Congress plays Wile E. Coyote with fiscal cliff

The issue: Meat-ax cuts in federal spending loom if a long-term budget plan isn’t agreed to A metaphor now so popular in Washington, D.C., that it has become a cliché is “fiscal cliff.” The cliff is one of Congress’ self-introduced pitfalls that would be the stuff of low comedy if the consequences weren’t so severe […]

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Ex-husband doesn’t bother to visit

Dear Annie: I am a single mother of six children, the youngest of whom is 12. I divorced their father 10 years ago. I am the custodial parent and receive child support. I don’t have any issues with my ex’s financial responsibilities. It is visitation that is the problem. Although he’s never been one to […]

Lonely mom seeks new friends

Dear Annie: I am a single parent. My youngest left for college last fall, and I did OK handling the changes in my home and heart. I took on a few redecorating projects, attended numerous local events and accepted another job to help with tuitions and to get out of the house. But I still […]

Everything you need to know about American politics is on your cell phone

Every four years, we’re captivated and consumed by this magnificent competition, spattered with color and dripping with drama. We align ourselves with our champions, identify with them, glorify them, cheer them on to victory and agonize over their defeats. It’s all we can think, eat, speak or dream about: Who will win! Oh, yeah, and […]

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What will he do on his own?

Dear Annie: What do you do with a sibling who has been enabled all of his life when Mom is no longer around to provide for him? My brother has had a house to live in, a car to drive, insurance, etc., for the past 25 years. He is an alcoholic and a drug user. […]

Thirtysomething, with family, looking for a nest

* Editor’s note: This column first ran in May 2000 Last weekend our family said good-bye to dear friends who are moving out of state. I met Barb, the wife, 15 years ago when she responded to my ad at UC Davis Student Employment for a reliable babysitter. The second of nine children, Barb seemed a […]

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Bacteria hold promise to treat skin disorders

Bacteria, those single-celled microscopic critters that inhabit our world and much of our bodies, are still full of surprises after more than four centuries of study under microscopes, 200 years of assault by antiseptics and more than 80 years of antibiotics. Humans and most living things play host to many bacteria that perform vital body […]

Hoarding will only get worse

Dear Annie: I have been a stepmom for seven years. My husband’s youngest is 22 and still lives with us. ”Cara” is a hoarder. Her room is full of rotting garbage, soda cans with fruit flies coming out of them and half-eaten food left on piles of dirty clothes on the floor. There are dishes […]

Everyone’s the same, the world over

By Doug Sprankling Sixty-nine years ago, John F. Kennedy’s belly was full of sea water and bad coconut. His feet festered; his head ached; worse, his wave-tossed body was hurtling toward a many-toothed reef. For the third time in the five days since his shipwreck, Kennedy thought he was dead. Sixty-nine years later, the worst I’ve suffered as a […]

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Attend next SCD board meeting

Thank you for the coverage of the meeting held at the Davis Senior Center on Tuesday, printed on the front page of The Enterprise on Wednesday. The post card sent to the membership of Senior Citizens of Davis, in which the board attempted to cancel the meeting, stated, “The board did not anticipate that anyone […]

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What is happening at the Senior Center?

I have attended the Senior Commission meeting, all town hall meetings held by John Gerlich and the SCD membership meeting on Aug. 14 to vote against the proposed by-laws. I am appalled that the SCD president and board have not listened to the SCD membership’s concerns and requests. It amazes me that John Gerlich has been […]

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We must look deep within

I just finished reading the interesting commentary by Tracie Olson, Yolo County public defender, opposing the death penalty. I disagree with her point of view but my personal contact with her Public Defender’s Office has left me with respect for them and the difficult service they perform daily for the public. One point made by […]

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It’s time to put America on a fiscally sustainable path

By Mike Thompson For the fifth straight year, the federal deficit is expected to exceed $1 trillion. Our national debt recently surpassed $15 trillion. If our debt was divided among the U.S. labor force, every single American worker would owe more than $100,000. This is unsustainable, a national crisis, and we can’t wait to fix […]

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