Tell governor not to sign bill

Those living in Mariko Yamada’s Assembly district should be aware that her vote made it possible for the Assembly to approve legislation regarding water and shade requirements for farm employees that, although modified in the Senate, set in motion legislation on Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk that threatens the viability of farmers in her district, particularly […]

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Why space for a ‘9/11 truther’?

Has the staff at The Enterprise completely lost its collective mind? You could have basically ignored the anniversary of 9/11; that seems reasonable 11 years later. Or you could have run something about all of the soldiers killed in combat since then. Perhaps a column or letter about the number of casualties in Afghanistan since […]

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We must stand united

The killing of Ambassador Chris Stevens and other Americans is shocking to me and every peace-loving person. Killing of any innocent person is prohibited in all religions. Libyans loved Stevens and considered him their hero as he helped them to remove Moammar Gadhafi from power and gain their freedom after 42 years of iron-fisted dictatorship. […]

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In honor of the peacemakers

On Tuesday, as with every anniversary of 9/11, my family and I flew our American flag in remembrance of those who lost their lives 11 years ago and those who carry on. As I was about to fold the flag again for storage, I learned that U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three others had […]

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It’s all about quality teachers

By Nicholas D. Kristof The most important civil rights battleground today is education, and, likewise, the most crucial struggle against poverty is the one fought in schools. Inner-city urban schools today echo the “separate but equal” system of the early 1950s. In the Chicago public schools where teachers are now on strike, 86 percent of […]

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Mother becomes more abusive

Dear Annie: My mom is 67 and pure evil. She manipulates her doctors, who don’t know the real truth. I’ve tried to remain patient and respectful, to no avail. My mom has pushed everyone away. She has no friends. Since my father died, she’s become severely depressed. I’ve supported her and stood by her after […]

Heartfelt support to unclog your arteries

The issue: Make a personal resolution to reduce your bad cholesterol This could be a special month for more than politics and sports. It also could be the month of a special personal resolution — to reduce your bad cholesterol. IT IS CHOLESTEROL Awareness Month as per the U.S. Society for Vascular Surgery, whose members […]

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Guns don’t belong on college campuses

By Bill Maxwell On two occasions during my career as a college professor, I feared for my safety when students confronted me about their final grades. Because of the gun violence on our campuses and in other public spaces today, I think more and more about those confrontations. In the first instance in Chicago, a […]

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Together, after all these years

The class of 1957 of Davis High School celebrated its 55th reunion this past weekend. Of the 57 members, 19 had been together since kindergarten. Eleven of these 19, among others, attended the reunion. Bob Parsons Longmont, Colo.

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Vann supports small business

Most of us in Yolo County, no matter our political persuasion, support our friends and neighbors who start small businesses and we want to see them succeed. John Garamendi struck a blow against these entrepreneurs when he voted to uphold a requirement that those who seek to deduct expenditures against their gross income must file a Form 1099 for […]

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The real DACHA cash cow

Re: Mike Mitchell’s letter to the editor Sept. 6: I was glad to learn that he lived in the limited equity co-op called Dos Pinos. In the 1980s, I worked for more than four years to take Dos Pinos from an idea to a financed reality. I worked on every part of the efforts to […]

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Wars based on falsehoods

Forty years too late, it was finally revealed to the American public that the Gulf of Tonkin incident reported by Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara in 1964 was wrong. This falsehood fully plunged the United States into the Vietnam War, thereby killing more than 58,000 of our troops and unknown millions of Vietnamese. Unfortunately, such […]

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