State needs new role models

I moved from Salinas to Davis four years ago in part to be in a university town and closer to family, but also because I felt that I had done everything I could to counter the gang activity in Salinas. I had worked as an early intervention resource teacher, making home visits and planning programs […]

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Addict son needs a wakeup call

Dear Annie: My wife and I have a 23-year-old son who is a heroin addict. “Rob” has been to rehab twice and has relapsed again. We have been attending Nar-Anon meetings for the past eight weeks and find them helpful. Rob seemingly has not hit rock bottom yet. By that, I mean he still has […]

Title IX – Clearing Hurdles for Young Women

By Joanne Law On a cold spring day in 1976, 19 women on a Yale rowing team met in the athletic director’s office and ripped off their shirts. On their bare backs were written two words: “Title IX.” After every practice, the women waited in wet sweatsuits on a freezing bus while men took hot […]

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GOP says government shutdown a bad idea

The issue: Congress could save itself much grief by getting its work done on time The House Republican leadership hopes to avoid a government shutdown on Oct. 1, the start of the fiscal year. That is the date by which Congress is supposed to have passed the 12 spending bills that fund the government’s operations for […]

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Work situation gets weird

Dear Annie: For the past seven years, I’ve worked for “Joe” and his assistant, “Nancy.” Nancy recently took a four-month leave due to stress and anxiety. During her absence, Joe and I went to lunch a few times and dinner on one occasion. Nothing romantic happened. I planned to let Nancy know at the time, […]

Justice is more important

Our legal system cannot ensure only the guilty are convicted of their crimes. Don Heller who wrote the 1978 death penalty initiative, now supports reversing it. The execution of Tommy Thompson, whom Mr. Heller believes was innocent, convinced Mr. Heller that the death penalty doesn’t work. Recently, Franky Carrillo was exonerated after 20 years in […]

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What about the cost of nuclear waste?

I have appreciated John Mott-Smith’s articles on climate change. In his latest article weighing costs and benefits of nuclear energy I was hoping to see some mention of the cost of long-term storage of nuclear waste. The plutonium in spent fuel rods has a half-life of 24,000 years. And what about the U235 in the […]

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In Russia, fearing the power of punk

The issue: Free expression has a heavy price Dictators take themselves very seriously and thus are acutely conscious that one of the most potent weapons against them is ridicule. HOW ELSE TO explain the judicial overkill in Moscow against three young — all in their 20s — members of a female punk band who entered […]

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It’s hip to be Square Tomatoes

August in Davis can be boring. I know since I’ve lived here from 1950. So, I naturally appreciate it when anything new appears on the scene. Such a new thing is the Square Tomatoes Crafts Fair, with its first appearance being Sunday, Aug. 12, in the northern part of the Davis Food Coop parking lot; […]

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Mom stuck in the middle

Dear Annie: My mother-in-law was desperate to have grandchildren, but when our daughter was born, Mom turned out to be a horrible grandmother. During visits to Grandma’s house, our daughter had to entertain herself in a spare bedroom because Grandma’s dogs didn’t like kids, and Grandma wouldn’t lock up her “babies” for the sake of […]

Realignment gripes are about money

Complaints have been coming sporadically from around California ever since state prisons began dumping inmates back to counties last fall in a move designed to save money. Yes, the state has given cities and (mostly) counties hundreds of millions of dollars as compensation for housing the former state convicts and supervising their parole. But new […]

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Grandma, what rotten teeth you have!

Dear Annie: I have a beautiful 3-month-old daughter. We live close to my parents, and they babysit “Abby” all the time. Here’s the problem. At my last dental visit, my dentist told me about a study that says adults with bad oral hygiene can transmit bacteria to children through kissing and sharing utensils, causing tooth […]

Walking the Camino de Santiago: the details

My friend, Hieu, begins with underwear. “You take two,” he says, knowing the information will interest me. “Fast drying. You wear one; you wash the other one. Every night.” When he says “every night,” he means a lot of nights, almost two months’ worth. ———— Last week I wrote about the Camino de Santiago, a […]

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Keeping calm just got a little easier, and closer, too

Keep Calm and Carry On. The phrase on that British World War II poster is enjoying a comeback of late, and if you’re on Facebook, you’ve seen about a thousand variations: “Keep Calm and Go Shopping,” Keep Calm and Love Dogs,” “Keep Calm and Put Bacon On It,” and my personal favorite, “I can’t Keep […]

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