Kudos on tank art, local music

Re: our Beautiful Eastern Water Tank: The city of Davis is lucky to have found two artists as talented, dedicated and hard-working as Hennessy Christophel and Sofia Lacin to create this monumental work of public art. Some facts that came to light during the tour on Sunday may not be well-known. The artists worked on […]

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We are all harmed by hate

Thank you, Jann Murray-García, for your informative op-ed article on Sunday regarding the recent hate crimes in Davis. I especially appreciate the link to the excellent instructive talk you gave on this subject in 2008. It is disturbing that we have to revisit this issue, but I am heartened to know that Davis residents and […]

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Not accepted at our school

As Davis High School students, we wanted to join in the message that the hanging of a noose from the football goal post is an unacceptable act at our school. We also want to thank the students who were able to attend the community meeting for speaking up. We don’t know if the person or […]

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Don’t end Healthy Families

The editorial in the Sacramento Bee on Saturday hit the nail on the head regarding the governor’s decision to close the Healthy Families program. Healthy Families provides subsidized health insurance to approximately 900,000 children across the state of California. The governor estimates approximately $13 million in savings the first year to the state and $73 […]

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European ministers look to greater fiscal unity

The issue: The idea of a tighter and more politically and fiscally united Europe may seem far-fetched, but Europe has come a long way Since the eurozone was launched in 1999, it has, like the European Union, been an improbable success, especially given Europe’s long history of economic and military rivalries. Now the 17-nation eurozone […]

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Let’s declare our independence

By Nancy Price A few years ago if you asked, “Are corporations people?” most people would have responded, “No, of course not!” Now, after the controversial 2010 Supreme Court decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, many would answer emphatically “Yes!” This decision has given rise to the “Super PACs” funded by corporations and […]

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Driving a wedge between them

Dear Annie: My daughter-in-law is bipolar and refuses to take anything for it. Now her illness is affecting my relationship with my 9-year-old grandson. My husband and I practically raised my grandson until he was 4. Neither parent wanted much to do with him. We clothed and fed him without a stitch of help. A […]

Really, I’m not OK

Dear Annie: I am a 17-year-old who was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome at age 10. My AS is mild and allows me to function better than most. However, I have an individualized education program and access to the learning/emotional support system in my school. Since I have a mild type of AS, my teachers often […]

People are waiting in long lines — for what?

A couple of weeks ago, my husband was surprised by something in downtown San Francisco. While walking to work, he saw about 30 people in the 900 block of Market Street waiting in line. He assumed they were homeless people, lining up for a meal. But when he encountered them again the next morning, still […]

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Several pounds of prevention with Dr. Oz

So, I was all ready to write about Dr. Oz, and how I can’t decide if I love him or hate him, and right when I thought I just couldn’t stomach one more skin care segment from some B-list celebrity, he does a special on ovarian cancer that’s actually informative, and I’m teetering toward “love” […]

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‘So, how’s the cancer going?’

Dear Annie: I am 28 years old, and one of my friends recently was diagnosed with cancer. While I’m thankful to have known several cancer survivors, I am now at an age where some of my childhood playmates and current peers might be diagnosed with this disease in the near future. How can I best […]

‘Thank-a-Thon’ was a big success

On behalf of the board of directors and staff at Davis Media Access, we’d like to thank the broad cross-section of our community who participated in our May 29 “Thank-a-Thon” in the DCTV studio. Via a live show that was aired on DCTV and simulcast on KDRT, the “Thank-a-Thon” was a fun twist to our annual fundraising campaign. We’re […]

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Thank you, Fleet Feet

For many, many years, Davis’ Fleet Feet Sports has supported and assisted in recognizing elementary students who participate in school jogging clubs. Fleet Feet has donated T-shirts, water bottles, etc., which have served as “fun” incentives to students in meeting their mileage goals. Pioneer Elementary School’s students, teachers and parents wish to acknowledge and express […]

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