Student trying to have it all

Dear Annie: How can I deal with the demands of being a high school senior? I am overwhelmed. Between homework, my job, a social life, sports and family time, there are not enough hours in the day. All of these things are important to me, but I don’t know how to balance them. Please don’t […]

Parcel tax plans promote unfairest of levies

No sooner had the new Democratic supermajorities in the state Legislature been sworn in than some of their members began pushing to make the least fair of all taxes easier to impose. That’s the parcel tax, the response of many California school districts to the 40-year-old Serrano v. Priest court decision that attempts to equalize […]

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Presiding over tragedy: Obama and the Newtown speech

I have a question that probably only Michelle Obama can answer. What does it mean when Barack does that thing with his chin? This became important to me last Sunday after my husband and I watched President Obama’s speech at Newtown High School and then compared notes. “He was angry,” my husband said. Really? I […]

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A ‘Mettatation’ on what we all need to co-exist, happily

My cousin Matt says people are crying at the drop of a hat. At the hockey rink. At the gas station. At a stoplight. At wherever. My cousin Matt lives in the town next to Newtown, Conn. “I saw more than one person crying while they were driving past me leaving town. It is so […]

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Readers chime in on what’s bugging them

Dear Annie: I want to reply to “Twice Bitten,” who is being bitten by tiny bugs. I had the same problem. After several visits to the dermatologist and tests with no diagnosis, I tried lavender soap and lotion. Bugs do not like the smell of lavender. You also can sprinkle lavender flowers on your carpet […]

On mental health: grandparents raising grandchildren

By Oscar Wright You assumed that your days of raising children were over. But surprisingly, a twist of fate happens with little or no advance notice. You have to raise your grandchildren, and one child experiences a severe mental disorder. When parents are rendered unable to care for their children because of incarceration, poverty, substance abuse, […]

Soda advertisers target teen market

By Shannon Segall It’s not sweet news — the reality can’t be sugar-coated. Those sports drinks, sodas, vitamin waters, energy drinks and juice drinks out there can be packed full of sugar. That’s just plain unhealthy for you. Your typical 20-ounce bottle of a popular soda has the equivalent of 19 sugar cubes in it, […]

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What do you think? What’s the best gift you’ve given or received?

Debra Leiter graduate student, Davis: “Best gift I’ve ever received was my Kindle, because I didn’t think I’d like it, but I ended up loving it.” Jack Reilly graduate student, Davis: “When I was a kid, I got the ‘Star Wars’ trilogy on VHS.” Sally Parker jeweler and fair organizer, Davis: “My little kid.” Ariel […]

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Segall second in essay contest

Fed up with the soda industry’s efforts to target teenage consumers, middle and high school students around the nation took pen to paper to express their frustration through Kick the Can’s Youth Essay Contest. From among the many compelling entries, Shannon Segall of Davis won second place in her age group for her perspective on […]

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Homeless veterans are a huge, neglected problem

You didn’t hear a word about homeless veterans in President Obama’s State of the Union speech last January and chances are you won’t hear anything from him about those vets next month, either, unless it’s a boilerplate homage for their contributions to American freedom. But homeless veterans are a major national problem, and an even […]

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Regifting becomes socially acceptable

The issue: But be sure not to hurt anyone’s feelings Finally. Some news we can use. Thanks to The Wall Street Journal, we have been reintroduced to a study done last year by American Express that found 79 percent of the 2,000 Americans surveyed said they think regifting during the holidays is socially acceptable. WHEW. […]

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Illness cuts into socializing

Dear Annie: I’m 27 and have lupus, a chronic autoimmune disease. My condition is usually under control, and I live a normal life. The problem is, I’m very sensitive to perfume, air fresheners and cigarette smoke, and with my medications, I can’t drink alcohol. A lot of my girlfriends throw candle parties and cosmetic parties […]