Hurricane Sandy clouds election outcome

The issue: After almost two years of campaigning, it would be an irony of the first magnitude if the next president of the United States is determined by a storm With only a few days left in the month, the nation got its October Surprise: Hurricane Sandy, a storm that has brought massive amounts of […]

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Why does he think he has a chance?

Dear Annie: I was with my ex-husband for 18 years before I divorced him. We have three children, and he hasn’t been the best father or husband. Lately, however, he has been nice and comes around to visit the kids. I appreciate the fact that he is doing this, but he is now saying things […]

Taxation without representation

I agree with Don Perkins’ letter. A good idea or cause that someone else will pay for always gets a “yes” vote. Regardless of where you stand on Measure E, homeowners will foot the bill. There are fewer and fewr homeowners and property owners. This is getting very close to “taxation without representation,” where those […]

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Consummate problem-solver

If you want a good listener, a critical thinker, a fresh perspective and someone with proven leadership skills in countless DJUSD volunteer positions, than please vote for Nancy Peterson. She is all that and more. I have had the opportunity to work with Nancy for over seven years on both the Davis High School Blue […]

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Yes on 31 for local government

We understand that Californians expect a lot from their government. We also know the current system does not provide it. We can do better and that is why Californians should approve Proposition 31 on Nov. 6. Communities need stable revenue streams for basic, essential services. Prop. 31 will take cities, counties and schools off the […]

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Everything’s business to Mitt

Mitt Romney’s “binders full of women” statement is getting more play than it deserves. Yes, it’s a clumsy statement that is getting a lot of laughs on the Internet and Comedy Central. But, it resonates deeper with me: I think the statement sheds light on Romney’s insensitivity and lack of diplomacy. So what if he […]

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Romney’s the best choice

Recently, The Enterprise published an “Our View” article titled “Job figures may help Obama save his” and I respond with this opposing position: Almost four years ago when Barack Obama was elected president, he became the first president elected in nearly 50 years (since John Kennedy previously in 1960) to not have ever served in […]

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Choose Munn for Assembly

My wife and I have owned a small business near Woodland for more than 30 years. I first joined the Yolo County Taxpayers Association during the 1970s and now serve on the board of directors. While in this capacity, I have had the opportunity to meet and get to know John Munn, candidate for California […]

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Choose health over tradition

Many thanks to the City Council for taking a step to reduce wood smoke pollution in Davis. While fires in the home are a grand old tradition, perhaps particularly on holidays, we ultimately have to acknowledge that people’s health should take precedence. The negative aspects of burning were summarized in Mark Wilson’s letter to the […]

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Good fire management is key

With regard to the wood-burning ordinance, the Davis City Council did right to include an exemption for residents who use efficient wood stoves that don’t emanate visible smoke. It would not surprise me if some fires emit 1,000 times more smoke than others. Given that we no longer live in an age where the art […]

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New law is a waste of money

I have known our mayor, Joe Krovoza, a long time and like him very much. But when he said last Tuesday night, “We wouldn’t be here if the voluntary approach was working,” I was taken aback. Hadn’t several people, including me, just pointed out the voluntary effort was working? My reply would have been, “No […]

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Missing from the election: the ‘fiscal cliff’

The issue: Lame-duck congressional session is unlikely to tackle the problem A pressing question that the voters need — indeed, deserve — answered is how both parties will deal with the “fiscal cliff.” Frankly, the range of answers is so unpleasant that President Barack Obama and GOP challenger Mitt Romney would be foolish to answer […]

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