Thanks; I’m eager to get going

I wish to thank the community for electing me to the City Council with such strong support. It’s very humbling. I also wish to thank the countless volunteers who helped on the campaign in so many ways, including taking lawn signs, sitting at the Farmers Market, walking precincts, hosting meet-and-greets and donating time and money. […]

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Our green commitment is essential

By Sid England If there were a solar array, a biodegradable plate or a more energy-efficient building created for every time someone used the word “sustainable,” the world would be just that. Like so many things, the definition of sustainability depends on who is defining it. The University of California — four of whose campuses, […]

Parties should pay for their own conventions

The issue: Bill would ban future taxpayer contributions The two major parties’ political conventions are delightful anachronisms. The candidates are generally known well in advance: In President Barack Obama’s case, having no challengers, since January 2009; in the case of Mitt Romney, who did have challengers, since May, almost three full months before the GOP […]

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A quarter-century of misery

Dear Annie: I married at the age of 18. Shortly before my wedding, both of my parents died, leaving me with no other relatives. I looked forward to sharing life with my husband’s large, close-knit family. But the day after the ceremony, my new mother-in-law began a crusade to divorce me. She went to each […]

It’s no picnic for her, either

Dear Annie: I’ve been married for 40 years and am now retired. While working, I became infatuated with “Lucy,” a co-worker. We became friends, and after one of our many lunches, we took the rest of the day off, stayed at her house, and you can guess what happened. Annie, it was a tragic mistake […]

In praise of dads

Dear Annie: Last year, you printed a column on Father’s Day about what makes a dad. There is a huge difference between what makes a “father” and what makes a “dad.” A father is someone who believes that by donating his sperm for your creation, he has done his duty in life. A dad is […]

New best friend will require some adjustments

I apologize for a graphic opening, but I learned something important last Saturday when I put a plastic bag around my hand, bent down, and scooped up dog poop — fresh from the dog — for the very first time. It’s warm. I almost fell over with surprise, and it wasn’t happy surprise. I choked. […]

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Closing state parks will never balance California’s budget

“What do you want to do for your birthday,” The Cutest Man In The World asked me recently. He’s not just cute. He’s smart, too. He realized the hard way after we got married (as did I) that there’s one thing on which we’re completely out of sync: birthday celebrations. For him, a celebration might […]

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A little less conversation

Dear Annie: I have enjoyed a wonderful friendship with “Sharon” for the past eight years. However, lately she talks nonstop and interrupts me so often during conversations that the only way to enjoy our interaction is through email or by exchanging voicemails. Sharon has always been a high-detail storyteller, going off on frequent tangents and […]

Keeping your pet’s guts parasite-free

It is an issue most pet owners don’t want to think about, let alone talk about. Yet it is a problem that is nonetheless prevalent and is very important to appropriately diagnose and treat in dogs and cats: an intestinal parasite infection. Intestinal parasites are a commonly diagnosed problem in puppies and kittens, especially those […]

Do we have to include him?

Dear Annie: A year ago, my sister, “Sheila,” had an affair. She is now living with the Other Man. Sheila and her husband have a 23-year-old son who has been devastated by this. My family believes the boyfriend is simply using Sheila for her money and to have someone around to help raise his teenage […]

A commencement reality: You’re not special

* Editor’s note: This is excerpted from a Wellesley High School commencement speech delivered by David McCullough Jr., a high school teacher and father of four, that was published in the Boston Herald. By David McCullough Jr. So here we are … commencement … life’s great forward-looking ceremony. (And don’t say, “What about weddings?” Weddings […]

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Jobs for teens shriveling in summer sun

The issue: And those who need the work most, both for the money and the experience, fare the worst Labor analysts note there are jobs going begging that don’t require college degrees but do demand certain specific skills. Having unemployed teenagers wasting their summers is not going to fill that gap. The oft-expressed obstacle to […]

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What do you think: What is the most memorable thing your father ever did?

Amy Barden stay-at-home mom, Fair Oaks: “He started taking me on backpacking trips when I was 7. That started a lifelong love of nature.” Lise Brown property manager, Woodland: “He had me in Los Alamos, N.M., when he was working on the hydrogen bomb.” Enrique Avila screenprint artist; Pittsburgh, Pa.: “Scoop of ice cream on […]

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