Where’s the soccer listing?

For years, I have been unhappy with the listings on the radio/TV column, which will never miss any baseball, basketball or football events, but seldom goes beyond that for other sports, even those offered on “regular” TV channels. Now you have done it! For Wednesday, you did indeed list soccer: MLS, on ESPN2, but why […]

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Get the facts straight

In a curious letter last week (“Don’t throw city money away,” July 18), Michael Harrington takes Mayor Joe Krovoza to task for leading the “The Parking Garage to Nowhere” project. I attended both City Council meetings where this project was discussed and Harrington’s and my memories differ significantly. I remember that Krovoza voted twice against […]

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CSU trustees are way out of touch

It’s just not enough anymore to call the trustees of the California State University system insensitive or tone-deaf. Some of their recent actions indicate they border on the totally insensate. How else to explain the fact that in one 24-hour period this spring, this board first voted to accept virtually no new admissions for the […]

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Gas prices sputter as campaign issue

The issue: Americans have lost interest, and so have politicians In February, Republicans were confident that gasoline prices would be a winning political issue in the fall. Commentators allied with the GOP predicted $5-a-gallon gas by Memorial Day and $6 per gallon by Election Day. And they blamed the high prices on President Barack Obama, […]

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Rude family won’t love him

Dear Annie: I am 33 years old and fed up with how distant my family is. I am disappointed with my grandparents for the way they behave. I grew up around them, but they moved to Arizona when I was 19. I thought we were close, but it seems we are growing further apart. Sometimes […]

Regulation isn’t the problem

One of the most pervasive lies in Washington and on cable news and editorial pages of newspapers small and large is that government regulation and uncertainty are the biggest reasons for the failing economy. This is what the elite and the Republicans have always said, but there are some people on the other side of […]

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Valuable lessons from Sally Ride

I was saddened this week to learn of the death of my teen-years pal Sally Ride. Sally gained fame for being the first woman astronaut in space, but during the 1960s she and I belonged to a troupe of young tennis players who traveled each week to compete in tournaments in hopes of eventually playing […]

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Move your money to local banks

It’s time for citizens to take power into our own hands. Let’s move away from the too-big-to-fail megabanks and use our locally owned banks and credit unions. Congress has been unwilling to act and reregulate the too-big-to-fail megabanks. Instead, they have given 16 trillion of our taxpayer dollars to the banks. The banks have continued […]

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City tree care, or lack thereof

Pay and pay again. That’s how I understand the city of Davis’ tree policy. Since the city is so far behind in maintaining the trees on my property, I called to see if I could do it myself. The answer? One needs to get a “tree modification permit” that would cost $134 for one to three trees and […]

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From farms to student lunches

By John Young Farm-to-school programs combine public health and agricultural marketing objectives with the potential to change the way young people eat, think about food and improve their health through development of lifelong healthy eating habits. Farm-to-School Yolo is a three-year program that will link Yolo County agriculture with the National School Lunch Program, which […]

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Penn State’s conspiracy of silence

The issue: Ironically, Paterno and Company’s desire to avoid negative publicity has generated nothing but that Before dawn on Sunday, workers showed up at Penn State’s Beaver Stadium, put up a chain-link fence to keep spectators at bay and draped the fence in a blue tarp to block TV cameras. They then proceeded to jackhammer […]

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Getting her wig on

Dear Annie: I am an attractive 30-something female who began experiencing thinning hair in my late 20s due to a thyroid disorder. Many women have the confidence to accept their hair loss and do nothing to hide it. I admire that. However, for me, it contributes to embarrassment, low self-esteem and a lack of confidence. […]