Lawmakers are out of touch

While the state government cuts essential services due to budget shortages, lawmakers have no problem filling their pork barrels. Pork barrel size comes with power. The more power you have, the bigger pork barrel you can have. The longest-serving lawmaker (20 years), Assembly Majority Leader Charles M. Calderon, is the pork barrel specialist. He placed […]

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Honor the past, embrace future

More than three years ago, we began a project at Fourth and D Streets in downtown Davis to provide an owner-occupied, senior-friendly home for four couples in an energy- and resource-efficient building. We chose this spot because of its place in the vibrant Davis downtown and its excellent solar exposure. After a steady but sometimes challenging […]

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The Fed really is in charge

The July 22 Enterprise editorial — “The Fed and Congress: Who’s in Charge?” — examines a question of supreme importance for our nation’s economic future. The editorial agrees with Fed chairman Bernanke’s view that only Congress is in charge and the Fed is not. There is, however, much evidence contradicting this conclusion, revealing that the […]

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It’s just liberal deep thinking

I couldn’t believe what I was reading in Tom Elias’ latest column regarding the state Democrats latest subterfuge regarding the ever-encroaching cap and trade nonsense. First, he outlines the egregious actions by the Democrats (which he later characterizes as just “mistakes”) to conceal activities of the newly formed Western Climate Initiative Inc. Then, in an […]

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Apply for Senior Commission

The Davis Senior Citizens Commission will have at least two vacancies to fill this fall. We encourage qualified applicants to apply; and those who have previously expressed interest to notify the city clerk of their desire to be reconsidered. Our commission is an extremely proactive one, engaging in not only policy issues, but in projects […]

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Bills ensure farmworkers’ safety

By Sherrill Futrell Our great Assemblywoman Mariko Yamada was recently and wrongly criticized by a few local growers for her courageous support of AB 2346, the Farm Worker Safety Act (Butler). The Fresno Bee on June 5 reported that a farmworker, Maximo Lopez Barajas, had died at the Coalinga Regional Medical Center after collapsing at […]

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Faced with a crisis, Congress plans a long vacation

The issue: As automatic cuts loom, lawmakers head home for five weeks As measured by a recent Gallup poll, the U.S. Congress has a public approval rating of 17 percent. It is a dubious honor the lawmakers have worked hard to earn. At the end of the year, the members of Congress will face a […]

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Parents refuse to fairly treat children

Dear Annie: I am a grown man in my early 30s, and I’m still having problems with my parents. My mother has always favored my older sister, even though my sister has been irresponsible her entire life. She abuses alcohol and drugs, but my mother won’t acknowledge it and blames me for any altercation we […]

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For Assad in Syria, end may be in sight

The issue:  It’s now time for the U.S. and its Arab and European allies to help the rebels prepare to establish a new government The Assad family’s 41-year hold on Syria appears to be nearing its inevitable bloody end. Most dictators depart no other way, and it seems clear that time has run out for […]

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Take time to get the water project right

By Michael J. Harrington, Pam Nieberg and Nancy Price In November 2011, a Davis water referendum successfully qualified for the ballot. If passed by the voters, the referendum would have overturned the City Council’s attempt to replace the community’s existing publicly owned ground water system with a large, expensive and privatized surface water system under […]

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Justice for crime victims and society sometimes demands the death penalty

By Jeff Reisig and Guadalupe Diaz There are some murders that are so horrific that we, as a democratic society, have concluded that the death penalty is an appropriate punishment. The voters in California approved of the current death penalty law in 1978. Despite the will of the people, the American Civil Liberties Union and […]

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Some reasons for gabbiness

Dear Annie: I read the letter from “Speechless in Omaha,” whose friend, “Sharon,” wouldn’t stop talking. I am a physician and also the mother of an adult son with a serious mental illness. Sharon’s speech is suggestive of “pressured speech,” which is a hallmark of bipolar mania or hypomania. It also could be caused by […]