No more tricks or treats at this school

* Editor’s note: This column originally ran on Oct. 27, 2004 Once again, political correctness runs amok. A Washington school district has banned Halloween parties at school. Despite protests from parents, the Pullayup School Board held firm: no costumes, no cookies, not a single stinkin’ candy corn on campus. The trustees claimed Halloween is offensive to […]

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U.S. troops on periphery of Syrian civil war

The issue: A handful of troops may seem like a small gesture, but it is an intensely symbolic one The United States has sent a small military force to Jordan to help that ally if the violence from the Syrian civil war threatens to spread, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta told a NATO conference Wednesday in […]

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Many reasons to celebrate co-ops

By Lucas Frerichs, Kim Coontz and Eric Stromberg The United Nations has declared 2012 as the International Year of Cooperatives, highlighting the immense contributions of cooperatives to global socio-economic development. Additionally, October is National Cooperative Month here in the United States. Locally, the Davis Food Cooperative is celebrating its 40th anniversary, and Davis Ace Hardware […]

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Summit’s goal: building a sustainable local food system

Learn more What: Yolo Food Connect summit When: 8:30 a.m.-3 p.m. Friday, Oct. 19 Where: UC Davis Activities and Recreation Center, Room 232 RSVP: Diane Parro, 530-757-5557, [email protected] By Don Saylor, et al. In conjunction with the recognition of World Food Day on Oct. 16 and National Food Day on Oct. 24, Yolo Food Connect […]

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What do you think: How will you vote on Prop. 37 (GMO labeling)?

Stacia Rusakowiz salon owner, Davis: “Yes, I think (foods) should be labeled. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to eat them.” Caitlin Politi hairdresser, Vacaville: “They should be labeled.” Olga Simons piano teacher, Davis: “I would like to know what is in my food; yes.” Long Phi student, Davis: “Personally, I would vote against it.” […]

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Chamber PAC supports Measure E, opposes teacher furloughs

By Steve Greenfield, Joy Cohan, Kemble Pope, Tom Cross and Michael Bisch Quality Davis schools are essential for a sustainable Davis community. This is why the Davis Chamber PAC supports Measure E on the Nov. 6 ballot. Measure E ensures that we will continue to properly educate our next generation of leaders, caregivers, teachers and […]

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Waking up from that January dream

Dear Annie: In January, I finally married the woman of my dreams. “Julie” was sweet and kind, with lots of love to give. Things went well for a few weeks, but then everything changed. Julie has always had issues with depression. She’d be overwhelmed from time to time but always came to me for comfort. […]

Pets can get diabetes, too

Diabetes is not just a disease of humans — animals can be affected as well, including household pets. This disease equally as important to control in dogs and cats as it is in their owners. Diabetes (or, more properly, diabetes mellitus) is a medical condition in which the ability of insulin to regulate blood sugar […]

Looking for love, but not that urgently

Dear Annie: I am 29 and have been a teacher in a small town for seven years. During this time, I have had two serious relationships, but neither worked out. Recently, my mother has been on me about moving so I can find someone to marry and have kids. I understand that she doesn’t want […]

Labels, labels, labels

Virtually, all the backing for Yes on Proposition 37 comes from the organic industry. It seems that this measure is just quest for the organic industry to create more labels to further market their product. The organic industry has an internationally recognized USDA standard and label that can be used given that an approved process […]

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Response to Salquist letter

I was surprised and disappointed to read Roger Salquist’s Sept. 26 letter to The Enterprise. Since reading it, I have emailed Roger and reminded him of some of my many contributions toward implementing Calgene’s pre-market regulatory strategy for the Flavr Savr tomato. While I won’t go into the details here (although I plan to post […]

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Time to reform Animal Services

At the latest Woodland City Council meeting, I made comments in support of the LAFCO report on the Yolo County Animal Services, which recommends that Animal Services be removed from the Sheriff’s Department. As a former peace officer, a local businesswomen and the director of Rotts of Friends Animal Rescue, I am known for speaking my mind and speaking in […]

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Pro choice? Consider this

This one is for you, Proposition 34 death penalty repeal supporters who are also pro-choice: Termination of pregnancy before 24 weeks gestation is legal in the state of California. As part of my profession, I have examined many terminated second-trimester fetuses. Their death penalty procedure starts with injecting potassium chloride into their small heart, which […]

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