Together, after all these years

The class of 1957 of Davis High School celebrated its 55th reunion this past weekend. Of the 57 members, 19 had been together since kindergarten. Eleven of these 19, among others, attended the reunion. Bob Parsons Longmont, Colo.

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Vann supports small business

Most of us in Yolo County, no matter our political persuasion, support our friends and neighbors who start small businesses and we want to see them succeed. John Garamendi struck a blow against these entrepreneurs when he voted to uphold a requirement that those who seek to deduct expenditures against their gross income must file a Form 1099 for […]

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The real DACHA cash cow

Re: Mike Mitchell’s letter to the editor Sept. 6: I was glad to learn that he lived in the limited equity co-op called Dos Pinos. In the 1980s, I worked for more than four years to take Dos Pinos from an idea to a financed reality. I worked on every part of the efforts to […]

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Wars based on falsehoods

Forty years too late, it was finally revealed to the American public that the Gulf of Tonkin incident reported by Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara in 1964 was wrong. This falsehood fully plunged the United States into the Vietnam War, thereby killing more than 58,000 of our troops and unknown millions of Vietnamese. Unfortunately, such […]

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Race remembers 9/11 victims

On Sunday, I participated in the Race to Remember, a race to honor those who died on 9/11. It was a very moving experience. The race featured a 5K walk/run and a 10K run. I walked the 5K. When I first heard about the race, I decided to do it in honor of my aunt […]

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Déjà vu on the initiative front

California voters can be excused if they get a sense of déjà vu when taking their first look at the ballot initiative pamphlets for the fall election. That’s because they’ve already seen and decided on several of the issues they’re being asked to consider in November. The decisions, of course, were negative on all those […]

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Up in the sky: It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s Putin

The issue: We can take a lesson from the Russian president’s media stunts On top of his other duties, Russian President Vladimir Putin feels compelled to entertain the public. Perhaps it’s his way of making it up to his countrymen for having cheated them out of a free election. HE HAS BEEN photographed hunting and […]

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More for the language-obsessed

You know you’ve arrived when “The Wary I” deigns to acknowledge your comments. Having been thus distinguished for the first time (Sept. 7), I respectfully acknowledge the acknowledgment. The columnist criticized my use of the word “inference” (Aug. 29) because “the writer can only ‘imply,’ it’s the reader who ‘infers.’ ” Of course that’s not […]

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Anniversary a time to reflect

Here’s a challenging conundrum — How can a 47-story steel-framed building (World Trade Center Building 7) collapse symmetrically at the acceleration of gravity, straight down through the path of maximum resistance?! Answer — it can’t! As you know, if a falling object has to do work (overcome resistance), free-fall acceleration cannot be attained. Such a […]

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Our crisis is recession, not debt

By Mary M. Zhu Rep. Mike Thompson’s commentary of Aug. 19 argues that our national debt is unsustainable and a national crisis. He quotes Adm. Mike Mullen: Our debt is a “national security threat”; the next sentence refers to “much of the debt” owed to foreign countries with different values. Rep. Thompson proposes cuts to […]

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A vote for trimming conventions to three days

The issue: Cutting these glorified commercials saves money, makes sense In the end, the two-party system survived. The four-day political convention is not holy writ chiseled into courthouses everywhere. The three-day convention, it turns out, works just as well, arguably even better. THE REPUBLICAN National Convention was shortened by happenstance when it seemed as if […]

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And baby makes … hurt feelings

Dear Annie: My husband and I have been married for 30 years. We each have adult children from previous marriages. One, “Luella,” only wants a relationship when it suits her. We don’t hear from her on Father’s Day, but if you miss something for her, she’s “hurt.” She’s a taker, not a giver. A year […]