More than a one-night bloom

* Editor’s note: Foye Fisk (F.F.) McNaughton, grandfather of Davis Enterprise owners Foy and Burt McNaughton, edited and published the Pekin (Ill.) Daily Times for many years. He also wrote a daily column. This column, written Sept. 15, 1930, for the Times, is particularly appropriate this week as the McNaughtons mourn the passing of their father […]

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Overdiagnosis can be harmful, needless, costly

There’s a growing pushback in American medical care — and across the developed world — to be less aggressive about looking for certain diseases in patients. After decades spent developing and encouraging the use of a dizzying array of diagnostic tests and risk-classification schemes, many professionals are moving toward doing less because they fear patients […]

Impending divorce weighs on son

Dear Annie: I am an 18-year-old guy, and my parents are splitting up. I don’t know the full story, but things are getting somewhat awkward around the house. We try to live normally, but the silence hurts. I’m trying to deal with it and put up a good front until graduation, but it’s hard. When […]

What do you think: What advice would you give to a graduating senior?

Rob Thayer retired UC Davis professor, Davis: “Do what you like and do what you love, instead of what other people tell you, and things will work out.” Penny Baker IT specialist, Sacramento: “Enjoy your summer before you have to go to work or college.” Karen Knudson retired, Sebastopol: “Take the risk, take the chance, and […]

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Garden tours for a good cause

The third annual 2012 Garden Show benefiting Yolo Vision was a great success again. This program provides no-cost eye exams and glasses for local youngsters and seniors in need. I would like to thank Huei Young for her boundless energy and tireless efforts presenting her magnificent garden and entertaining our guests. We would like to […]

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Arts enriched Harper program

Thank you to the Davis School Arts Foundation for its commitment to arts in the schools. This year’s grants enabled many students to enjoy art within the English language arts curriculum at Harper Junior High School. The artist visits were extremely positive and a wonderful way to incorporate the two content areas. Thank you to […]

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Award helps Indian orphans

We like to thank the many Davis residents who participated in the online voting contest of the “Heroes with a Heart” award program of the CTK Foundation. We are happy to share that the CTK Foundation has officially announced the results and confirmed that from the 64 international organizations that were nominated, our Davis-based organization […]

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I love my Davis Enterprise!

Congratulations to The Davis Enterprise for winning many prestigious awards throughout the years that honor the consistent high quality of the paper. As a long-term subscriber, I have been meaning to write this letter for a very long time, but, as with other good things in life that are taken for granted, I kept neglecting […]

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Pedestrians walk on the left

While running up the path that runs from the Arboretum under Interstate 80 to Research Park Drive on Tuesday evening, June 5, I was struck full-on by a cyclist descending the path. Since I was running on the left side, I saw him coming, saw his confusion and I bit when he faked to the […]

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Support Davis stores that help

We would like to thank the following businesses for supporting our Girl Scout Bronze Award: Mother & Baby Source, Teach Your Children and The Avid Reader all helped us by placing donation boxes in their stores for the Yolo Crisis Nursery. The generosity of the stores and their customers exceeded our expectations. We are happy […]

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Hope for our collective future

The following quote from a speech by Argentinean philosopher Silo give me hope: “We are at the end of a dark period in history and nothing will ever be the same as before. Little by little, the dawning of a new day will come. Cultures will begin to understand one another; the peoples will experience […]

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U.S. plans to increase cyberwar capabilities

The issue: Universities and private-sector tech companies enlisted to beef up our security A Russian Internet security firm recently disclosed that it had found a massive malware program infecting principally computers in Iran, but one suspected of having targeted about 600 sites in the Mideast and Eastern Europe. THE PROGRAM was dubbed “Flame,” or sometimes […]

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She refuses to share him

Dear Annie: I am 58 and have been married to “Hank” for 24 years. I have two children from a previous marriage, and Hank and I have a 21-year-old son together. I’ve tried everything to be a good wife, but Hank never has been affectionate, and our sex life is nonexistent. Several years ago, I […]

Many thanks for meet support

The Davis High track and field team and coaching staff hosted a very successful Halden Invitational meet at Ron & Mary Brown Stadium on April 21. Besides many tireless volunteers, parents, family and friends, several local businesses lent their support to make this meet a success. We would like to thank Fleet Feet for its […]

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