Why attention on Goodwill?

Regarding Sunday’s story about the Goodwill Industries’ donation site in Davis: Why is Supervisor Don Saylor asking the Board of Supervisors revisit its endorsement of Goodwill’s tax-exempt bonds, a small portion of which is going toward the donation site? As far as I can ascertain, the board has no jurisdiction over Goodwill Industries’ use permit […]

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Take a minute to help a child

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. It only takes a minute to make a difference in a child’s life. It only takes a minute to: * Believe in a child; * Listen to a child; * Hug a child; * Realize words hurt; * Talk to a child, and not yell; * Stop a child […]

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Women leading the green economy

By Kathleen Rogers Optimistic environmentalists believe that future generations will view the first half of the 21st century as the birth of a global green economic revolution. Indeed, investment and advances in technology, coupled with anxiety regarding climate change, are already pushing global leaders to embrace a sustainable future. Unfortunately, that optimistic vision is clouded. […]

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Will U.S.-Afghan pact on special operations help?

The issue: Under this new agreement, it’s up to the Afghan government and military to prove that a continued American presence is not a waste of lives and money The U.S. and Afghanistan signed a deal last week that should end the worst point of friction between U.S.-led forces and the Afghan government and its […]

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GOP steadily losing state’s voters

Despite persistent delusions that it retains plenty of influence, the California Republican Party is in increasing danger of descending into third place among party registration choices of California voters. That’s clear from the newest voter registration figures released by Secretary of State Debra Bowen, which show a drop in GOP registration juxtaposed with large increases […]

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Lenders tiptoe back into world of credit risks

The issue: Why? They can make lots of money off these borrowers So, the country and its lending industry learned a lesson about bad credit from those grim recession years of 2008 to 2010, with the accompanying wave of foreclosures, repossessions, defaults and personal bankruptcies. Right? Not exactly. MAJOR LENDERS are beginning to ease back […]

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Davis has missing revenue from sales

From U.S. Census Bureau reports, in 2007 the average sales per capita in California were $12,700. In Folsom, a city about the same population as Davis, that figure was $26,474. Woodland’s sales per capita were $11,208. Dixon’s were $21,742. In Davis, the only city owning a large population of captive UCD customers, our sales per […]

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Remember the whistleblowers

Do you remember Bradley Manning — the solider who released United Nations classified military information to WikiLeaks? He was arrested and has been imprisoned for two years without trial. This detention both punishes Manning and sends a message to all in the military who would expose the military to criticism to shut up! The message to […]

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Wolk’s the only one I trust

Is anyone watching the store? Amid the preoccupation with pepper-spraying on campus (which I deplored), our city “leaders” have been up to no good. Our City Council has refused to tackle Crown Castle, a private, for-profit corporation that is trying to invade our neighborhoods by erecting potentially dangerous cell towers, under the guise of being […]

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A tribute to Tony Fields

The theater students at Davis High School are making a final push to raise the money needed to support their once-in-a-lifetime participation in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland. To see just how talented these young people are, can I recommend their latest offering, “A Tribute to Tony Fields,” which will take place at 7 […]

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They’re rebellious kindergartners

Anyone who refuses to obey or disregards the instruction from a uniformed officer is guilty of anarchism. It’s too bad that we taxpayers have to pay for — and support financially — college-age kids acting like rebellious kindergartners! Clyde DeLoren Davis

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Lay the blame on chancellor

A thorough reading of the Kroll Report on the Nov. 18 pepper-spray incident brings one glaring conclusion: At every step along the way, Chancellor Linda Katehi ignored Student Affairs staffers, who are trained to deal with these sorts of things, and continuously pursued a range of police options. In the name of safety, all by […]

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If it’s any consolation, he’s losing, too

Dear Annie: I have been married to “Ellen” for seven years, and we recently moved back to her hometown. Apparently, she left behind an old boyfriend. They were teenagers “in love.” Ellen was repeatedly unfaithful, and the boyfriend tried to break things off. But Ellen always manipulated him into saying he would love her forever. […]

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