Drop ads for assault weapons

Since the Newtown massacre of Dec. 14, The Enterprise has published several moving articles and columns condemning gun violence and advocating reform. I was therefore stunned to find, in the Dec. 20 issue, on Page B3, an ad from Guns Fishing & Other Stuff of Vacaville promoting weapons such as the DPMS Oracle, an AR-15 […]

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Let’s alter the violence script

By Rekha Basu It’s stunning when it hits you: Mass murderers are almost always male. It’s also a loaded topic, which explains why we almost never call attention to it. So when a female business-owner friend brought it up this week and suggested I write about it, at first I balked. How do you do […]

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Armed guards in schools? Not the answer

The issue: More guns won’t make us safer, despite what the NRA believes The senseless massacre of 20 children and six educators in Connecticut has spawned another chapter of the national debate on gun control, with the nation’s biggest gun lobby calling for putting armed police officers and other armed guards in schools. Wayne LaPierre, […]

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Preparing for the end of the Afghan war

The issue: Given the lack of attention from Congress and the public, our departure from our longest conflict could be sloppy and inconclusive International combat operations in Afghanistan, now involving mostly U.S. troops, are to come to a formal end at the close of 2014, at roughly 13 years by far America’s longest-running war. THE […]

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Friend in a gross situation

Dear Annie: My friend “Rachel” is very dear to me. We’ve been best friends since the 11th grade. Now that we’ve entered the adult world, however, she’s encountered some difficult situations. She had a drug problem, has always had family problems, lost her license, owes back taxes and has been unemployed for a year. Rachel […]

Thank you, Bo Tree; farewell

Thank you, Bo Tree, all dedicated Bo Tree yoga teachers and owner Teri Bowen for being Davis’ longest-running yoga studio and serving authentic Davis community yoga for 10 devoted years. It is there that I learned what true yoga meant and that yoga not only strengthens the body, mind and spirit but it also can […]

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What’s the wait for tasty water?

I have a few questions about the water supply proposals: * Does the cost estimate include the interest on a bond? * If this measure fails at the ballot box, what is Plan B? Keeping what we have now is not an option. What other choices do we have? Are there any? * If we go […]

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Would gay Scout be honored?

We congratulate Jack Meyer on becoming an Eagle Scout but can’t stop wondering what would happen if a gay Boy Scout in Davis were to complete the requirements to become an Eagle Scout. We are concerned that he would be discriminated against and denied this honor as Ryan Andresen, 18, of Moraga was denied his […]

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End bloodshed everywhere

Do Iraqis, do Iranians, do Afghanis, do Pakistanis, do Somalians cry for their children, too? When these people gather to mourn their losses, they are attacked by our president’s vicious military forces. What’s up with that? End the woe at home and abroad. Everywhere! We can behave better than we have been. Let’s break out […]

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Mental health and gun control

In the wake of the slaughter of 20 children and six teachers in Newtown, Conn., I applaud the call for a greater emphasis on mental health care. Might I suggest that those who insist the availability of assault weapons is irrelevant to the tragedy or who advocate the arming of teachers to prevent such incidents […]

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Mistletoe is costly to Davis

On my travels throughout Davis in support of the Davis Tree Commission, I see many examples of the negative effects of mistletoe on residential and city trees. The tree commissioners and those residents presenting a petition for tree removal do not request or vote to remove a tree without concern. The decline of legacy trees, […]

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Outlook on teens’ sexual health is troubling

The issue: Getting meaningful information to youths demands new approaches and new messengers Two reports out last month reveal a troubling outlook on teen sexual health in the United States. FIRST, A NEW POLICY from the American Academy of Pediatrics suggests members consider routinely prescribing emergency contraception to teen girls “to have on hand in […]

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