A good deal if you’re connected

The proponents of Measure I say it’s about water but I say its about money and power. The “circumstantial evidence” supports my claim. See what you think. If passed, our water rates will go up 2.5 to 3 times to pay for building the project. As a result of that project, our water quality is supposed […]

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Debt ‘swaps’ avoid risk, save money

By Peter Taylor The University of California has come under criticism for its finance decisions — specifically three interest rate “swaps” made on funds borrowed over the past 10 years to expand university medical centers. Swaps exist to insulate borrowers such as UC from volatile interest rates. They work like this: The university borrowed money […]

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A big thanks from STEAC

The 2012 STEAC Holiday Program was a tremendous success due to the amazing support we received from literally hundreds of Davis volunteers, families, churches, businesses, schools, local government offices, professional organizations and departments from the University. Thank you to the First Baptist Church, Davis Lutheran Church and St. James Catholic Church who each year go […]

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Real gun control now, please

My suggestions is that we treat guns like we treat the registration of our cars. There is a constant paper trail on every car with every VIN number. I would include each gun owner has to have insurance just as I have to have insurance for my car. I pay almost $500 each year and […]

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Why is embassy safety under State Department?

The issue: Protecting diplomats is only going to become more difficult Some of the U.S. officials involved in protecting our diplomats in Libya apparently believed that the United States was basking in the revolutionary glow of the overthrow of Moammar Gadhafi. That glow turned into a raging inferno of violence Sept. 11 that claimed four […]

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Handguns are the real menace

I emailed the following message to our former congressman, Mike Thompson, today and I urge my Davis neighbors to let him know their concerns about gun violence. “I was very pleased to learn that Mike Thompson, my former congressman, has been appointed chair of Congress’s Gun Violence Prevention Task Force. “I am contacting Mike because […]

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At least it wasn’t an emotionless fling

Dear Annie: Two years ago, I caught my husband having an emotional affair with a friend of ours. Even though we went through counseling and he told me he was no longer in contact with her, he lied. He continued to lie for almost a year, even during our counseling sessions. In one session, he […]

Thank you for UNICEF effort

The Davis chapter of the United Nations Association writes to offer sincere thanks to the citizens of Davis for once again giving so generously to aid the impoverished children of the world who receive assistance from UNICEF. In these continuing difficult times, and braving a chilly downpour, the children of Davis raised thousands of dollars […]

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Davis stories that really matter

Every fall I look for the “STEAC tree” outside the Davis Food Co-op. It’s a Christmas tree ornamented with slips of paper that say things like, “one can of tuna,” or “boots for 4 year old girl.” STEAC (Short Term Emergency Aid Committee) is a local organization I know through my work at the Unitarian […]

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Education must be a national security priority

By Martin Schram President Barack Obama completed his national security team this week, naming his choices for secretaries of state and defense and the director of the CIA. But he forgot to announce one official who, by his own words, will be key to setting America’s global security priorities. Namely, his secretary of education. It […]

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Keep home fires burning safely

The issue: Are voluntary standards enough? Those bright-burning yule logs reminded us of cause for modest celebration this holiday season: new efforts to protect children from blistering-hot gas fireplaces. More than 2,000 children age 5 and younger were injured over a recent 10-year period after coming into contact with gas fireplaces, Consumer Reports magazine has […]

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Something’s come between them

Dear Annie: I am a 56-year-old male dating a woman with a 13-year-old son. We plan to marry in the near future. The boy has no relationship with his father and is very fond of me, as I am of him. The problem is that he’s a mama’s boy. I think he is jealous of […]