A child’s big question: What’s it like being you?

My friend Marsha and I were having one of those conversations about the cute things our kids said, conversations that continue long after the children are buying their own life insurance, getting their name on the office door, and having babies of their own. Marsha’s favorite question from her son came when he was 6 […]

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A pawn in the rush to prevent the Zombie Apocalypse

I’ve finally figured it out: The doctors are trying to kill me. They’re in collusion. But I’m onto them now. Ha ha! Yes, they’ve repeatedly threaded wires through the veins in my legs and attempted to fry me from the inside. They’ve squeezed my breasts between cold glass plates until they nearly burst and splattered […]

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Daughter sick of being controlled

Dear Annie: I am an only child who was reared by loving but extremely controlling parents. They tried to dictate my attire, my friends and my opinions. I moved away and married, but things have only gotten worse. I considered moving home to help them, as they are getting older. My husband was skeptical. He’s […]

Davis World Cup thanks you

Another Memorial Day weekend has come and gone with scores of AYSO soccer players filling our fields, our downtown and our communities with smiling faces and “worldly” sportsmanship. The 26th annual Davis World Cup directors would like to thank the many individuals, families and local businesses who made this year one of the best. Thank […]

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Thanks for Operation Vigilance

I want to thank the Yolo County District Attorney Jeff Reisig for “Operation Vigilance,” a compliance and enforcement check on sex registrants conducted in late May. Keeping a close eye on sex offenders is crucial to prevent reoffending. Although we don’t like to think that 370 known rapists and child molesters are living in our neighborhoods, […]

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Bravo for bicyclists!

The third annual Davis Bike Loopalooza on May 6 was a resounding success! Nearly 150 kids were issued passports and rode their bikes with their friends and families around some portion of the Davis Bike Loop. Eighty-seven kids actually rode the whole 12-plus-mile loop and earned their completion certificates. The intent of the Bike Loopalooza […]

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New generation of leadership

At the next League of California Cities statewide meeting, one of the high points for many, many of the participants will be when Dan Wolk, Brett Lee and Lucas Frerichs are introduced as the new members of the Davis City Council, and that Sue Greenwald will no longer be attending. It’s a new generation of […]

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Is it the end of an era?

The electoral defeat of Sue Greenwald and Stephen Souza mark the end of an era, sort of. They are the last of the “old guard” from the 1990s to be on the City Council and we may not see their kind again. When I first moved here 17 years ago, city politics were dominated by […]

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In Wisconsin, governor wins, unions lose

The issue: Less clear is what the race says about November’s presidential vote Gubernatorial recall elections have never been popular with American voters, who are reluctant to overturn regular elections that have been fairly fought and fairly won. WISCONSIN WAS only the third state to attempt ousting its governor. Republican Scott Walker became the first […]

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This sad problem can be fixed

By Lori Lubin, Lori Maloney and Julie Sontag Can we talk about an unpopular subject? Approximately 50 percent of the animals unlucky enough to enter our Yolo County animal shelter will be killed there. “Uh oh, too depressing, time to turn the page,” you may be saying. We used to say that, too. We were […]

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More than a one-night bloom

* Editor’s note: Foye Fisk (F.F.) McNaughton, grandfather of Davis Enterprise owners Foy and Burt McNaughton, edited and published the Pekin (Ill.) Daily Times for many years. He also wrote a daily column. This column, written Sept. 15, 1930, for the Times, is particularly appropriate this week as the McNaughtons mourn the passing of their father […]

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Overdiagnosis can be harmful, needless, costly

There’s a growing pushback in American medical care — and across the developed world — to be less aggressive about looking for certain diseases in patients. After decades spent developing and encouraging the use of a dizzying array of diagnostic tests and risk-classification schemes, many professionals are moving toward doing less because they fear patients […]

Impending divorce weighs on son

Dear Annie: I am an 18-year-old guy, and my parents are splitting up. I don’t know the full story, but things are getting somewhat awkward around the house. We try to live normally, but the silence hurts. I’m trying to deal with it and put up a good front until graduation, but it’s hard. When […]