Ace is our friendly local store

Davis Ace Hardware … where do I start? Seeing disabled friends working as honored employees. Finding “the” gift for family and friends — when no other store “worked.” Making friends with longtime and short-term employees. Always finding the weirdest of broken parts. Touring the festive holiday displays. Shopping the clearance area. Years ago, buying live […]

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Congress has a chance to end year on a high note

The issue: The odds may be against it, but we can hope for a holiday miracle The way this year ends in Congress will be a good indication of how the new year will start. THERE WILL BE 12 newcomers in the Senate, with Democrats holding a 55-to-45 edge. That’s still short of the 60 […]

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Do we need the fiscal cliff?

In early October, equity traders on Wall Street realized our politicians were going to take us over the “fiscal cliff.” They discerned the stalemate in Washington would be with us for at least two more years. The election was not going to change the political math. From Oct. 8 to Nov. 15, the Dow lost […]

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The ATM is running dry

Dear Annie: I work in a large organization and know my colleagues quite well. Though I enjoy working with them, a number of them recently have begun borrowing cash from me. These are usually requests for small amounts to cover the cost of lunch or coffee, but over time, they add up. Not a single […]

Moving forward: Lessons and reforms to create a stronger university

By Linda Katehi The events that unfolded on our Quad last November shook our campus, spinning us into an extended period of soul searching, introspection and a determination to learn from the past. As difficult as this has been for us all, I believe that today we are a stronger and more open university because […]

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In rare press conference, Obama comes out fighting

The issue: Emboldened by his re-election, president talks tough on tax cuts President George W. Bush started the trend and President Barack Obama has pushed it to is inevitable conclusion: the end of the regular, open-ended, free-wheeling White House press conference that goes back to the days when reporters, sometimes several times a week, gathered […]

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Still waiting for the right time

Dear Annie: I am a transgendered boy and am having trouble coming out to my family. I wear sports bras and boy’s clothing most of the time, and when I am speaking with my friends, I use male pronouns, but I still can’t gather the courage to tell my family. My mother and I once […]

How did things get so bad?

Dear Annie: Not too long ago, my life was perfect: great marriage, good kids, well established in our community and a fantastic sex life. Three years ago, at the age of 49, my husband retired after a 30-year career in law enforcement. He retired with no plans, hobbies, friends or passions. Now our life is […]

Caregivers, ask for and accept help

Special to The Enterprise November is National Caregivers Month, and despite common beliefs, family caregiving is still the backbone of support for frail elders and adults with disabilities. If you are a caregiver for a loved one, you are among 52 million other Americans who are challenged to strike a balance between the needs of […]

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Lincoln would be ashamed

A recent political cartoon appearing in The Enterprise shows a black person and a white person voting for Abraham Lincoln. The insinuation is voting to re-elect Barack Obama is reminiscent of votes for Abraham Lincoln. If that is the implication, then Enterprise cartoonists are off the mark by galaxies. Abraham Lincoln was best known for […]

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Davis Ace has my support

Did Jennifer Anderson make an error in judgment in writing a letter to her employees at Davis Ace? In my opinion, she did. Has she apologized for her error? Again, the answer is yes. I suggest each Davisite decide for herself whether or not supporting Davis Ace will help or harm our community. Local merchants, […]

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Share the burden on health care

Ace Hardware owner Jennifer Anderson’s plea to her employees to vote the Republican ticket recalls, to this historian’s mind, the days before introduction of the secret ballot, when employers or their agents kept an eye on their workers’ choices at the polls, retaining the acquiescent on their payroll but firing the rebellious. Nowadays, Republican employers […]

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Kudos to Rotary, Swanson

My wife and I recently returned to Davis to attend a fundraiser for the Yolo Military Families at The Graduate. It was gratifying to see the public support for our Yolo County troops. Money raised will be used to send care packages to our family members serving in the military. Big thanks to the Sunset […]

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Please donate Toys for Tots

Well, it is that time of year again. The Marines have been out and about placing their collection barrels and boxes for Toys for Tots at various places in Davis. The Marine Corps League of Yolo County collects and distributes the donated toys to unfortunate children of Yolo County each year on the Saturday before […]

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