A full-on identity crisis

Dear Annie: I am a 56-year-old stepfather to two wonderful young women, ages 20 and 17. My wife of five years did a wonderful job raising the girls after their father died. Our relationship is open and trusting. I never call them stepdaughters. I view them as my own. And they tell me they love […]

Eat environmentally sustainable food

Just in time for Sunday’s Earth Day observance, a study published in last week’s Environmental Research Letters warns that animal manure and fertilizers used in growing animal feed emit large amounts of nitrous oxide, a powerful greenhouse gas. An op-ed piece in this week’s New York Times warns that the devastating environmental impacts of a […]

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CASA says thanks for the help

Yolo County Court Appointed Special Advocates would like to thank our generous sponsors, donors, and attendees for helping to make our recent 15th annual Cherish a Child Dinner and Auction our most successful one ever. We had 180 people gathered to help support the needs of our local foster youths. Yolo CASA along with National […]

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Buffett Rule still makes Main Street sense

By Lew Prince As a music store owner, the Buffett I’m usually concerned with is Jimmy Buffett of Margaritaville. But a bunch of lobbying groups who claim to represent small business are making me mad. They’re trying to scare people into believing that job-creating small businesses like mine won’t hire people if the “Buffett Rule” or […]

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To say my father is dying

I lost my dad to eternity on Monday, March 19, at 1 a.m. Even as I was an eyewitness to this, holding his hand, even then to say, “My father is dying,” was surreal. That the world has not stopped, save a few of us, to acknowledge this remains confusing to me. Irrational and self-absorbed, […]

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From remote exurbs, cities don’t look so bad now

The issue: Housing crisis causes new migration When the GIs came home from World War II, they married, produced the baby boom and moved en masse to a relatively new way of living for most Americans, the suburbs. The suburbs sprouted quickly in the farmland that had once surrounded the cities and soon came to […]

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Traveling from boat to boat to see the world

In the world of cruising, there are normal passengers and there are superstars. The superstars are people who have taken many cruises with the same company. They get perks and recognition. They puzzle and amaze me. Shortly after my husband and I boarded a 300-passenger cruise ship, the Silver Wind, the cruise director enthusiastically announced […]

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Pain is not always weakness leaving the body

If there’s one thing I truly miss at this point in life, it’s running. When I see people jogging down the street, I’m so envious. I used to run every day, sometimes twice. Now, I run only in my dreams. Following many years of running-related injuries, the collapse of the arch bones in my left […]

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What do you think: What’s the best-kept secret of Picnic Day?

Jay Shah student, Davis: “The wiener dog race.” Mihir Sathe student, Davis: “Delta Sigma Pi is having a tent and selling food on Hutchison.” Dominique Chao student, Davis: “Last year, they had a ton of discounts at the meat market. They roast it for you and let you taste it.” Scott Wong student, Davis: “DDR […]

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The old days really were green, we just didn’t know it

By Dan K. Thomasson WASHINGTON — I’m not in the habit of passing along anything from the blizzard of frequently clever, often outrageous, mostly anonymous and sometimes funny but surprisingly right-on-target Internet offerings forwarded by friends. Most of them, I have learned not to open. But at the risk of being accused by my journalistic […]

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A place for alternative medicine in oral care

The surge of interest in alternative and complementary medicine has also reached dental practices. Approaches such as acupuncture, herbal medicine, hypnosis and homeopathy have made it into the dental research arena and have been implemented in certain areas of oral care. Recent high level evidence published in the British Dental Journal found laser acupuncture and […]

Meet the Challenge to Help R&R!

All Things Right and Relevant, a local, nonprofit Consignment and Thrift Shop, is moving to a brand new, larger building by May 1, at 2801 Spafford St., off Fifth Street. This would be a great time to help us with the cost of the new building, as Tandem Properties has so generously offered to match […]

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Thank you to the community

The Saylor family is so grateful for everyone’s support. Travis gave himself to this community and, especially the kids involved with football. How to play the game was only part of it; he loved those kids as his own and hopefully taught them that no matter what “keep trying” is a life lesson for all. […]

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Ground those gripes about Panetta’s flights

Since he became secretary of defense in July, Leon Panetta has flown back to his home, a walnut ranch in northern California, 27 times at taxpayer expense. The cost so far: more than $800,000. He combines these trips with visits to military bases and assorted events, but he reimburses the Treasury for the personal part […]

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