The kids won’t do their share

Dear Annie: My husband and I have been married for 23 years, and we have two teenage daughters. Our biggest issue is disciplining the kids. I think they should do more household chores. My husband agrees in theory, but does nothing to hold them accountable when they don’t cooperate, so the burden of discipline falls […]

My New Year’s resolution is to be as selfish as I possibly can

Well, here we are, all in one piece. The Mayans were wrong and the world didn’t end after all. The shootings in Newtown, Conn., made it feel that way, however. What can we do but move forward. It’s not like there’s another option, unless you’re willing to throw yourself into traffic right now to end […]

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What do you think? What’s your New Year’s resolution? Will you keep it?

James Bronson police dispatcher, Winters: “Spend more time with family, and I will keep that resolution.” Greg Chapman unemployed, Davis: “I haven’t thought that far ahead.” Kenya Oto student, Davis: “To stay healthy and probably not miss any days of school, and I think I have a pretty big chance of keeping it.” Brian Richards […]

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Lawsuit targets ‘junk’ health insurance

Dr. Norman Carter and his wife Kathleen are not alone, and a lawsuit they are fighting now in San Bernardino County Superior Court might help hundreds of other Californians who also believe they’ve been scammed by companies selling what lawyers often call “junk health insurance.” Carter, 63, an independent orthodontist practicing in Chino since 1976, […]

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High court must settle affirmative action

By Dan K. Thomasson The U.S. Supreme Court is wrestling once again with the question of racial preference in college admissions. It is entirely possible that it might end the controversial policy of affirmative action, given the conservative bent of five of the nine justices. There’s an old story about a brilliant football prospect at […]

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Just Us in Davis: Why I said ‘no’ to this D.A.

Learn more * Screening of “From The Community To The Classroom: A Youth Directed Film of How Davis Young People Led Their Community Closer to Educational Equity,” at 6 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 15, at the Guild Theater in Oak Park, 2828 35th St., Sacramento. A new discussion guide and lesson plans will be introduced, followed […]

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A challenging choice: heat or eat?

By Shawn Kramer This time of year as the weather turns cold, many of us think of the simple pleasure of a cozy evening at home. However, for many in our community, the change in seasons adds further stress to the budget as families are confronted with difficult choices like whether to pay for food […]

U.S. on course to be 100% energy-independent

The issue: But we must take care to protect environment while seeking new drilling sites Ho! Ho! Ho! America got an early Christmas gift this year with the news that as a nation we’re about to become energy-independent — at least in terms of fossil fuels. THE ENERGY Department reported last week that in 2012, […]

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Why you never ask this question

Dear Annie: I am a fortunate mother of four beautiful little girls, all under the age of 8. While I am not overweight, I could be in better shape. How do I handle strangers and distant acquaintances who approach me and ask me when my baby is due? I do have a little bit of […]

Show me the money

Thank you for your in-depth coverage of the hiring of Ron Gould as UC Davis’ new football coach. From your reporting, it looks like this was a great hire. Coach Gould sounds like the perfect fit for UCD. In these challenging budget times, and in light of the recent elimination of four intercollegiate athletic teams […]

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Laws should focus on positives

The more laws we have to break, the more criminals we have. The more criminals we have, the more jails and prisons we need to house the criminals, and the more law enforcement officers we need to arrest them. I believe prison and jail reform starts with the laws we have. I believe laws need […]

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Helping keep downtown clean

Noticing an increase of trash on the sidewalk along Second Street, between C and D streets in downtown Davis, we emailed City Councilman Dan Wolk and asked if he could arrange to place a city trash can and a city recycling can at the corner of Second and D streets. Well, we’re pleased to say […]

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Drop ads for assault weapons

Since the Newtown massacre of Dec. 14, The Enterprise has published several moving articles and columns condemning gun violence and advocating reform. I was therefore stunned to find, in the Dec. 20 issue, on Page B3, an ad from Guns Fishing & Other Stuff of Vacaville promoting weapons such as the DPMS Oracle, an AR-15 […]

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