What do you think: What are you thankful for?

Cory Reider student, Davis: “I’m thankful that my mom bought me a plane ticket to go home.” Riley Galton student, San Diego: “Chocolate.” Rex Hartwick hay buyer; Smith, Nev.: “That I got a job and my family’s healthy.” Kirsten Bock veterinarian, Davis: “My family.” Mary Mangrich program assistant, Davis: “That I have a job.” Martin […]

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So much to be thankful for

By Bryan Golden Thanksgiving is much more than a big meal with family and friends. It’s a time to reflect on, and be thankful for, all of the good things you have. Even with all of the uncertainty and turmoil in the world, you have so much to be thankful for. It’s important to be […]

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The second senior class: New opportunities for colleges

By John L. Gann Jr. To entice students, universities commonly boast of offering the “biggest,” the “oldest” or some comparable superlative. Perhaps the campuses that most stand out, though, are those that can claim the ultimate adjective — the “only” — and maintain it for a long time. Ohio Wesleyan University in Delaware, Ohio, 20 […]

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Customer service praised

The following is a copy of a letter to Doug Malinoff, president of University Honda: Recently, I took my Honda Odyssey into your dealership for major servicing. On picking it up the following late afternoon, I found that after being washed, the windshield had a 2-foot-long crack across its lower third. To cut a long […]

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We’re in the red over green

The promise of vastly increasing the building of green energy is a bit clouded. Thirty-four of the green energy companies that received funds from the current administration are faltering, failed or heading for bankruptcy. Of the 34, 19 have filed for bankruptcy. The amount of taxpayers’ money given to the 19 failed companies totaled $1.6 […]

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Thanks for supporting reading

In August, Marguerite Montgomery Elementary School received a $500 First Book/Target grant for books for our school library and classrooms. Because of the generosity of this organization, our school was able to purchase 125 books of fiction and nonfiction in English and in Spanish. On Tuesday, Nov. 6, Hillary Albers from Target and her team […]

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Dance competition a big success

On behalf of the Davis High School Jazz Choir, we extend a big thank you to all the individuals and organizations that contributed to the success of the third annual “Everybody Dance Now!” dance competition on Oct. 13 at the Brunelle Performance Hall. First, we thank all the junior high and senior high school students […]

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A fun, inspiring birthday party

Inspired by the Olympics, we decided on a volleyball birthday party for our 10-year old daughter, Mia, on Nov. 3 but could find no venue in Davis. We had almost given up when someone suggested contacting Julie Crawford, the Davis High School varsity volleyball coach and physical education teacher. We were ecstatic when Julie immediately […]

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Toxic spills can be prevented

Recently, a friend of mine called city staff about a toxic waste problem at a local apartment complex. City public works staff deserve credit for their relatively rapid response to this call. Basically, tenants were leaving open containers of spent oil near the trash container without lids and with spills already occurring. The next rain […]

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Real problem with school spending

After the dust has settled on all the local and state tax increase measures and propositions, it is time to get honest about our California K-12 education funding challenges. For the five-year period beginning fiscal year 2003-04 and ending FY 2007-08, total education spending throughout the state increased 22 percent. By comparison, the California Per […]

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A skewed look at California exodus

No academic or pseudo-academic study has had more impact on California public affairs this fall than a 32-page tome about what’s wrong with this state, coming from the New York-based Manhattan Institute and bearing the ominous title “The Great California Exodus: A Closer Look.” Trouble is, this study doesn’t look quite closely enough to get […]

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Preparing to lead from rear in another war

The issue: U.S. has learned not to leave Islamic radicals alone Another war in northern Africa is in the offing. The United States, along with the major European Union nations, is pledged to support it with training, supplies and logistics. But this time, no matter how diplomatically desirable, the U.S. and its European allies may […]

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Taking all the blame

Dear Annie: Last May, my children’s father committed suicide. He and I had split up two years before because of his violent ways. Despite my marrying another man, I still cared for my ex and worried about his welfare. I would even sneak him food and pay his electric bill behind my husband’s back. My […]