They’ll guard your wallet

Dear friends and neighbors, Democrats and Republicans, alike. I have read all of the campaign mailers, and have concluded that actions are more important than words. Therefore, I am urging you to join me in voting for Sue Greenwald and Brett Lee for City Council. Perhaps the best way to express my opinion is for […]

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My choices in the June 5 election

The primary election is just around the corner on June 5. Dianne Feinstein and John Garamendi have proved themselves. I hope they will be elected to represent us in Congress. State Sen. Lois Wolk’s and Supervisor Jim Provenza’s leadership are well recognized and no one is challenging them. Mariko Yamada has been always committed to […]

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The tobacco wars, continued

By Lance Armstrong On May 31, the World Health Organization marks World No Tobacco Day. This year’s theme: tobacco industry interference. For evidence of that interference, we need look no further than our own back yard. On June 5, the California Cancer Research Act — Proposition 29 — will be voted up or down by […]

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Mayan discovery: It’s safe to make plans for 2013

The issue: New calendar shows that doomsday is still 3,500 years off It’s scientifically safe to make plans for 2013. The world will not end on Dec. 21 or the default date of Dec. 23, according to a newly discovered Mayan calendar. IF AN INCOMPLETE ancient Mayan calendar, enthusiastically embraced by New Age cultists and […]

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Not exactly farewell to Afghanistan, but close to it

The issue: U.S. plans a noncombat presence for another 10 years but NATO already has a foot out the door As much as any event, this weekend’s NATO summit in Chicago will mark a formal beginning of the end of the war in Afghanistan. The foreign forces, now numbering about 130,000, are to be out […]

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Retain Yolo Judge Dan Maguire

As an attorney with more than 40 years of experience in both criminal and civil law, I am supporting Yolo County Superior Court Judge Daniel Maguire for re-election. He is well-respected by his fellow judges and the Yolo County Bar and has been found qualified by the California Commission on Judicial Nominee Evaluation. (By running […]

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I’ll vote for Greenwald, Maguire

Letter writers amaze me with the ways they dress up their message that, “I’m voting for this candidate, and you should, too.” I’ll be direct: I’m voting for Sue Greenwald for council, and Dan Maguire for judge. I agree with Sue on a lot of issues, and I feel she always brings her intelligence, analytical […]

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Frerichs has a record of service

I think The Enterprise missed the boat on its recommendations for the City Council. I can agree with the recommendations for current Council members Dan Wolk and Sue Greenwald, but I totally disagree with your third choice. You missed out by not recommending Lucas Frerichs, who currently chairs the Davis Planning Commission, where he has […]

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Brett Lee is your candidate

We enthusiastically support Brett Lee for City Council. We have been impressed that Brett really listens to the concerns of citizens. He looks you in the eye and does not interrupt. He is willing to look anew at any problem if the questioner has a different view. The City Council needs less ego and more […]

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Choose Lee for City Council

I am privileged to be Davis City Council candidate Brett Lee’s campaign manager. We worked together before, when I managed the opposition to Measure X, a large development approved by the City Council just east of the Hunt-Wesson property. It was soundly defeated by the voters. Brett played an important role in that campaign. Brett […]

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Use local print shops

The influence of unions has been brought front and center this election. In looking at all the fliers, postcards and pamphlets that land in my mailbox, I can’t help but notice the union bug on the vast majority. From individual candidates to the different measures, the little union bug is there. I know of three […]

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Wolk’s an environmental leader

Great environmental decisions in our community’s past have required strong leadership from the Davis City Council. City Councilman Dan Wolk is such an environmental leader. Whether it’s his support for our parks, preservation of ag land, improving our water quality, green waste containerization and composting, or the Berryessa Snow Mountain National Conservation Area, Dan has […]

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Where’s the official outcry and investigation?

“There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest.” — Elie Wiesel, Holocaust survivor, Nobel laureate (b. 1928) By Michael Bartolic Bribery. Blackmail. Intimidation. Extortion. Election tampering. Conspiracy to commit fraud. The ugliness of the smear aimed at Davis City Councilwoman […]

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Consider what’s best for our district’s schoolchildren

By Niki Reina-Guerra We’ve all been there. Times are tough all around. What does a resourceful family do when financial times are tight and we need to weather the storm of economic hardship? Do we cut out food, water, shelter, or starve our children of life sustaining necessities? Of course not. We cinch our belts on […]

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