As Woody turns 100, we protest too little

By Lawrence Downes NEW YORK — In October, the Kennedy Center will throw a centennial party for Woody Guthrie, a star-studded concert with tickets topping out at $175. It will be America’s ultimate tribute to a beloved troubadour. “Through his unique music, words and style,” the Kennedy Center says, “Guthrie was able to bring attention […]

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Breaking up with my bank

By Judith MacBrine Last week I closed my Bank of America checking account and transferred it to The Golden 1 Credit Union. The week before, I transferred my safe deposit box from BofA to First Northern Bank. As soon as I can claim my last “reward,” I’ll stop using my BofA Visa card. It didn’t […]

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Just Us in Davis: Will GATE be Davis’ Watergate?

A brand-new school year and an approaching autumn mark a time for renewal, recommitment and reflection. I wish your children and teens continuing and new cycles of positively affirming relationships with friends and educators. This school year, I hope your children know both great challenge and great success. We are back again to the very […]

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Stupidly, Iran restricts female students

The issue: History has shown that one of the surest paths to prosperity and progress in a nation is educating women and improving their access to professions Rarely does a country make a conscious decision to dumb itself down. But it happens. Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge. China during Mao’s Great Leap Forward. Japan under […]

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What do you think: What is your best memory of high school?

Prio Hossain student, Antelope: “Prom.” Bejan Alvandi student, Citrus Heights: “Sports-O-Rama. It’s mini (sports) games.” Ivan Shevchyk student, Roseville: “Something called O-Zone. It’s a cheering section for basketball games.” Mary Dolan student, Dixon: “I thought prom was fun.” Natalie Vergara student, Dixon: “Drama class, freshman year.” Aida Orozco prison counselor, Rancho Cordova: “I went to […]

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I’ll base my vote on more

I was taken aback by Debra De Angelo’s column, “All you need to know about politics is on your cell phone,” published Aug. 19. In it she states, “For me, the choice in this election is just that simple. Obama makes me feel good. Romney doesn’t.” Apparently, I’m supposed to be more angry about what Mitt […]

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Astronomers find most massive star generator yet

The issue: The mysteries of the universe are growing even as we learn more Maybe we’re overstating it, but it seems that the more we learn about the universe — and we are learning a lot — it seems the less we know. ASTRONOMERS have discovered a distant galaxy — 5.7 billion light-years fitting anybody’s […]

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Choose those who support women

Todd Akin’s “legitimate rape” comments were appalling. What’s just as shocking is that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan basically agree with him. Sure, they are working to distance themselves from Rep. Akin’s comments, but both GOP candidates support a constitutional “Human Life Amendment,” which would ban abortion in all instances, even in the case of […]

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Don’t pull our rail funding

On a recent trip to Europe, my wife and I purchased a Eurail pass to travel through several countries. We were amazed by the simplicity, timeliness and low cost of traveling by rail. We did not have long waits like in airports, did not have to be frisked and had very comfortable seats. Most all, […]

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Treat children with respect

I read with shock Fraser Shilling’s Aug. 15 letter to the editor, ” Police Priorities are Wrong.” His daughter’s 14-year-old friend was dragged away by the Davis police to be shipped to her father in another state after her mother died. The ink was barely dry on the court order uprooting this child from her […]

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Senior citizens, stay informed

Thank you for your extensive coverage of the senior citizens’ meeting on Aug. 14. The proposed bylaws were unanimously rejected. I was amazed and stunned that the president, John Gerlich, totally ignored the voices and votes of 250 senior members, rejecting the proposed bylaws. What arrogance! On numerous occasions, Gerlich has refused to provide his […]

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Government provided opportunities

Nothing illustrates the false dichotomy of individual vs, collective effort better than the spectacular U.S. female athletes of the 2012 Olympics. Who can deny that when crunch time came, it was their own muscle strength and grace, in solo or team events, that would win or lose the day? And they won, spectacularly. Yet the […]

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