The one place high-speed rail might work

The issue: Certain to succeed in the Northeast Corridor, the service will take far more visionary legislators than we have now to get it built If you travel by public transportation in the Northeast Corridor — Washington, D.C., New York, Boston — for the first time in decades the chances are you will go by […]

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Coyote coexistence plan needed

I am saddened by the recent “management” of a coyote family in Davis, and the uncertain future of the last surviving pup. I grew up in Davis, and still visit there often. In Davis we are lucky to have an opportunity to observe wild animals in their natural environment, a privilege that should be appreciated […]

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Teenager is making a difference

On behalf of CommuniCare Health Centers, we wish to thank Jasmine Casillas for the wonderful children’s book exchange she organized for our Davis Community Clinic clients. As a community service project to fulfill the requirements for her Girl Scout Silver Award, Jasmine collected more than 600 gently used, and some new, children’s books in both […]

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I oppose cuts to Medicare

When I signed up for Medicare, I did my research. I wanted the standard Medicare with the supplemental plan F. I called Blue Cross, my insurer, and they directed me to there Advantage Plan. It was a pilot plan for our county. It sounded good and was well priced. What I found out later was […]

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Karan Khoshkar: a Davis treasure

For many years, Karan Khoshkar at University Imports Automotive has maintained and repaired the cars we’ve brought to him. His diagnostic and repair skills, honesty and kindness are remarkable. Not only does he do great work, one time he arranged for us to borrow one of his cars after hours so we could use it […]

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Davis, thanks for support

I need to begin this letter by apologizing for taking this long to let the people of Davis know how much I appreciate the outpouring of support they have given my son, Scott Weltz. It became so apparent to me early on that people of Davis had adopted my son as their own and rallied […]

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Parallels between SCD, DACHA

As a citizen of Davis, I write to deplore the actions of the president of the Senior Citizens of Davis Inc. The proposed changes in the bylaws smack of the improper taking over of the SCD assets in defiance of the intent of the George and Lena Valente Foundation, the major donor to the organization. […]

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To EDC or not to EDC?

By Steve Greenfield, Gregg Herrington, Kemble Pope, Tom Cross and Michael Bisch Over the past few years, the Davis business community has advocated for city government initiatives that allocate more community resources, both time and financial, to developing a robust local economy. This means the sort of economy that generates the well-paying jobs and city […]

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Congress plays Wile E. Coyote with fiscal cliff

The issue: Meat-ax cuts in federal spending loom if a long-term budget plan isn’t agreed to A metaphor now so popular in Washington, D.C., that it has become a cliché is “fiscal cliff.” The cliff is one of Congress’ self-introduced pitfalls that would be the stuff of low comedy if the consequences weren’t so severe […]

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Ex-husband doesn’t bother to visit

Dear Annie: I am a single mother of six children, the youngest of whom is 12. I divorced their father 10 years ago. I am the custodial parent and receive child support. I don’t have any issues with my ex’s financial responsibilities. It is visitation that is the problem. Although he’s never been one to […]

Lonely mom seeks new friends

Dear Annie: I am a single parent. My youngest left for college last fall, and I did OK handling the changes in my home and heart. I took on a few redecorating projects, attended numerous local events and accepted another job to help with tuitions and to get out of the house. But I still […]

Everything you need to know about American politics is on your cell phone

Every four years, we’re captivated and consumed by this magnificent competition, spattered with color and dripping with drama. We align ourselves with our champions, identify with them, glorify them, cheer them on to victory and agonize over their defeats. It’s all we can think, eat, speak or dream about: Who will win! Oh, yeah, and […]

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