Check out GMO corn study

On Sept. 19, the first long-term feeding study testing Monsanto’s Roundup-ready corn (a genetically modified organism) and residuals of the herbicide Roundup on the health of rats was published in the journal Food and Chemical Toxicity. The lead author is Gilles-Eric Séralini. The study has demonstrated significant pathological effects, including cancers and liver failure of […]

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Fernandes walks the talk

I am writing to encourage you to vote for Alan Fernandes for Davis school board. I have known Alan since our sons were in kindergarten together. Alan is one of those parents who make a true difference in the lives of kids. He is a hands-on volunteer in the classroom, bringing his positive attitude and […]

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Move forward with Peterson

As a Davis High School teacher and coach, I support Nancy Peterson as a candidate for the Davis Joint Unified School District Board of Education. Responding to those who are the most vocal is, for better or for worse, human nature. Unfortunately, a district’s desire, conscious or subconscious, to please those who speak loudest typically […]

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3 candidates are impressive

I live in Davis because it is a community that cares about children and their education. That caring makes for a safer, more collegial town where neighbors look each other in the eye with genuine caring. I feel good knowing my neighbors care about the education of all children, including other people’s children. The purpose […]

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Pakistan outraged at shooting of schoolgirl

The issue: No one will be safe from the Taliban until the nation’s people collectively decide that this murderous conduct is unacceptable and then take action In a bit of encouraging news out of a nation that has produced few of them, a broad spectrum of Pakistan has become enraged by a Taliban attempt to […]

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His house, and life, are falling apart

Dear Annie: My husband’s only sibling is his 65-year-old brother, “Larry.” Larry’s mother spoiled him rotten. To say he’s lazy is an understatement. He does nothing to help himself. He was fortunate enough to win a local election when he ran unopposed, and he held that office for 30 years. I doubt if he put […]

Prop. 31: local control, accountability

Local support Proposition 31 has been endorsed by the local group Saving California Communities as well as the Yolo County Board of Supervisors; Davis Mayor Joe Krovoza and Council members Dan Wolk, Lucas Frerichs and Rochelle Swanson; Davis Board of Education members Susan Lovenburg and Sheila Allen; and state Sen. Lois Wolk By Jim Mayer As […]

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Chavez wins third term in Venezuela

The issue: Anti-U.S. leader plans to forge ahead with his ‘Bolivarian’ revolution Hugo Chavez has won his third presidential election in Venezuela, thanks to his customary generous spending on the poor in advance of the vote. Even though he won by a 10 percent margin, it is less than the anti-U.S. strongman is accustomed to […]

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Can’t imagine what’s wrong …

Dear Annie: I am a 64-year-old man in excellent health. The problem is, I never have had much luck with the ladies. I adore all kinds of women: tall ones, short ones, average ones and even plump ones. The only ladies I do not find attractive are the grossly fat ones and those who smoke, […]

A grand time was had by all

Thank you to the Davis community and The Davis Enterprise for helping International House Davis celebrate “unity in diversity” at our second International Festival held at the Veterans’ Memorial Center on Saturday, Oct. 6. We believe more than 3,000 people attended in the course of the afternoon to see live music, dance, performances from around the […]

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Re-elect Lovenburg, yes on E

We have known Susan Lovenburg since our daughters — now graduated from college — were in grade school together. Susan was responsible for getting us into volunteering at the schools years ago and more recently helping us understand the true nature of school funding in the state of California. If you haven’t had a chance […]

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Elect Peterson to school board

I have two young kids, a preschooler and a first-grader. Like many families with young children, we are just beginning the journey into the Davis school district. I have been attending school board meetings for four years, bearing witness to the projections (and the reality) of the district’s cash reserves plummeting to near zero. School […]

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