We’re armed and …?

My name is Joe-Sixpack. They call me that because I am always packing a six-shooter, although technically, mine shoots 100 bullets! They say “No one needs assault weapons!” Well that’s bull! There’s lotsa reasons! Firstly, we may have to overthrow the federal government if Obama gets too tyrannical on us, like they didn’t do to […]

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Winter supplies still needed

Thank you for your Enterprise MANNA appeal at holiday time. Because of that appeal, we received more than 50 large black bags of needed household items, cold weather clothing and grooming supplies for the clients served by Yolo County’s nonprofit agencies. There were many brand-new donations, including hand made, very warm, cozy hats. We would […]

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Holiday joy at Santa breakfast

The Davis Odd Fellows Lodge and Davis Rebekah Lodge recently completed our seventh annual Breakfast with Santa. And it was a great success. We heard nothing but compliments and saw nothing but smiles from the 350 children and families who enjoyed the morning. Folks in town really look forward to Breakfast with Santa — tickets […]

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Don’t raise Medicare age

There is a bad idea bouncing around in Washington and is even being touted by Democrats such as former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell. They say we need to raise the eligibility age for receiving Medicare because life expectancy is increasing. Actually, life expectancy for some of those people who rely on Medicare the most, poor […]

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U.S. flood controls showing effects of age, neglect

The issue: Paying for prevention now is better than paying to clean up a disaster Whether it’s mankind-assisted global warming, long-term cyclical weather patterns or just plain bad luck, we seem to be in for an era of superstorms on the order of Hurricanes Sandy and Katrina, storms strong enough to overstress our precautions to […]

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No, he doesn’t seem to be reliable

Dear Annie: After 44 years of marriage, I can no longer trust my husband. “Steve” reconnected with a high school flame, and the end result was late-night emails, texts and calls. He even bought throwaway phones so they could stay in touch and meet out of town. We went for counseling, and Steve took a […]

Reflections from the Davis ‘flea lady’

Check it out What: Davis Flea Market, celebrating its first anniversary When: 11 a.m.-3 p.m. Sunday Where: E Street Plaza, in the 200 block of E Street in downtown Davis Info: www.davisfleamarket.org By Lauren Norton It still makes me smile when someone approaches me and says, “You’re the flea lady, right?” It’s kind of an unfortunate […]

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Guns or cars? They’re still dead

I don’t normally respond to comments made regarding my letters to the editor, primarily because it’s tedious and time-consuming, and space limits apply despite the fairly generous word count restrictions imposed by the editor. That being said, I just couldn’t let Anya Clasen’s personal attack go unchallenged to my recent commentary (Jan. 6). It must […]

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She really hit the target

The letter by Rita Montes Martin (Jan. 11) regarding gun control really hits the target (pardon the expression)! She makes the common-sense suggestion that each state require registration of each gun, and licensure of its qualified owner, with required fees and insurance just as with car ownership. Periodic renewals and updates, too. My own letters […]

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Toys brightened kids’ holiday

We would like to send a big thank you to all those amazing families who donated to the second annual Children’s Hospital Toy Drive during the holidays. With your generous support, we were able to donate more than 100 new toys to the UCD Children’s Hospital Child Life Program for distribution to kids who were […]

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Common sense about guns

I feel compelled to respond to a letter by Jeff Boone in the Jan. 17 edition of The Enterprise. I not only find error with may of the statements made by Boone, I couldn’t disagree more with the general opinions he has stated. Boone states that “death by gun (he indicates mass murders) is significantly […]

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Obama’s idealism tempered by first term

The issue: Plenty of unfinished business remains for the president President Barack Obama’s second inauguration was an anticlimax — inevitably so after the lofty promises of change and transformation made from the U.S. Capitol steps four years ago. Then, a happy, even joyous crowd approaching 2 million — the largest in Washington history — gathered […]

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