She’s just not that into him

Dear Annie: I’ve been married for 14 years. The first few, everything was good, and then I stopped enjoying sex. I’ve seen several different doctors and had my hormones checked, and the verdict is that I am in great health for a 39-year-old. I think the main problem is, while I love my husband, I […]

I want to know what’s in my food

Gabe Lewin seems another wide-eyed apologist for Monsanto and its genetically engineered crops. One needs to be wary of questionable assertions followed by exclamation points. How long should we give GE foods to show their “unintended consequences”? They entered our food system 15 years ago. A long time! Indeed, no noses have fallen off. Science […]

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What’s wrong with the board?

If the Senior Citizens of Davis board of directors wanted to design a set of bylaws with powers reflective of a dictator, they did a fine job. If they wanted to disenfranchise their membership by the way they dismissed everyone’s concerns, they accomplished that as well. If they wanted to destroy the mutually beneficial relationship […]

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Taxpayers bullied by measures

Bully. It is a verb, meaning to browbeat, intimidate, hector. Hector, another verb, means to intimidate by bluster or personal pressure. Over the years, bullies have attracted much bad press, and rightly so, for no one likes to be bullied. Yet, over those same years we Davis homeowners have been subjected to such personal pressure. I refer […]

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Sacto depot redesign dysfunctional

Planners should be proud of taking a perfectly functional (albeit in need of rehab) Sacramento Valley Amtrak station platform, junking it, and for only a few million of dollars creating a new terminal, which is truly inconvenient for commuters, particularly bike/train commuters. You know, it’s too bad they didn’t have a few more millions to […]

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Safe water is a human right

Californians are reaching a historic event. Any day, most likely Tuesday, the state Senate will vote on AB 685, the Human Right to Water Act, to amend the state water code. The final vote deadline is Aug. 31. AB 685 is foundational legislation that establishes a statewide policy priority of ensuring that all Californians eventually […]

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Vote yes on GMO labeling

By Jan Woods In Europe and more than 40 countries worldwide, food corporations are required to label whether genetically modified organisms are contained in the food products they sell to those countries. And yes, you guessed it, the Europeans and others are not buying it, literally or figuratively. The contaminants (viruses, bacteria, new and patented […]

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Help wanted in a field of explosive growth

The issue: Al-Qaida wants you as a suicide bomber The job market is tight the world over, but in one field there is a critical shortage of people to do the work and one employer is practically begging people to apply. Al-Qaida is running low on suicide bombers and is advertising for volunteers on websites […]

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It’s still a secret

Dear Annie: Years ago, my brother, “Harry,” cheated on his wife. She forgave him, and they got back together. They seem very happy. A few years after his affair, the other woman had him served with paternity papers. Harry pays child support, but he has never met the child and says he doesn’t plan to. […]

He didn’t have what she wanted

Dear Annie: My husband of nine years was married to his first wife for 30 years when she left him for another woman. She apparently was a lesbian, but he had no knowledge of it until their marriage fell apart. His two adult kids blame him for the divorce. They also blame me because I […]

Bipartisanship still can happen

Not even the revelation that dishonest state parks officials hid $54 million in reserve funds from budget writers and the public can dim the wider import of a park-rescue bill now working its way through the Legislature. This bill demonstrates that even before a possible few moderate politicians arrive in Sacramento after November’s runoff election, […]

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Thank you, Petersen family

On behalf of the many Davisites who were not able to travel to London this summer, we would like to thank the Petersen family for including us on their 2012 Olympic journey. Their travel reports offered an inside view into the Olympic experience, which brought London just a little bit closer to Davis. We enjoyed […]

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Remember Jacobsen at exhibit

Ann Jacobsen, a great Davis artist, will have a one-day exhibit on Sunday from 11:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Pence Gallery, 212 D St. The show is curated by her friend Bruce Guttin, and sponsored by her sister Dee Jacobsen with support from her friend Adrienne Austin Shapiro. In addition to being a […]

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