Pearl Harbor attack spurred a powerful unity

The issue: Today, our threats and dangers are more and more complex than hostile fleets over the horizon For the first time since it was founded in 1958, members of the Pearl Harbor Survivors Association will not formally gather in Hawaii to commemorate the attack of Dec. 7, 1941. Their failing health and dwindling numbers […]

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Help keep homeless pets healthy, happy

By Eileen Samitz Together with volunteer local and UC Davis faculty veterinarians, UCD veterinary students offer a free clinic monthly to care for the pets of the homeless in Sacramento. The Mercer Clinic was established in 1993 and is located adjacent to the Sacramento Loaves and Fishes facility where food and care are provided for […]

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Playing head games with the kid

Dear Annie: My incredible husband of two years has a 4-year-old daughter with his ex-wife. I have actively helped raise “Christie” since she was barely a year old. We haven’t communicated with the mother since the time we took her to court for refusing visitation, but my husband and I have always provided for Christie […]

Light a candle for our children

This Sunday, The Compassionate Friends will offer the 16th annual Worldwide Candle Lighting Service to remember all the children who have died. Since my son passed away in 2008, I have lit a candle every year at 7 p.m. local time and have participated with millions of others in the virtual circle of light that […]

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Don’t add to the hate

There is a saying in the Middle East that truth is reserved for special occasions. I doubt that any of the writers of the recent anti-Israel letters were aware of this, although their false writings seem to be true to the saying. I perceive the letters as demonstrating that some people believe what they think, […]

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Target development needs better transit access

By Alan Hirsch I think the recent Enterprise editorial on electric cars understates their importance: Greenhouse gas emissions of a plug-in electric car are one-fifth that of a 25 mpg gasoline-powered car, and even one-third that of a Prius hybrid. Given that the great majority of people drive less than the 100 miles-per-day range of […]

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Palestine wins small victory at U.N.

The issue: Current situation in the Mideast has bought Israel some time to start resolving the Palestinian issue If the United Nations’ elevation of Palestine to nonmember observer status had come at the end of the Clinton administration when Israel and the Palestinians were achingly close to a peace settlement, it might have truly meant […]

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Husband doesn’t know how to handle this

Dear Annie: I am perplexed as to what to do. I’m positive that my wife was a victim of incest, but I don’t know how to broach the subject or how to help her. Her sister manifests similar problems that I’ve heard are caused by rape by one’s father. But I don’t have any hard […]

A brief defense of Israel

A few points in defense of Israel: * In 2005, Israel withdrew from Gaza, thus giving the Palestinians a chance to run their own affairs. By overwhelming majority they elected to be governed by Hamas. The rest is history; * The blockade has been in force after Hamas came to power. It is totally legal […]

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Major injustice needs a solution

Gabe Lewin has used an analogy to explain why Israel has once again attacked the people of Gaza. Yes we would be “a little miffed” if Woodland began lobbing rockets at Davis. But perhaps we should think about why this was happening. To carry the analogy one step further, suppose that the city of Woodland […]

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Obama finances equal madness

In a recent letter I asked, concerning the national debt and budget deficits, the rhetorical question “Are we mad?” To my surprise, there appeared in the paper, alongside my letter, an answer written by Mary Zhu. Her answer seemed to be, “yes.” This requires some critical analysis. Zhu is an unofficial spokeswoman for the Democratic […]

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Kudos to Da Vinci High

I recently had the pleasure of observing several Da Vinci High School students film interviews with out-of-town World War II and Korean conflict veterans. The students were respectful and professional. The veterans immediately felt at ease and graciously shared their personal stories. I would like to thank the students of DaVinci High for representing their […]

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Now is not the time to go wobbly

If breaking a deadline in Davis were taken literally, ours would be a sanguinary city. Fortunately, we live in figurative times. On July 1, the “deadline” for new labor agreements for city employees came and went. Seemingly every time a contract has come due in Davis in the past decade, even when the City Council […]

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