Gulls, too, worry about wounded

This is in response to Andy Fell’s Sept. 12 story on Davis scrub-jays. I intend to respond with some additional information that may be of interest to Andy and/or to Iglesias (whom he cited). In the 1970s when I was a 4-H leader of the El Dorado Aerospace project, my son and I visited the […]

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Why would I need therapy?

Dear Annie: Am I strange? I like to keep my house clean and neat. In addition, I check for items that may need fixing so the house is not in disrepair. Although friends and family think I am “anal,” I do not feel that I am obsessive. I also have many fears, some of which […]

Theologically fueled expansionism

Never forget. Never forget that theologically fueled expansionism is our greatest threat and that this threat is existential. If you disagree, consult the Native American empires that crumbled in the face of adversaries who innately believed it was their divine duty to conquer them. As such, there are countless numbers of people on this planet who feel that it […]

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‘Trickle down’ doesn’t work

Before anyone jumps on letter-writer Beth Wettergreen’s statement about the largest transfer of wealth (in the United States) over the past four years (Sept. 9) I feel obliged by my age to support her main point. “Trickle-down” economics” (support the rich, and American jobs will trickle down from there) has been tried more than once, […]

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Our solution to Mideast chaos

After 9/11, the left developed a politically advantageous template of reason that we could talk and hug our way back to greater cooperation with radical Islam. We then elected a cool Democrat President of Muslim and minority origins in part as an olive branch supporting this new softer approach. Today, as millions of violent Muslims […]

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A day of remembrance

Thank you to the Davis City Council, Mayor Joe Krovoza, Mayor Pro Tem Dan Wolk and Council members, Lucas Frerichs, Brett Lee and Rochelle Swanson for their recognition of Sept. 11, 2012, as a day of remembrance. Each Sept. 11, now known as “Patriot Day,” we remember the courageous and selfless acts of patriotism and […]

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Men: Inform yourself about prostate cancer

By Harold Honeyfield September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, which makes it a good time to examine the debate about prostate-specific antigen testing. The debate is totally within the medical profession and they are playing football with men’s health. This debate centers around the question of what is the best medical advice to be given […]

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Still chasing the dream

Dear Annie: I’ve been friends with a small group of people since junior high. We’re in our late 50s now, and though none of us has set the world on fire, we have good families and stable careers. All except “Joe.” Ever since he was a boy, Joe dreamed of making it big in a […]

I couldn’t believe it, but vacation isn’t all good

* Editor’s note: This column first appeared in September 2005. I thought I understood the concept of a vacation, especially a vacation from writing this column. The pressure of producing something new every week was getting to me, I longed for a break from routine, and I thought vacation would fix me up just fine. […]

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Can you show just a little more love?

Yes, I realize it’s been only two weeks since I appealed to all the lovely people who visit me here to please, please, please match my $20 donation to help support Cathy Speck, in the Walk to Defeat ALS. Many responded, and thank you for reaffirming that humanity is not as suckful as I suspected. […]

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The kids aren’t alright

Dear Annie: When can we stop giving our children money? When is enough enough? My daughter and her husband are in their mid-30s. They bought a house they could not afford. On top of that, they are in the middle of filing for bankruptcy, as they have been overspending for years. My daughter works two […]

A smile and some sympathy

Recycle at Davis Waste Removal at your own risk. It appears my old cardboard mattered more to management than the car I damaged, or my emotional state. So, off I went to Hanlees Toyota — where three smiling, considerate sales guys helped me with my next step. One gentleman gave me Nathan Wendt’s business card […]

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Congress on big issues: Drop back 10 and punt

The issue: Our fearless leaders likely won’t tackle important legislation After being here only two days in August, according to House Republican leader Eric Cantor’s schedule, the House returned last week to a huge, and hugely important, workload. So did the Senate, following a similarly brief stint in August. But the betting in the capital is […]

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What do you think: What is your lifelong dream?

Sandy Lee student, Davis: “To be a good attorney.” Alex Antipa taekwondo coach, Davis: “To coach an Olympian.” Roxanne Molyneaux nanny, Davis: “To be a mom.” Julie Meenan philanthropist, Long Beach: “To grow old in good health.” Barnabas Tsang student, Davis: “Being a school counselor.” Michael Singh unemployed, Woodland: “To be a professor.” Asked in […]

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