Check out library programs

It’s getting closer by the minute and before we know it, summer will be upon us. This summer, the Yolo County Library will again be offering fun programs for children, teens and adults. If you or someone you know will be in town during the summer, drop by your Yolo County Library branch starting June […]

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Avoid wasting public money

With reference to the Forum piece, “Davis Cemetery: more than a resting place” (April 6), 10 years ago the Davis Cemetery was a dog run. In fact, the Internet advertised it as the best dog run in Northern California. The members of the board did not see anything wrong with that use. It took more […]

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Scandalous charges at UCD

I am dismayed and alarmed by the recent decision of the UC Davis higher administration, in collusion with U.S. Bank, to bring charges against 11 students and one faculty member who spent three months protesting the presence on campus of the U.S. Bank. The sit-in protest took place in front of the bank in the […]

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Defense will be expensive

Our money-bags district attorney, Jeff Reisig, has chosen to charge 11 students with conspiracy to block the U.S. Bank campus branch. They each likely will choose to be represented by 10 separate conflict panel lawyers at county expense because California lawyer ethics rules allow only one of them to be represented by the public defender […]

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Why not help an elderly lady?

On the way to an appointment Friday morning, I stopped at the CVS/pharmacy store at The Marketplace around 10:30 a.m. As I was approaching the entrance I observed an elderly woman on the ground. I noticed a couple of people walk around her to enter the store. When I reached her, she had managed to […]

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Student loan debt may be next financial crisis

The issue: It wouldn’t be the first time Americans were blindsided by disasters for which they were forewarned Back in 1965, in the days of the Great Society, when all things seemed possible with enough federal money, the government began underwriting student loans. On paper, it was — and, when properly overseen, still is — […]

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Mentally ill son won’t get help

Dear Annie: Thirty years ago, our son was diagnosed with schizophrenia. He has been hospitalized more than once, although he believes it was only to “punish” him. In the past few years, he has refused all psychiatric intervention. ”Robert” has lived independently for 18 years. He displays delusional and paranoid behavior. We do not know […]

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Mix, stir and repeat

What are the ingredients of a good day? This is the question I asked myself last night when I realized I’d had a good day, the kind of day when life feels rich, but couldn’t say why. I am lucky to enjoy many good days, but most of the ones I immediately label as “good” […]

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Low thyroid may be cause of dog slowing down

Older dogs usually do not have the same energy level as when they were puppies, which should come as no surprise. However, not all of this “slowing down” may be due to age alone; there are a number of health conditions that may contribute to this, and treatment of these conditions may provide some renewed […]

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Opposing belief systems find common ground in Easter

* Editor’s note: Debra is on vacation. This column ran originally in 2010. “Mom, did Jesus get a chocolate bunny in his Easter basket too?” Ermmm…. Uhhh…. There were no Easter baskets back then, sweetie. “Then how come I get an Easter basket when we go to church on Easter?” Ermmm…. Uhhh… Hey, let’s go […]

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Dying for the light to change

I just can’t figure it out. Why don’t we ever read about people dying while waiting for the stop light to change? While sitting in my car waiting, I did the following calculation in my head: There are probably 25 or more major stop lights in Davis where there probably are at least four cars, […]

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What do you think: How do you eat a chocolate bunny?

Amanda Kalinoski Paint Chip employee, Davis: “I think ears first.” Andrew Makdisi student, Davis: “Ears first, then I slowly chip away at the rest of it. And then I give it away, because it’s a lot of chocolate.” Magy Hoyer gym membership consultant, West Sacramento: “It sounds bad, but I start with the face.” Christa […]

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Support for festival appreciated

The St. James Wine Tasting Festival Committee is grateful to the Davis community and surrounding areas for supporting the wonderful and fun event held Saturday, Feb. 18. This annual social event embraces the parish and greater community in Davis. It also serves as a fundraiser for the St. James Memorial Center that serves the parish […]

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Bunny Breakfast was fun for all

For many years, the city of Davis has organized and run the popular Breakfast with the Bunny. Because of budget constraints, this year the city asked the Davis Odd Fellows Lodge to take over the event. And on Saturday, March 31, the Davis Odd Fellows hosted 200 children and family members at our Lodge Hall in […]

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