‘No-kill’ shelters are a work in progress

The issue: Well-intentioned idea catches on, but hurdles remain San Francisco has always been an incubator of radical ideas, and in 1994 it came up with another one. The city’s pound would no longer kill healthy dogs and cats but, through a policy of sterilization and an aggressive outreach program, see that these so-called “shelter […]

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Do you know the enemy? It’s fabric

Last weekend my husband and I were browsing Ikea for a new bed frame for our younger son. We always end up buying bed frames there because they are made in such a way as to not need bed skirts. !#@&ing bed skirts! As we perused the store and our son pointed out things he […]

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What’s on the other side?

Have Yolo County’s “big picture” land use issues been abdicated to Tuleyome? It seems that Tuleyome has virtually become the unelected and unaccountable land-use planner for this region. With HR 5455, the Blue Ridge Mountain Range coursing through Solano, Yolo, Lake, Napa, Colusa and Glenn counties will be renamed the Berryessa Snow Mountain National Conservation […]

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Snow Mountain leadership hailed

The federal lands within the Berryessa-Snow Mountain region are truly an undiscovered recreational gem. Within its 390,000-acre borders, there are abundant opportunities for hiking, kayaking, birding, hunting and horseback riding. Cache Creek itself is a beautiful waterway that draws people from across the state to kayak the wilderness run or float the canyon along Highway 16. […]

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Time to end tea party ‘taxes’

California faces yet another round of budget cuts. Why? Because the two-thirds vote required to raise revenue from any source, no matter how justified, is forcing cuts as the only way to balance the budget. California, like Washington, DC, is suffering from a super-majority requirement that gives way too much control to a fanatical minority […]

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The irreplaceable Fred Lange

I would like to thank The Enterprise and Jeff Hudson for honoring Fred Lange on the eve of his retirement. It is impossible to overstate the contribution he has made to the Davis schools music program. He provided superior training to my kids in elementary school and at Davis High School. But he teaches more […]

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Put responsibility where it belongs

I read the recent letter to the editor about respectful negotiations between teachers and the school district. I agree that respect is needed in the district negotiations with teachers and staff. I don’t, however, believe that it is at all respectful to ask a small group of teachers and staff to take sole responsibility for […]

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Respectful talks can honor all needs

By Gwyn Bruch, Sarita Cooper, Suzanne Curlis, Ann Moriarty, Ingrid Salim and Bill Storm As members of the Davis Teachers Association, we have been following the controversy around budget concerns and the publicized negotiations closely. We are very concerned that civility is being sacrificed for the sake of strength at the bargaining table, and we are particularly distressed that […]

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Another voice of Senate moderation lost with Lugar defeat

The issue: Partisanship is high on the mind of GOP victor Maybe Sen. Richard Lugar’s successful opponent in the Indiana Republican primary was right last week when he said, “It’s time.” LUGAR, 80, WAS seeking a seventh term. He hadn’t owned a house in Indiana since 1977, choosing, as so many lawmakers of his era […]

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Where’s fairness in this attack?

Don’t be fooled by the recent attacks on Judge Dan Maguire. His opponent, Clinton Parish, touts his criminal law experience. It is interesting that at a recent Yolo County Bar Association judicial candidates forum, Parish praised Judges Dave Rosenberg and Tim Fall and retired Judge Tom Warriner. All three judges have or did have felony […]

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Reject this kind of politics

I was stunned when I read the outrageous hit piece I received in my mail from the Clint Parish campaign. It’s disappointing to know that the worst of political campaigning has infected even Yolo County judicial elections. I, for one, am utterly appalled that these tawdry tactics are endorsed by someone who proposes to hold […]

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Don’t be deceived by smear tactics

Our Yolo County judge, Dan Maguire, is running to retain his seat, and he deserves our support. Dan’s distinguished education, broad legal experience and record of leadership among his peers set him apart from the competition, although Dan himself would be among the last to emphasize these. My family and I have known Dan for […]

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House GOP budget favors defense, not safety net

The issue: The groundwork is laid for a pre-election stalemate House Republican got themselves, and just about everybody else, in a real bind when they decided to ignore their own leadership and renege on last summer’s budget agreement. UNDER THAT DEAL, if Congress failed to reach agreement on a long-term deficit-reduction program, $1.2 trillion in […]

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