Take the aggressive driver quiz

The issue: Sure, we’ve all be impatient or in a hurry, but calm down What driving habits madden most everyone on the road? In a survey sponsored by tire maker Michelin, 94 percent of respondents selected tailgating as their leading pet peeve. Tailgating drivers (you know who you are) are followed closely by drivers who […]

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What do you think: What’s the best advice your mother gave you?

Brian Miller between jobs, Davis: “Don’t give up.” Chester Hobbs self-defense instructor, Sacramento: “Look both ways before crossing the street.” Jodi Zeisel nanny, Davis: “Sit up straight; nobody likes a sloucher.” Doug Ryen retired, Davis: “You’re responsible for what you know.” Brandon Shing student, Davis: “When life doesn’t work for you, make it work.” Lacey […]

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Independent cost-benefit analysis needed for water project

By Michael Harrington, Pam Nieberg and Nancy Price To date, many studies and large amounts of data for the water project have been provided to the city of Davis Water Advisory Committee. The WAC was appointed by the City Council to make decisions on the appropriate preferred project by type, timing of construction and size, […]

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Fallen law enforcement officers paid the ultimate price to protect us

By Jeff W. Reisig May 13-19 is National Police Week, which honors officers who have been killed in the line of duty. National Police Week has evolved over the past 30 years. What began as a memorial service attended by 120 survivors and supporters of law enforcement has evolved into a weeklong event that gives […]

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May you bear a hundred daughters

By Meera Ekkanath Klein “Your culture is killing girls,” a friend says as we take stock of the fresh vegetables at the Davis Farmers Market. I turn my attention away from the pile of snowy white cauliflower heads. “Your culture is killing women,” she repeats, this time waving a well-manicured finger in my face. This […]

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End taxes on dead soldiers’ debts

The issue: Bill doesn’t ease parents’ pain, but it’s a token of appreciation for their sacrifice In February 2011, Marine Lance Cpl. Andrew Carpenter was shot and killed while on patrol in Afghanistan. A LENDING COMPANY subsequently forgave the student loan taken out by Carpenter, a native of Columbia, Tenn., but now his parents are […]

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Sue has my vote now

I wasn’t planning to vote for Sue Greenwald, but I am now. Anne Elbrecht Davis

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Get answers on political mailer

That was no ordinary political mailer that Davis voters received Tuesday. Unless the tactic used is immediately and soundly rejected, the “hit” piece against a candidate for Davis City Council will become the standard for local elections that heretofore have been marked with civility and honest discourse. Now, while the mailer clearly seeks to discourage […]

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We want Maguire on the bench

I am writing to urge Davis residents to vote for Judge Dan Maguire to retain his seat. Do not sit this one out; please vote. I believe this is a critical race for Yolo County. I have known Dan Maguire for more than 10 years, and I agree 100 percent with The Enterprise’s recent endorsement […]

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Keep Greenwald on the council

As a City Council member and Davis mayor, Sue Greenwald has worked tirelessly to represent the interests of Davis citizens. She has shown that she is an advocate for neighborhood preservation, open space, agricultural land and habitat protection, and slow growth. Greenwald has worked diligently to promote a vibrant downtown and support our local businesses. […]

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I’m choosing council newcomers

I’m voting for the newcomers in this election — Lucas Frerichs, Brett Lee and Dan Wolk. They bring common sense, fresh energy and enthusiasm. They provide a next-generation approach that Davis needs to attract the next generation of people and businesses to settle and invest here. Frerichs, Lee and Wolk will restore Davis’ cutting edge […]

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Keep yearbook class at DHS

Due to the recent budget cuts, several classes have been faced with elimination, such as Chinese 1, German 1 and yearbook. I am here to speak on yearbook’s behalf because I see its value that goes beyond printing and publishing. Currently, I am a yearbook student at Emerson and Da Vinci Junior High and am […]

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Study-abroad policy needs work

The Davis Board of Education and professional educators believe studying for a semester in a foreign country does not meet the school district’s quality requirements. The district’s brand-new effective-immediately “non-DJUSD course policy” limits the number of non-Davis High School units to 10 on a DHS transcipt. When rolled out in December, the policy was presented […]

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