Next generation of leaders

I strongly support Lucas Frerichs for City Council. He is a bright, hard-working and good-natured person who has been involved in many city and other community organizations, committees and commissions for more than a decade. He works well with others, and looks for common ground and good solutions. With his professional experience in policy-making and […]

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Choose Lee for City Council

To attract young people to a vibrant Davis in the future, I see Brett Lee’s qualities combine to make promising changes for that vision.I join The Enterprise in support of Brett Lee for City Council. Audrey Lippman Davis

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Greenwald understands money

Sue Greenwald’s questioning of City Council decisions should be acknowledged as her way of fighting for the citizens of Davis. She should be commended for this. Being outnumbered in the political decision process is difficult, if not demoralizing, but when you look back on her record, Sue’s objections were in the best financial interest of […]

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She demands straight answers

As a relative newcomer to Davis, I am both amused and surprised by the apparent lack of maturity and civility surrounding the race for City Council. I find it very distracting, especially as it pertains to Councilwoman Sue Greenwald. Although her style of governing has sometimes been controversial (she is not a traditional politician), I […]

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Maguire has good judgment

Upon realizing that Superior Court Judge Dan Maguire was up for re-election, I resolved to write The Enterprise encouraging readers to vote for Dan, whom I met in 2005. A touch of procrastination set in, but recent events reminded me why I wanted to write a letter: Dan Maguire is ideally qualified to serve our […]

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Let’s put a new face on council

I am supporting the election of Brett Lee to the Davis City Council. His intelligence, integrity and willingness to listen to all sides of an issue before arriving at a decision will serve us well. He worked actively to support the water rate referendum to stop the council’s water rate increase, believing that the people […]

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We need uniters, not dividers

I’m enthusiastically supporting Lucas Frerichs and Dan Wolk for City Council and hope you will, too. I’ve known Lucas and Dan for years and I’ve had long, engaging conversations with both of them about the complex issues facing our community. Sometimes we agree. Sometimes we don’t. I’m not just looking for a candidate who details […]

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Reining in city labor costs

Rich Rifkin has written incredible investigative pieces, predicting the fiscal crisis Davis now faces. I agree with his support of Sue Greenwald, who has attempted to turn the fiscal ship around. We cannot continue to shut down pools and programs. The recent closure of Community Pool impacted more than 600 children, 90 summer staff and […]

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Wolk has balance, judgment

When I first met Davis City Councilman Dan Wolk at the UC Berkeley School of Law almost a decade ago, his pride in Davis was immediately apparent. I fondly remember Dan warmly welcoming me to his hometown when I visited on a February weekend to run the Davis Stampede 10K. Since then, and especially during […]

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Hard work, careful study

Please join us in voting for City Council candidate Lucas Frerichs. As a staff member in the California Assembly and through his considerable volunteer service in our community, he has demonstrated the intelligence, experience, leadership and history of accomplishment to make him an outstanding choice. Lucas offers innovative solutions to difficult problems built upon a […]

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Return Greenwald to office

In our long experience of life in Davis we have never encountered a City Council member more independent-minded and knowledgeable about the fine points and deeper implications of any communal issue than Sue Greenwald. She does not yield to special-interest influence. She knows this town’s separate character and virtues and defends them with intelligence and […]

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Just Us in Davis: Figuring out our place in the ‘glocal’ world order

The well-worn admonition “think globally, act locally” takes on new meaning in recent conflicts over the Woodland-Davis Water Project. Media coverage of opposition to this project has tended to focus on controversies about the financial cost of drawing and treating drinking water from the Sacramento River instead of ground water wells. However, like most seemingly […]

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Our choices at the polls on Tuesday

The issue: Vote for Wolk, Greenwald and Lee for Davis City Council; Maguire for Yolo Superior Court judge; and yes on Measure D Davis faces many challenges in the coming years, and it needs leaders who are up to the task. The Davis Enterprise has selected a slate of City Council candidates in Tuesday’s election […]

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