Still angry about Co-op decision

Recently I’ve become unhappy, to the breaking point, with American democracy and have wondered what I could do about the mess it is in. I then realized that I have been participating in that mess and that I could make a small step toward correcting it. The letter below shows what I did. I encourage you […]

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Save the dates for holiday sale

Save the dates for the Davis Art Center’s 22nd annual Holiday Sale: Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Nov. 30-Dec. 2 This event features items from 70 local artisans, a pottery painting studio, hands-on children’s arts and crafts, the Wall of Art silent auction, the Children’s Secret Store, and soup and noshes by Stone Soup Catering. The Children’s […]

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Separation of church and state

I am tired of reading about what a drag it is for Bob Dunning to have to alter his behavior in response to the concerns of religions that are not his own. The next time Bob gets up in arms about the separation of church and state, perhaps he’ll talk about the fact that the […]

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Utopian post-election thoughts

We Americans have lots of common ground if we stop the daily practice of listening to the pundits whose goal is to divide us. Let’s reach out to those chagrined by this election to let them know things are going to be OK. We wish we could say in a way they’d understand that America […]

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Grateful to board candidates

We would like to express our gratitude to the five school board candidates who ran for the two open positions on the board. They all worked so hard to attain an unpaid position, with the shared goal of improving our schools. Their weeks of meeting with constituents and discussing issues that are important to so […]

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Please continue shopping locally

I was shocked and saddened to hear the local president of our very own Ace Hardware sent out a very political letter to her employees. I read the letter. She has strong beliefs. I do not believe the workplace is an appropriate place to send out such a letter. Folks in Davis, good folks who […]

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Educators express gratitude

The Emerson Junior High School staff would like to heartily thank the community of Davis for supporting the Davis schools. We really appreciate teaching in a community that values its children. Thank you for your votes to support our students. Thanks, as well, to all the volunteers who worked so hard to pass Measure E […]

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Sandy: an isolated event or growing pattern?

The issue: Destructive storms and wildfires are becoming harsher and more frequent People who live in areas prone to flooding or other disasters can be forgiven for thinking they’ve lived through so many “once in a century” weather events they mathematically must have been here since the time of the pharaohs. FOR WHATEVER reason, destructive […]

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Forsaking all others, eh?

Dear Annie: I have been married to my husband for only one month, and he already has had a brief fling with a woman from his office. This caught me completely off guard. I thought we were happy, and I am pretty sure my husband enjoys being married to me. He always says I am […]

Long lines, yes; widespread fraud, no

The issue: Election fears turn out to be unfounded It was an article of faith in the George W. Bush administration and among its congressional allies that voter fraud, presumably in aid of Democrats, was widespread. DESPITE A FIVE-YEAR investigation and the firing of eight U.S. attorneys for showing insufficient zeal in pursuit of that […]

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They had to call the ‘principal’

An 87-year-old longtime Davis resident (my mother), Corinne Cooke, was delayed from voting in Davis on Tuesday because she was wearing a T-shirt with a photo of Michelle Obama that includes a message saying “Forward.” She was told to sit in a corner, while on an oxygen tank, and instructed to remain there with no […]

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Non-teaching days are essential

I am writing in response to Paul Brady’s letter (Nov. 4) proposing that Davis Joint Unified School District teachers take furlough time on non-teaching days, “so as not to disadvantage students and parents.” To equate similar steps taken by the University of California faculty to those by DJUSD teachers is like comparing apples to oranges, […]

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