Why the disinformation on D?

It’s a shame that the Davis Chamber PAC, whether intentionally or not, has provided us with another “subtle misrepresentation” regarding our City Council candidates. In an ad in Sunday’s paper supporting Measure D, in small print at the bottom, the Chamber notes that Lucas Frerichs, Dan Wolk and Stephen Souza “support Yes on Measure D.” […]

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Frerichs: fresh and experienced

Lucas Frerichs would bring to the Davis City Council a wealth of community experience and legislative know-how — both a fresh and experienced voice. Mark has worked closely with him on the Planning Commission. He is right on the issues we care about. Mark Braly and Patricia Hartley Davis

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Vote for Greenwald and Lee

As always, Davis is facing developer pressure to expand housing onto nearby farmland. As always, most Davis citizens oppose it. We understand that our quality of life and our environmental stewardship depend on keeping our physical footprint small while providing affordable housing, high-tech jobs, long-term economic growth. Both Brett Lee and Sue Greenwald oppose peripheral […]

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Mount Everest is ‘there,’ and it’s deadly

The issue: Unpredictable weather creates a bottleneck that can cost lives Nepalese officials are expecting a traffic jam of about 200 climbers this weekend hoping to reach the top of Mount Everest. Last weekend, 208 tried to reach the summit; four died trying. IT WILL BE A MIRACLE if this weekend passes without a death, […]

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Cut off by father

Dear Annie: My father and I have never had the best relationship. He was domineering, controlling and verbally abusive to me as a teenager, and as a result, I rebelled and did things specifically to irritate him. Several times, he kicked me out of the house, saying I forced him to behave the way he […]

City needs Measure D funding

Parks, greenbelts, trees, open space, pools and recreation are all a very important part of the lifestyle in Davis and add to our property values. These facilities are mainly supported by the general fund and the special parcel tax for parks maintenance, which is due to expire. The city of Davis has few big-box stores […]

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Parks tax is a great investment

Davis is a wonderful place to live and raise children, and one of the reasons it is so great is our wonderful system of parks and greenbelts. Without adequate funding for maintenance, the quality of our parks will decline and along with that, our quality of life. My kids grew up here, playing in park […]

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House GOP to try again: Rule or ruin

The issue: Budget Committee chair says lawmakers can avert a year-end ‘train wreck'; we wonder how Last summer’s congressional fight over raising the federal debt ceiling was so nasty and economically risky — it resulted in an unprecedented downgrade in the United States’ previously sterling credit rating by Standard & Poor’s — that House Speaker […]

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The unions’ behavior: avaricious

When three out-of-town unions launched their vicious and unwarranted attack on Davis City Councilwoman Sue Greenwald two weeks ago, they were not thinking about the 2 1/2-year-old argument Greenwald had with her council colleague, Ruth Asmundson. They were thinking about money. Our money. The avaricious plumbers, pipefitters, electricians and operating engineers wanted the residents of […]

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You can help save languages

Dear world language program supporters: We need your help to save the Chinese and German language programs at Davis Joint Unified School District. As you may have heard, the school board recently decided to alternate the starting year of the German and Chinese language programs to save $15,000 each year, starting by eliminating entry-level Chinese […]

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Schools went back on a promise

One stated purpose of Measure C, which was recently passed by the Davis community, was to preserve and to continue to fund multiple foreign language programs in our schools. More recently, the Davis school board voted to effectively eliminate instruction in both German and Chinese by providing German I and Chinese I courses every other […]

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