What do you think: If you could open a restaurant in Davis, what would it be?

Ali Holder student, Davis: “A bakery. It would be warm and friendly with a lot of couches.” Brandon Rubio student, Davis: “Mexican food. Not really formal, but clean.” Avery L-P student, Davis: “I’d probably say Mexican and Italian. It’d be semi-formal.” Michaela Ma student, Davis: “I would open an Italian place. It would be kind […]

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There’s bad blood on the left

A loud hissing contest on California’s left political flank began weeks before the state’s largest health insurance companies announced recently they plan to raise average rates by 8 percent to 14 percent for thousands of consumers with individual policies — well over twice the 3.6 percent increase in their annual costs. The fact no one […]

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House GOP may renege on budget deal that averted default

The issue: But Congress needs some breathing room to focus on a long-term deficit-reduction plan Tea party-movement Republicans in the House are pushing their leadership to renege on a budget deal reached last July, an agreement that averted a default by the U.S. government but did some minor damage to the nation’s credit rating. THE […]

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We want to be the coolest

A full-house audience at International House on March 1 got a peek at Davis’ plans to be the coolest city in California. Chris Jones, a research associate at UC Berkeley, described the Cool California Challenge that he is directing. Davis is one of several cities throughout the state that will be recruiting households to reduce […]

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Help fund production of ‘Rent’

Studio 301, a student-run production company at UC Davis, is preparing to mount a production of “Rent,” the Tony Award- and Pulitzer Prize-winning musical, this spring. However, like most theater companies right now, we are struggling financially. Thanks to help from the UCD theater and dance department, we have a performance space, but we still need to pay royalties and […]

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Measure your PG&E SmartMeter

The SmartMeter is different from other electrical devices on or in your home. PG&E claims it is safe in much the same way the cigarette industry claimed smoking was safe. If the medical precautionary principle is followed, as Marin County has done (see the Jan. 5, 2011, New York Times article “California County Criminalizes Smart-Meter […]

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Pawns in a nasty chess game

Sadly, it seems evident that members of the Davis Area Cooperative Housing Association have become pawns to be sacrificed in a nasty, high-stakes game of chess between the city and businesses fronting for David Thompson (Neighborhood Partners and Twin Pines Cooperative Foundation. In Tuesday’s edition of The Davis Enterprise, Louis Gonzalez, attorney for Twin Pines, […]

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Board’s fiscal practices to blame

I would like to correct a misstatement in Tuesday’s article on layoffs. Matt Best, the school district’s director of human resources, stated that the structural deficit facing the district was caused by the expense of step and column movements. This is incorrect. Teachers move up the pay scale based on years of experience and educational […]

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Support your local businesses

* Editor’s note: The following is a Feb. 14 letter to past customers of Brooks Painting that owner Jeremy Brooks would like to share with the greater community. By Jeremy Brooks I decided that I wanted to reach out to all our past customers with a personal note from my heart at the beginning of […]

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10 months later, bin Laden’s family still under arrest

The issue: Only one question needs to be answered: Who in the Pakistani government was protecting the terrorist? Pakistan has charged Osama bin Laden’s widows with entering the country illegally, a relatively minor charge and an act in which they undoubtedly had little choice. THE THREE OF bin Laden’s five wives who were with him […]

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Online romances always work, right?

Dear Annie: A year ago, my daughter met a man over the Internet. That’s fine, but I have the following issues: 1. She wants to marry him without actually having met him in person. 2. He is from a foreign country where the customs are vastly different from ours. 3. I worry that he will […]

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Are we there yet? Pet peeves of the aquarium

I’m not sure what makes a person want a pet beyond a cat or dog, but many people are attracted to more novel critters as companions: strange rodent pets like hamsters — so cute how they travel around by ball! — rabbits and guinea pigs (who knows what that even is); reptiles like kinda-cute turtles […]

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Truth about Christians in Mideast

What distorted priorities! While the sole agenda of Sabeel is to continually bash Israel, this Palestinian Christian organization ignores the persecution and declining numbers of co-religionists throughout the Arab Middle East. We know from Sherrill Futrell’s recent Enterprise letter that Sabeel is “an international peace movement” founded to “reach out to other Christians” and the […]

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Plenty of thanks to go around

By Barbara Archer and Lori Duisenberg The Measure C campaign has a lot of folks to thank for the amazing win in the March 6 election. First and foremost, we would like to thank the voters of Davis for continuing the proud Davis tradition of supporting education. Because of you, our students will continue to […]

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