What do you think? How will you vote on Measure E?

Luci Kumagai plant pathologist, Davis: “I’ll probably vote yes for it because I care about the school system and my kids, and all of the kids here, even though it’s hard on our wallets.” Bridget Huetter barista, Sacramento: “I’m voting yes because school is important.” Karen Patterson Wecker music teacher, Davis: “Yes, because I went […]

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Can’t study with them around

Dear Annie: I live in Europe. I visit my parents twice a year with my kids, and my parents visit us annually. I recently asked that no relatives visit during my son’s spring break so he can concentrate on his SATs and AP exams. My parents, however, insist they would not be a bother and […]

Vote yes on Measure E

The issue: We need to start looking to ourselves to ensure that our schools continue to drive our strong community life Imagine what Davis would be like without everything we treasure: excellent K-12 schools, a world-renowned university, a thriving downtown, beautiful parks and greenbelts, bike-friendly neighborhoods, rich extracurricular activities for our children and a vibrant […]

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One person can make a difference

As a Davis parent and educator, I know the difference that one dedicated, passionate, conscientious and highly skilled individual can make. Having served on the Superintendent’s Advisory Committee on Special Education with Alan Fernandes, I believe he brings the experience, integrity and commitment to collaboration that our school district needs. Alan is a strong communicator […]

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California needs Prop. 30

Davis voters, as you vote yes on Measure E, please join me in voting yes on statewide Proposition 30 when you cast your ballot on Tuesday. Prop. 30 is the only initiative that will protect statewide school and safety funding and help address the state’s budget crisis. If it passes, California public schools and universities […]

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John Munn will serve us well

I’m asking that you cast your vote for John Munn for California Assembly. At all levels, this is an election of consequence. At all levels, the central issues are government spending, private sector jobs and our futures — our own and those of our children and grandchildren. An independent task force has estimated that California’s […]

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Elect Peterson, Fernandes

We are delighted to join others in voting for Nancy Peterson and Alan Fernandes for the Davis school board. Both will bring a breadth of perspective and dedication to our schools during extremely trying times. They will steward our Measure E funds (YES on E, too!) with great care. Nancy Peterson’s tireless dedication to Montgomery […]

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Not exclusive, apparently

Dear Annie: I’m dating a guy who works out of town and is home every four weeks. “Jake” calls and texts often and says he misses me all the time. Here’s what bothers me: Jake always asks me how I feel about him. He says, “Do you even like me?” I think it’s because I […]

Where’s my freedom of speech?

Why is it in Davis that my neighbor can put up a Obama/Biden sign and it stays up, but when I put up a Romney/Ryan sign it disappears in a matter of hours? I suggest to the people who are taking the signs to visit the veterans memorial at the Davis Cemetery and tell those […]

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Tehran sends hazy signals on nuke program

The issue: How President Barack Obama or a President Mitt Romney handles this ambiguous opening from Iran will do much to set the direction of our Mideast policy for the next four years Like the U.S. Congress, Iran has pushed its most pressing national problem until after the Nov. 6 presidential elections. Unlike Congress, Iran […]

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John Munn for Assembly

An advertisement supporting Mariko Yamada for state Assembly appeared on Page 2 of The Davis Enterprise on Sunday. It all looked so good; the problem is that reality paints a different picture. In the ad, she touts her support for agriculture, yet in the California Assembly, she backed legislation that would have burdened agricultural operations […]

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A leader and a team player

Nancy Peterson really gets the big picture without losing sight of the students. I was very excited to hear that she was finally throwing her hat in the ring for a seat on the Davis Board of Education. What took her so long? I have known Nancy from the early days of Montgomery Elementary School […]

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