Don’t let Big Tobacco purchase this election

Sure, there’s the easy reason to vote “Yes” on Proposition 29: Smoking kills and Big Tobacco is the Devil. The harmful effects of smoking on both the smoker and those around him/her are indisputable. If you think they’re not, just stop. Save us both the aggravation, because you’re wrong. It’s this simple: Smoking kills. Period. […]

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Servants in their own home

Dear Annie: My husband and I have five adult children between us, all making a good living. Some of our children expect us to pay their airfare to come visit us, in addition to picking them up at the airport, being their taxi service so they can go out drinking at night and letting them […]

What do you think: Which Davis City Council candidates will get your vote?

Mary Yaussey retired, Davis: “Dan Wolk. He just seems to be involved in the community.” Don Schwartz writing teacher, Davis: “Sue Greenwald. She voted against Covell Village and water rates, and she represents the Davis spirit very well.” Ken Gelatt retired math teacher, Davis: “Dan Wolk. My wife said so.” Nancy Swim Bistro 33 manager, […]

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New council blood needed

Davis is a special little city that deserves the very best in leadership. We have had some amazing leadership over the years, which is why the U.S. Bicycling Hall of Fame and the No. 1 Farmers Market are both here. Today, our town needs some new blood. It needs leadership that will ask the hard […]

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Dan Wolk has integrity

For me, integrity has to be the No. 1 quality I look for in an elected official. Integrity means to me that you do what you said you would do, but it also means having the courage to put the brakes on something that needs more research or that doesn’t seem right. I urge you […]

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Collaborative style is needed

Lucas was involved in volunteer activities when we met in 2000 and has continued to be involved during the past 12 years we have known each other. He has inspired me to volunteer in various activities in Davis, and our community has brought so much richness to our lives. I have been attending almost all […]

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Greenwald maintains the balance

Let’s cut to the chase: I support Sue Greenwald and I urge you to vote for her on Tuesday. This may confuse or even upset those who know me. You know that I consider myself a conservative Republican, and you ask “why Sue Greenwald?” I support Sue because I love living in Davis. I love […]

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The right balance of history, future

Like Dan Wolk, we grew up in Davis. We moved back here because it is a great place to raise a family. We believe that Davis, like many California cities, faces uncertain times ahead. Davis cannot remain the beloved small town of our childhood by staying exactly the same. We need a forward-thinking, innovative leader […]

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She’ll vote her conscience

I have known and worked closely with Sue Greenwald for more than 16 years. I first got to know Sue when she helped our neighborhood secure the first phase of the Mace Ranch Park. I have always found her insightful, energetic and easy to work with. Sue has been dogged in her support of neighborhood […]

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Frerichs is a thoughtful leader

I am impressed with candidate Lucas Frerichs, who chairs the Planning Commission. Over the last four months of 2011, 30-plus community members and I spoke before the commission in an effort to protect our city’s telecommunications ordinance. Throughout the three meetings when the issue was deliberated, it was clear he had done his homework. He […]

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The Dan Wolk I know

I have been a resident of Davis since birth. For the record, I currently volunteer as campaign manager for Dan Wolk. I met Dan nearly 20 years ago while we were students at Emerson, but it was at Davis High School that I really got to know him. While his long list of service endeavors […]

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An educated, independent voice

I will be voting for Sue Greenwald as the single best candidate for City Council. Sue brings a level of dedication to her work and to the Davis community as a council member that is unsurpassed by any other elected official I have ever observed. For 12 years, Sue has played a major role in […]

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Skillful leadership with Frerichs

Lucas Frerichs has earned our vote for City Council. For more than a decade, Lucas has served the community of Davis by volunteering on the boards of local nonprofits, community organizations and city commissions. Of the more than six local boards on which Lucas has served, I have worked with him on the boards of […]

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Clear choice for Yolo court

We strongly urge your support to retain Judge Daniel P. Maguire to the Yolo Superior Court. The residents of Yolo County desperately need to retain this experienced judge in our court. Judge Maguire has an excellent legal and litigation background both as a private practitioner for several decades before taking the bench and as a […]

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