What do you think: What advice would you give an incoming UC Davis freshman?

Zachary Jha unemployed, Davis: “Learn how to bike.” Paul Schwartz CPA, Vero Beach, Fla.: “Choose a major with a high probability of employment, so you’re not depending on your mom and dad after graduation.” Patricia Schwartz retired teacher, Vero Beach, Fla.: “Make the most of every opportunity you have.” Aggie Yaden sales representative, Danville: “Be […]

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Truly a community effort

The University Retirement Community has just successfully completed its 12th Bizarre Bazaar and would like to thank our neighbors for their support. First and foremost, we appreciate the coverage our bazaar received in The Davis Enterprise. In addition, the following local businesses eagerly supported our cause with donations ranging from paper bags or aprons to […]

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Foundation seeks city apology

Dear Mayor Krovoza and Members of the City Council: You and members of the previous City Council co-signed an opinion piece relating to the Davis Area Cooperative Housing Association in The Davis Enterprise on March 7. You placed that opinion piece in front of the entire public through The Davis Enterprise, the Davis Vanguard and the […]

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Parks crews deserve our thanks

Regardless of how I travel around town — walking, biking or driving — I am constantly impressed with the variety and quality of our public landscaping. The intricate network of parks, greenbelts, ag buffers, hedgerows, bike corridors, sports facilities, streetscapes and medians comprise hundreds of acres throughout and around Davis, available for all of us […]

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Mail ballots change campaigns

You’ve heard of the “October surprise,” where candidates hold on to something negative about their opponent, then spring it at the last moment so the opponent won’t have time to respond much before Election Day? Well, forget that model, which is about as modern and workable today as a Model T. Mail-in ballots — known […]

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Getting that cold-shoulder feeling

Dear Annie: Our son has been dating “Nicole” for several years. She has two teenage daughters from a previous marriage. Although they live several hours from us, my husband and I have done everything to make “Nicole” feel welcome. Last Christmas, she and her daughters opened their gifts, tossed them aside and went to watch […]

All kids deserve opportunity

Our two children have benefited immensely from the kinds of programs that Measure E will protect. Both have played in Davis schools’ bands from elementary school through high school, which has given them the chance to learn to work to improve at something, to truly enjoy music and to understand what it takes for a […]

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We all need a voice

Josh Diedesch’s letter (Sept. 16) concerning a recent “9/11 truther” letter seemed out of context. It was written to Enterprise staff and not to the public at large. Yet it ended up on the editorial page. I don’t know why Diedesch would want this letter published for all to see, since he is actively calling on The Enterprise […]

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Learn more at District Dollars

Thank you to Jeff Hudson and The Davis Enterprise for the informative “School Budgeting 101: Our Q & A on Davis’ Funding Crisis.” As always, Jeff is clear and articulate in explaining the complex world of school finance. For those who would like to know more, you may visit the school district’s website at www.djusd.net, […]

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We are part of a food experiment

Californians figured it out. It cost billions more in tax dollars to treat people made sick or to cover the costs of the loss of a parent due to food risks. We figured out that the few cents food producers will add to the cost to label food is minimal. Because we have done the […]

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Vote yes on Proposition 37

Kent Bradford’s op-ed on Proposition 37, “The California Right To Know Genetically Engineered Food Act,” is full of industry talking points designed to scare voters into believing that a simple label — as is required for 3,000 other ingredients — is some radical concept. Prop. 37 simply would require one line of ink on packages […]

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We want to know what we’re buying

Proposition 37, “The California Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act,” was not written “to authorize a whole new category of shake-down lawsuits” as claimed by Kent J. Bradford in his op-ed piece (Sept. 9) but to give California consumers the right to know what they are buying, a basic tenet of our American supply-and-demand […]

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