House wastes time on health care law

The issue: Legislators are having a jolly good time at our expense To the people in the visitors’ gallery of the U.S. House of Representatives earlier this month, it must have looked like a cocktail party. People were milling around, slapping each other on the back and laughing. THAT’S WHAT WE SAW on a live […]

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Might have to cut him loose

Dear Annie: “Daniel” and I have been going out for six months. We really connect and feel as if we are meant to be together. There is only one problem. One of our best friends, “Jordan,” has developed strong feelings for me. I found out he’s felt this way since before I began dating Daniel. […]

Favored for all eternity

Dear Annie: Six years ago, my 54-year-old divorced sister, “Sue,” decided to move in with my parents because she was afraid to live by herself. At the time, Sue had a part-time job and my parents were in good health. Within a year, however, my father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and Mom developed heart problems. […]

Your lips say ‘no,’ but your lips say …

Dear Annie: When a person says “no,” what does it mean? Some men just don’t get it. Or do they believe it really means “yes”? I have a wonderful friend, “Homer,” and I love him dearly, but I am not “in love” with him. We are both in our 80s and widowed, and I thought […]

Focus on health: How doctors’ patient connections affect care

By Lee Bowman Although the image of the lone physician motoring down back roads for house calls or tending to a waiting room full of patients in a quaint office might be charming, the reality is that most doctors aren’t loners. Various surveys and studies suggest that only about a third of physicians practice alone […]

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Many concerned about proposed SCD bylaw changes

There is a very serious threat to: 1) the continuing cooperative relationship between the Davis Senior Center and its primary support organization, the Senior Citizens of Davis (SCD), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation; 2) the financial security of the SCD organization itself; and 3) the voice of the SCD membership. All of these as a result […]

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Because I Said So 7/22 ‘Dear Barack: Please save the corn farmers, just for me’

And you thought gas prices were bad. Oh wait, you just wait, until the repercussions of the Corn Belt drought hit supermarket shelves. If you think that means merely paying more for corn on the cob, think again. It’s not just fresh corn that’ll become scarce, it’s that the price of everything containing corn and […]

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What her life will be like

Dear Annie: I’ve been seeing “Bud” for a year. He lives in a trailer park and has a 23-year-old daughter who is on Bud’s checking account and charge cards. This girl insists that her mother (Bud’s ex-wife) spend weekends at the trailer, so Bud spends those weekends at my house. He will not tell his […]

What do you think … on which side of the bike path should you walk

Maureen Maxwell X-ray technician, Elk Grove: The right, it just seems like the normal flow of traffic. Chris Wall tennis instructor, Elk Grove: The right because if a crazy biker comes up, you can ditch into the grass. Euma Matthews student, Davis: The left to face the bikes for safety, but in general, people get […]

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Try Cindy’s for Thai food

If you like Thai food, don’t miss Cindy’s Restaurant in South Davis. The food choices are extensive and the flavors are exquisite! The service at Cindy’s is friendly and helpful. Groups are welcome and guests at our gatherings at Cindy’s have been delighted. There is ample parking and we are certain that this restaurant will […]

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Let’s get Davis lighted, for safety

By John Troidl Sometimes the street light situation in Davis provides a “teachable moment.” I try to teach my TA and students the value of what us management folks call “continuous quality improvement.” I think that also means sticking to something until you get it right. Or not being satisfied with “same old, same old.” […]

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Looking back, looking ahead at Davis’ challenges

By Joe Krovoza and Rochelle Swanson From January 2011 to the swearing-in of our new City Council on July 10, we were honored to serve together as Davis’ mayor pro tem and mayor. It has been gratifying to pursue the commitments we made during our campaigns in early 2010. Both of us promised unwavering adherence […]

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Just Us in Davis: Don’t wait to fight hate

By Jonathan London Reading the brief item in The Enterprise on July 10, “School benches charred with swastikas; police investigating as hate incident,” I felt a mix of anger, despair and fear. Whatever the motivations of the vandals, these symbols, burned into picnic tables at Holmes Junior High School, sent a powerful message to me […]

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