It’s time to put America on a fiscally sustainable path

By Mike Thompson For the fifth straight year, the federal deficit is expected to exceed $1 trillion. Our national debt recently surpassed $15 trillion. If our debt was divided among the U.S. labor force, every single American worker would owe more than $100,000. This is unsustainable, a national crisis, and we can’t wait to fix […]

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Why retailers love back-to-school time

The issue: Shoppers’ spending is second only to Christmas holiday season Just under 80 million students, kindergarten through grad school, are heading back to the classroom. Some of them surely worry whether their education will get them a job and whether they’ll be able to pay for that education. BUT THESE ARE gloomy thoughts for […]

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What do you think: What was the highlight of your summer?

Daria “Noodle” Tomsky Camp Putah director, Davis: “The highlight of my summer is (working at) Camp Putah.” Sofía Cardenas student, Davis: “Red Hot Chili Peppers concert with one of my best friends.” Courtney Getter baby-sitter, Davis: “Getting a job. Not a real job, but getting odd jobs, enough to buy a car (in the future).” […]

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Help replace memorial bench

I was informed recently by the UC Davis Arboretum that the Connor Berry memorial bench in the Arboretum had been vandalized. All the bench boards are gone, as well as the memorial plaque. This is a sad and unfortunate incident, a loss and violation for family and friends, and a concern for any community member […]

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Kudos on Gallaudet’s column

I feel bad that it has taken me this long to write a complimentary letter to the editor regarding Bruce Gallaudet’s column a couple of weeks ago pertaining to gun control. It was brilliantly written and very well-researched. I hope it made all people think a bit deeper regarding the need for more comprehensive gun […]

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Time to rebuild the trust

The article “SCD members stand to defend Senior Center” ends with a comment that current Senior Citizens of Davis President John Gerlich would not recognize the meeting because “the gathering was not an official SCD meeting.” Based on the current bylaws of SCD regarding amending the bylaws, I disagree. Here are the bylaws as amended […]

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Who is taking control?

Re: John Gerlich’s response to The Enterprise reporter Tuesday concerning the proposed Senior Citizens of Davis bylaws change, “It’s about the city wanting to control half a million dollars…” The membership of SCD has been rather docile for 40 years. Gerlich’s grab for control energized those who now realize that he has an agenda! They […]

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Candidates love to tweet, post

By Brandon Waite Savvy politicians and their advisers are often the first to take advantage of new technologies to convert followers into voters. In the 1930s and 1940s, it was radio. In the 1950s and 1960s, television took over. Now in 2012, we have social media, smartphones and tablets. President Obama used social media in […]

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From LAX to JFK in 46 minutes

The issue: Supersonic flight offers more than simply time convenience We may be going through one of those cycles where history doesn’t so much repeat itself as pick up where it left off. THE SUCCESSFUL expedition of the Martian rover Curiosity seems to have rekindled our interest in space exploration after first we allowed the […]

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Talk about being caught in the middle

Dear Annie: Many years ago, my husband, “Sam,” and I divorced. I started seeing someone else and became pregnant. That man left me, saying he didn’t want more children. Sam and I began dating again, and he said we could remarry if his name went on the baby’s birth certificate. The biological father didn’t care, […]

Where are anniversary rites?

Here, again, comes the anniversary of the end of World War II, and again I haven’t heard of a public celebration planned in our region. Vividly I remember how all Americans ran onto the streets berserk with jubilation and relief on Aug. 14-15, 1945, as word got around. The Japanese Imperial High Command had finally […]

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Enroll in Chinese 1 at Holmes

Chinese 1 will be taught at Holmes Junior High this fall. We would like to encourage junior high and senior high students with or without prior Chinese language experience to enroll in Chinese 1 at Holmes. Future instruction of Chinese language in Davis public schools may depend on the success of Chinese 1 at Holmes […]

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Dropout report still has holes

A combination of computerized tracking and public pressure have joined to make reporting of school dropouts in California the best in America, but those reports are still not good enough. For sure, we now have a more accurate idea of how many students drop out of school before they finish the 12th grade — in […]

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