Living in the halfway house

Dear Annie: I have been with “Jim” for eight years. We are in our 40s and have been through a lot together. When I moved in with him three years ago, two of his kids lived with their mother, and the older boy was in prison. I was supportive of Jim’s visits to “Lloyd” and […]

Memories of homelessness

When I see a person outside Safeway or Nugget Market asking for money, I try to always give them something. Maybe I only have an extra quarter and if times are better I might give them a dollar or two. My children say I don’t have much myself and I shouldn’t do that but they were […]

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Council speculation is refreshing

There’s all kinds of idle speculation about what direction the new City Council will go in, what alignments will emerge. Isn’t it wonderful and refreshing? The last time there was this kind of open debate was 1990-92. Jon Li Davis

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Join the 100% Club for schools

As a member of the Emerson Junior High School teaching staff, I’d like to publicly thank all the people who have worked so hard on the present Davis Schools Foundation fundraising drive to preserve junior high school vice principals, high school counselors and add general instructional aides to help in the elementary school room next […]

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Whose UC is it going to be?

The more foreign and out-of-state students register at the University of California and the higher tuition and fees there are pushed, the more legitimate it becomes for taxpayers who built and still largely fund the 10-campus system to wonder whom it will belong to in the future. It’s a question that got new force early […]

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Tackling the problems of higher education

The issue: So many challenges, but let’s start on the gridiron America’s institutions of higher learning face a daunting multitude of problems. Rapidly rising costs. Greatly diminished support from state legislatures for public colleges and universities. Students graduating with crushing debt loads that will take a lifetime to repay — assuming they can find employment, […]

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Looking for a new thrill

Dear Annie: My husband and I are in our late 40s and have been married 30 years. (We married young.) ”Eugene” has started looking at a lot of porn and seems to have a compulsion about it. We have enjoyed adult videos as a couple and still do, but Eugene now watches porn on the […]

Are we there yet? The magic hasn’t faded from this kingdom

To kick off this summer, my family and I took a trip to Disneyland. Having grown up within 20 minutes of the Magic Kingdom, I have a lot of perspective on how things have changed. Obviously there is a whole new park now — California Adventure — and new attractions, shows, etc. It’s also a […]

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Pedestrians should face oncoming traffic

To those letter-writers wanting to instruct us pedestrians to walk on the right side of a roadway, and to those who teach safe habits to children, I urgently report the following. Since the 1930s, parents and teachers taught my generation, “Always walk facing oncoming traffic.” That way, errant drivers on wheels will not surprise you […]

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Money well spent?

Dear Annie: I’ve been a stepmother to two lovely girls, now 12 and 17, since they were very young. My husband gladly pays child support on time without fail. The girls have different mothers who raise their children in opposite ways, yet in both cases, it’s rare that the child support actually reaches the child. […]

Team Davis thanks NewStar

Team Davis participants and volunteers want to warmly thank the Davis NewStar Chinese School for sponsoring an incredible cultural event this month during which performances by several Chinese singers, dancers and musicians provided entertainment to a full auditorium on the Davis High School campus. This event, which featured performers from the NewStar school as well […]

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Rotary brought garden to life

Just a short note to give credit to a remarkable bunch of folks and the organization they represent. On Saturday, June 2, Davis Rotary mobilized some serious muscle and brain power to help install an irrigation system for a new garden at Harper Junior High School. The garden is part of a larger project, led […]

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Company teaches children to tag

My son recently bought headphones made by Skullcandy. I was horrified to find a sticker in the package with the following inscription on the back: “Urban Assault — tag this sticker somewhere cool. Send us a picture and we might send you something.” Skullcandy is using its marketing clout to teach children to tag. As […]

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Vote for Pamela Trokanski

The Pamela Trokanski Dance Theatre is known for its unique community outreach programs and a wide variety of opportunities for the “non-traditional” dancer. Free dance classes offered in recent months include: The Second Wind for people 65 and older, the Taking it to the Streets flash dance program, and the Dance for Parkinson’s program, of […]

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