I couldn’t believe it, but vacation isn’t all good

* Editor’s note: This column first appeared in September 2005. I thought I understood the concept of a vacation, especially a vacation from writing this column. The pressure of producing something new every week was getting to me, I longed for a break from routine, and I thought vacation would fix me up just fine. […]

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Can you show just a little more love?

Yes, I realize it’s been only two weeks since I appealed to all the lovely people who visit me here to please, please, please match my $20 donation to help support Cathy Speck, in the Walk to Defeat ALS. Many responded, and thank you for reaffirming that humanity is not as suckful as I suspected. […]

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The kids aren’t alright

Dear Annie: When can we stop giving our children money? When is enough enough? My daughter and her husband are in their mid-30s. They bought a house they could not afford. On top of that, they are in the middle of filing for bankruptcy, as they have been overspending for years. My daughter works two […]

A smile and some sympathy

Recycle at Davis Waste Removal at your own risk. It appears my old cardboard mattered more to management than the car I damaged, or my emotional state. So, off I went to Hanlees Toyota — where three smiling, considerate sales guys helped me with my next step. One gentleman gave me Nathan Wendt’s business card […]

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Congress on big issues: Drop back 10 and punt

The issue: Our fearless leaders likely won’t tackle important legislation After being here only two days in August, according to House Republican leader Eric Cantor’s schedule, the House returned last week to a huge, and hugely important, workload. So did the Senate, following a similarly brief stint in August. But the betting in the capital is […]

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What do you think: What is your lifelong dream?

Sandy Lee student, Davis: “To be a good attorney.” Alex Antipa taekwondo coach, Davis: “To coach an Olympian.” Roxanne Molyneaux nanny, Davis: “To be a mom.” Julie Meenan philanthropist, Long Beach: “To grow old in good health.” Barnabas Tsang student, Davis: “Being a school counselor.” Michael Singh unemployed, Woodland: “To be a professor.” Asked in […]

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Protect private property and our future potential

By Lucy White Designating the Berryessa Snow Mountain region a National Conservation Area (HR 5545/S 3375) is wasteful and irresponsible use of our money, creating a heavier burden on our system and suppressing our potential. The additional agenda, should the bills stall in Congress, is to make Berryessa Snow Mountain a national monument, bypassing Congress […]

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A veteran’s voice: Protect Berryessa Snow Mountain

By Lawson Stuart When I joined the U.S. Air Force, I made a commitment to protect my country. This mission instilled me with a sense of purpose during my service, and it continues to sustain me today as a reservist. Protecting America is a broad commitment — it means acting in the defense of people […]

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Council needs to clean up DACHA case

By David Thompson What are city of Davis staff members are doing with our public funds down at City Hall? I ask the newly seated City Council to rein in city staff, stop the waste of public funds and investigate the charges we submitted to the California attorney general concerning DACHA, the Davis Area Cooperative […]

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Rise in health premiums slows, still hurts

Family health insurance premiums went up an average of 4 percent this year, according to a new survey of more than 2,000 businesses released this week. That seems like good news when you consider that health-coverage costs were increasing by double digits a decade before. But the news is a bit less thrilling when you […]

Friend brings problems along

Dear Annie: I am a teenager in high school with two close friends, “Emma” and “Vienna.” Emma was recently diagnosed with OCD and bipolar disorder. Ever since the diagnosis, there have been many conflicts. Emma is now really sensitive, and if Vienna or I say anything even mildly offensive, she gets super-angry. This past summer, […]

Justice must be done following diplomats’ deaths

The issue: Ambassador Stevens and his embassy staff deserve our best North Africa and the Mideast are notoriously volatile regions, prone to periodic spasms of violence. One of those spasms claimed the life of one of our most skilled ambassadors to the region, J. Christopher Stevens. At 52, he was an Arabic-speaking veteran of two […]

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Tell governor not to sign bill

Those living in Mariko Yamada’s Assembly district should be aware that her vote made it possible for the Assembly to approve legislation regarding water and shade requirements for farm employees that, although modified in the Senate, set in motion legislation on Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk that threatens the viability of farmers in her district, particularly […]

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