Hollywood beats Harvard in history

By Jay Ambrose It’s the holidays, college and university students are mostly back at home, and here’s a thought. There’s a great movie out about Abraham Lincoln, and with no classes to interfere, they ought to go to it and learn some American history. Many students, you may not realize, don’t know beans about their […]

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Now she wants him to choose

Dear Annie: I have been dating “Stan” for five years. We are both in our 60s. When we started dating, I was absolutely certain that I did not want to get married. But Stan and I have been through so much these past few years with various illnesses and the like. We have always stood […]

A prayer for the season

Dear Readers: Merry Christmas. We hope those who are celebrating this holiday are fortunate enough to enjoy it with family and friends. A few years ago, we printed a prayer that a reader sent in, author unknown. Since then, we’ve received several requests to reprint it, so here it is once again: A Christmas Prayer […]

Logo’s just one UC misstep

Kudos to University of California administrators for pulling the plug on the loathsome logo and flushing it down the toilet where it appropriately belongs. It merely serves to remind the public of the corporatization of the university and the commodification of education. Clearly, many in the university see the institution as in the same league as Nike, Starbucks and McDonald’s […]

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A true act of kindness

Acts of kindness aren’t just for the living. On Thursday, I happened to see a young women stop in front of my house on Loyola Drive. She got off her bike, looked around, and walked back a few feet. I quickly went outside to see if she needed directions, but stopped in my track. I […]

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Tree protecters are insulted

Rainbow Vogt’s letter about the benefits of mistletoe and her failure to educate the Davis Tree Commission on those benefits demonstrates, sadly, her inability to read closely. The New York Times article she cites doesn’t refer to an urban forest such as we have in Davis, but rather to “a small woods surrounded by farmland” […]

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Mistletoe can damage forest

Does Rainbow Vogt (“The Magic of Mistletoe,” Dec. 21) want to protect birds or trees? As the Australian professor David Watson has demonstrated in his experiments over the past decade and more, mistletoe is an unusual “keystone species” having effects beyond the obvious: both as a living plant and in the litter it produces, it […]

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Christmas memories revived

Bob Dunning’s column about the play my Sunday school students wrote for Christmas 2000 at Lutheran Church of the Incarnation in Davis has brought back fond memories of little children who are now college graduates. It is a tradition at LCI for the older Sunday school students and their teachers to write an original Christmas […]

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UCD must catch up in primary care

By John J. Troidl Recently, Dr. Mark Servis, an executive at the UC Davis School of Medicine, wrote a letter to the editor lauding the leadership of the UCD Health System for “already leading the way” in primary care. And the headline on that letter to the editor was “UCD leads the way in primary […]

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Head-trauma research shows more dangers

The issue: Only when doctors, coaches and athletes can see and understand the injuries can the toll really be addressed No one seems to know exactly how forceful or frequent head trauma has to be to result in long-term brain damage, but researchers are accumulating grim evidence that it may not take all that much. […]

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Soccer girls are secret Santas

Wow — a pickup truckload of toys was donated for the U.S. Marine Corps’ Toys for Tots program, but the girls soccer team that delivered the toys to the Davis Fire Department is yet to be identified. Please call Steve at 530-297-6038 so the Marine Corps League can properly honor this good deed. However, if […]

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A little equity for the holidays

Fiscal cliff? Fiscal bluff. The larger problem is not the fact that the wealthiest, who have made so much more during America’s longest wars, financial meltdown and recession, have paid — proportionally — the least for them. Or that now that the bill is due, social programs are put on the same chopping block as […]

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So many caring Davis people

Saturday evening’s event was very moving. I am humbled and grateful to live in such an amazing town among so many caring people. I hope our small gesture causes the citizens of Newtown, Conn., to feel some love. Here is a link to the video Peter Roney made: http://vimeo.com/56182537. I sent the link to the video Sunday […]

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