I support Judge Dan Maguire

The Canons of Judicial Ethics bar judges from election endorsements, but we are allowed to speak regarding the judicial system, and in particular, the qualifications of judicial candidates. Judicial elections tend to be unexciting affairs. But I urge you to pay attention in this upcoming election, because you are far more likely to come before […]

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Time to repeal a relic of the Cold War

The issue: American farmers and manufacturers stand to lose valuable markets to our competitors because of this anachronism The Soviet Union did not much believe in letting its citizens emigrate. After all, what sane person would want to leave the “workers’ paradise”? And it especially did not believe in letting its Jewish citizens emigrate for […]

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We’re concerned about GMOs

By Diane Evans Our right to know is a cultural and intellectual tool provided to our citizens so that we can take and express personal responsibility and make choices that support our health and our personal beliefs. Our right to know is a twin to free speech. That is why we have free speech. With […]

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Stepmother getting wicked

Dear Annie: My wife of three years always seems to have something derogatory to say about “Janie,” my 20-year-old daughter from my first marriage. If Janie vacuums, my wife says she didn’t do it right. If she has a half-filled garbage can, my wife tells her it needs to be emptied, etc. I am so […]

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China appears to be at a crossroads

The issue: Wen and Hu are stepping down this year, creating an opportunity for change at the highest levels Once every 10 years, the inner circle of China’s ruling Communist Party retreats behind closed doors and quickly re-emerges to inform the Chinese people, and the world, who the new leaders will be. THE HIERARCHY is […]

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Now foreclosure doesn’t sound so bad

Dear Annie: Four years ago, my adult son was divorced and then lost his job. He tried selling his house, but couldn’t find a buyer. At the same time, my sister’s daughter, also recently divorced, needed a larger house and a better school system for her three teenage children. My sister and I came up […]

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Marriage comes with baggage

Dear Annie: When I married my wife last summer, her son was living in the basement with no intention of getting a job. “Terence” is 23 and not exactly bright. We tried offering advice to help him move forward with his life, but he likes things his way. My wife excuses this, saying it’s his […]

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Educate all before kindergarten

During the discussions about South Davis schools at the recent Board of Education meeting, I realized that maybe Montgomery Elementary School should set up a two-year program for all. A Head Start-like program that would be open to all who would want to attend, and their social economic standing shouldn’t matter. We could start at […]

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Look for other funding sources

Congratulations are due to the Davis Joint Unified School District, the campaign in support of Measure C, the Board of education, the superintendent, teachers, students and those who wrote letters to the editor. The Davis Enterprise was the real hero in publicizing the issue. The highest level of congratulations are due to the Davis community […]

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More thanks for Measure C support

In their recent op-ed to the community, Barbara Archer and Lori Duisenberg did a wonderful job of thanking the many, many volunteers who assisted the effort to pass Measure C. They were fabulous, each and every one, and Archer’s and Duisenberg’s committed and dynamic leadership were key ingredients in the success of the effort. Special […]

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Judge Maguire deserves your vote

This June, the voters in Yolo County will have the opportunity to retain Judge Dan Maguire, one of our best Superior Court judges. I’m presiding judge of the Yolo Superior Court, so I’ve had the opportunity to observe Judge Maguire’s work. He’s done an exceptional job in every case we’ve sent to him. In 2010, […]

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Please enforce lights for cyclists

An open letter to the Davis Police Department: On behalf of a good number of residents who agree, would you please enforce the bicycle safety code requiring bike riders to have a proper light on the front and some reflective device on the rear of their bikes when riding at night? When driving at night, […]

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