Ignoring ‘The Aggie Way’

Congratulations to Terrance Tumey. I wish him luck in his new position as UC Davis athletic director. I followed the process closely as a recently retired UCD staff member who had served on the Athletic Administrative Advisory Committee for six years and the campus for 28 1/2 years. A few things struck me as strange […]

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Thanks for supporting farmers

On June 24, Slow Food Davis/UC Davis collaborated with the Community Alliance for Family Farmers and Monticello Seasonal Cuisine to host “Glide Into Summer” at Glide Ranch. This fundraiser with amazing food and music raised money to send nine local Community Supported Agriculture farmers to the upcoming International CSA Conference, which is a pre-conference to […]

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Why no academic incentives?

Among the “key components” for a successful athletic director listed by the advisory committee was “maintaining academic integrity” and “embracing the Aggie Way.” Chancellor Linda Katehi describes the newly selected director, Terry Tumey, as “the perfect person to take UC Davis athletics forward.” In his previous position, Tumey won conference honors for “highest academic achievement and community […]

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One word — ‘sorry’ — unplugs Pakistani roadblock

The issue: And both sides are promising greater cooperation in counterterrorism If one is to believe the diplomats, all it took was one word from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton — “sorry” — to persuade Pakistan to lift its seven-month blockade of trucks hauling NATO supplies to Afghanistan. HOWEVER, ACCORDING to U.S. officials “sorry” is […]

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Be a good neighbor at concerts

By Doyle Burnett For those of us who attended Saturday evening’s Lyle Lovett concert at the Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts, we know that we experienced something very special. Lyle and his bandmates worked together flawlessly throughout the 2 1/2-hour performance to captivate the packed house of concertgoers. But, my comments are not so […]

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So many social engagements …

Dear Annie: Let me say that I am grateful my parents are alive and well enough to enjoy their grandchildren. However, they expect to be included in everything involving their grandchildren. Each of my children plays a sport (sometimes two) in addition to school plays and recitals. This adds up to multiple events every week. […]

Cutting off the in-laws

Dear Annie: I have been married for 24 years to my high school sweetheart, and we have two sons. For most of this time, I have put up with my wife not allowing any mention of my family or involvement whatsoever in any activities. I don’t know why this is so, and she won’t tell […]

Why would you want to leave this?

Dear Annie: I have been with “Jason” for eight years, married for four. Between us, we have raised five children. The problem is that Jason is controlling and verbally abusive. When we met, I was willing to overlook many things because he was so good to my kids. As a single mother, I needed the […]

Thanks for campaign support

As I prepare to step down from the council this Tuesday evening and to take a much needed break, I want to give my heartfelt thanks to everyone who has helped during this last campaign and also to everyone who has helped in previous campaigns. So many people have worked and supported this seat for […]

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Politicians and cheesy music extinguished my Fourth of July spirit

Usually, my inner child whoops it up on the Fourth of July. The smell of backyard barbecues and gunpowder, red, white and blue everything, screeching of Piccolo Petes, and a grand finale of showers of rainbow sparks lighting up the black sky — how can you not love that? Even though they have wimpy sparklers […]

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Difficult choices loom in closing down my dad’s home

* Editor’s note: Marion is taking the day off. She has revised this column slightly since it first ran in February 2006. In my father’s apartment in New York City, his watch still tells time. His freezer bulges with three half-gallons of ice cream, and they don’t even have icicles yet. In the refrigerator, the […]

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Focus on health: A creeping sleep disorder destroys teeth

“Biting the bullet” is a slang phrase that dates back to the Civil War,  and there’s no doubt that humans can bite strong enough to dent Civil War-era lead bullets. Healthy teeth can withstand heavy biting forces during normal function such as chewing food and swallowing. However, when these forces are exerted beyond function, such […]

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Stressing over the blended family

Dear Annie: My daughter and her husband moved in with us last year in order to save money and someday raise a family. We enjoy having them here. The issue is my son-in-law’s 5-year-old boy from his previous marriage. The custody arrangement states that he is entitled to have the child for a month during […]