Academic workers support teachers

The UC Davis unit of UAW Local 2865, a union that represents more than 12,000 academic student employees statewide, stands in solidarity with the struggle of the Davis Teachers Association against the threat of imposed austerity measures. As we have argued for years now at our own institution, teaching conditions are also students’ learning conditions. […]

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Does school board have a plan?

Here is a math problem. If I saved $500 per year starting four years ago, how much money would I have in the bank this year? Assuming I didn’t spend the money that I was trying to save, I would have about $2,000 by now. So if I had saved $500,000 per year starting four […]

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Please support the Food Co-op

Local, local! That’s the key word and concept of the past few years. Now Davis and our supporting communities are being put to the test, and it’s not STAR testing. Whole Foods is coming to Davis and I’m speechless. How did this happen?! Whole Foods bought out many of the closing Borders stores, and took […]

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Help prevent tobacco use

The Yolo County Tobacco Prevention Coalition is seeking new members! Come join a group of community members who are working hard to counter the effects of tobacco use. An article in The Sacramento Bee, “Wealthy Counties Top the List of California’s Healthiest,” published on April 4, stated that Yolo County citizens have a far lower […]

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Keep music alive in schools

After attending the combined elementary and junior high school orchestra performances on May 16 at Holmes Junior High, I just had to express my gratitude. Gratitude to the wonderful teachers — Sherie Wall, Angelo Moreno and Kim Cole — and the talented young people who played so beautifully. It just gave me chills! My granddaughter […]

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Can chancellor lead UC Davis?

Many evaluations, recommendations and opinions have been offered in recent months for either the support or censure of UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi. There has been a focus on and admission of failures in organization, process, communications and decisions. However, in Cory Golden’s May 10 coverage of the chancellor’s appearance before the UC Davis Academic […]

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Congrats to DHS softballers

Congratulations to the Davis High School softball team for a stunning season! In my observation, this team is in the top four or five most skilled softball teams at DHS in the past 25 years! The coaching was tremendous and the players were remarkable. A special good luck and best wishes to the seniors … […]

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That passage was vintage Dunning

The last few paragraphs of Bob Dunning’s column published on May 24 were vintage Dunning. Poking fun at hallowed halls of power is his forte, and in two brief sentences, Dunning had a two-fer. Using the human rights activist Chen Guangcheng as his foil, Dunning took a swipe at UC Davis’ attempt to balance the […]

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Teens, read for prizes at library

Teens ages 13-18 or entering junior high school through high school by fall 2012 are invited to participate Yolo County Library’s annual Teen Summer Library Program. Teens can sign up at the Davis Branch Library, take our survey and be eligible to win prizes, including many great gift certificates to local businesses and, of course, […]

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Please take time to vote

Well, here I am again. Each time I work the voting polls I tell myself, this is the last time I will do this because I’m getting too old to get up before 5 a.m. and spend from 6 a.m. until 9 p.m. just sitting here. I started working the polls so I could spend time […]

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A kinder, gentler, more efficient TSA

The issue: But remember, the screeners must succeed every time, the terrorists only once “I’d like to say we can guarantee 100 percent security and 100 percent customer satisfaction and it’s just not realistic,” John Pistole told The Wall Street Journal. Pistole is the administrator of the Transportation Security Administration, and the customer satisfaction with […]

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Trouble with the sister-in-law

Dear Annie: My husband’s sister-in-law is not only annoying. She is frustrating. We were friends once and lived together in my in-laws’ house. She has a son, and I have a daughter who is younger. The first time we fought, she began shouting at me, saying that my daughter is the favorite grandchild. She moved […]

Summer vacation pushes me to notice changes

In summer, many of us return to where we “always” go. Family tradition propels us there, or affordability or love of a particular place. Some of us simply like to go somewhere familiar. I return to favorite places for all of those reasons, but I find that when I get there I think not about […]

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Don’t let Big Tobacco purchase this election

Sure, there’s the easy reason to vote “Yes” on Proposition 29: Smoking kills and Big Tobacco is the Devil. The harmful effects of smoking on both the smoker and those around him/her are indisputable. If you think they’re not, just stop. Save us both the aggravation, because you’re wrong. It’s this simple: Smoking kills. Period. […]

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