Now coveted: a walkable, convenient place

By Christopher B. Leinberger Walking isn’t just good for you. It has become an indicator of your socioeconomic status. Until the 1990s, exclusive suburban homes that were accessible only by car cost more, per square foot, than other kinds of American housing. Now, however, these suburbs have become overbuilt, and housing values have fallen. Today, […]

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Just Us in Davis: The 99% is too big to fail

By Jonathan London The well-worn description of the publicly traded mega-banks as “too big to fail” has taken on a new dimension in this election season. As was eloquently articulated by first lady Michelle Obama, Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren, San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro and others at the Democratic National Convention earlier this month, it […]

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Personal history lives on at Angel Island

I like going places with my daughter the historian because she raises questions I don’t think of. It happened again two weeks ago when she flew out to California for the dedication of a plaque on Angel Island honoring her grandfather. First, some background. During its years of operation, 1910-1940, the Angel Island Immigration Station […]

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You call me shameless like it’s a bad thing

Shame. What is it — that’s what I want to know. Shame is all the buzz at the moment, with the Sept. 18 release of “Dancing at the Shame Prom,” a collection of the works from writers who’ve overcome the shame of talking about their shame. I’ve been following this book’s evolution for months on […]

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How to make the passion last

Dear Annie: May I, a male in his 70s, respond to “Bob,” who said that aging, obese, snoring and unhealthy women are the reasons for bedroom problems? Perhaps in his home, but not in ours. I can’t pinpoint exactly when intimacy began evolving into something deeper, but when I retired, I became so appreciative of […]

Ovarian disruption, cardiovascular disease and hormone therapy

By Michael Goodman, M.D. What is the effect of low estrogens on the cardiovascular system of women? A seemingly random question, you may think, but a vitally important one for 51 percent of the female population. Here’s why… Everyone eventually dies … And we all must die from something. That “something” comprises many accidents and […]

Wife gets chatty on the plane

Dear Annie: My wife, my granddaughter and I recently took a six-hour flight home. I thought we’d have the middle section to ourselves, but when we boarded, I noticed there were four seats. As I put our carry-on luggage into the overhead bin, I saw my wife plop herself next to a male passenger. Whenever […]

Council needs to hear from us

Want to improve Yolo County animal sheltering? Please go to the Davis City Council meeting Tuesday and support the Yolo County Animal Services study. This study recommends separating animal services from law enforcement to form a new agency. The Yolo County Board of Supervisors provided the Yolo County Local Agency Formation Commission with funding for […]

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Advocate for shelter reform

If the welfare of animals in our community concerns you, please attend Tuesday’s meeting of the Davis City Council, when Yolo LAFCO executive director Christina Crawford and the Animal Protection League will present the conclusions of a recently released report examining the operation of Yolo County Animal Services. The study recommends shifting control of Animal […]

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No time to disengage with Muslim nations

The issue: It will be a tough, thankless task explaining the concept of free speech to people who have never enjoyed that right, but that is not an excuse for not trying The outraged reaction of Muslim protesters to the trailer of a film that defames the prophet Muhammad — and that may not even […]

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What do you think: What advice would you give an incoming UC Davis freshman?

Zachary Jha unemployed, Davis: “Learn how to bike.” Paul Schwartz CPA, Vero Beach, Fla.: “Choose a major with a high probability of employment, so you’re not depending on your mom and dad after graduation.” Patricia Schwartz retired teacher, Vero Beach, Fla.: “Make the most of every opportunity you have.” Aggie Yaden sales representative, Danville: “Be […]

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Truly a community effort

The University Retirement Community has just successfully completed its 12th Bizarre Bazaar and would like to thank our neighbors for their support. First and foremost, we appreciate the coverage our bazaar received in The Davis Enterprise. In addition, the following local businesses eagerly supported our cause with donations ranging from paper bags or aprons to […]

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Foundation seeks city apology

Dear Mayor Krovoza and Members of the City Council: You and members of the previous City Council co-signed an opinion piece relating to the Davis Area Cooperative Housing Association in The Davis Enterprise on March 7. You placed that opinion piece in front of the entire public through The Davis Enterprise, the Davis Vanguard and the […]

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