Flag missing at DHS graduation

I was a resident of Davis from 1959 to 1963. I attended my grandson’s graduation ceremony at Davis High School on Friday night. It was a nice ceremony. I do have one question: Where was the American flag? Was this a mistake or the ultimate in political correctness? Jon Green Penryn

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Don’t do the unexpected

This is in response to Jason Christian’s letter urging pedestrians to walk on the left side of mixed-use paths in Davis. He mistakenly cites the California Vehicle Code (the CVC applies to roadways, not to paths). The key to traffic safety is: Don’t do the unexpected. Christian correctly notes that almost all pedestrians walk on […]

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Committee needs more time

Dear friends and neighbors: Please phone or email Davis City Council members immediately and ask them to vote “yes” on Tuesday to extend the deadline for the Water Advisory Committee to make its recommendations on the surface-water project and a proposed rate schedule. That committee was appointed by a pro-surface-water council majority, and appeared to […]

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Thank you, Davis firefighters

On Sunday, I was driving my children home from a party and saw some smoke on the horizon ahead of us near eastbound Interstate 80. Soon, there were Davis fire trucks passing us on the Mace Boulevard offramp. It turned out there was a fire in the grass area a few blocks from our home. […]

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Affordable college loans a necessity

Competition in our global economy is increasing and a college education is getting more expensive. This is counterintuitive. If our nation is going to remain competitive in our global economy, then we must continue producing the world’s best entrepreneurs and innovators. And if we are going to continue producing the world’s best entrepreneurs and innovators, […]

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The highway bill to nowhere

The issue: This sorry tale is a textbook case of congressional dysfunction The Surface Transportation Act, called the highway bill for short, is the basic measure funding the nation’s roads, bridges and mass transportation systems. Typically, the bill lasts for four to six years, giving state transportation officials needed time for long-term planning. THE LAST […]

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Addiction is wrecking marriage

Dear Annie: Please help me. My husband, whom I love very much, is addicted to pain pills. It’s been more than a year. He says he takes them to maintain his energy levels for his long 12-hour days, but, Annie, he still takes the pills on his days off. When he tries to stop, he […]

As if things weren’t bad enough …

Dear Annie: My 54-year-old daughter, “Susan,” has been angry with me since she was a teenager. I have tried to question her about why she hates me so much, but she won’t discuss it. She is married to a controlling man who shares her feelings and recently told the family to “go to hell.” Susan […]

A child’s big question: What’s it like being you?

My friend Marsha and I were having one of those conversations about the cute things our kids said, conversations that continue long after the children are buying their own life insurance, getting their name on the office door, and having babies of their own. Marsha’s favorite question from her son came when he was 6 […]

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A pawn in the rush to prevent the Zombie Apocalypse

I’ve finally figured it out: The doctors are trying to kill me. They’re in collusion. But I’m onto them now. Ha ha! Yes, they’ve repeatedly threaded wires through the veins in my legs and attempted to fry me from the inside. They’ve squeezed my breasts between cold glass plates until they nearly burst and splattered […]

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Daughter sick of being controlled

Dear Annie: I am an only child who was reared by loving but extremely controlling parents. They tried to dictate my attire, my friends and my opinions. I moved away and married, but things have only gotten worse. I considered moving home to help them, as they are getting older. My husband was skeptical. He’s […]

Davis World Cup thanks you

Another Memorial Day weekend has come and gone with scores of AYSO soccer players filling our fields, our downtown and our communities with smiling faces and “worldly” sportsmanship. The 26th annual Davis World Cup directors would like to thank the many individuals, families and local businesses who made this year one of the best. Thank […]

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Thanks for Operation Vigilance

I want to thank the Yolo County District Attorney Jeff Reisig for “Operation Vigilance,” a compliance and enforcement check on sex registrants conducted in late May. Keeping a close eye on sex offenders is crucial to prevent reoffending. Although we don’t like to think that 370 known rapists and child molesters are living in our neighborhoods, […]

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