Don’t malign our animal shelter

I read with interest the op-ed piece titled “ This Sad Problem Can Be Fixed,” concerning the plight of pets in Yolo County, but the following letter to the editor referencing the op-ed left me dismayed. The letter writer claimed “volunteerism is far below what it should be.” Unfortunately, her claim is not backed up […]

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We need facts on city layoffs

I will be attending the City Council meeting this week to hear comments regarding the recent dismissal of employees, directed by City Manager Steve Pinkerton. I am especially concerned about the dismissal of the two remaining tree trimmers, particularly since the announcement was made immediately after the tax assessment for parks was passed. And, there […]

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UC leads in pension reform

By Lawrence H. Pitts There is no doubt that unfunded pension obligations pose a serious fiscal problem for governments and public agencies across California and the nation. At the University of California, we have moved aggressively to address the challenge head on. After a long and public process of deliberation, the UC Board of Regents […]

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Supreme Court rejects most of Arizona immigration law

The issue: Now, the problem is squarely in Congress’ lap With immigration, the Supreme Court said quite clearly: Congress, you have a problem. IN RULING ON Arizona’s tough new immigration law, which has the state unilaterally assuming responsibility to deter illegal immigration, the court said it for the most part was an unconstitutional intrusion into […]

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Great guy, except for that one thing

Dear Annie: I have been with my boyfriend, “Harry,” for three years, and I love him very much. Last year, we had a child together. I think Harry will soon be popping the question. There is one big issue that will stop me from saying yes. Harry is an occasional drug user. He has never […]

Clarifications to op-ed piece

I am heartened by the response to the multi-authored op-ed column, “Our Answer To Noose, Swastika.” It appeared Sunday, June 24, on Page A12 of The Davis Enterprise. My goal was to offer the highest-quality community education on this pressing issue. I need to offer a few points of clarification. First, California Penal Code 11411 […]

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Just Us in Davis: Our answer to the noose and swastika

On Friday, June 15, a well-constructed, large noose was found hanging from one of the goal posts at the Davis High School football field. There are no suspects at this point. Though we don’t know the motivation of whomever put the noose there, we are responding as one voice against the centuries of pain and […]

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Tree cuts are shortsighted

While I fully understand the dilemma of budget shortfalls, I have serious concerns regarding the proposed elimination of the in-house tree crew as a partial solution. This action initially may save money, but the resulting lack of care and maintenance of mature city trees most certainly will create future expenses and liabilities. Davis’ parks, greenbelts and streetscapes are […]

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Kudos on tank art, local music

Re: our Beautiful Eastern Water Tank: The city of Davis is lucky to have found two artists as talented, dedicated and hard-working as Hennessy Christophel and Sofia Lacin to create this monumental work of public art. Some facts that came to light during the tour on Sunday may not be well-known. The artists worked on […]

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We are all harmed by hate

Thank you, Jann Murray-García, for your informative op-ed article on Sunday regarding the recent hate crimes in Davis. I especially appreciate the link to the excellent instructive talk you gave on this subject in 2008. It is disturbing that we have to revisit this issue, but I am heartened to know that Davis residents and […]

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Not accepted at our school

As Davis High School students, we wanted to join in the message that the hanging of a noose from the football goal post is an unacceptable act at our school. We also want to thank the students who were able to attend the community meeting for speaking up. We don’t know if the person or […]

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Don’t end Healthy Families

The editorial in the Sacramento Bee on Saturday hit the nail on the head regarding the governor’s decision to close the Healthy Families program. Healthy Families provides subsidized health insurance to approximately 900,000 children across the state of California. The governor estimates approximately $13 million in savings the first year to the state and $73 […]

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