Toxic spills can be prevented

Recently, a friend of mine called city staff about a toxic waste problem at a local apartment complex. City public works staff deserve credit for their relatively rapid response to this call. Basically, tenants were leaving open containers of spent oil near the trash container without lids and with spills already occurring. The next rain […]

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Real problem with school spending

After the dust has settled on all the local and state tax increase measures and propositions, it is time to get honest about our California K-12 education funding challenges. For the five-year period beginning fiscal year 2003-04 and ending FY 2007-08, total education spending throughout the state increased 22 percent. By comparison, the California Per […]

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A skewed look at California exodus

No academic or pseudo-academic study has had more impact on California public affairs this fall than a 32-page tome about what’s wrong with this state, coming from the New York-based Manhattan Institute and bearing the ominous title “The Great California Exodus: A Closer Look.” Trouble is, this study doesn’t look quite closely enough to get […]

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Preparing to lead from rear in another war

The issue: U.S. has learned not to leave Islamic radicals alone Another war in northern Africa is in the offing. The United States, along with the major European Union nations, is pledged to support it with training, supplies and logistics. But this time, no matter how diplomatically desirable, the U.S. and its European allies may […]

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Taking all the blame

Dear Annie: Last May, my children’s father committed suicide. He and I had split up two years before because of his violent ways. Despite my marrying another man, I still cared for my ex and worried about his welfare. I would even sneak him food and pay his electric bill behind my husband’s back. My […]

Time to equalize our taxes

If Congress wants to balance the federal budget and avoid falling off the fiscal cliff, now is the time to advocate a flat tax, in the vicinity of 1 to 2 percent of gross income. I have advocated this tax in the past, and I would be willing to pay my fair share. This tax […]

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Donate, volunteer for Wreath Project

In 2006, a new tradition of laying wreaths at the Sacramento Valley National Cemetery during the holiday time in honor of our fallen was started. About 300 wreaths were purchased and each gravesite was covered that first year. As the cemetery continues to grow, it is only through the generosity and support of individuals, groups […]

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This windmill is for the birds

In a recent column in The Enterprise, John Mott-Smith accurately described an alternate form of windmill for capturing wind energy. At least one example of it can be found already in Davis. He reports that this design is quieter than those three-blade propellers we see on wind farms. An unmentioned feature far more valuable, however, […]

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Look elsewhere for choices

As a founding member of Yolo County NOW, I can’t let Woodland Healthcare’s ironic current ad go without comment. Women: If you really want to ensure you have “CHOICES” regarding your possible health care needs, know that the last place you’ll be offered all your options is a Catholic health care system that thinks it knows […]

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A fitting tribute to veterans

Davis Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 6949 thank the members of the local community who attended the Davis Veterans Day ceremony this past Sunday. It was another proper tribute to all veterans and their families, past, present and future. The Davis Cemetery District hosted another uplifting event and we look forward to a lasting partnership. […]

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Petraeus departure a waste of talent

The issue: However, this brilliant military man had no choice but to resign There is this to be said about Gen. David Petraeus’ resignation after 38 years of exceptional service to this country: What a waste. PETRAEUS WAS the model of what the modern military is seeking in its top officers: a combination of warrior, […]

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We want fair, equitable water rates

By Matt Williams Bob giveth and Bob taketh away. On the one hand, the esteemed Mr. Dunning’s flattery of my perceptiveness on the “huge community mistake” comment was well … flattery. But then he turns around and declares the fiscally responsible proposed Loge-Williams rate structure “ludicrous” because he believes that four residents out of Davis’ […]

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Taking in the welcome mat

Dear Annie: Recently, my husband mentioned that he wanted to get together with some friends for a project. I encouraged him to invite the guys to our home to work on it. I thought it would be a few hours, but it ended up taking well over 12. They arrived early in the morning and […]