We’ve been Scrooged!

For years, I have enjoyed teaching Ray Bradbury’s short story “The Exiles” to my sophomores at Davis High School. It portrays a world in which fantasy and imagination have been banned. As a result, certain imaginative authors, such as Edgar Allan Poe, Ambrose Bierce and Charles Dickens have been exiled to Mars. When the last […]

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Jobs figures may help Obama save his

The issue: Unemployment rate falls below the important 8 percent barrier Just when President Barack Obama was in need of a post-debate boost, the U.S. economy came through for him. The September unemployment rate, considered the most politically significant economic statistic between now and the election, fell to 7.8 percent — where it was when […]

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He’s only driving her away

Dear Annie: My husband is a wonderful man in almost every respect. But when we are in the car together, he uses road rage to manipulate me into agreeing to things I don’t want. He’ll drive threateningly if I don’t say it’s OK for him to take that fishing trip or go to a movie. […]

Maybe she needs an etiquette class

Dear Annie: My husband and I have a 20-year-old daughter, “Brianna.” We pay for her private college tuition, as well as all of her expenses. In August, Brianna was invited for a weeklong trip to Hawaii with her boyfriend’s family. She decided to go without discussing it with us. We had made plans to get […]

Inclusion, acceptance emphasized

On Monday, my office became aware of inappropriate behavior from three fans at last Saturday’s DHS vs. Jesuit home soccer game. The three fans, dressed as hot dogs, displayed a large banner that read “Jesuit (heart symbol) Loves Wieners.” Students and staff agree that the sign was a clear anti-gay message targeting the Jesuit all-male […]

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In Iran, sanctions begin to bite

The issue: The country’s economic troubles give credence to Obama’s refusal to support military strikes The West’s stiffened sanctions against Iran apparently are starting to hurt. Since July, when the European Union voted to end purchases of Iranian oil, Iran’s main source of income, exports have fallen by 30 percent or more. And sanctions against […]

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Re-elect Lovenburg to board

I first met Susan Lovenburg more than a decade ago, when both of our kids attended Willett Elementary School. I had the privilege of working with Susan on the school’s newsletter and website, and saw Susan work tirelessly to support both students and teachers in the classroom. During the past five years, Susan has served […]

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Peterson listens and cares

It’s really tough to be a teacher right now. It’s equally tough to be a parent with three school-age kids confronted with the stark reality of our current budget crisis. Like most other Davis residents and teachers, I am concerned that the increase in class sizes due to budget cuts will make it even harder […]

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Fernandes has a positive impact

From the pitch to the diamond to the classroom, Alan Fernandes has provided the excitement and care necessary to motivate and provide opportunities for children at all levels. The greatest compliment a coach or a teacher can receive is when one of these children, who is now an adult, remembers the lessons, directions or the […]

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Teachers support Fernandes

There is one candidate for school board who has earned the endorsement of the Davis Teachers Association: Alan Fernandes. The experience and qualifications of each candidate were carefully examined, and Alan was found to be the most qualified to be an effective board member who will serve all our students well. Davis teachers voted to support Alan because he […]

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Please support Alan Fernandes

Please join me in supporting Alan Fernandes in the upcoming school board election. I have served many years with Alan on various boards and commissions, including the Business and Economic Development Commission for the city of Davis, the board of directors for the California Bicycle Museum and the board of directors for the U.S. Bicycling […]

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Vote for Lovenburg, Measure E

I recommend voting for Susan Lovenburg for school board and in favor of Measure E. Susan is unfailingly well-informed, patient, courteous and cool-headed. I first met Susan when she was on the board of the Willett Elementary PTA, in charge of the PTA’s weekly newsletter. Editing and producing this newsletter was a surprisingly challenging job, […]

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Why Susan’s earned our vote

Here are the reasons why we endorse, and will be voting for, Susan Lovenburg to return to the Davis school board for a second term: * Commitment. Susan has demonstrated over the past five years that she is focused on being a trustee, rather than looking ahead to a future political career. One example: She […]

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