Jobs for teens shriveling in summer sun

The issue: And those who need the work most, both for the money and the experience, fare the worst Labor analysts note there are jobs going begging that don’t require college degrees but do demand certain specific skills. Having unemployed teenagers wasting their summers is not going to fill that gap. The oft-expressed obstacle to […]

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What do you think: What is the most memorable thing your father ever did?

Amy Barden stay-at-home mom, Fair Oaks: “He started taking me on backpacking trips when I was 7. That started a lifelong love of nature.” Lise Brown property manager, Woodland: “He had me in Los Alamos, N.M., when he was working on the hydrogen bomb.” Enrique Avila screenprint artist; Pittsburgh, Pa.: “Scoop of ice cream on […]

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Business leaders ready to work with new City Council

Join in Visit, learn and donate: Contributions to the Davis ChamberPAC — 604 Third St., Davis, CA 95616; ID: 980946 — are needed to continue this effort. Individual and business contributions are limited to $1,000 By Steve Greenfield, Kemble Pope, Janis Lott, Tom Cross and Michael Bisch The Davis ChamberPAC’s mission is to promote, […]

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Programs prepare many students

A wire story on your front page Tuesday addressed the important issue of using higher education resources wisely during these very difficult economic times. We agree. However, we do take issue with the premise that the number of degrees awarded, taken in isolation, is a useful measure of a program’s cost-effectiveness. For example, we awarded […]

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Walk on left, bike on right

Richard Haggstrom chides Jason Christian for telling pedestrians to walk on the left side of the bike path and instead says to walk on the right. I called the city of Davis because so many pedestrians walk on the right on the Russell bike path. The city told me that the recommendation is that on […]

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Is your office ready for dogs’ day out?

By Nick Thomas They say every dog has his day. This year, that day is Friday, June 22, when the 14th national Take Your Dog to Work Day will be held. The event is promoted by Pet Sitters International (see if you think I’m pulling your paw). Once again, dog owners throughout North America […]

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Promotion in al-Qaida is quick, if deadly

The issue: Pakistan’s Haqqani network also a dangerous place to be a leader For an ambitious young terrorist looking for quick promotion, it’s hard to beat al-Qaida as an organization. Al-Qaida’s No. 2 position opened up again recently after a U.S. drone killed Abu Yahya al-Libi, who had been functioning as a general operations manager […]

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Mother’s stress causing trouble

Dear Annie: I’m 16 years old and deeply worried about my mother. I believe she has an undiagnosed anxiety disorder that’s getting worse. She constantly stresses about every little thing. I can’t remember the last time I saw her totally relaxed. Mom once had a panic attack so severe that she strained several muscles, causing […]

I’ll lead no-tax campaign

The deception of the school board to Davis residents is evident after the passage of Measure C. The board insists that even after passing Measure C, it still wants more of your money. Not only will it renew Measure A, approved deceptively as an “emergency measure,” but now one of the members is proposing a […]

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Bike path signage needed

The recent well-meaning but confused letters regarding the proper side of multi-use paths for pedestrians underscores the need for clear, consistent and simple signage. In my experience, most of the major multi-use trail systems (American River Parkway, Sacramento River, Folsom,Roseville, California State Parks) all advise pedestrians to walk/run/stroller on the left side of a multi-use […]

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Direct democracy benefits Davis Food Co-op

By Lucas Frerichs and Julie Cross As an independent retailer, you might think the Davis Food Co-op doesn’t have a whole lot of leverage, particularly when compared to grocery stores that have hundreds of locations. The truth is, however, that we have plenty of juice — the collective power of 11,000 owners, a community that […]

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