Boy Scouts must protect youths, aid victims

The issue: Insistence on confidentiality is not the way to go As an organization, the Boy Scouts of America is anything but oblivious to the problem of child predators. The year after its founding in 1910, the organization started requiring reference checks for scoutmasters and soon afterward began cross-checking adult applicants to Scouting positions against […]

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Peter J. Shields: remembering a long life

In April, UC Davis celebrated the 150th anniversary of the birth of Judge Peter J. Shields, the man called “the founding father” of what became the University of California, Davis. Judge Shields was born April 4, 1862, on his family’s farm at Hangtown Crossing on the American River. (Today, Hangtown is part of Rancho Cordova.) […]

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Also, he’s an astronaut … and a senator

Dear Annie: My boyfriend lives with a woman who gave birth to his child. He says it is not a romantic arrangement. She wanted to get pregnant, and he provided the genetic material. He sleeps on the sofa. My issue is, when he wants to spend time with this kid, the mother must always be […]

Paranoia tops Chinese leaders’ agendas

The issue: To keep real news from the people, authorities have banned remote-control model airplanes and balloons, which could bear subversive messages One of the entertaining aspects of dictatorships — unless, of course, you have to live under one — is their extreme level of paranoia. The ruling Chinese Communist Party has soared to new […]

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Cut out illegal U-turns downtown

While sitting outside at Mishka’s on a beautiful day, I witnessed three cars do an illegal U-turn to get into a parking space close to the front door. My understanding is that the fine for this citation is about $240, and to have the violation removed from your driving record (so your insurance doesn’t go […]

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Let’s fill in instead of sprawl

As the housing market begins to improve, we are set to see an increasing demand for new homes, rising home prices and a popular demand to build new housing. Historically, as the volume of demand for new homes goes up, the city is swayed to find a quick solution — building new tract housing. Enter […]

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Re-evaluate GATE approach

In her Oct. 28 opinion piece, Debbie Nichols Poulos speaks from personal experience as a teacher in the 1980s, but the law governing gifted education has changed since then. Current California law focuses on “gifted and talented” students, not just “intellectually gifted” students, and a district may design its GATE program to serve students with […]

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Keep Davis affordable

Residents of Davis, join us in voting no on Measure E. The school district is pushing a “more money or else” tactic in demanding their current program plan be funded. A restructuring of the school finances and priorities with curriculum review, cuts at the top in administration, and a focus on core requirements are needed. […]

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Davis turkeys must go

OK, folks, let’s get serious. A “flock” of two to four turkeys is cute; however, the current “flock” of 40 to 50 of these feathered creatures roaming our neighborhood is ridiculous. I have spoken with John McNerney, the city’s wildlife specialist, twice in the past two years and have gotten the same “company line” as […]

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Help feed the hungry this holiday

The November and December holidays are just a few weeks away. As you plan your own celebrations this year, please consider making a food or funding donation to Davis Community Meals: uncooked turkeys or other meats, fresh vegetables and fruits from your winter gardens, etc. DCM is a communitywide organization committed to providing delicious, nutritious […]

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See our production of ‘Avenue Q’

As members of the Davis High School Drama Board, we write on behalf of the entire department. We are very excited for the community to see our fall musical, “Avenue Q: School Edition.” The show continues Thursday through Saturday at 7 p.m. at the Brunelle Performance Hall at DHS, 315 W. 14th St. There was […]

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The East Coast needs blood

Last week, I donated blood. The folks there explained something very interesting to me. While the communities ravaged by Hurricane Sandy need more blood than usual because of injuries, a bigger problem is that blood donations are way down while people recover from the storm and its damage. So I encourage you to donate blood, today, […]

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Fernandes offers solutions

I pledged my endorsement to Alan Fernandes for school board long before he decided to run. Many times over the past few years I’ve ended a conversation encouraging him to run and promising my support. His dedication and passion for our children is deep and genuine. When he says he cares for and will advocate […]

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