Vandals destroy wildlife habitat

The vandals not only crushed our hearts, they damage our certified wildlife habitat! On Thursday, Sept. 27, between the hours of 7 p.m. and 6 a.m., our habitat was destroyed. We arrived at school on Friday to find our bird bath broken in half on the other side of the pool fence, the hummingbird feeder […]

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What do you think: How will you vote on Measure E?

Kyle Monhollen teacher, Davis: “Yes; my wife is a teacher, my children both attend school in Davis.” Heather Riden program manager, Davis: “I’d probably vote for it, (to) support public schools.” Sam Kemp grad student, Davis: “I haven’t decided yet. I just moved, and I’m still just feeling out what local politics are like.” Emily […]

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Oppose this unfair new tax: Vote no on Measure E

By Jose J. Granda and Thomas Randall Jr. Before you vote on Measure E you should give serious consideration to the following facts and questions: The Davis Unified School District’s 2011-12 budget reveals that the district received $70.3 million in revenue — $8,707 per student — most of it from our state income taxes. The parcel tax […]

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Support excellence in education: Vote yes on Measure E

By Barbara Archer, et. al. We are at a crossroads for education in California. Unfortunately, we live in a state that does not fund education well and has been deeply affected by the economic crisis. But we in Davis have always been a solution-oriented band of folks. We have supplemented our public education system going […]

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Serial number is key to guard against bike theft

By David Takemoto-Weerts In Brett Johnson’s article about bike theft in The Davis Enterprise on Sunday, Sept. 23 (“Lack of awareness leads to low recovery rate for local bike thefts”), Lt. Paul Doroshov of the Davis Police Department clearly describes the high rate of theft in town and the low incidence of recovery. However, Doroshov […]

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We’re in good hands with Lovenburg, Peterson

The issue: The challenges are great, but these leaders are more than capable Who in their right mind would want to be a school board member in California during these challenging times? For the past five years, trustees across the state have been forced to slash programs, jobs and facilities in their school districts due […]

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Fighting the dry mouth epidemic

With the increase in the elderly population comes an increase in the prevalence of chronic conditions such as hypertension, arthritis and cancer. We are blessed today to have many treatment options that help us combat these conditions; however, some of the available options cause dry mouth, a serious side effect that cannot be managed simply […]

Getting the story straight on Libya

The issue: Our confused response to the tragedy complicated important assessments that are under way In the public relations business there is said to be a maxim for handling disasters: Get the information out right, get it out first and get it out your way. IF THAT FIRST RULE is botched, the other two don’t […]

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There must be 50,000 ways to say no

By Mark Braly Has anyone ever read all of the city of Davis General Plan, and its supporting documents, the area specific plans, zoning code, design guidelines and the rest of it? I can think of only one intern, who did it for money. In fact, you don’t have to read much of it to […]

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She’s ready to move on

Dear Annie: My son passed away last year from cancer. Not even two months after his death, my daughter-in-law began dating a married man. She then became pregnant and moved in with him and my two young granddaughters. She had the baby 11 months after my son’s death. I am upset about her choice to […]

Strong listening skills are asset

Over the past several years, I have had the tremendous privilege of serving with Nancy Peterson on the Davis Junior Blue Devil board. Nancy served on the board of the DHS Blue & White Foundation and we had the unique opportunity to work together when I freelanced as a graphic designer. The qualities that best […]

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They know only one word

Since Jan. 20, 2009, the Republican Party has had an automatic two-letter, one-word response to everything that would be good for the country. Why would any person who cares about the USA, and its politics, elect anyone from the party that has such a limited vocabulary? John E. Moren Davis

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