …

Dear Annie: I want to write an open letter to my wife. She reads your column and will see it. Dear Wife: There is absolutely no doubt that our relationship is based on love. You are the best wife and mother. Your love and companionship are a blessing to me and to our children. We […]

Key moments float right by me

When it comes to debates, the sad fact is that I need pundits to see what I saw. Worse yet, I need commentators to tell me what I felt. Debates show me that I go through life missing things that are right in front of my eyes. Here’s an example from last Tuesday’s presidential debate. […]

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We have the right to decide whether to purchase GMO-laced Frankenfoods

A fellow Davis Co-op loyalist alarmed me recently, posting that the Co-op was refusing to allow pro-Proposition 37 lawn signs. Prop 37 would require labeling on genetically modified food, and it seemed quite odd that the Co-Op had allowed Prop 37 petitioners to pester shoppers at the front door for weeks last spring, but then […]

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You asked, they answered

Dear Annie: “Looking for a Relationship, Too” asked where to meet men. You suggested bookstores, grocery stores, hardware stores, laundromats and sporting events, and while taking college courses, playing golf, softball and basketball, doing volunteer work and traveling. Then you asked your readers for their ideas. People often overlook dance classes as an excellent way […]

Exercise your right to vote

By Jean Canary and Joan Moses Monday is the last day to register to vote in the Nov. 6 election. To those of you who are thinking of relinquishing your right to vote, saying, “It’s a personal choice. I don’t have to vote. It’s too complicated for me to think about,” or “Politicians can’t be […]

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We support a yes vote on Measure H

The issue: Converting elective office into an appointed position would save money and improve accountability Today, government at any level is about efficiency: how to provide high-quality, reliable service for the lowest cost possible. In Yolo County, which has been hit as hard as any level of government by the economic downturn, voters have an […]

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What do you think: How do you feel about the presidential debates so far?

Gina Erickson student, San Diego: “I feel like it’s important people watch and be involved. (…) It’s an education for me because I was born in Canada, and I want to understand how things are run here.” Kathleen Lee housewife, Davis: “Definitely, it seems that (Tuesday night) Obama was trying to be more aggressive than […]

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Defend your right to elect the county’s auditor-controller

By Kumar Sah and Thomas Randall Jr. Residents of the Yolo County must defend their right to elect the county’s auditor-controller once again, by voting no on Measure H.  The voters have overwhelmingly defeated two previous measures that attempted the same objectives as the Measure H, by margins of, 59 to 41 percent in 1986 and 62 to […]

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Measure H ensures county financial efficiency

By Jim Provenza and Don Saylor Measure H will increase efficiency and accountability within Yolo County by providing an effective financial system. Measure H was placed on the ballot by a 5-0 vote of the Yolo County Board of Supervisors and is supported by the mayors of all four Yolo County cities. This measure proposes […]

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Researchers still trying to define concussions

For all the attention being paid to concussions in sports these days, from young amateurs to burly pros, researchers are still trying to narrow down just how to define the brain injury. Brain experts know that concussion can affect sleep, memory or thinking skills and mood, and produce physical symptoms like headache, vision problems, dizziness, […]

This is no Brady Bunch

Dear Annie: Your column is the first page I turn to in the newspaper. I now have a problem and hope you can help. My boyfriend, “John,” and I have been together for five years. We have a wonderful relationship. He loves my three young children, and they adore him. John also has a grown […]